Great Furniture for Your Kids’ Rooms

Once the children grow-up they love to have their rooms furnished the way they want. Actually very young children are not all that keen about how much you are spending on furnishing their room. All they are expecting is that it comes up to their idea of a dream room for themselves. So it is best to involve them in the process of choosing furniture, furnishing and accessories for their rooms.

With the space restriction that comes along with the small spaces we have today, many a time siblings have to share room. Sometimes kids’ room size can be really small – maybe just a minuscule area. Even if it is only a tiny alcove or a attic like room, a child would love the privacy his room gives and loves all the more to have a space all his own.

The operating principle will be space optimization. You have to try and make a study area, sleeping area as well as storage area in one tiny room. Bunk beds are great even if you have only one child. The lower area can be utilized as a table with storage space underneath and the upper portion – neatly furnished as a bed with safety rails etc.

Today beds come with underneath storage options that can contain any likely clutter usually happening in small spaces. You can check out beds with trundle options for accommodating your child’s friend occasionally. Floating shelves and floating desktops are good options leaving precious floor space free for that open uncluttered look.

Presently children furniture section has grown in leaps and bounds. Entire stores are selling furniture exclusively devoted only to children. Separate furniture design lines are devoted for kids’ furniture, right from baby stage, toddlers, pre teens, teens etc differently for boys, girls and twins etc, much to the delight of both parents and the children.

Here you see some very pretty-looking kids’ furniture from Kids’ Room. The corner bunk-bed with a sturdy-looking ladder and a designed safety rail will be particularly attractive to your boy. The popular below-bed storage option is very welcome in both boys and girls rooms for storage. And the open floating shelf above the writing table looks pretty as well functional.

I am sure you are keen to makeover your kids room in a way it makes you happy and leave the child hugely satisfied to have what he/she exactly wanted!

Kids Room Study Table & Chair

Kids Room Storage Shelf

Kids Room Storage Shelf for Books and Toys
kids-room-shelf-for storage-and-toys

Kids Room Pretty Chair Table

Kids Room Corner Bunk Bed with Storage

Kids Room Complete Set in White

Kids Room Bed With Trundle Bed

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Nursery Furniture – Comfortable, Cosy Cribs And Other Accessories


Unlike old times when there was not much choice in the nursery or toddlers’ furniture, today high-quality nursery furniture and toddlers’ furniture are available in wide range. Designers have given a lot of thought and planning for nursery to teen-age furniture designs and themes; not just cribs, beds or drop-side cots, but storage furniture and nursing chair for mother etc.

With the technology advancement and state-of-art manufacturing techniques, a stunning range of furniture are available today at furniture stores and online children furniture shops that are a feast for the eyes and a treat for our imagination. There is traditional looking nursery furniture also available for the more conservative minded.

The designers are out to please the would-be mothers totally. There are not only chic looking and sophisticated furniture, but there are collections like with fairy-tale themes, nursery rhyme themes, magical-world themes etc. The theme runs through whole sets for nursery furniture like cribs, storage pieces, wall decor and other accessories.

Good quality nursery and children furniture need to satisfy the stringent safety standards set by the government. No top heavy furniture that may get tilted, no sharp corners or no unfinished exposed surfaces that may hurt the tender skin of a baby/child and lead-free, safe paints and lacquer are used. And whatever fabric used all need to be fire-proof.

Today the trend is to do the nursery/kids‘room wall decor in accordance to the kind of furniture you have chosen for the room. If you have chosen the fairy-tale themes or magical land etc, the wall decor is done to suit the furniture so when you enter the room, along with the complete furniture set and the matching wall decor, you have a life-like scenario totally.

Here are some beautiful nursery room furniture sets from Bellini. Look at the pretty-looking set in pink with matching shelf and cute toys. The furniture sets are all solidly made conforming to the safety standards and at the same time looking very pretty and picturesque.

