Contemporary Wardrobes Design Ideas

Wardrobes, cabinets, closets, armoire, storage shelf – whatever is the name we give them, these are the useful storage furniture essential for holding our personal effects in every room. Wardrobes are for our bedrooms or dressing areas where we store out clothes. Formal dresses, informal wear, seasonal wear and accessories – like scarves, ties, stoles – handbags – all are stored here.

Small home or luxurious mansion, wardrobes need careful planning and ease of access and use. Big palatial homes can have walk-in wardrobes – a roomy area filled on all sides with wall to wall and floor to ceiling shelves. Small homes may have to be content with a smaller size one but this is a much needed furniture item for your house.

Prettily Lit Wardrobe
Prettily Lit Wardrobe

Wardrobes and wardrobe doors need to be chosen with care as these have large surface areas and will bring attention on themselves. So you need to have chic looking wardrobes which can go well with your home style and add to the bedroom décor prettily.

Open Shelf and Wardrobe
Open Shelf and Wardrobe

Here you can see images of some really attractive looking wardrobes from Elam, who are renowned for their excellent wardrobes as well other home furniture and accessories. There are different sizes and different finishes. You can combine to customize a wardrobe for your home style, bedroom size and your storage needs.

Glass Door Wardrobe
Glass Door Wardrobe

You can see a variety of door systems with these wardrobes. Some have sliding wardrobe doors which can be a blessing for a small home where every inch of the space is precious. Hinged wardrobe doors which may take up precious floor space may not do well here so sliding doors come very convenient for the small homes and apartments.

Elegant Looking Wardrobe
Elegant Looking Wardrobe

If you are partial to ornamental kind of doors for the wardrobes, you can check wardrobes with glazed mirror doors, with lacquered panels on the doors and wood or lightweight aluminum doors. You can choose whatever color of finish you want for the wardrobe doors. Doors come with different kind of hardware – like with integrated handles, ornamental handles etc. Double doors, inset doors and top shelves are other options.

Contemporary Style Wardrobe
Contemporary Style Wardrobe

Color choices are in white, brown, bronze and black. You can customize the color to your home wall décor and bed furnishing choices. You can opt for sober and solid wooden wardrobes or select from the sleek and sophisticated glossy finish wardrobes which will go very well with contemporary and modern style homes.

Cabinets with Hinged Door
Cabinets with Hinged Door

Built In Wall Wardrobe
Built In Wall Wardrobe

Attractive Wardrobe in White
Attractive Wardrobe in White

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Curio Cabinets Make Your Living Room Beautiful


Don’t you love to display beautiful things in your home? Especially those lovely little artifacts, curios and mementos that you so fondly buy when you go on holidays need to be displayed beautifully! Each memento brings warm memories of the lovely time you had when you went on our holiday. It could be a sea shell, a china figurines or any thing. We may have family heirlooms like your grandmother’s Ming vases or Wedgwood china. Whatever the curios you are displaying, a good display shelf will help tremendously in showing off all the special points of your beautiful collection. Instead of lumping it all in a heap, display shelves give focus to your collection.

Today there are beautiful curio display shelves available with many added features. Grooved glass doors help your open and close the shelf smoothly and easily. And adjustable shelves help you to keep curios of different heights and size displayed to the optimal effect. Many of the cabinets have beautifully detailed legs, handles and frames. Curio cabinets are coming with built-in interior light and task light options so that your curios can be displayed to the best advantage. They have mirrored backsides so that the cabinet looks more spacious and lights get reflected adding to the overall effect beautifully. With dark stained wooden frames, and lighted interiors, the very curio corner glows gorgeously.

There are curio cabinets coming in different shapes and sizes. Some may be full sized glass door cabinets and some may be smaller wall-mounted for a small home or an apartment. Corner curio cabinets are also very popular. Teak, cedar, rosewood and cherry are preferred to make curio cabinets. But nowadays plywood and engineered wood are also used. Use a cloth with quality polish when you are dusting the wood frame. Glass doors can be sprayed with soap solution and wiped clean with a soft cloth. Do not use a dry cloth to clean either glass doors or wooden frames. The dust can mark wooden surface as well cause mild scratches on glass as well. Glass can be wiped clean even with damp newspapers.

Here are some beautiful curio cabinets from Real Good Furniture. The corner curio cabinet is finished in cherry and with all features like smooth grooved door, mirrored back, lighted interiors, and adjustable shelves. Would you like one for your home?

Sliding Glass Doors and Mirrored Back

Sliding Door with Intricately Carving Details

Interior Lighting and Glass Doors

Grooved Glass Doors and Adjustable Shelves

Designed Glass Doors with Mirrored Back

Corner Cherry Curio Shelf with Glass Doors

Black Wooden Frame and Top Lighting

Enduring Beauty Of Furniture For Your Home Decor


Having high-quality furniture in your home can bring you great pleasure and praise from your visitors and acquaintances. Though there are an amazing range of designs available, only a few appeals to you personally. Sometimes on seeing a particular table or sofas or couch or folding doors you feel they are exactly what you need in your home and will be a treasured addition to your decor and make you have a furniture galore in your home.

Hardwood furniture has enduring style and always in demand. They have classic looks and give themselves to making sturdy and solid pieces of furniture. They are made of deciduous trees which are like mahogany, cherry, maple and oak etc. They are strong and not get affected by bugs, termites etc. They mature with time and age gracefully and look better with time.

