Bar Stools – Best Dining Seat Arrangements for Small Houses And Apartments


If you are strapped for space in your small home or studio apartment – especially in the dining area, do away with the dining chairs and dining tables. Barstools can be the best alternative that will save space and look neat and elegant in your apartment. You can stack them one over the other when not in use – all the more reason you should opt for bar stools. A studio apartment can have open kitchen running into living room without any specific dining room per se or even a designated dining area. Today’s small houses that have only one bedroom and kitchen cum living room also will face the same problem of not having separate dining area. Best idea is to use barstools at the kitchen itself using a counter top as dining table. Using free standing kitchen islands can be a good idea. But you must take care to get a slim and compact kitchen island that can do multiple duties as kitchen-work space, dining area, storage space and even your own and kids’ home work space when needed. If you get a slightly taller island – as tall as a bar-counter-height kitchen island, it will be perfect.

Contemporary bar stools come in quaint shapes and vibrant colours. When you go for good quality bar stools, they come with all kinds of guarantees. Metal, wood, polycarbonate stools, and wood-metal combo – all look great and are very utilitarian. They can be used at a bar table as well as kitchen counter tops. Light weight and stackable, they can be stored when not needed. Here are some beautiful looking barstools from Casamania. They look light, sleek with classic and clean-cut designs. Very comfortable looking, but they are not space hogging. With footrests and back supports, some look so elegant and stylish, will add ambience to any room in your home. Perfect for a small home!

I am sure you are also keen to get some bar stools like above. These will be convenient to use not only in your kitchen but also if you have an additional kitchen in the backyard or poolside, they can come handy. They blend nicely with any kind of furniture and you will love them once you have them. You can be sure of finding them very useful in your small home or studio apartment!

Sleek Looking Stylish Bar Stool

Simple and Sturdy Stools

Innovative and Attractive Stools

Comfy Seats At Bar Table

Colourful and Cute Looking Bar Stools
colorful and cute-looking-bar-stools

Black And White Bar Stools

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Beautiful Kitchens – Great Elegant Features of Your Home


Today the concept of kitchens has changed greatly in the past few decades. Instead of just a stove, shelves to hold utensils and a wash area, today’s kitchen cabinets look sleek, sophisticated with all modern gadgets and electrical appliances. Beautifully furnished kitchens are available today with pretty-looking kitchen countertops, cabinets and other perquisites. Today’s modular kitchens are the rage – especially for people with small houses and studio apartments. Today kitchen countertops and kitchen islands are designed for holding all the electrical appliances like a hob, cooking range with a grill and an electric oven, a microwave oven, a refrigerator and water dispenser, and other appliances like mixers etc.

Other facilities like sinks with running cold and hot water, a dishwasher are also comfortably planned and accommodated so that the housewife has everything needed conveniently in one place and arranged in a clutter-free attractive way. This kind of arrangement helps in optimizing space most advantageously and economically. Today’s modular kitchens also have beautifully finished storage spaces for holding all your groceries, ready-to-eat foods and other spices, vessels, cutlery, crockery and pans and pots etc. Cabinets that match your kitchen islands and wall decor in color, finish and look with high quality hardware like knobs and handles are an attractive addition to your beautiful kitchen.

Beautiful cabinets, open shelves floating and wall supported, étagère, wine shelves, pot and pan holders, bakers shelves are all storage options that you can add to your kitchen storage space and utility of your kitchen as well as making the kitchens most convenient for preparing food – for just your family or even when you have party times.

Here are some beautiful kitchens presented by Metrika. Look at the minimalistic style kitchen so chic and neat with all the appliances arranged in a space conserving way. And the contemporary style kitchens are very attractive looking. With dining area options of the kitchen counter tops along with bar stools, these are ideal for a small house or studio apartments.

Kitchens are the heart of our homes – the hub where all our family gather to spend quality time together eating nourishing food lovingly prepared in the comfortable kitchen. Kitchens help greatly in creating dinner times as family fun times and bonding times. Hope you have as nice and as pleasant a kitchen as seen here?

White and Wood Decor Kitchen

Sleek Looking Black Finish

Mocha and White Décor

Elegant Looking Kitchen

Contemporary in Red White

Colourful in Modern Minimalistic Style

Beautifully Finished in Red and Wood

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Mosaic Tile Art Brings Beautiful Masterpieces to Your Walls

Tile mosaics have been around for centuries bringing color and beauty to our home. It has retained its original charm and elegance remaining as popular and in demand as it was. There are many names used to describe it – like mosaic art, tile art, mosaic art tile or glass art. Ceramic pieces, small pebbles, glass pieces/tiles, and various small things go into making a mosaic. Apart from the tiles that make up the flooring and walls in your homes, mosaic tile work can be done on wooden tables and other surfaces to make them look ornamental and elegant. Counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms, serving counters, bar tables – there are so many places where mosaic tile work brings a touch of color and iridescence with a play of light.

Mosaic art pieces have gained a lot of popularity recent times. Murals, wall hangings or other wall panels made from mosaic depicting masterpieces of art are very popular. Customizing with mosaic tiles, today you can have your personal digital photography transferred into mosaic art for display in your home with glass, grouts and tiles of your choice in a contemporary style. Today there are decorative tiles/murals from other tiles like ceramic, glass, marble and porcelain. Each of the have distinct and individual characteristics that make them look remarkable and very elegant. The finish can be matte, satin or glossy depending on the location or theme. The gloss tile looks best for decorative purposes and the matte finish is for art and photo products.

