Coffee & End Tables – Finishing Touch to Your Living Room Furniture

Think of the days when humankind lived without too much furniture? Don’t you think they had fewer problems? Most probably they had bigger living areas – uncluttered and available? But think how inconvenient life would have been for them! No soft comfy furniture, no flat surfaces to eat from of no side tables like coffee or end tables for keeping stuff!

Over centuries, humankind has learned to appreciate good living and comfortable lodging. One of the most important aspects of comfortable homes is nice and sturdy furniture which makes life easier and more relaxed; things that would look trendy and beautiful and look aesthetic in the correct settings created to satisfy your personal desires.

Coffee and end tables – part of the occasional table sets – have become essential accessories and have become crucial part of home furniture – especially in the living room where we do the informal entertainment when visitors and guests come and where we relax watching some TV, reading books and listening to music.

End tables and coffee tables may not be the focus of the room, but they are certainly handy for keeping our snack plates, drink trays and glasses, iPods, IPads, remotes and of course newspapers and books. You can use them to hold a vase of fresh flowers or some beautiful looking curios or collectible you purchased from your last holiday!

With the wide amount of opportunities in choosing the exact coffee and end tables for your living room, the choice may be getting tougher and difficult for you. You need to focus on what kind of tables, in what style, in what material and in what size you can buy so that the end and coffee tables will blend most harmoniously with your other furniture.

Size is one of the most important aspects you must keep in mind. A coffee or end table should not be taller than the upholstered or sofa cushions – it should be preferably shorter. If you are keeping the coffee table at the center, you need at least two feet clearance space all around. Buy in a material and style that will blend beautifully with the existing living room décor.

Here are some images of beautiful looking coffee and end tables from A Brand New Look. Some are in antique finish and some with beautifully inlay work. All have storage space and finished exquisitely. Check what you like best?

Yellow Green Vintage Model Coffee Table

Side Table with Shelves and Drawers

Rustic Looking End Table with Drawer

Nested Coffee Tables with Inlay Work

End Table in Cherry Finish with Drawer

De-stressed Wood Topped Coffee Table

Coffee Table with bottom Shelf

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Room Dividers Offer Privacy And Add Beauty to Your Interiors

When there is a temporary need for dividing or separating a room, building a wall may be too much expensive and too permanent a solution. Especially when structural changes are not possible as in rental homes and you need privacy only for temporary use – like when guests are coming etc, use of partitions, dividers or separators offer a handy and easy solution. More than curtains or divider screens, glass or wooden separators are cute, stable and look cozy. Room dividers or separators offer the best solution for ensuring privacy in studio apartments also. If you have a huge drawing or living room, glass or wooden separators can help you separate a study or a work area from the living room. When you want privacy, you can use these separators to create a room within a room – like for dressing or sleeping undisturbed. These partitions, especially with glass screens, do not block light.

Think how convenient and nice it will be to divide one big room so that two teenagers/older children have small but their own space to work and study without disturbance! Also you can conveniently separate dining section from drawing room, dressing area from sleeping area in your bedroom without too much expense. You can plan a different decor and arrange for different lighting to give a distinctly different look entirely for each section! There are a number of dividers available like wood panel dividers, glass panel dividers – both standing and sliding type with aluminium frames, end panels, liners, track-sets etc, curtains and screens and Japanese dividers. Sliding glass dividers are most preferred as they occupy less space, are portable and versatile, and do not block light. In some cases you can make the divider do extra duty as a bookcase or a small vanity-shelf to hold some essentials.

It is believed that room dividers are originally from China – sometime since seventh century, but they have continued to be popular and in demand. Here are some beautiful room dividers/separators from Sliding Door Company. They look so sleek and sophisticated; divide the room so prettily and without blocking light and mostly air movements. Some are sheer glass and some are sand-blasted glass. They look so elegant and beautiful – framed to perfection. Don’t you think glass dividers are great for dividing a room without sacrificing light or space? Get online and check out the options. Talk to your interior decorator or local furniture mart to know what will be your perfect divider which will add to your home decor and ambience!