If you are shopping for your baby, check online and go for sturdy and good quality furniture which satisfies all the essential safety standards as per regulation. Especially for the new mother-to-be, it can be an exciting time planning all the new furniture that can make up the new nursery. So enjoy your shopping and have a good time!

Your Sweetie Pie Cot & Favourite Toys

Sports Theme Looks Great

Spacious Looking Nursery with Solid Furniture

Pretty Looking Pink Theme

Homely Looking Nursery

Elegant Looking Crib with Matching Shelf

Beautifully Done Crib and Storage Shelves

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Attractive And Classy Space Saving Kids Room Furniture

Italian companies are known to produce great furniture designs for children and kids bedroom. DearKids is one such huge Italian manufacturer who makes kids furniture. This company was founded was back in 1951 and their experience has made them so great in what they do that we had to share these products with all. Shown below are some cool and colorful collections like pink, orange, yellow and blue. Most of the dominant colors are used in some way or the other. Even the furniture used on the walls to make them stand out is spectacular. Observe them for you self and decide.

Space Saving Kids Furniture Ideas

Space Saving Ideas For Kids Furniture

Pink Kids Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

Space Saving Kids Furniture Ideas

Yellow Color Kids Furniture Ideas

Attractive And Classy Kids Furniture Ideas

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Gala Green – Great for Kids Room Design

Decorating kids’ rooms have always been challenging. Getting to know the likes and preferences of the preteens, tweens and teens is not very easy. What remained a favourite last month does not stay popular for long. As new fads and fashions come up, children keep changing their mind and certainly do not like old and traditional kids’ furniture as much as the latest and trendy. Modern and minimalistic style is quite popular and modular furniture is the hot favourite. Children do not like staid and laid back kind of style. They want vibrant, groovy and chilled out colours on the walls. Fashionably trendy and sophisticated furniture is what they want in their bedroom. And they want their personal space open, airy and well lit.

Whether small or big, whether single occupancy or shared with siblings, children want their ideas translated while buying furniture for their room, selecting the wall colour and décor and other furnishings as well. They want a room done up in a style that will make them proud of it and where they can bring their friends confidently, and proudly. What are the features that can make the room lively and youthful looking? Instead of making white or pastels as the only colour for the walls, getting a contrast colour theme can make the room come alive. No youngster will ever like to have all white or cream walls and all dark and stuffy looking plain furniture and accessories.

Think of giving completely different wall colour combinations for the walls. Instead of one colour give a backsplash of another deeper shade. Think of getting the cabinet doors done in dual tones – two contrasting or matching colours. Get some area rugs to match the wall colour. You can have the bedstead in contrast to the wall colour or cabinet doors. Green is a beautiful shade to give as a contrast to the basic colours. Think how beautiful a green backsplash will look on cream walls. Green cabinet doors and green coloured chair-table will look very pretty in a room done with beige and cream. Green shaded bed linen, green colour area rugs, green coloured cushions – all these can make the room sprightly and very young.

Here are some beautiful images from Colombini Casa of kids’ room where green is used as backsplash, in cabinet doors, in furniture like table-chairs, bed frames, floating shelves and wall supported shelves. Don’t you think your children will love to have green in their rooms?

Blue Green Kids Room Furniture
kids furniture ideas

Kids Room Green Furniture
kids room design

Green Kids Room Furniture
kids furniture concepts

Green Kids Room Design
kids room design

Green Kids Room Design Ideas
kids room concepts

Green Kids Room Design
kids furniture

Kids Room Design Ideas
kids room design

Kids Room Design Ideas

Kids Room Ideas

Kids Room Furniture Concepts

Kids Room Design Ideas

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Most Comfortable Beds for Your Growing Child Come With Storage

Right from the time of birth, all of us start acquiring multifarious things. As the children grow, there is an ever increasing need for storage in our homes to organize things neatly. Childrens beds and kids beds and kids’ furniture stand in need of as much storage if not more. Think of the innumerable playthings, books, games and other items that we keep buying for our children! Once the child starts growing, it is essential to inculcate a discipline for bringing order and neatness in the child. By involving the child when putting away the playthings after the playtime, keep all the clothes, baby blankets, baby linen and other items in an orderly manner can make the child understand that the room needs to be kept tidy and neat.

