Room Dividers – Furniture Accessories with an Aesthetic Touch for Privacy

Room dividers are popular and quite useful accessories for both smaller and bigger rooms. Their popularity is because they are both functional and decorative as well. They are light, portable and can be set up in a jiffy. Most room dividers are transparent and/or translucent and do not block light but still can offer privacy when you need it.

Traditional Solid Wood Finish Divider

What are room dividers? These are furniture accessories – consisting of three or four panels, flat framed in wood or metal usually. Each of the panels is hinged to the other so it can be folded for easy storage. Panels can be in single piece or consistent of smaller panes. The covering material can be wood slats, fabric, glass or paper.

Sleek Sado Black Asian Screen

What are different styles of room dividers available? Most of the room dividers are made of metal, wood or acrylic/polycarbonate frames. They are covered and accented with designs printed on paper, embroidered or printed fabric or etched in glass. Mirror accents are also available which can make the room look more spacious.

Simple Brown Wooden Divider

Room dividers – portable or mobile – are very useful in your living room. You can use a three or four-panel dividers to screen off a dining area from the sitting area. If you are having a studio apartment or a small home with open kitchen, a room divider is useful in breaking up the kitchen area away from living quarters to present a clutter-free look. Dividers can be used in the outdoor area in the garden, poolside and terrace also. It can provide nice shade on a sunny day or provide some privacy when you are sunning yourself in the garden.

Memories  Screen Personalized With Photos

Room dividers are cost effective and easy to install. No need of any construction, drilling, nailing etc. They are off the shelf furniture accessories – elegant and inexpensive and serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes. They can blend harmoniously with any kind of home décor and add ambience to your home anytime.

Elegant Black Bookcase Shoji Divider

Here are images of some very beautiful portable room dividers from iRoom Dividers. These are called shoji screens – traditional kind of Japanese screens that look very pretty and chic. With light colored wooden or metal frames, they have white rice paper lining. They do not block light but provide privacy. The Venetian type wooden slatted is better suited for outdoor areas. Which is your favorite?

Delicate Japanese Cherry Blossom Screen

Classic Chic Black Screen

Charming Handcrafted Divider

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Trendy Front Door Adds Style And Grace to Your Home

Front door is what strikes your eye first when you look at your home from the street/outside. A stylish-looking front door impresses the guests greatly. A high-quality well-crafted sophisticated-looking door can set a real warm welcoming pitch to your entire home décor predisposing your guests very favourably and increasing the value of the home greatly. If you are keen to revamp the front door, now is the best time with a lot of options available for you to choose. Whatever is the style of your home – classic, contemporary, traditional or modern and minimalistic, today you can get a front door of your choice and you will be astounded by the vibrancy and quality change effected on the entire house by the replacement.

A good quality front door will give you years of service and so pay great attention to all the choices available – like wood, metal and fibreglass composite doors. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, there are prehung doors already framed available. Otherwise you can call your interior decorator and discuss how to customize the entrance door to match your exteriors as well interiors. Thanks to state-of-art tech know-how, today doors are built with a sturdy core, superiorly constructed frame and superbly finished exteriors that make doors as much a work of art as it is functional. Sidelights and transom with beautiful glass doors add great distinction and class to the entire home décor and to the entrance area.

Discuss with your interior decorator how to incorporate energy efficient features into your front door. A well insulated door with a moisture-proof bottom railing, thermal break designed threshold and compression weatherstrips, lengthened sill plate, triple seal bottom sweep can keep your home warm with more energy efficiency. Other beautifying details like a knocker and a knob/handle to personalize it, beautiful wall sconces on either side to give glare-free diffuse light, melodious and personalized musical door bells, built-in mail-slots with inside boxes and overhead lamps can complete the décor for your beautiful front door. Get a neat-looking number plate elegantly in brass to affix to the wall beside the door.

Here are some beautiful entry doors from Grand Entrances. Many of them show how dramatic is the metamorphosis from old to new! Staid looking doors have been given such a lift with renovation. Look at the well-lit foyer thanks to the glass panels! Look at the dramatic improvement after a makeover. I am sure you are also keen to bring about a new look to your front door and rewrite a whole new beautiful ambience and grandeur to the exterior of your home.

Very Elegant after the Makeover
very-elegant-after-the makeover

Grand Looking Entrance with Beautiful Foyer

Glorious Looking with Glass and Wood

From Sober to Stunning Looks

Dramatic Looking Change after Renovation
dramatic-looking change-after-renovation

Beautiful Looking after Makeover

Glass and Wooden Entrance with Scroll Work

Classic Looking Fibreglass Doorway