Sectioned off Bedroom

Pretty Room Separator for Some Private Space

Privacy Assured with Dividers

Dining Section Separated by Glass Sliding Door

Conference Room Divider

A Delightfully Separated Bedroom from Drawing Room

A Sliding Door Divides Work Area from Drawing Room

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Elegant Table Lamps For Bright Interiors

Interior decorators advocate that ideally there should be a light source at every 10 feet of the wall surface. Pendent lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconces, and built-in lights are some of the light sources that we traditionally plan and install when we design; construct the home and doing the interior decorations. Table lamps give the extra touch for perfect lighting. Before you are thinking of buying a table lamp for any of your room, you should decide what will be purpose of getting an extra lamp – a table lamp in that room. Each room serves a distinct purpose in your home and so each room will have different requirements. Depending on the purpose of the lamp, we can decide better about the size, shades, height etc.

So we should know whether the table lamp will be used as a reading lamp in the living room, in the library or in the work area or will it be added to the side table of the dining room where it may throw light on the cutlery or crockery. Or is it going to be put on the night stand in the bedroom for night time reading or laptop work etc. The size of the table lamp and it is height should match the room and place where it is going to be placed. You cannot have a large tall lamp with wide shade on a small table. Likewise having a small shade on a pedestal type lamp may look incongruous. An average height of 26 inches to 36 inches should be okay for your living room.

All parts of the table lamps contribute greatly to the beauty of the table lamp as well the purpose to which it is used for. The bases of the lamp and the size of the shade are quite important. The base must be strong and wide to support a wide and big shade. Symmetry is the operative word here and the base, stem and the shade all must balance each other happily. Shades play a vital role in making table lamps a thing of beauty and elegance. Warm glowing light can come from fabric shades and for minimizing glares, you can select opaque and non-transparent material. Traditional lamps have conical kind of shades. Round and angular shades are trendier. Here are some beautiful table lamps from Bassett Furniture. Are you going to buy one for your home?

Metal Base Lamp with Poly Silk Shade

Metal Cut Work in Rose Wood Finish

Lamp with Traditional Looking Base and Linen Shade

Hexagon Base and Classic Finish Table Lamp

Dark Brown Base and Round Shade

Beautiful Looking Pair with Spindle Base

Antique Looking Silver Leaf Finish

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Stunningly Beautiful Decorative Accessories Arrangement

As soon as you enter any room, there is a certain point that attracts your attention. It could be an architectural element, a furniture piece or some ornamental decorative accessory. This eye catching, attention grabbing point in the room is called focal point. A room can have one main focal point and other secondary focal points. The focal point should be highlighted in such a way that it is inviting to enter that room and pleasing to remain in that room for a longer time. You can use your decorative accessories to create attractive focal points in a room. A good focal point makes a room lively and memorable. A room without focal point has no character, no strength to attract people.

You can group up a few decorative accessories to make stunningly beautiful arrangements. Proper display of accessories enhances the looks of a room. You can make your room look stylish and elegant by proper choice and arrangement of accessories such as mirrors, lamps, wall art, rugs, vases, antique pieces, coffee table books, sculptures and figurines, pillows and cushions. Keep in mind certain rules while arranging your rich artifacts to make them look dazzling. The most important rule is: do not overcrowd the space with too many decorative pieces. You need to choose a great composition with the correct balance of size, shape, color and texture.

Display an assortment of accessories of different sizes and shapes. Place tallest accessory at the back and small ones in front. Arrange them in artistic manner, so that they grab attention. An appropriate color scheme binds them well and they look good as a group. Sometimes asymmetric arrangement looks interesting. A beautiful wall art with a stunning flower arrangement in front of it looks gorgeous. Layering your accessories with different colors and textures creates depth. While arranging photos, proper lighting will highlight them. Candlesticks look beautiful in front of mirrors. Flower arrangement with some shiny little objects looks lovely. While grouping similar accessories always choose odd number of items. For example three vases would look good instead of two. If you would want to display two vases, choose different height and similar shapes. If you want to display a collection of different accessories, make sure that they complement each other. They should highlight each other in some way. Even a simple arrangements like a bowl of fresh fruits on dining table or a bowl of silver acorns on a center table in living room or flower vase in entry hall look pleasing to the eyes.

Decorative Accessory Arrangement Dining Room
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Sideboard Wall
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Mantelpiece
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Entry Hall
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Center Table
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Bedroom

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Accent Chairs for both Exterior & Interior Use

Home décor needs constant renovation and change to stay fresh and looking good. Every home owner does not rest after buying furniture that the work is over and no more attention is needed to the house. On the contrary, attentive house owners keep looking for what is new in the interior decoration front and keep checking for new and innovative arrivals.

