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Unlike old times when there was not much choice in the nursery or toddlers’ furniture, today high-quality nursery furniture and toddlers’ furniture are available in wide range. Designers have given a lot of thought and planning for nursery to teen-age furniture designs and themes; not just cribs, beds or drop-side cots, but storage furniture and nursing chair for mother etc.

With the technology advancement and state-of-art manufacturing techniques, a stunning range of furniture are available today at furniture stores and online children furniture shops that are a feast for the eyes and a treat for our imagination. There is traditional looking nursery furniture also available for the more conservative minded.

The designers are out to please the would-be mothers totally. There are not only chic looking and sophisticated furniture, but there are collections like with fairy-tale themes, nursery rhyme themes, magical-world themes etc. The theme runs through whole sets for nursery furniture like cribs, storage pieces, wall decor and other accessories.

Good quality nursery and children furniture need to satisfy the stringent safety standards set by the government. No top heavy furniture that may get tilted, no sharp corners or no unfinished exposed surfaces that may hurt the tender skin of a baby/child and lead-free, safe paints and lacquer are used. And whatever fabric used all need to be fire-proof.

Today the trend is to do the nursery/kids‘room wall decor in accordance to the kind of furniture you have chosen for the room. If you have chosen the fairy-tale themes or magical land etc, the wall decor is done to suit the furniture so when you enter the room, along with the complete furniture set and the matching wall decor, you have a life-like scenario totally.

Here are some beautiful nursery room furniture sets from Bellini. Look at the pretty-looking set in pink with matching shelf and cute toys. The furniture sets are all solidly made conforming to the safety standards and at the same time looking very pretty and picturesque.

If you are shopping for your baby, check online and go for sturdy and good quality furniture which satisfies all the essential safety standards as per regulation. Especially for the new mother-to-be, it can be an exciting time planning all the new furniture that can make up the new nursery. So enjoy your shopping and have a good time!

Your Sweetie Pie Cot & Favourite Toys

Sports Theme Looks Great

Spacious Looking Nursery with Solid Furniture

Pretty Looking Pink Theme

Homely Looking Nursery

Elegant Looking Crib with Matching Shelf

Beautifully Done Crib and Storage Shelves

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Bunk Beds – Built-In Shelves – Great Space Savers


With a small house or apartment, there is always space crunch. Most of the times, kids’ rooms have a lot of problem with lack of space. Especially when siblings have to share the room, it becomes a big problem to find enough space for two sets of cots, two dressers, two tables and other storage facilities which make a room look too much cluttered.

A good option is to have bunk beds for the children. Bunk beds have now become most popular with children due to a number of innovative designs and adaptations that are possible with these bunk beds. Formerly bunk beds used to be just individual beds – one over the other – with not much storage except maybe under the beds.

But presently most of the bunk beds are made alongside the longest of the wall and they try to utilize all vertical space so that precious floor space is not eaten up. Bunk beds come in a variety of shapes and combinations like twin beds over twin beds with a common staircase in between them that allows kids to reach the upper beds easily.

One option takes care of the beds and storage space in an ideal combination. Wardrobes or storage shelves adjoin both the top and bottom beds in an alternate manner. Other option will be for the top bunk bed to jut out from the middle and both sides in the upper portion have built in wardrobes or shelves, and the space under the upper deck bed is used for pull out tables on either side for writing/working.

The other option is loft beds that have table chairs and shelves under the top bed with the bottom bed built vertically so each bed will have their own shelves and writing tables etc separate. Some times the table and chairs are not built into the bunk beds. They are arranged away from the bunk beds along the walls so that there is enough walking space around the beds.

It is essential to look out for safety features with kids’ room furniture. The stairs or ladders should always have handles on them. They should not be too narrow or hidden so that children find it difficult to get down during night time if need be. Also the upper bunk beds are to be used by the older kids only and they must have sturdy safety hand rails on them.

Here are some very good looking and utilitarian bunk beds with built-in storage spaces from Zanotti Mobili. Won’t your kids just love them?

Wardrobes Above and Adjacent to Bunk Beds

Wardrobe Bridging over Beds

Wardrobe and Book Shelves Over Bunk Beds

Two Beds Over And Above With Shelves

Pretty Wardrobes in Green over Blue Beds

Full Wardrobe with Shelf Extending over Bed Shelf

Complete Unit with Wardrobes above Pull out Beds

Bunk Beds with Overhead Shelves

Bunk Beds and Adjacent Cabinets

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Kids Room Furniture with Sustainable Material

Decorating kids room is a great ongoing experience for parents. As kids grow up some changes are required in the décor and furniture. Kids room furniture must be selected with caution considering some basic criteria. Prime concern while buying kids furniture is safety. The furniture should not have any sharp edges that may hurt them. Sturdiness is another criterion, as children have tendency to climb up and jump on every piece of furniture. The kids room furniture should not be fragile or flimsy that can break easily and hurt the kids. Toddlers are very inquisitive and curious about the world they live in. They have penchant for tasting, licking or biting every object they can grab. That is their way of comprehending the world around. So, it is essential that kids furniture is made using non toxic substances without any removable small parts they can swallow.

April Hannah, a Brooklyn furniture designer, has introduced a line of kids furniture called The Tree Table Collection, fulfilling all the criteria mentioned above. It is a beautiful collection of tree tables and pocket stools made from durable and sturdy wood with eco friendly, non-toxic finishes. All the pieces of furniture are made from the substantial one-inch thick, formaldehyde-free plywood. Soy based glue, water based non toxic finishes are used for the furniture line. The entire range of furniture is made from sustainable materials. Tree Table Collection is an aesthetically designed nature inspired modern furniture line with refreshing and bold color scheme. They are available in walnut or maple veneer finish with green, blue or grey edge colors.

Being an urban parent, April is aware of parent’s needs and specifications for kids furniture who have crossed toddler years. Children belonging to 5-10 years of age group are not big enough to use adult tables. They require a line of furniture that is kid friendly and simple yet beautiful. The Tree Table Collection is designed as per the needs of urban parents. The height of the tree table and pocket stools is just correct for the kids. The table has soft edges and large working surface to accommodate plenty of objects while working on it. The tree tables are designed simple and sophisticated, so that they can blend well with other furniture in the kids room. Also the size of the table is appropriate not to occupy too much space. Sitting stools fix very well under the table while not working. Have a look at the pictures of this collection.

Kids Room Furniture Rectangle Tree Table Set

tree-table-for-kids-with pocket-stools

Kids Room Furniture Round Tree Table Set

Kids Room Furniture Round Tree Table

Kids Room Furniture Rectangle Tree Table

Kids Room Furniture Square Pocket Stools

Kids Room Furniture Round Pocket Stools

Kids Room Furniture Tree Table Sets