Storage Beds – A Boon to Small Houses And Studio Apartments

Storage beds can solve the ever-present problem of storage in small houses and studio apartments. Imagine the list of items you require on a daily basis and the space requirement to store all of them? A wardrobe may take care of your clothing and some part of jewelry etc. But where can you keep the so many other personal items and utility items we need on a daily basis?

What are the items that need storage space in your bedroom other than your clothes? First think of the number of shoes and slippers we use on a daily basis. Where we can keep them? And the brushes, polishes and rags, wipes and nourishing creams we need for the leather footwear – how nice to have a separate drawer under the bed to hold all of the footwear?

And there are other items like extra blankets, pillows and sheets which take up a lot of space. Think of bed that can accommodate all of them? And the other items that we commonly use like iron box, iron table, pumps for the airbeds, emergency lights, torches , chargers for portable music system and similar things which we need but have no place to keep!

If you have just a tiny space for an extra bed say – under the loft – the best way to maximize the space available is to find the storage beds with a number of drawers. We can keep all the extras in these drawers, put a nice looking skirt on the outside and can forget that we have so many under the bed. The best is that the bed-skirt nicely keeps everything tidy and neat.

There is hutch-like space available even behind the headboard – where you can make the electrical connections housed for the light that will light up at the headboards and even have speakers set up for your stereos if you are an avid music fan. Also electric plug sockets can be convenient for charging your cell phone or lap top when you are working from bed.

Here are some uniquely designed storage beds from Ultimate Bed. These are beds specially made for houses and flats where there is a space shortage. There are a number of drawers and shelves built into it so that you can accommodate a lot of stuff into it and enjoy a clutter free home. Personal effects like shoes, bags and blankets all can be stored here!

Don’t you think you will like one for your home?

View of Storage Bed and Mattress

Storage Bed Neatly Covered with Bed skirt

Single Bed with Storage Option

Big Double Air Bed with Floating Nightstands
big-double-air-bed-with-floatig nightstands

Bed with Various Storage Drawers

Bed with Headboard Lights and Lot of Storage Options

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Low Minimalistic Platform Beds – Ideal Choice for Small Apartments


Small houses or studio apartments have mostly one big living area that need to accommodate the living space, sleeping space, work space and also the kitchen. Most of them do not have the luxury of enjoying a separate big bedroom where you can enjoy have king-size double beds. Platform beds are great as simple sleek bed options with or without storage.

When traditional style beds are more elaborately built with space for springs, and a large-size mattress etc, platform beds are sleeker and look minimalistic and simple. Low-height bed frames which have slats or hard-board strips give support on which the mattress rests directly. The bed does not have any springs at all.

The low platforms are mostly made of wood – hardwood – sturdy and strong so the frame is quite rigid. If you want storage, you can build storage underneath like a box for storing linen and other stuff. But if you want absolutely minimalistic bed, you can have a platform bed without storage with the slated frame only on which rests the mattress firmly.

The wooden platform bed can have headboard and footboard. The other option is without either of these two boards just the bed frame. But you can have added storage in the headboard for keeping books, reading lights with cord facilities or nightstand like cubby holes. There are platform beds which have only headboard and no footboards

Platform beds are always low – those with underneath storage option may be slightly higher than those platform beds without the storage option. Actually you can have a futon – which is just a little higher than the floor – just with the frame sitting almost directly on the floor with the mattress supported on the slatted frame.

Why the small homes look better with platform beds? Because they occupy less vertical space than the traditional bed frames which are much higher and bulkier. There are no boxes that hold the springs that support the beds or the big mattresses themselves which are used in the traditional beds.

There are no separate nightstands needed for a platform bed. Many a time, slight projections of the headboard – like floating small shelves can serve as nightstand. Here are some beautiful looking platform beds from Go Modern Co. Most of them are in lacquer finish and look very sleek and sophisticated. They can be a great addition to any small home or studio apartment.

Slightly Higher Platform Bed with Headboard

Sleek Looking Platform in White

Platform Bed with Underneath Storage

Low Slung Platform in White Lacquer Finish

Large Size & Minimalistic Style Bed

Cushioned Headboard Platform Bed

Bed with Firm Base and Strong Support

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Beautifully Crafted Metal Beds – Nice Option for Your Bedroom!

Do you know that there were golden beds in Roman times? The royalty used to sleep in beds made of gold and hand chased silver. But by and bye, metal beds have come in to fashion and people realized that there are quite a few advantages in going in for metal bed. They are stronger, sturdier and beds in metal beds retain their shape longer.

