Coffee & End Tables – Finishing Touch to Your Living Room Furniture

Think of the days when humankind lived without too much furniture? Don’t you think they had fewer problems? Most probably they had bigger living areas – uncluttered and available? But think how inconvenient life would have been for them! No soft comfy furniture, no flat surfaces to eat from of no side tables like coffee or end tables for keeping stuff!

Over centuries, humankind has learned to appreciate good living and comfortable lodging. One of the most important aspects of comfortable homes is nice and sturdy furniture which makes life easier and more relaxed; things that would look trendy and beautiful and look aesthetic in the correct settings created to satisfy your personal desires.

Coffee and end tables – part of the occasional table sets – have become essential accessories and have become crucial part of home furniture – especially in the living room where we do the informal entertainment when visitors and guests come and where we relax watching some TV, reading books and listening to music.

End tables and coffee tables may not be the focus of the room, but they are certainly handy for keeping our snack plates, drink trays and glasses, iPods, IPads, remotes and of course newspapers and books. You can use them to hold a vase of fresh flowers or some beautiful looking curios or collectible you purchased from your last holiday!

With the wide amount of opportunities in choosing the exact coffee and end tables for your living room, the choice may be getting tougher and difficult for you. You need to focus on what kind of tables, in what style, in what material and in what size you can buy so that the end and coffee tables will blend most harmoniously with your other furniture.

Size is one of the most important aspects you must keep in mind. A coffee or end table should not be taller than the upholstered or sofa cushions – it should be preferably shorter. If you are keeping the coffee table at the center, you need at least two feet clearance space all around. Buy in a material and style that will blend beautifully with the existing living room décor.

Here are some images of beautiful looking coffee and end tables from A Brand New Look. Some are in antique finish and some with beautifully inlay work. All have storage space and finished exquisitely. Check what you like best?

Yellow Green Vintage Model Coffee Table

Side Table with Shelves and Drawers

Rustic Looking End Table with Drawer

Nested Coffee Tables with Inlay Work

End Table in Cherry Finish with Drawer

De-stressed Wood Topped Coffee Table

Coffee Table with bottom Shelf

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Pretty Looking Posters for Practically Anywhere

Using a poster, sticker or a wall decal or even wallpaper is an easy way to decorate your walls at a minimum cost as well minimum trouble. It can be a temporary covering that will be all right in a rented apartment or dorm walls. Walls are very forceful aspects of home décor that can make a great impact on how the room looks. A well chosen poster or wall decal can be a good quick décor booster.

There are such a variety of posters available that you will be hard pressed to know what you can choose. Especially there are such vast ranges of wallpaper, decals and sticker designs for kids rooms, you can match the décor and linen with wall treatment and make a dramatic impact with the sticker or wall decal.

Simple flowers, educational themes, sceneries, picture of animals and fairies, cartoon characters and household articles – there seem to be an astonishing range of choice. Just check out that the medium of the sticker is high-quality. Like if it is on paper – high-quality paper that will not fade or look discolored with sun exposure etc should be checked.

Picture quality must be of very good quality. There should be no bleeding of colors and no crack like lines visible. You can also decide on the size of posters, stickers or decals you want for your rooms. You can choose one picture – slightly bigger that can become the focus of the entire room. A mural poster of a window with flower boxes can become the focus of the living room décor.

Before fixing the wall decal or poster, you must decide the height at which you will fix the poster to the walls. If the poster is for a kids’ room, it should start at the level of the bed and go up to the ceiling. If you are putting up small posters at the dining room, it should be higher at our eye level to give the best visual effect and pull the overall décor together.

You can go to your neighborhood decorating shops to browse for the latest decal or poster choice. Or you can go online and check innumerable online shops that can supply you with latest two and three dimensional posters and decals with specific themes and ideas. Here are some very pretty wall decals, posters, murals etc from All Modern. Check what you want for your own home?

