Sleek Looking Eclectic Kitchens for Small Homes

Kitchen is a high traffic zone where all of us meet at least twice daily if not more frequently. To have an aesthetic looking kitchen can start our days in a better mood. Imagine how dreary and dull kitchen can dampen our spirits first thing in the morning and make our day not interesting! It is most important to have a delightful looking kitchen with sleek and elegant looks.

Small houses and studio apartments need to pay more attention when they furnish their kitchens. If they happen to have not an efficiently designed kitchen where the homemaker can spend time without feeling fatigued, they need to get a minimum makeover. They need to incorporate changes that will make the kitchen better planned, with more practical storage for added comfort.

Having a floor to ceiling size storage units can be a boon for home makers. Instead of having all the shelves of uniform height, they need to vary the heights of shelves to compactly fit the items without wasting vertical space. You can leave the top shelves at the top near the ceiling level with more height to store extra boxes and containers that are bigger in size. This is ideal for beautiful house designs.

You can make the wall shelves wider – wall to wall and not make the shelves too deep – not only do they take more space, having more than two deep rows can make it difficult to reach the items that are kept at the back. But under the kitchen counter, you can have deep drawers – to utilize the space fully beneath the counters where you can store large containers and pots/pans.

Today drainage boards and drying racks are coming that can be drawn across the sink and folded back when not in use. Likewise cutting boards can be drawn across the sink and folded inside when not in use. Shallow sliding panels with small ledges can be of use to house spice bottles and small tins that can be fitted to the kitchen cupboard doors or even on the hob splash backs – within easy reach when cooking.

Get some hooks fitted underneath the shelves for hanging up mugs and cups. Bar shelves for holding your stemware can also be accommodated under the shelves. Here are images of compact kitchens with sleek looking kitchen counters and sophisticated kitchen islands from Scavolini. Check at the optimal use of space and chic overall ambiance!

White Stone Finish Island and Cooking Counters
stone finish eclectic kitchen island

Maroon Cabinets and Brown Splash Combo
cabinets maroon color

Glass Blue and White Combo
blue and white comb kitchen

Dark Brown with Maroon Combo
dark brown kitchen cabinets

All Cream with Chrome Fittings
all cream chrome fittings

Cream Cabinets and Dark Brown Counters
smart looking kitchen designs

Nut Brown and Cream Combo
Stylish kitchen design ideas

Blue Top Cabinets and Maroon Combo
kitchen designs and interiors

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Bar Stools – Best Dining Seat Arrangements for Small Houses And Apartments


If you are strapped for space in your small home or studio apartment – especially in the dining area, do away with the dining chairs and dining tables. Barstools can be the best alternative that will save space and look neat and elegant in your apartment. You can stack them one over the other when not in use – all the more reason you should opt for bar stools. A studio apartment can have open kitchen running into living room without any specific dining room per se or even a designated dining area. Today’s small houses that have only one bedroom and kitchen cum living room also will face the same problem of not having separate dining area. Best idea is to use barstools at the kitchen itself using a counter top as dining table. Using free standing kitchen islands can be a good idea. But you must take care to get a slim and compact kitchen island that can do multiple duties as kitchen-work space, dining area, storage space and even your own and kids’ home work space when needed. If you get a slightly taller island – as tall as a bar-counter-height kitchen island, it will be perfect.

Contemporary bar stools come in quaint shapes and vibrant colours. When you go for good quality bar stools, they come with all kinds of guarantees. Metal, wood, polycarbonate stools, and wood-metal combo – all look great and are very utilitarian. They can be used at a bar table as well as kitchen counter tops. Light weight and stackable, they can be stored when not needed. Here are some beautiful looking barstools from Casamania. They look light, sleek with classic and clean-cut designs. Very comfortable looking, but they are not space hogging. With footrests and back supports, some look so elegant and stylish, will add ambience to any room in your home. Perfect for a small home!

I am sure you are also keen to get some bar stools like above. These will be convenient to use not only in your kitchen but also if you have an additional kitchen in the backyard or poolside, they can come handy. They blend nicely with any kind of furniture and you will love them once you have them. You can be sure of finding them very useful in your small home or studio apartment!

Sleek Looking Stylish Bar Stool

Simple and Sturdy Stools

Innovative and Attractive Stools

Comfy Seats At Bar Table

Colourful and Cute Looking Bar Stools
colorful and cute-looking-bar-stools

Black And White Bar Stools

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Free-Standing Kitchen Islands Make Welcome Additions to Kitchen Furniture

Do you want a spacious and gorgeous-looking kitchen? Would you like a clutter-free working area with enough storage space? Would you love to have all your appliances neatly set in the kitchen counter-top – easy for efficient cooking? Then free-standing kitchen cabinets & kitchen islands are the most needed kitchen furniture for you.