Softwood wood furniture can be worked into any shape by sculpting it and molding it. What are the trees that come under softwood category, pine, spruce and larches and cypress etc? Most of the wood used to make furniture come from theses evergreen coniferous trees with Scandinavia and other Baltic areas providing bulk of the softwood supply as well North America.

Oak is the most popular hardwood for making furniture. It ranges in color from creamy white to red, dark brown and honey brown. Likewise pine is very popular softwood used for furniture favoured for its light color and lightweight nature. Both blend very nicely with all kinds of decor and look good with all area rugs, curtains and window treatments.

Caring for wood furniture is very important to maintain the look and extend the service of the furniture. Water and moisture affect wood furniture and protecting them from water damage is very important. Scratches can mar the surface of all wood surfaces which can be remedied. For cleaning up the wood, use only those which are recommended by the furniture manufacturers.

Here are some beautiful wooden and affordable furniture and other unique looking furniture from John Houshmand. There are unique looking curved benches made from walnut. It is a classic looking low table bringing all eyes to it when placed in a room. Likewise look at the red colored glass topped walnut table. Looks like virgin natural timber has been brought in to your home and topped with a glass!

No doubt you will like to have one of these furniture pieces for your home. Good looking, high quality furniture is always a treasure.

Walnut Desk with Fold

Walnut Bar Cart with Wheels

Solid Full Timber Low Table Bench

Red Tinted Walnut Glass Topped Table

Innovative Table from Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium Topped On Wood Support
cast aluminium-topped on wood support

Another View of the Curved Low Table
another-view-of the-curved-low-table

Cost Efficient Modular Kitchen Cabinets Give a New Look to Your Kitchen

If you are renovating or making over your kitchen at a budget, modular kitchen cabinets are a good option to give a brand new look to your kitchen while being light on your wallet. The cost efficiency does not come at the cost of looks or quality. Certainly the kitchen gets a makeover in shortest time possible with gorgeous looking cabinets readily installed for added storage. Modular cabinets come prefabricated, easy to install and easy for adding new units without any dismantling or major carpentry. They are more economical as they are bulk manufactured and use passable quality wood – plywood and compressed wood – the reason why they cost just a fraction of custom-built kitchen cabinetry.

Modular kitchen cabinets give a modern and contemporary look to your kitchen. Though they do not boast of the same pedigree as the custom-made ones, all of them provide similar storage options like drawers, with separate partitions for forks, spoons etc. This enables you to maximize the storage without wasting precious space which can be a boon in a small-size kitchen. Even if you are only adding new and additional storage, you can still comfortably do it without worry of any style, design mismatch. There is such a galore of ready-made kitchen cabinets available with diverse style, material and finish, you can actually find a reasonable match to your old cabinets and other furniture items you may be having.

Check for quality of fittings and hardware. Check for details like dove-tailed joints, fitted mortised corners, high quality hinges and not less than 2 cm size face frames. Cabinets and doors should put up with frequent opening/closing, heavy cookware and other rough handling. Likewise drawers must be sturdily made with 2 cm ply, dovetailed joints and with smooth and easy self closing glides.
Here are some beautiful looking cabinets from Dynasty Modular Furniture. Look at the modern and contemporary style cabinets that look sleek, chic and stylish. Look at the drawer with special holders for plates, cups etc. The entire kitchen has an airy and spacious look though small. Look at the cabinets with built-in lights and glass doors. How beautiful the corner cabinet is with pullout doors!

You can consult your interior decorator to ask about the materials and components of the modular cabinets and then finalize on what you would like for your kitchen. I am quite sure you will enjoy getting some modular cabinets for your kitchen with their modish chic look.

With Chimney and Hob Fitted Cabinets
with-chimney and hob fitted cabinets

Under Counter Cabinets with Matching Floating Cabinets
under-the counter-kitchen-cabinets-with-matching floating cabinets

Picturesque In Periwinkle Blue

Cabinets with Built in Light in Pine Finish
cabinets-with-built-in-light-in pine-finish

Blue and White Combo for A Super Look

Beautiful Cabinets in White and Orange

Crockery Drawer Cabinet

Stylish And Innovative Sliding Doors With Designer Prints

designer sliding doors

The classy and stylish glass doors shown below are the brainchild of an Italian company OTC Doors which surely would leave a huge impression on you irrespective of whether you’re coming or going. This stylish contemporary glass door collection comes in wide range of different systems, including mounted to swingers and sliders. The collection also comes in a variety of cool colors and styles like designer prints and wall papers which are personalized by sandblasting or engraving into crystal or clear glass. You could also provide your own design and make your own door by providing some own image or wallpaper. We love the Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe designs, but choose your own inspiration or go with OTC Doors’s own selection of dainty vines and floral, subtle curls and splashy motifs that are only showed up by their vibrant colors.

Purple Modern Designer Glass Sliding Door
designer sliding doors

anderson sliding glass doors

Purple Modern Designer Glass Sliding Door
anderson sliding glass doors

Classy Modern Designer Glass Sliding Door
double sliding doors

double sliding doors

Modern Designer Glass Sliding Door

Floral Modern Designer Glass Sliding Door