Storage Beds – A Boon to Small Houses And Studio Apartments

Storage beds can solve the ever-present problem of storage in small houses and studio apartments. Imagine the list of items you require on a daily basis and the space requirement to store all of them? A wardrobe may take care of your clothing and some part of jewelry etc. But where can you keep the so many other personal items and utility items we need on a daily basis?

What are the items that need storage space in your bedroom other than your clothes? First think of the number of shoes and slippers we use on a daily basis. Where we can keep them? And the brushes, polishes and rags, wipes and nourishing creams we need for the leather footwear – how nice to have a separate drawer under the bed to hold all of the footwear?

And there are other items like extra blankets, pillows and sheets which take up a lot of space. Think of bed that can accommodate all of them? And the other items that we commonly use like iron box, iron table, pumps for the airbeds, emergency lights, torches , chargers for portable music system and similar things which we need but have no place to keep!

If you have just a tiny space for an extra bed say – under the loft – the best way to maximize the space available is to find the storage beds with a number of drawers. We can keep all the extras in these drawers, put a nice looking skirt on the outside and can forget that we have so many under the bed. The best is that the bed-skirt nicely keeps everything tidy and neat.

There is hutch-like space available even behind the headboard – where you can make the electrical connections housed for the light that will light up at the headboards and even have speakers set up for your stereos if you are an avid music fan. Also electric plug sockets can be convenient for charging your cell phone or lap top when you are working from bed.

Here are some uniquely designed storage beds from Ultimate Bed. These are beds specially made for houses and flats where there is a space shortage. There are a number of drawers and shelves built into it so that you can accommodate a lot of stuff into it and enjoy a clutter free home. Personal effects like shoes, bags and blankets all can be stored here!

Don’t you think you will like one for your home?

View of Storage Bed and Mattress

Storage Bed Neatly Covered with Bed skirt

Single Bed with Storage Option

Big Double Air Bed with Floating Nightstands
big-double-air-bed-with-floatig nightstands

Bed with Various Storage Drawers

Bed with Headboard Lights and Lot of Storage Options

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Wonderful Looking Writing Desks And Hutches for Attractive Workspace in Your Living Rooms

When you want some working space without exactly having a home-office kind of area, a writing desk with hutch will be ideal for you. This may be located at the corner of the living room or in the den or even in the extra room often used by overnight guests. This is where you can check mail, type out a letter or just do some browsing – an area just to keep your laptop, some books and music etc. These are not the elaborate home-office type executive desks or a complete computer armoire which may hog a lot of space. These desks are stream-lined neat pieces – free-standing mostly – set against a wall, with a chair/ottoman or a small stool used for a seat. Most of the desks come with drop-down tops which are just enough to accommodate a laptop or so. The hutches come separately to be mounted on top as storage and display shelf.

Most of the desks may have a power strip built in for connecting the laptop/cell charger. They have drawers and cabinets for storing your stationeries and books etc. The top shelves may have glass doors where you can display interesting curios or flower arrangements. Some of the desks may have roll-down tops or pull-out drawers instead of drop-down tops and mostly all are not as spacious as office desks. In many of the houses, these desks double up as dressing tables. With a number of drawers – small and big – and cabinets and with storage areas above, these desks serve very well as vanity desks for storing all cosmetics and other make-up items. The power strip comes handy for using tools like hair dryer while dressing. The roll top table is ideal with just pulling down the top to store neatly all the makeup and cosmetic items.

Here are some beautiful looking desks with hutches from Pottery Barn. Look at the beautifully crafted octagonal legs and arched panel doors. How classically beautiful the white desk and hutch look? The large-size office desk top in mahogany looks gorgeous and spacious with enough cabinets, drawers and more storage space in the hutch. All pieces are exquisitely worked and beautifully crafted. Don’t you think you will love to have such a desk in your living room? While these desks may not be very spacious, still they come very handy when all you need is a space to browse your laptop or use it as a vanity desk. Go online and check out the options and bring a beautifully crafted desk to complete your living room furniture!

A Simple and Elegant Looking Desk
a-simple-and elegant-looking desk

An Elegant Looking Room with a Classy Desk

A Beautiful White Desk with Pull-Out Front
an elegant-white-desk-and-clutch

A Gorgeous Looking Desk with Elegant Hutch

A Classic Roll Top Desk in White

A Beautiful White Desk

A Gorgeous Looking Desk with Glass Doors
a beauty-in-white

A White Drop-Down Front Desk
a beautiful-white-desk-with-fold-down-front