If your kitchen has plenty of floor space, kitchen islands will work best for you. Free-standing islands and cabinets can make all the difference to your kitchen. Along with accommodating a number of appliances, they can have enough storage space below with counter top space on top. They make your kitchen smart, efficient and a highly enjoyable workspace.

There are a number of options for you to select your kitchen islands. You can have ready-made stock kitchen cabinets. But if you like something special that will be suitable just for you, then you should check kitchen furniture stores for cabinets that can be semi or fully custom-made as per your desire. The field is wide open with various designs, styles, colour and materials for counter tops like wood, glass, marble etc. to suit your needs.

Designing kitchen islands can be exciting. Look at those images with a cooking tops fitted into the countertops with a chimney above, with sinks and dishwasher fitted for convenience. Or take that free-standing cabinet in the living area serving both as a work-area as well as storage space. Won’t you love that futuristic big kitchen island in your kitchen?

A kitchen cabinet can multi-task very efficiently as a breakfast counter, serve as a bar, or even as a workplace. It can have an extended countertop space where you can sit and have snacks, breakfast etc. You can plan to have open counter shelf areas or drawers fitted to store your cutlery and crockery. Imagine using it as a bar for impromptu cocktail parties!

The kitchen islands or free-standing cabinets are the most happening and hot additions to your kitchen furniture. They look stylish and sleek, yet have simple classy lines that will make your kitchen elegant and chic. When checking them out, look out for classy options. Discuss with your interior designer/decorator to understand how best to make the islands work best for you.

This kitchen furniture will add value to your home. Kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen a dream kitchen in every possible way. They make a style statement about your interior decor, about your kitchen furniture and your housekeeping efficiency as well. Check out today for options to make your dream kitchen come true!

Beautiful Island Cabinet for Living Room

Spacious-Looking Wooden Island Cabinet

Marvelous Marble Topped Big Kitchen Cabinet

Convenient Kitchen Design Island with Appliances Built-In

Wooden Kitchen Designs Island Suitable For Snack Counter

Gorgeous Looking Kitchen Design Island

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Beautiful Kitchens – Great Elegant Features of Your Home


Today the concept of kitchens has changed greatly in the past few decades. Instead of just a stove, shelves to hold utensils and a wash area, today’s kitchen cabinets look sleek, sophisticated with all modern gadgets and electrical appliances. Beautifully furnished kitchens are available today with pretty-looking kitchen countertops, cabinets and other perquisites. Today’s modular kitchens are the rage – especially for people with small houses and studio apartments. Today kitchen countertops and kitchen islands are designed for holding all the electrical appliances like a hob, cooking range with a grill and an electric oven, a microwave oven, a refrigerator and water dispenser, and other appliances like mixers etc.

Other facilities like sinks with running cold and hot water, a dishwasher are also comfortably planned and accommodated so that the housewife has everything needed conveniently in one place and arranged in a clutter-free attractive way. This kind of arrangement helps in optimizing space most advantageously and economically. Today’s modular kitchens also have beautifully finished storage spaces for holding all your groceries, ready-to-eat foods and other spices, vessels, cutlery, crockery and pans and pots etc. Cabinets that match your kitchen islands and wall decor in color, finish and look with high quality hardware like knobs and handles are an attractive addition to your beautiful kitchen.

Beautiful cabinets, open shelves floating and wall supported, étagère, wine shelves, pot and pan holders, bakers shelves are all storage options that you can add to your kitchen storage space and utility of your kitchen as well as making the kitchens most convenient for preparing food – for just your family or even when you have party times.

Here are some beautiful kitchens presented by Metrika. Look at the minimalistic style kitchen so chic and neat with all the appliances arranged in a space conserving way. And the contemporary style kitchens are very attractive looking. With dining area options of the kitchen counter tops along with bar stools, these are ideal for a small house or studio apartments.

Kitchens are the heart of our homes – the hub where all our family gather to spend quality time together eating nourishing food lovingly prepared in the comfortable kitchen. Kitchens help greatly in creating dinner times as family fun times and bonding times. Hope you have as nice and as pleasant a kitchen as seen here?