What are the types of metal beds available? Wrought iron beds, aluminium frame beds, and cast alloy metal beds are mostly now available along with the traditional brass beds. Metal beds look very contemporary and can go with all type of accessories you already have. There are lot of choices in the shapes available as per your desire.

What is so special about brass beds? Right after gold and silver bedsteads, brass was most popular to make the bed frames. They have more flourishes – scroll work and other details- than any iron bed and look quietly elegant. They go so well with all kinds of brocades, silks, velvets and rich-looking furnishings.

Wrought-iron beds are the next in popularity chart – now-a-days even more so. Especially with the customizing that you can order for your own desire and preference, they are made just for you – almost a unique piece – customized just for you. You can design with the scroll work you desire, the size you want and the finish you think will suit your décor.

Traditionally brass and wrought-iron beds were made by hand and needed expert craftsmanship for real smooth professional finish. Today the assembly line manufacturing has made more uniform sized ingredients and better metal finishes etc. And because of being manufactured in standard sizes, it is easy to find a comfortably fitting mattress as well all linen like covers etc.

Sleigh beds and other patterned metal beds look light and make the room more spacious and bigger. A taller headboard and a footboard in the same pattern but slightly shorter makes the bed look like sleek and taller occupying less floor space. Quilted covers, duvet covers, skirts and other coverlets etc make the bed nicely decorated and the room very attractive.

Here are some beautiful metal beds from Iron & Brass Beds. Some are with classic and simple contoured headboards and foot boards and some are with elaborately scrawl- worked, and with other patterns. Check what you like most?

Sleigh Patterned in White Metal

Simple and Elegant White Metal Bed

Queen Size in Black Metal

Pretty Looking Metal Bed with Floral Pattern

Metal Bed with Beautiful with Scroll Work

Lotus Patterned White Metal Bed

Heart Shaped Pattern at Both Ends

Cream Coloured Pretty Metal Bed
cream-coloured-pretty- metal-bed

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Attractive Beds with Upholstered Headboards

Bedroom décor forms an important part of home décor. Bedrooms are personal spaces where we need to feel comfortable and at home. Here is where we retire from day to day stress to rest and recoup ourselves. Beds are the most important part of bedroom furniture sets and we need to choose our beds carefully paying attention to the comfort factor as well décor factor. Bedsteads form the basic feature of a good bed along with a comfortable and ergonomically suitable mattress. Metal, wood and combination of metal and wood are mostly used as basic material for making good frames for beds. Today there are polycarbonate materials and acrylic are used also to make frames as well bamboo and canes are used.

Low hung platform beds are most popular if you are keen to have minimalist kind of style. Most of the times platform beds have just head board but sometimes they have both headboards and foot boards. Some very spare looking platform beds have neither headboards nor foot boards. But you can always add a headboard as additional accent to any kind of bed. Nowadays high level headboards are popular. They are comfortable for you to lean back on while reading a book or watching TV. Most of the headboards have upholstery with soft cushions in built to make the board comfortable and cozy while leaning back. Some have a pair of extra pillows that are strapped to the headboard for added softness.

There are options for headboards to have built in storage also. A complete set of wall unit kind of headboards come with storage shelves above and to both sides and upholstered areas in the centers so that one can have both seating comfort and storage spaces. Or you can have drawers underneath the bed to use for storing extra blankets, pillows etc. If you have a good bed frame without a headboard or a foot board already, you can add on a headboard that will match the bed upholstery in material and color. This can be a free-standing headboard separate from the bed but just positioned close to bed, or it can be attached to the bed making it an integral part.

Here are some images of beautifully upholstered headboards from Nella Vetrina. Most of the headboards have diamond patterned buttoned quilted upholstery which look very elegant. The diamonds are of any size – small or big. Many of the headboards are winged for additional comfort. Which is your favorite?

Upholstered in Chocolate Brown and Cream
Upholstered in Chocolate Brown

Straight Back Headboard and Nightstand in Cream
Straight Back Headboard

Pretty Looking Quilted Headboard in Cream
Quilted Headboard in Cream

Pillow Type Upholstery in Cream

Extended Headboard with Cushioned Upholstery for Low Bed
Extended Headboard

Elegant Buttoned Quilted Look in Brown
Quilted Look in Brown

Diamond Tufted and Winged Headboard
Winged Headboard

Attractive, Matching Bed Set with Quilted Headboard
Quilted Headboard

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Wooden Beds with Nice Headboard Details for Your Bedroom

All of us keep looking for ways and means to improve the look and comfort level of our bedrooms by some or other means. First let us see what the improvements you can hope for in your bedroom and bedroom furniture. What are the things that can make an ordinary bedroom into a more comfortable, more relaxing, more inviting and more beautiful room of our home?