Other prosaic uses for mosaic and other tiles are in the kitchen counter tops, flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen back splash and even restaurant/bar backdrops. Today beautiful mosaic tiles are used as ceiling tiles – creating beautiful and artistic patterns – creating a stunning look to the entire room adding more depth and character to your interiors and overall ambiance. Here are some beautiful samples of mosaic art work from Top Hat Tile. All of them are reproductions of ancient masterpieces by famous artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Di Vinci, Raphael and Vermeer. Unlike ancient times when it was so difficult and time consuming, today modern technology has made this ancient practice simpler and faster.

You can get online and explore the innumerable options available right from mosaic tile art to glass, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles. There are geometric patterns, psychedelic designs and other themes for you to choose. You can do so many things with these tiles – from making over your home to beautifying the home.

Raphael’s Putti Angels of Madonna

Napoleon on his Horse

Mona Lisa in Mosaic Tile

Michelangelo’s Banishment of Adam

Last Supper Wall Panel

Girl with Pearl Ear-Ring – Vermeer

Facsimile of Masterpiece Scream

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Beautiful Kitchens And Kitchen Units For Country Kitchen Designs

A beautiful kitchen is a treasure for any homemaker. When you have an especially well-decorated kitchen, it will be a pleasure to cook in the kitchen. What makes a kitchen well-put-together? When you have beautiful kitchen counter tops, pretty and spacious cabinets, utilitarian kitchen islands and other accessories like kitchen racks, étagère and pot-racks etc, it is a beautiful kitchen.

Beautiful Beautifully fitted kitchens start with beautiful kitchen countertops. Whatever the type of kitchen you are having, your kitchen countertops remain the focus of attention in most of the houses. Unless you have a very dominating kitchen island demanding attention, focus on itself, the first thing that strikes the eyes is the kitchen countertop surface.

Today popular kitchen counter top surfaces are of stone, wood, metal of glass. Concrete tops are also very popular. Granite looks great and gleaming. When you have all your appliances built inside the counter top, the kitchen looks extremely neat and spacious. Today almost all the surfaces are waterproof, moist proof, stain proof and scratch proof – extremely easy to maintain.

The wall decor is many times very less as most of the wall areas are all covered with overhead cabinets. Once you have decided on your kitchen countertop, you can have a matching or contrasting cabinet doors and hardware selected to match the countertop. Your hob and chimney can either be built in your kitchen countertops or built in the kitchen island you are buying.

When you have decided on the wall decor, think of putting up some back splash where your cooking area and sink is placed. It can protect your wall against water spills, soap, and cleaning liquid etc as well oil splashes and other stains that may happen while you are cooking. It can be in sharp contrast to the surrounding wall decor as well the color of the cabinet doors etc for effect.

A well-lit kitchen is spacious, free from insects and easy to work in. You must have some natural ventilation also. A window in the kitchen can add to the beauty when you place some herbs or flower plants in some pots. Choose ready made blinds or modern and stylish venetian blinds to allow the light in otherwise you should have under the cabinet lighting and proper lighting over the kitchen island and dining area.

With enough storage, good ventilation, and sufficient lighting an ordinary kitchen becomes beautiful and a pleasure-to-work kitchen – especially for a busy working on-the-go home maker.Here are some beautiful looking kitchens from Kelly Ville Kitchens for you to choose for your home.

White and Cream Decor Minimalistic Kitchen

Spacious Tiled Contemporary Kitchen

Cooking Range and Overhead Shelves

Contemporary Kitchen with Granite Top

Beautifully Done Backsplash & Wash Area

Attractive Hob and Chimney in White-Cream

Modular Cabinets And Kitchen Islands – Great Additions to Your Kitchen Furniture


When you are thinking of refurbishing your kitchen, you can have it done at a reasonable cost if you make it modular designed. A modular designed kitchen can be refurbished easily as you can do one part at a time so that you do not have to spend all at once. You can decide to renovate the kitchen countertops initially and then makeover the cabinets and kitchen islands

This way you can plan in stages and do the work over time. Only you have to plan well to have a co-ordinated look so that kitchen countertops, and kitchen island counters look matching. Actually today you will be able to exactly match the same countertops without much difficulty. Likewise, you should so plan that all the kitchen cabinets and kitchen island storage match each other.

Modular cabinets cost-wise are very economical and you need not spend a lot as they cost much less than custom-built kitchen cabinets and even stock kitchen cabinets usually sold at the furniture shops. You can measure the exact space available before getting the modular cabinets so that you can exactly fit the modular cabinets that will give an overall well-crafted look.

The beauty of modular theme is that each module has its own sections built-in so organizing your storage is easier and handy. China cupboard has specific organizers for cups, saucers, bowls and even soup spoons etc. So when you plan ahead, you get to organize your kitchen and avoid clutter and confusion which can create chaos in the morning rush hours.

With a couple of high level bar stools or chairs, the kitchen countertops or island countertops serve as impromptu dining table especially when you are a working woman and need to eat on the go. Well planned countertops and island tops keep the kitchen well organized and neat, making cooking a pleasure as well stress free.

Here are some beautiful ideas from A Dream Kitchen. Some are traditional style kitchens some are contemporary in style and some are eclectic in style. All have beautifully done kitchen countertops, islands with all built-in appliances and great looking cabinets. With such beautiful kitchen cabinets and beautiful kitchen islands, your kitchen looks beautiful and utilitarian as well.

How is your kitchen looking? Are you going to get a kitchen makeover?

U Shaped Kitchen Island

U Shaped Countertop Dining Section at One End

Kitchen Islands as Countertops and Coffee Table

Granite Top Island and Countertops

Gleaming Kitchen Cabinets with Built-in Lights

Cabinets and Matching Kitchen Island

Beautiful Done Kitchen with Great Looking Islands