Tradition & Celebration – Christmas Brings Joy to All

Beautiful sense of tradition and joy of celebration make Christmas special to all of us. Each Christmas brings us the memories of all the Christmas seasons we have had since childhood and we pass on the tradition and values to our children as well. Christmas tree, lights, illuminations, decorations, Christmas feast and gifts – all are too important to be missed.

Though Christmas is all about tradition and family customs, we can change the way we decorate the trees, wrap the gifts, and serve the feast and light up the house. You can choose a theme as the focus of the celebration and do all the activities to match the theme and treat this as an opportunity to work as a team with our children to create a new Christmas look.

If you are thinking of gold and glowing cream as the theme for the Christmas, you can make all ornaments, decorations, lightings, gift wrappings, dining room and living room wall décor, furniture upholstery and cushions and rugs in a matching color combination and make this entire Christmas celebration a gold and cream expression of your own style statement.

Check out what ornaments you have that will match the colour scheme you are going to adopt this year. And start creating your own decorations or hunt for decorations in the same colour combinations so that your ornaments and glitter tinsel, garlands and other decorations are all in the same golden and cream combinations.

Check out how to make all the illuminations and lights to be in the same colour. Now that you have coloured mini lamps and serial lamp strings, you can use them. You can mix and match the golden and amber coloured bulbs with red, green and blue to give a layered look that will add depth to the decoration and colour scheme.

Choose gift wrapping papers in the same colour combinations. And use golden coloured ribbons to tie a bow for the gifts. Use the same colour for your table arrangements and napkins etc. With upholstery in the same colour combinations and wall décor also matching, you can have a beautiful colour schemed Christmas celebration that will look stunning.

Here are some ideas of decorations for your Christmas tree and home from Season Christmas. You can pick up your own favourite from the different and lovely looking ideas for a stunning Christmas décor. I think all of them look great. Don’t you?

Santa at His Table and Gift Bags

Ornaments for Beautifying

Nativity Scene Lit Beautifully

Jingle Bells Heralding Season

Glass Ornaments and Lights

Garland and Flower and Candle

Beautiful Looking Wreath on Door

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Welcome the New Year with Parties and Fireworks

The old year is over and out, the New Year is just rolling in; all of us are ready to welcome the New Year with beautiful decorations, glittery lights, fireworks, scrumptious food and sparkling wine. The New Year’s Eve is for having a fun time, enjoying yourselves and eagerly awaiting the start of the New Year with loved ones – all our friends and family – around us.

Plan and decorate your home for the New Year party. You do not have to spend a fortune on buying expensive decorations or high-end party food. You can decorate the home well within the budget you have decided by planning wisely and buying prudently. Make an exhaustive list of all the dollar shops and other departmental stores which sell all the New Year party items.

Check how many guests are coming to attend your party and make a full list of how many adults and children, if it is a family-type get together. Visit all the neighbourhood dollar stores to find what items are popular and in demand this year. Look for the New Year hats, headgears, goggles and other sundry items that are generally loved by the kids as party wear.

Check out for streamers, balloons, candles, confetti, stars, and other glitter and tinsel items that will make the party venue look gorgeous and decked grandly in candle and electric light. Buy some great looking flowers. They will add to the classy look and spread their sweet fragrance. Arrange for a lot of illuminations, ceiling and table lights so the party area looks brightly lit.

Have a lot of chairs along the walls and keep the central area free for people who love to dance. Arrange for foot-tapping kind of music that is light and popular and play it gently as a background. Place a beautiful wreath at the entrance and focus some light over the entrance specially. Have glittery stars and spangles hanging from ceiling to look festive.

Here are some beautiful ways to arrange your party venue from Colour Box. Look at the beautifully lit 2012 – year sign that really looks cool and elegant. You can have great looking fireworks lighting up the sky when the countdown ends and the New Year has been ushered in. How are you preparing for your New Year party? Hope you like some of these ideas? Have a wonderful and happy new year!