You can get a beautiful wall color to make the room cool and relaxing. Get the wall behind the bed painted in a contrast colour so the room comes alive and bring focus on your bed. Get matching curtain treatments to match the bed furnishings. Also get beautiful cushions, bolsters, area rugs in a matching or contrast shade for that refreshingly different look.

Another feature that can bring a lot of character and distinction to your bed and bedroom is to get a nice headboard to affix to your bed. If you already have a headboard and feel like a change will bring a better look to the bedroom, you can check for a better headboard that can make a fresh look to the bedroom by entirely changing the look of your bed.

What kinds of headboards are available in the market? You have an option of fixing the headboard to the bedstead permanently or you can fix the headboard to the wall and put the bed just against the wall so that it looks like it is more part and parcel of the bed rather than separately fixed to the wall and not fixed to the cot as it looks like.

You can have headboards with storage option, with lights fixed to it so that you can enjoy the benefits of added storage as well having a comfortably fixed light right where you will like it for reading purposes. Just make sure that the headboard is fixed firmly to the bed or the wall for if you lean against it should not shake or be unstable.

Here are some beautiful beds with headboards from Pottery Barn. Just look at the beautiful headboard options. Some are with leather and faux leather upholstery, some are cloth-covered headboards in matching fabrics or in contrast shades. Some are plain solid wood straight backed headboard options and some are curved gracefully.

Don’t you think you will like to have a similar headboard for your bed and enjoy watching TV or reading books/papers with comfortably leaning against it?

Wooden Headboard with Raised Panel Pattern

White Bed with Straight Headboard

Upholstered in Leather and Nail Studded

Sturdy Wooden Sloped Headboard

Sturdy Looking Wooden Headboard

Straight Backed Upholstered Headboard

Bed frame With Posters and Straight Headboard

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Beautiful Beds With Headboards and Headboards Ideas

warm-looking-wood-and-cream decor

Bedrooms are easy places for makeover when you know just exactly what you want to do. If you are keen to get a makeover and make the bedroom look more elegant and utilitarian, you can check out options about headboards and nightstands with storage space, built -in lights and other conveniences. With some new area rugs, you can make the bedroom like new.

The centerpiece of bedroom furniture will be mostly the bed you are using. If you have gone for a simple looking bed, you can add headboards which are available separately in the market. There are ready-to -use, headboard additions as well you can get the custom made for you. If you are a keen do-it -yourself enthusiast, you can do it yourself incorporating all the things you need.

Today in your furniture store or online store, the add-on headboards can be purchased and you can even get a matching nightstand that will go very elegantly with the headboards. Since the bedstead is mostly buried under the bed covers, bed skirts etc, you can make a matching set of nightstand with whatever headboards you are getting, with similar decor and built-in provisions.

You can make a matching nightstand at home also if you are making the headboard with DIY instructions. You can build in the same kind of light provisions, storage options in the same finish and style to make the bed very elegant as well as useful. Think of a white headboard with built-in lights storage and a similar styled white nightstand nearby! How elegant it will look?

You can create a contrasting effect by painting the wall behind the cot in an entirely different color to the rest of the walls. Think of a black colored wall against which your pine-finish cot is placed with the rest of the decor in white. The contrast of wood against black can make it a bold focus and make the room appear vivid and startlingly beautiful.

If you have opted for not too tall headboards, you can fix some matching floating shelves overhead in the same style and color. That will add to the storage space as well to the ambiance of the room, saving precious floor space. If you are keen on saving more floor space, you can plan for smaller-size nightstands attached to the headboards off the floor.

Here are some beautiful beds from Hülsta. Check what will suit you most!

Warm Looking Wood and Cream Décor
warm-looking-wood-and-cream decor

Stylish Decor with Overhead Shelf Lights

Matching Sideboard with Built in Lights

Headboards with Built in Lights and Overhead Shelves

Extended Headboard with Shelves in White

Elegant Bed with Matching Wardrobe, Nightstand

Contrasting Backdrop for a Cute Looking Bed