Attractive Looking Bedrooms Beautifully And Gorgeously Furnished


A dynamic and capable homemaker keeps thinking of ways to improve her home. She does not wait for any particular happening or period of the year to makeover any of her rooms. As and when she finds something new, something different and something better, she looks for ways to incorporate it in her home décor so her home and furniture is the best for her. Making over your bedroom can be exciting and thrilling if you are trying out new ideas. Getting new furnishings for your bedroom can be quite adventurous and fun. Summer months can be the time to get pastel and soft cool shades for your bedroom. That does not mean it has to look drab. You can bring color to the décor with vibrant bed linen.

If you have chosen white as the base color for your bedroom, with white walls and white color furniture as well, you can try to bring a contrast, a splash of color with a bright color to one wall of the room. That will bring relief to an otherwise all white bedroom décor. Also you can choose bright coloured linen that will look stunning – setting off the white. Pastel coloured walls go excellently with brown colour furniture like teak, mahogany etc. Sheer beige curtains and cream walls with teak bedroom furniture set – beds, side tables and coffee tables – can set off each other beautifully and give a rich and sophisticated look to the room. Brown colour bed can look great with white coloured sideboard and console tables also.

Warm coloured veneers like pine also look great in bedrooms especially with white wall décor and white flooring. It gives a spacious look. Even when the room dimensions are small, this combination can make the room expand and look spacious and nice. Bed linen – bed sheets, bed covers, duvets and all can be mix and match – with white bed spreads with deep shades of contrast color sheets.

Look at the storage space underneath the bed to hold books etc. and the nightstand next to the headboard looks very elegant. The matching sideboard and end table in teak finish complete the set and look very attractive and nice. The white bedstead and companion sideboards contrast nicely with the bed linen and trim over the wardrobe.

Hope your makeover resulted in such a beautiful bedroom?

Gorgeous in White and Pine

Elegantly Decorated Bedroom
elegantly -decorated-bedroom

Dark Brown Bedstead with White Sideboards

Cool and Comfy Bedroom

Bedstead With Underneath Storage Space</span
bedstead-with-underneath-storage space

Beautifully Done Bedroom with Overhead Storage

Attractive in White and Lavender

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Get a Bed For Your Bedroom Furniture

We end up spending at least one third of our life on the bed. A good bed is the first step in getting a good night’s sleep and life long pain-free back and healthy life. Right size, tight firmness, right height, and giving the right amount of support are the important aspects when you are checking on buying the right bed for your bedroom – for you, family as well for guests. Price of a bed need not be the only criteria for purchasing the bed. But generally more expensive beds are always of better quality and more comfortable than cheaper variety and they are more luxurious as well as longer lasting than cheaper beds. Also when you get some additional features like storage, and special headboard, the price also goes up.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when you are buying furniture for your bedroom? A good strong and sturdy bedstead, a high-quality supportive and firm mattress and good quality, pretty looking complete set of bed linen and pillows, cushions, bolsters – made of natural fibers preferably – these all items make up your bedroom furniture. Buying a good size bedstead and matching mattress is of extreme importance. Bigger the bed more comfortable will be both you and your spouse. Separate mattresses will be a sensible idea since that will lessen the disturbance caused by partner’s movements. Get mattresses that will have just the right amount of firmness – not hard – for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Once you decide on what will suite your kind of lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, what will fulfill your needs, and what will show off your individual taste and character, you can check out at the local store all the options available for your own bedroom, for the guest room and for the kids rooms as well. You may have to take into account the size of the rooms without fail. Buying a bedstead can take planning and patience. Find out what kind of material will look just right in your home and what will suit the general style and ambience of your home. Discuss with your interior decorator and surf the net for new ideas and innovation in bedsteads and their headboards and footboard details which can be customized.

Here are some single bedsteads for your guest room and kids’ room from Ascot Co. Check what appeals to you most so you can get it for your home.

Teen Single Bed with High Headboard

Simple and Sleek in Black Espresso Finish

Pretty Looking Pink Floral Bed Set

Elegant Looking Bed against Stone Wall

Beige Wall Colour and Oak Bed Set

Beautiful Pink Four-Poster for Your Princess

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Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Platform Beds

What are platform beds? Platform beds are part of Asian or Oriental type of décor that has become very popular today. Platform beds are trendy and look really neat, elegant and sophisticatedly simple. They are best for minimalist bedroom décor as they are not overwhelmingly big, demanding attention and eating up both floor and vertical space.

