Luxurious Design Ideas For Your Dream Home

Can you make your home luxurious looking with lavish interiors at a budget? Many of us think that we need to spend a lot of money to get our house look grand and well-appointed. It need not necessarily be that you have to spend a lot of money on expensive items or provide too costly items. We can create a stylish looking sophisticated home without burning a hole in our pockets.

What can be called luxurious décor? Rich and ornate chandeliers, luxurious contemporary ceiling fans, masterpiece paintings, curios, high quality designer sofas, plush deep pile carpets, and a big spacious house will all go to make a house look grand and luxurious. But how can you make luxury affordable? How can you create a classy and chic décor without going bankrupt?

First you have to make the home look spacious. Whatever is the size of your home and rooms, you can make them look spacious, clean and uncluttered. Throw away all the unnecessary items that you have accumulated over years and which you do not use. Check right from the storage, kitchen, bedrooms, living room and patio – and weed out all the junk that you have accumulated.

Go for simple and classic style furniture. If you have some good furniture that is antique, try to get them restored. Well-maintained antique furniture makes your home look elegant. Likewise throw away all old cushions, pillows and throws ruthlessly. Get lively coloured cushion covers and drapery too. Use sheers and laces along with brocade and silk curtains.

Get the wall décor right. Discuss with your interior decorator what will look rich on the wall. Ask him for colours and patterns which will look unique and not ordinary. Get the silk finish paint for your walls. When you have installed all the lights you will need, the satin/silk finish wall décor will glitter and bring a rich look and ambiance very easily.

Get only natural fibres for upholstery purpose. Pure cotton, pure silk or pure wool will look impressive as upholstery fabric as well curtain material. Have a lot of lights around the rooms. When light reflects off the well-polished furniture, it adds definitely to the value of your home. And always pick and choose really personal and pricey decorative items.

Here are some beautiful looking interiors from Asnaghi. The gilt and gold, chandeliers and carpets, curios and collectibles make it a dream home.

Well Lit Beautiful Dining Area
smart dining area

Sofas and Cushions in Graceful Green
sofas cushions for living room

Simply Elegant Dining Table
elegant dining area

Rich Upholstery in Lavender Silk
upholstery silk cushions

Gilt and Richly Carved Sofas
richly carved sofas

Formal Dining Room with Crystal Ware
dining room crystal ware

Fan Shaped Upholstery in Ivory Silk
beautiful interior design

Dining Area Lacquered In White

Brocade Chairs and Ornate Table
chairs and tables

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Marvellous Sofa Sets – Magnificently Upholstered in Microfiber

Are you a die-hard leather upholstery fan? Do you think nothing but leather will be the best thing for your furniture? Think again! There are now synthetic materials that cost far less than genuine leather and last twice as long. They stay good without absorbing the spills and stains and stay like new despite the wear and tear of rough use!

Microfiber is the gift from technological advancement in recent times. A wide variety of microfiber fabrics have come in a wide range of colours and in different finishes as well. These fabrics drape like dream and are quite sturdy as well. They can be easily washed – machine wash or hand wash and still retain their softness and pretty looks.

Microfibers are really thin – thinner than even human hair! They are made from fibres like rayon, nylon, acetate and polyester. Sometimes more than two of these fibres are combined to make a microfiber material. They can be finished to look like natural fibres – like twill, denim, silks and even suedes and other fabrics.

When the microfiber is finished to resemble suede – it is called microsuede- only they are completely and fully made of polyester fibres. Other popular finishes are velvet and chenille finish. They all look extremely elegant and look expensive but they can be quite sturdy and last much longer than genuine and natural velvet or chenille.

The strength of the microfiber is because of the fine and thin nature of the fibres. They are tightly knit or closely woven resulting in a very durable kind of fabric. They are treated to be water resistant and so water just rolls off them and they are somewhat more breathable then other nylon or polyester material though lightweight and soft.

This material is very easy to maintain with low to nil maintenance demands. Soft, durable and water-repellent qualities make these ideal for upholstering purposes. These are used in making dresses and other house-hold linen uses. Table clothes and towels are quite popular. Another important use is for car and other automobile upholstery.

Here are some beautiful-looking sofa sets from Furniture Store NYC. Look at the luxurious look and comfortable grace of the upholstery! How richly glowing and deep the shades look! These sofas offer a wide range of colours that look surpassingly bright and beautiful. Check out which is your favourite?

Stunning in Sage Shade Microprint

Royal Looking Red Coloured Microfiber Upholstery

Loveseat with Contrast Cushions

Gracious with Button Details in Camel Micro

Gleaming and Graceful in Mocha Micro

Elegant Looking Stone Coloured Microfiber

Cute Looking in Chocolate Microfiber

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Striking Looking Bed-linen in Lively Prints And Pretty Colors

Bed-linen, drapery and cushions most of the time define the visual aesthetics of your bedroom. A good quality, fashionable looking bed with the best mattress cannot make the bedroom look gracious and luxurious. The overall ambiance of your bedroom is set by the kind of bed-linen and drapery you choose for your bedroom. A mismatched duvet cover, pillow cases, sheets and skirts can spoil the whole effect and overall look of your bedroom setting.

How you furnish your bed can make your bedroom look gorgeous and luxurious or downright simple. A matching set of bed-linen in silk or satin can transform the tone and look of your bedroom into something cool, trendy and grand! A complete set with embroidery or appliqué details with contrast trim details in cotton or linen will give a sophisticated look to your bedroom. Cool prints and contemporary checks also are another option for a chic yet simple look.

Layering can add depth to your bedroom. Layering with colors, with texture and with light fixtures can create a dramatic looking bedroom. You can keep the flat/fitted sheets/duvet covers in neutral tones so that shams, throws and pillows in contrast can produce a dramatic effect. Jacquards or silks, cool cottons or contemporary prints can look dramatic with quilted details and throw-over corners.

What are the fabrics that look great as bed-linen? Topping the list is silk and silk blends. The surface sheen and soft cool feel of silk fabric make this the popular choice. But real silk is pricey and silk needs extra care as it is delicate and gets abraded easily. It must be hand-washed and needs ironing. Today there are silk blends and silk-lookalikes are available which are more economical and sturdy too, though nothing like the original product.

Other fabrics like linen, cotton, organic cotton, flannel, chenille and synthetic blends can be a good choice if you think of budget buys. Natural fibers are always more comfortable than nylons/polyesters. Today bed-linen sets are available in fabrics which are treated for protection like anti- UV-radiation, anti-bacterial, anti-moulds, anti-allergens as well as anti-fungi.

Here are some images of striking looking bed linen from Inmod. These include duvet covers, pillow covers, flat and fitted sheets and often bed-skirts also. There are reversible sheets with dual textures that you can use alternatively. Don’t you think you would like one for your bedroom for adding such stunning visual appeal?

Stylishly Chic Looking in White

Pretty Looking Duvet Cover in Pale Green

Paisley and Wild Flowers

Floral in Wild Pink with Matching Drapes

Cute Looking Tribal Print

Beautiful Looking Prints in Black and White

Beautiful Bali Prints with Matching Green Drapes

Autumnal Leaves in Olive Green