Wall Decal with a Dirt Biker Figure
Wall Decor Posters

Scene from Jungle Safari Wall Decal
Wall Sticker And Posters

Mural like Decal with Window with Flowers
Wall Poster Ideas

Koala Bear Cubs on Tree Branch Decal
Wall Decor Ideas

Decal with Pretty Looking Landscape
Abstract Painting

Dancing Figure in Pink Decal
Classy Home Decor

Cup Saucers Filled with Beverages Decal
Wall Painting

All Lovely Cartoon Characters on Decal
Wall Design Ideas

Beautiful Sectionals Sofas And Couches – Essential Furniture for Living Room Decor


Sofas, sectionals, couches or recliners – by any name – are essential part of living room furniture. If we glance through the online shops and local furniture shops, we are astounded by the variety and choice available for you to purchase. Comfort, colorful and cost-effective are the terms we think of when we look at them. But since when sofas are so easily available for all of us? Look at the old pictures depicting Greek and Roman fables. You can always see the rich and powerful people reclining on some kind of a couch. Though they look ornate and beautiful, upholstery was not prevalent at that time. The couches or recliners as we know them with batting can be traced to 16th century England and Germany where basic form of sofa with wooden frames and padding with covering were started.

Initially the primary use for fabrics and covering materials were more used for protecting the inmates from elements. But once proper kind of dwellings started coming up, fabrics and animal hides were used as covering for furniture also. Hair, feathers, down, sea-moss – all were used for padding and buttons were mostly used to keep the padding in place. Since 18/19th century, sofa as a long and low kind of comfortable seat with upholstery mostly with arms and back-support became very popular and much sought after by every household. They were as much in demand as the bedsteads and mattresses were. The name sofa came from Arabic word and gained more popularity than the names couches or davenports which were used in Europe/England.

Sewing machines contributed greatly to the beauty of upholstery details which were intricately done. When a furniture designer was also a decorator, he was called an ‘upholder’. Famous names in furniture world like George Hepplewhite and Thomas Chippendale all combined woodworking with upholstery and created masterpieces that are still as popular and come at a premium.

Though only wood and metal were used for frames, steel, plastic and hard and particle boards gained popularity as raw material for making lighter and newer patterns of sofa. And now foam and polyester fiber, microfibers – all are popular for use as batting. All types of leather, faux leather, natural, blended and synthetic fabrics are used as covering. Here are some stunningly beautiful sofas and sectionals from Pianca. I am sure you would love to have some sofas like these to add ambiance to your living room decor?

Wonderful Looking White Sectional

Winsome Looking Lounger Ottoman

Recliner to Relax for Watching TV

Pretty Looking in Pearl-Gray Sofa Set

Comfortable and Colourful Sofa

Charmingly Classic Living Room Sofas
charmingly-classice-living-room -sofas

Beautiful Sofas in Black

Attractive Sofas and Ottoman for the Family

Breathtakingly Beautiful Sofas – For Your Living Room

Are you on the lookout for new sofas for your living as a spring overhaul? If you check the internet and neighbourhood stores, you will be astounded by the wide range of furniture available out there for you to choose from. Whatever is your range – whether it is low budget and just for the time being or it is high end – once in a lifetime choice, the choice is limitless for you.

Even if you are going for an economical range of furniture, you need to know what kind of sofa will fit your needs. Knowing what is available and what you need will help you spend the budgeted amount most optimally. If you know how to shop wisely, what is good quality and where you are sure to get good quality stuff, you can get your dollar’s worth of purchase.

What kind of tasks you do in your living room generally? Do you really live your day there? Like reading papers, books, listen to music, watch the TV, play videos etc, play media games? Do you do your day napping, relaxing there? Do the children do the homework, craft projects there? Do you attend to your mail, surfing the net etc there?

Some people use the living room for only formal entertaining. Do you often entertain there? Is it where you bring your guests, visitors and friends for a chat or evening tea etc? Do you allow your children to entertain their friends there? Do you have pets that have full access to the living room furniture? These questions need to be considered before buying your sofa.

Today there are new and innovative kind of sofas available that have some extra features like storage options in the arms for keeping your remotes etc. Some sofas come with optional extensions that help hold a glass, tea cups or snack plates. Sofas now have reclining options at the touch of a button if you feel like resting and snoozing for a while.

Important aspects you need to check are size of the sofas should fit your room, the style should match the style of your home and upholstery color should match your wall décor. Here are some images of stunningly beautiful looking sofa sets from Ekornes. Luxuriously furnished sofas – three seater sofas, two-seater and sectionals in spectacular colour and finishes are a veritable treat to our eyes. Check which is your favourite?