As the children grow, instead of yelling and shouting at the children for not keeping the rooms tidy, act proactively for cleanliness. Ask the child to join you in tidying up the room on a regular basis. Help him in keeping the things organized. Do not take over the cleaning part all on yourself, leaving out the kid which will make the kid feel not responsible for cleaning it up. Get enough storage installed so that the child can have no difficulty in keeping back the games, playthings, books and other paraphernalia where they belong. Allocate space for each of the above things. Keep the underneath bed storage for storing extra linen and bed sheets etc along with heavy clothing used maybe only during winter only.

Get a nice chest with cushion on top which can be used for storing all of his /her games, playthings etc. The chest can have dividers inside so that playthings can be segregated and stored and so easy for retrieval when needed. Please learn to give away or throw away old games and broken down toys which will only clutter the available space. Getting a good shelf or a closet for all the day-to-day need like clothing, jackets and shoes is again a must. As the child grows, a worktable with underneath drawers and shelves to hold his books along with a couple of floating shelves over the table to keep other stuff and extra books are very much needed children’s furniture. Kids Furniture always needs to have a lot of storage.

Here are some beautiful beds with storage underneath and trundle options, built-in headboards as well complete storage sets from Simply Kids Furniture. Hope you will like one of these beds and storage shelves for your loved kid!

Scalloped Edges in Cream Coloured Bed

Pull Out Daybed in Wonderful in White

Prettily Done Two Bed Set with Storage

Pink Bed Set for Your Princess

Full Gray Bed Set for Teenage Boys

Elegant Sleigh Bed with Patch Work Quilt

Comfy Looking Bed with Trundle Bed

Activity Tables For Kids’ Amusement, Entertainment and Education

Holidays are just around the corner; don’t you think you must explore the new products for kids that can serve both as toys and education materials? Today there are a variety of high-class products which can keep the kids amused and still foster their creativity. Activity tables are available in a number of styles to suit any age group that your child may be. Work benches, bead tables, art bench, drawing and other activity tables – you can explore the entire range to choose what will suit your little darling best. There are other play activity tables like train tables, picnic tables, kitchen tables and water, sand and tables. Most of the kids’ activity tables are life-like and so children can equate to what they see outside and what they play with.

The activity tables help the child hone his mental skills even as he is playing. Check out what is the personal interest of your child. Check out what he enjoys most doing like drawing or building something or playing with plastic clay and the like. Skills like shape and colour recognition, sorting out, counting and arranging – all can be taught through activity tables. Check out whether there is an option for using the tables inside and outside, whether they can still be used once the children tire of the particular activity. Some tables can have detachable bases which can be used in some other way – like for art work or craft work. Always check out the safety factors and high-quality materials are used while manufacturing the tables

Here are some beautiful looking children activity tables from Kids Rooms Ltd. Look at the imaginative way tables are constructed and number options available for using it? The children will be mentally stimulated by playing with these games and activities. There is one for the musically inclined, one for the language skills, and one for the painter etc. All are of high quality material and strictly adhere to safety standards. I am sure you are keen to buy one such table for your child too. Go online and check the innumerable options available. There are activity tables for all the age ranges – right from babies up to school going kids. Check what activity will interest your kid most and choose a table accordingly. Some activity tables can be used until he is past school going age. Bring home an activity table and see how much your kid enjoys it!

Table to Keep Tiny Tots Busy

Play Table with Twin Storage

Play Table with Dinosaur Motif

Pin and Join and Build Activity Table

Multiple Activities at One Table
multiple activities at one table

For the Budding Painter

Do Re Me Table for the Musician

Bead Table to Keep the Child Busy

Basic Table to Fit Any Top