White and Wood Decor Kitchen

Sleek Looking Black Finish

Mocha and White Décor

Elegant Looking Kitchen

Contemporary in Red White

Colourful in Modern Minimalistic Style

Beautifully Finished in Red and Wood

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Gorgeous Kitchen Islands for Smart Kitchens

Gorgeous kitchens are not only which look good but they must be efficient and work-smart kitchens too. When you incorporate looks with practical aspects to make cooking easy, they are work-smart kitchens. Trendy and cool looking gadgets and warm looking color themes are essential as well space-smart lay out and savvy kitchen designs.

What are all the gadgets you normally use in a kitchen? Cooking range – with a hob and chimney tops the range. Some ranges are all inclusive – with built in ovens, grill and open flame cooking hobs along with chimneys. Other built in appliances are dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave ovens. Appliances like kettle, toaster, and blender are normally not built in.

Sometimes kitchen cooking counter is used to host all the built in appliances and sometimes if you so like the kitchen island can be used to house some of the built in appliances. While refrigerator and microwave are still mostly housed along the wall supported cooking counters, the dishwasher, hob and chimney and a wash-work area with sinks are built in to the kitchen islands.

Here you can see images of smart and gorgeous kitchen islands from Elmar Cucine. There are a variety of designs for kitchen islands. Here you can see simple kitchen islands with open shelves underneath that look elegant. Sink is in one corner and the hob is at the other end of the chrome finish island with storage shelf beneath.

There are other models as you can find from these images like the island with return for dining at one end and sink for washing at the other end with another island holding the microwave and ovens. The countertops of some islands have overhang to facilitate pulling in the high bistro level stools and chairs for convenient dining.

The large metal island with crossed beam leg supports is quite spacious and really all conclusive with stove top hobs on one end, washing area at the other end and also with a dining area with revolving coaster based serving console. This complements the wall supported cooking and work area adequately and beautifully.

Both open and closed types of shelves are commonly built in to the kitchen islands. Some have closed cabinets underneath so that the entire island looks solid and covered on all sides with openings for cabinets and drawers on various sides. Also like seen here open shelves for holding pots and pans along with covered area for sink can be seen.

With Dining Area And Storage
Dining Area And Storage

Traditional Table Island
Traditional Table Island

Island Counter Dining
Island Counter Dining

Gorgeous All Purpose Island
Gorgeous All Purpose Island

Efficient Working Island
Efficient Working Island

Central Island With Stools
Central Island With Stools

Beautiful Island For Dining
Beautiful Island For Dining

All Containing Kitchen Island
All Containing Kitchen Island

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Great Looking Traditional Style Kitchens in Small And Big Homes

A traditional style kitchen is a comfortable place to cook meals and eat them with family and friends. While it can be a dream kitchen to have a really big kitchen with a long gleaming kitchen countertop and various appliances beautifully built-in pretty looking kitchen islands, a small kitchen can be cosy, comfy and very warm and welcome.

Whether big or small, all traditional kitchens have these important features as basic. A really comfortable kitchen countertop with a hob and a chimney, cabinets and storage shelves for storing all you need for cooking, a beautifully fitted wash place and a comfy corner for having a cosy and tasty breakfasts right in the kitchen.

There are three important things that make a good kitchen into a great kitchen. Adequate storage tops the list always — a well-organized and comprehensive storage can make your kitchen a pleasure to cook and entertain without hassles. If you have a well-planned layout for storage facility as needed for the appliances, the kitchen can really look clean and well organized.

The second most important thing is the appliances – can you think of a life with just a hob and chimney? You cannot do with many of the modern appliances as they make the life easy and convenient. If the layout of cabinets and shelves is really carefully planned, then all the appliances will be optimally placed with easy access when needed.

The last but not the least important aspect of the kitchen that needs our attention is the lighting for the kitchen. Whether small or big, traditional or modern in style, contemporary or modular type of furnishing is used, good and sufficient light can make or mar the kitchen definitely. If you have open or glass covered shelves, light can show off your collection to great benefit.

Here are some examples of stunning looking kitchens that are traditional in style. All the essential features of a traditional kitchen are present here. Beautifully planned cabinets and hob, with a lot of storage space under the countertops as well kitchen-island and cabinets with shining hardware – all of these – look very elegant and sophisticated.

These are kitchens are from Arredamenticec. Some are a little small and one or two are slightly bigger. All of them look very efficiently and comfortably finished and look great. I am sure you will like to have your kitchen look like this?

With Hob and Chimney in Wood and White

With Built in Appliances and Cabinets

Traditional Style Kitchen in Hardwood Finish

Metal and Wood Theme Traditional Kitchen

Kitchen Island with Wine Storage

Cream and Orange Theme in Traditional Style

Built In Appliances in White Backsplash

Black Stone Countertop and Wooden Cabinets

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