Wonderful Looking Sofa in White and Wood

Upholstered in Black and in Pine Finish

Sensational Sectional in Slate Grey

Marvellous Looking Chairs in Mustard

Complete Set in White with Ottoman

Black Frame and Blue Grey Upholstery

Beautiful Brown Leather Three Seater

Living Room Décor – Gorgeous Looking Beautiful Sofas

Gorgeous Furniture

Your living room decor can impress your friends and visitors alike with distinguished looking furniture. This is the room you spend most of your daytime. This is the room the guests and friends are entertained. If you have a spacious living room, most probably you will have your entertainment center also placed here for quality family times. How nice your living room can look with some exquisite looking sofas. With sofas that have timeless elegant-looking designs, firm and well padded back support, and beautiful and vibrant upholstery, your living room can look a picture of world-class sophistication and comfort. Contemporary-looking modern sofas can make the room come alive.

A lot of planning should go into living room furniture decorating ideas. Especially if you have a small house or an apartment – not very spacious, you need to utilize every inch of the floor space available. You need to carefully plan the placement of the sofa so that you have enough moving space. You should find some space for side tables, coffee tables and end tables etc as well.

Depending on the orientation of the room, you can plan for a sectional or a normal three-seater sofa and an ottoman. If you can utilize a corner totally for placing your seating arrangement, a sectional can be a great option. Perfectly fitting in to the corner, you can accommodate even an ottoman at one end and have a spacious looking space-utilized seating arrangement. But before you are finalizing your purchase, do measure the space that you can spare for your sectional and ottoman. Check whether you can bring in the furniture without any difficulty. Check whether you have sufficient leg-space if you place the sectional, ottoman and coffee tables etc. Also see how it looks from the entrance and the foyer.

Talk to your interior decorator. Go online and check out for various suggestions and advice for aesthetic placement of your living room furniture. Size is the most important aspect which you should not miss. You have to make sure what size sofa your living room can accommodate. You must be sure that sofa fits well without looking overwhelming or too much imposing.

Here are some beautiful looking sofas from Sophisticated-Living. Look at the beautiful-looking sectionals, ottomans and sofas. Check what size may fit your living room and then decide about other aesthetics!

Traditional and Cute Looking Sofa

Modular Sectionals Detachable

Cosy Fit In a Corner

Beautiful Sectionals in White with Cushions

Beautifully Upholstered

Gorgeous Furniture

Beautiful in Pistachio Green

Wonderful Looking Display Shelves Add Ambience to Your Living Room

Living room is where most of the family spends major part of waking hours. We watch TV there, listen to music, read books or work on laptops there. Many a time, we do informal entertaining – like for our friends and neighbours – in our living room. It is essential that living room decor has a look that is beautiful and elegant but not too formal or too grandiose. An elegant display shelf can reduce clutter and add to the beauty of the room. With so many activities going on in the living room, it is essential to keep things organized. Books, magazines, knick-knacks, music system, cell phones and telephones – there are really enough things to give a cluttered look to the room if not properly arranged. Shelves are a must to the living room and a sleek and sophisticated looking display/book shelf can be the focal point of the entire living room decor and the central point of attraction also.

It is very important to check for slim look and clean-cut lines when you are looking for display shelves for the living room. Bigger-size shelves can hog precious space and make the room look small and crowded. It is best if shelves are set against the wall or fixed off the ground so that there is enough space around the sofas and chairs for easy and free walkways around the room. A display shelf can double as a bookcase or as CD rack as well. Today there are a variety of book and display shelves available in the market. Floating shelves, wall-mounted, innovative and unique designs – you are spoilt for choice for patterns and materials. Here are some beautiful looking shelves from Alivar. Look at the classic lines and clean spare look of the shelves. They look so simple and graceful yet stunningly beautiful and add to the ambience and elegance of the room greatly.

Book shelves or display shelves are a wonderful and welcome addition to your living room furniture. They help you to cut out the clutter, organize things neatly and display items elegantly. How about talking to your decorator to get a beautiful display shelf for yourself?

Clean-Cut Designed Shelf Gives a Spacious Look

A Twist & Turn Type Shelf Enhances the Decor

A Stunning Looking Shelf in Pristine White

A Pretty Pair Adorning Opposite Walls

An Innovatively Designed Shelf Adds to Distinctive Look

An Elegant Looking Wall Unit in Black

An Attractive Black & White Unit

A Great Looking Addition to Living Room

A Breathtakingly Beautiful Book Shelf