Traditional beds have been always bigger and taller. They look imposing and more so if they are four posters with stands and net curtains etc. The main focus of the bedroom will be the bed always but the traditional beds are more demanding and attention grabbing than these low slung platform beds which many associate with Japanese idea of arranging bedrooms.

The complete bed furniture set that are called Asian décor has low slung bed, low slung and chic looking nightstands also at the same level as the bed. Platform beds are fuss free in construction with just four legs and a platform of slats that form the basic support for the mattress. Mattresses are placed right on the platform made by the wooden slats without any spring box etc.

Original Asian type platforms did not have either headboards or foot boards. But today most of the beds have headboards and some have extended overhanging board running all around that serves as an extra nightstand. Some platform beds are made with drawers underneath for storing some extra linen and stuff – essential for small minimalist décor homes.

For bedrooms done in minimalist décor, platform beds are the best choice. Modern and contemporary style platform beds come with simple but comfortable headboards that have classic clean cut design lines. The bedroom looks clutter free and elegant.

Here you can see images of beautiful looking platform beds for bedrooms done in contemporary minimalist design from the renowned Italian designers Jesse. The bedroom décor is minimalist and contemporary with low slung platform beds with matching night stands, and dressing chest. With area rug and bed side lamp, the décor looks sophisticated, simple and elegant.

Most of the platform beds have headboards, made of wood but in different finishes. Some are in the natural wood finish; some are finished black with matching nightstands and dressers. Some of the platforms are upholstered beds for extra comfort and with padded and covered headboards. The mattresses are firmly seated on the platform and the effect is minimal and contemporary with highly sophisticated elegance.

Stunning Gray Cream Combo Bed Décor
Stunning Gray Cream Combo Bed Décor

Oak Finish Platform Minimalist Décor
Oak Finish Platform Minimalist Décor

Handsomely Contrasted Minimalist Bed Décor
Handsomely Contrasted Minimalist Bed Décor

Gray & Wood Finish Minimalist Bed
Gray & Wood Finish Minimalist Bed

Full White Platform Minimalist Bed
Full White Platform Minimalist Bed

Corner Platform Bed Minimalist Décor
Corner Platform Bed Minimalist Décor

Black Headboard Minimalist Platform Bed
Black Headboard Minimalist Platform Be

Bedroom Decor Minimalist Platform Bed
Bedroom Decor Minimalist Platform Bed

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Bespoke Beds Make Your Bedroom More Beautiful

sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Sometimes we have rooms where a standard size bed may not comfortably fit in. Like a corner room with a semi circular wall or with a longish area, where not much option is available for putting up a double or twin bed. If we put up standard-size bed, then we may not have any area left to walk around or use it sensibly. Here is where we may need a bespoke bed! A bespoke bed is also a custom-made bed – more so in that it is made essentially for you and especially to fit your kind of a room. You can actually make it look simple, elegant and attractive. It is just that it enables you to use the room more sensibly and economically so that we will not waste premium space – what we may do without the exactly measure-to-order bespoke bed.

You can get specially created oak beds as bespoke beds or use other solid wood as basic material for making the bespoke bed. You can get specially ordered headboard details on your bespoke bed so that you are able to get the best designed bespoke bed. Many times, all furniture the room able to hold will be just the bespoke bed only. You can actually plan to have some nice bedside table and night stands that match your bespoke bed along with a matching ottoman. You can custom-order the headboard and footer to be fitted with the exact kind of upholstery you may choose. You can have a quilted, or a buttoned down headboard that looks nice and is filled with microfiber foam for firmness.

Since bespoke beds may not adhere to strict standard sized beds, furnishing for the bespoke bed may take more search than the usual off-the-store purchase we do it with standard beds. But today there are enough choices available in getting complete ensembles for your bespoke bed. Custom-tailored bed linen, skirts, cushions, bolsters – all are available. Tere are some beautiful looking bespoke beds from Feather and Black. Look at the beautifully upholstered headboards in solid colours as well their footboards. The elegant patterns created with button studded details and quilted effects make the headboards add to the beauty of the room. The printed pattern and striped floral pattern also look very elegant.

I am sure you also may like to have a bespoke bed for your special bedroom furniture needs. Do you think you like one of the above beds?