Wishing a Very Happy New YearIS214-027

Gala Welcome to the New Year

Grand Looking Fire Works
Fireworks, salute

Decorations for New Year Party

Beautiful Looking Fireworks

Attractive Decorations for Party

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Gold, Silver, Glitter And Tinsel Bells And Angels – All for Christmas


What all go to make the Christmas tree so special? Stars and angels, bells and butterflies, gold and silver – all these make the Christmas something out of ordinary; telling us the joy and cheer the birth of Christ brings for us. Christmas always is associated with a Christmas tree, gifts and goodies, celebration and feast and happiness and joy forever. Christmas trees are everywhere – right from office, public places, hospitals, hostels and our own homes. Every tree gets decorated and illuminated to bring a measure of seasonal joy and cheer. Baubles, ornaments, garlands, holly, mistletoe, lights and gifts – all are used to make the tree look a mark of our happiness and pleasure in celebration.

For a perfect Christmas tree, choose the best tree available in a size that will fit the area where you are going to keep the tree. If you are buying a real tree, put it in water as soon as it is cut. Place the tree in a trough of water so that it feels hydrated and fresh. Keep replenishing the water. This will keep the tree plump and needles supple and fresh. Collect all the decorations that will be placed on the trees – string of lights, glitter, ornaments – glass and other stuff, garlands and what gifts you want to hang on the trees. Check whether you have sufficient number of all the decorations. Check for electrical plug point to which you can collect the string of lights that will illuminate the tree.

First you have to put up the electrical illuminations. Place the evenly and securely by starting from the base of the tree, placing interior lights first and then the ones at the exterior tips of the trees. Then start putting the garlands on the tree. Always place some interiorly first and then at the tips of the trees to give depth and layered look. When you start decorating the tree, check for solid shiny balls – simple ornaments in multiple colors and shapes that you can hang around creating a nice basic pattern of decoration. Then add the more glittery glass and special ornaments, stars and glitter. Place these more closely at the top of the tree for a more colorful and glittery look.

Here are some beautiful ornaments to hang on to the Christmas tree from Christmas Warehouse. Enjoy decorating your Christmas tree with such beautiful ornaments!

Santa in a Cute Little Car

Pretty Looking Flowers with Light

Glittering Glass Ornaments

Garland with Mini Glass Orbs

Cute Looking Mini Christmas Tree

Beautiful Looking Star in Red

Stars And Glitters for Christmas Decorations


It is that time of the year – nearing Christmas. All homes are abuzz with preparations for the festive and holiday seasons. Every family is eagerly waiting for the fun times. Christmas trees are checked online and in the local stores. Discussions are on as to where to keep the Christmas tree this year! The entire family gets excited and enjoys the excitement.

What decorations can be done is one of the important topics that are discussed. What are the decorations that can be done outside and inside? Room by room, decoration ideas are discussed and ideas are debated and lists are written for purchasing all things needed. Along with the groceries and baking items, decorative items are the next most important agenda.

The greenery, wreaths, garlands and flower arrangements are important in that it creates the special festive look to the entire home. Online stores and local stores like the dollar store and departmental stores are already offering great deals and discounts for all the items we may need for completing the decoration in all the rooms.

Gifts are planned for and gift wrapping work is again planned well ahead of time. Gift bags, gift baskets and gift boxes are all checked and purchased. Nice looking gift wrapping papers with Christmas themes are also looked for and they have been purchased and the wrapping work gets started – helped by all family members!

But the Christmas tree decoration is the last one to happen. To get a really glittering Christmas tree, there are a lot of decorations today available in the market. Small beautiful ornaments – glass and metal – ones are plenty available. Along with the ornaments, you will need other decorations like stars, spangles and glitter also to put on the trees and other decorations.

Not only the Christmas tree, all other things – like the gift stocking, the wreaths above the main door area and wherever you have hung holly, mistletoe, berries and other decorations, can do with some extra glitter and shine. A simple wreath can be made to look festive with a couple of golden stars stuck to it – top and bottom.

Here are some of the decorations you can fix to the Christmas tree, wreaths, green ropes and the garlands with which you can decorate doors windows etc. These are from Christmas Place. These pretty baubles can be fixed to any place you like. Check what you like most?

Red Sequin Fern Decoration

Mesh Box in Silver

Glittering Floral Pattern

Glittering Berries in Red

Glitter Cedar Decorations

Blue Water Beads Decoration