Adding new furniture to your existing ones is a good way of creating an eclectic décor. New furniture, newer ways of arrangements, differently mixing and matching the existing furniture, changing the color or finish of the furniture are some ways of creating a new look, a fresh effect in the décor. Adding new accessory furniture like new accent chairs is also a good option.

Getting chairs made from the finest of materials is very crucial to overall elegance and sophistication. Any furniture is a long term investment and you need to check for quality of base material as well furniture style and workmanship. Never buy furniture without actually seeing it, touching and checking it thoroughly. Quality should not be compromised as poor quality stuff is more expensive in the long run.

Accent chairs or occasional chairs as they are sometimes called can be made of any material – wood, metal, and plastic. Some are club chairs with swivel bases, some are easy chairs with upholstery, some can be rockers, some can be beanbags, some can be loungers and even some are high level bar stools and dining or visitor chairs.

Most accent chairs are designed in classic lines with a simple silhouette that remains always popular. Right from microfiber to leather including all synthetic and natural fabrics – any popular material is used for upholstery and there are plastic accent chairs which do not have any upholstery. They use loose pillows or cushions for back comfort or detachable seat cushions.

The greatest advantage of these accent chairs is that it can be used either indoors or outdoors with equal felicity. As most of the accent chairs are contemporary in design, you can always blend these with any style of furniture you are having in your home and they will look like they are in harmony and not clashing and give an overall visually pleasing effect.

Here are some beautiful looking accent chairs from Zanotta. Almost all the chairs can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Check out what you will like?

Two Types of Accent Lounge Chairs

Plastic Accent Chair for Use around Home

Modern Stool Seats for Multiple Uses

Innovative Looking Accent Lounger for Exteriors

Home Office Looks Better With Accent Chair

Chair Ottoman Set To Relax Reading a Book

Bean Bags for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Accent Chair for Relaxing Outside

Gorgeous Ceramic Lamps for Great Decor

Lighting – natural and artificial – is a very important aspect of home décor. A room can have beautiful wall décor, elegant furniture, great flooring and top-class accessories and still not look complete and well decorated if there is no proper lighting provided. Each room needs lighting to suit the purpose it is used for and the activities we do there.

Living room is used by all the family for mostly relaxing in the day time and for entertaining guests and visitors. In small homes, media center, reading area, and work table may also be located here. So you need to consider lighting that will suit all these purposes and accordingly plan. Also the size of the room also needs to be taken into account.

Track and recessed lights are a must for living room and so also pedestal lamps are needed. Pendants are used for providing task and general light to make the room by and large well lit. A mixture of all these lights will light up the furniture, upholstery etc well and draw attention to the displayed artifacts and curios that may be displayed.

Table lamps and pedestal lamps are important addition for lighting your interiors and are as important as chandeliers to add beauty and allure to your room. Originally glass chandeliers and cluster pendants and lamps were most popular. Metal based lamps, brass chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers and pendent lights also look very fashionable. Tiffany chandeliers add a nice touch as an accent accessory.

Here you can see images of some mini chandeliers – cluster lamps – and table lamps made of porcelain base. Two chandeliers are made of bronze/gold finish metal with porcelain bulb holders with colorful shades and a third one has gold finish metal frame and shades made of gleaming white china in cute jug-like shapes along with floral shapes also in china as added attraction.

Other lamps are table lamps that are used for general lighting in kitchen and dining room. Some are paired with candle stands for additional appeal. Some mantle piece decorations like porcelain birds add to the beauty of the arrangement. There is a complete set made of bone china – table lamp, pen holder and flower vase all matching each other very prettily.

These table lamps with porcelain/bone china base and acrylic or fabric shades are from Leporcellane. They have mostly metal base and have metal fittings for holding the bulb and shades. I am sure you also would like to have such lamps in your home!

Beautiful Cermaic Lamps
Beautiful Cermaic Lamps

Smart Ceramic Lamps
Smart Ceramic Lamps

Handsome Table Lamp with Candles
Handsome Table Lamp

Gold And Red Lamps
Gold And Red Lamps

Funky Birds with Table Lamp
Funky Birds with Table Lamp

Elegant Mini Chandelier in Porcelain
Elegant Mini Chandelier

Cutely Elegant Five Cluster Lamp
Elegant Five Cluster Lamp

Beautiful Chandelier Type Clusters
Beautiful Chandelier Type Clusters

Attractive and Simple China Base Lamp
China Lamps

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