Wonderful Looking White and Stripes

Sophisticated Looking Grey and Brown
sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Pretty Looking Pink Floral and White

Elegant Looking Pink and Beige

Cool Looking Blue and White Combo

Attractive Looking Red White and Tan

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Beautiful & Spacious Looking Bedrooms – Pretty with Platform Beds


With today’s small homes, and studio apartments or loft homes, a platform bed can make the room look spacious as it takes precious little vertical room. Platform beds are low-slung beds with minimal looking elegance and sophisticated beauty. They are not heavy or ornate and are really less space occupying but great on looks.

With no need of the heavy looking box type spring mattress and another separate top mattress, a platform bed offers a firm and good sleeping surface with the mattress supported over a set a slats and with a not too high headboard and with or without a footboard. A platform bed emphasizes a chic and spare looking décor great for small-size homes.

Often platform beds do not need bed skirts etc. It has only one single mattress directly on the slats. The platform bed can have storage built-in that can accommodate bed sheets, linen etc and today with a touch of button, the storage can be accessed. Beds without underneath storage have bed surface doubling as nightstands along the edge of bed and on both sides of headboard.

Many platform beds do not have head or footboards and so can look nice in a smaller size bedroom without dominating the entire room. But there are some platform beds with slightly bigger headboards which have leather covering in shades like black, white etc., but sometimes they headboards can be simple with a pine, oak or hard-wood varnish finish.

Though some platforms do not have under-bed storage space, you can buy one with the headboard storage space. Today there are quite a bit of options available for these headboards. Though the bed looks minimal designed and less space occupying, a wide headboard which is some nine to twelve inches thick can offer a variety of storage options for you.

It can have some built in shelves that can slide out from both the ends, built in lights, small cubbyholes and niches for keeping your glasses, books, earphones and TV remote etc. If you get to custom-make your platform bed, you can have a built in plasma TV in your footboard that can be pulled out which makes it really cool.

Here are some beautiful looking platforms from Living It Up. Look at the wonderful looking walnut beds in king size beds with under-bed storage that is operated with the help of hydraulic pumps. Don’t you love to have one for your home?

Platform with Storage in Espresso Finish

Platform in Pristine White

Platform Bed with High Headboard

Low Platform with Raising Top

Low Platform in Oak Finish

Elegant Looking Platform Bed

Close-up View of Pine Finish Platform

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Beautiful And Versatile Beds And Headboards


Beds can be major part of furniture purchase. If you have got your home as soon early, you may need beds for the master bedroom and possibly for one guest room. But as your family grows, your needs also grow and you will end up with minimum of three-four bedrooms and correspondingly higher number of beds.

Since beds last almost always for a minimum of 10-15 years, you ought to pay attention when you are buying your bedroom furniture. Check for good quality bed-frame, good and dependable quality springs over which you will put down your mattress. Getting the basics right is most important as a good bed is essential for good relaxing sleep.

Traditional beds are still popular and in demand since they are the most comfortable kind of beds. But they are big, need a lot more space. So today platform beds are becoming more popular as the option for small spaces. With space restrictions a reality, foldable beds, bunk beds and daybeds are also in demand depending on the space available in your home.

How can you make your bedroom look special and distinct looking? Bedroom furniture set can comprise beds, matching nightstands, dressers, vanity table and bed-end bench etc and a full set of matching furniture can make your room look nice. You can add a small working table for your computer needs along with a couple of accent chairs and a matching area rug. Drapes can be added to give a nice touch.

Headboards can add to the beauty of your bed. Headboards can be added even if your bed did not originally have headboards. Headboards and footboards can make the bed look neat. Actually designing a great looking headboard can make your bed look completely exclusive and your own.

Here are images of some beds from Living Italian – a reputed furniture designer. You can see beautiful beds with nice headboards with quilted upholstery along with matching nightstands, and dressers. Some of the headboards are upholstered and if the bed frame is metal, the headboard has ornamental details. But most of the beds do have cushioned and upholstered headboards that will look great and feel good.

Winged Headboard Button Details Bedroom
Winged Headboard Button Details Bedroom

Quilted Headboard Cozy Bedroom Furniture
Quilted Headboard Cozy Bedroom Furniture

Floral Headboard Turquoise Combo Bed
Floral Headboard Turquoise Combo Bed

Cream And Brown Combo Bed Furniture
Cream And Brown Combo Bed Furniture

Cool White Bed Furniture Metal Headboard
Cool White Bed Furniture Metal Headboard

Beige Floral Headboard Matching Linen
eige Floral Headboard Matching Linen

All White Bed With High Headboard
All White Bed With High Headboard

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