Outdoor Storage Benches Add Beauty to Your Garden, Porch And Patios

Now that spring is in the air, you will be spending more and more time outside. You would love to have nice seats to sit and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze – enjoying some snacks and long cool drinks. But do you have enough space to relax in your garden? With gardens tools occupying more space and children spending more time outside playing, there sure will be a space crunch in the garden, porch and patio areas. Outdoor storage containers can do double duty as benches and ottomans for nice and comfy seating as well as to store things handy and ready. You can store garden tools, seeds, fertilisers and water hoses. You may keep seasonally used personal effects like raincoats and gumshoes, and children’s playthings and sports goods. Most of the times, they can be used as dumping place for whatever we think as clutter or extra inside the house.

What would you expect from outdoor storage benches/containers? Wet or warm climate, snow or sleet, rain or shine, they must keep the interiors dry and keep the stored things safe from elements and other hazards. They should serve as additional seats in garden looking pretty with low maintenance year-round. And these containers do that and more. These are usually manufactured out of sturdy but lightweight stuff and withstand the vagaries of weather. There are sturdy wooden containers – long or square; there are metal ones like of aluminium or iron, and there are durable and long-lasting plastic containers. But before deciding on what kind of outdoor storage containers you want, think of what are all the items you will be storing in those containers. All have the options to double as seats with or without cushions and withstand the rigours of 24/7 direct or partial exposure to elements.

Talk to your interior decorator and know what may be a perfect fit for your porch, garden or patio. See what will suit the outside decor and style. How the outdoor storage benches will fit into your landscape designs. How they can add to the overall ambience and in particular, enhance the beauty of the garden and attractions of the porch or patio. How it can help you to keep the house, porch, patio or garden clutter free and well organized. Here are some beautiful and highly utilitarian outdoor storage containers from HAYNEEDLE. Look at the regal looking bench with handles and lift-up lid. How nice the small wicker containers with detachable cushions on the lids! And those plastic containers are quite large and have very comfy seats indeed!

Are you ready to bring home an outdoor storage container/bench which will look perfect and be of great use in your garden?

Wicker Containers with Detachable Cushions on Lids

This Storage Deck Box Sure Comes Handy

Smart Looking Storage Box for Keeping Beverages

Regal Looking Comfy Seat cum Storage Bench

Handsome Looking Outdoor Storage Wood Bench

Cool-Looking Comfortably Cushioned Storage Benchcool-looking-comfortably-cushioned-storage-bench

Awesome Sized Resin Wicker Deck Box

A Sumptuous Storage Deck Box with Wheels

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Charmingly Elegant Landscaped Yards

Having open space around your home adds greatly to your property in both monetary values as well aesthetic aspects. Open space within the home like courtyards and exterior spaces bring nature inside your home making the air fresh and cool. The benefits are innumerable and invaluable – right from having extra light and cross ventilation fighting against pollution.

For the most part, value addition to a property happens when the open space around the house is landscaped professionally and beautifully. Having the inner courtyard landscaped properly by adding the necessary plants, shrubs, lawns and trees can create special sitting areas where it will be a delightful experience to have breakfast or entertain friends and visitors.

Two Views Of Landscaped Yards
Two Views Of Landscaped Yards

Inner courtyards help in many of the interior areas of the house to get sunshine and fresh air which may not be otherwise possible. Even if your home does not have inner courtyard space, outdoor spaces can make all the difference. Think of the advantage of patio access from dining areas and living areas leading right into the landscaped courtyards any time of the day for a breath of fresh air.

Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard
Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard

Whether your home has an interior courtyard, backyard, back garden, patio, yard or even just an enclosed space, the landscaping must include well balanced constructed and planted areas. If you are going to have paved stone ways, seating areas and paved areas where you can create some focal thematic decoration etc, you can arrange the planted surfaces around them in an aesthetic manner.

Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard
Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard

A pool can be the best addition to any outdoor area you are having. But if you do not have enough space for a big swimming pool or so, you can have a small water feature – a pond, a fountain etc that can be accommodated even in a small area. Be sure to allow enough space for entertainment needs like putting up a barbecue etc near the water feature.

Patio Overlooking Landscaped Yard
Patio Overlooking Landscaped Yard

Here you can see some images of beautifully landscaped inner courtyards, patio and front yards of a palatial home by Wahana Architects. Just look at the beautiful view from the home office area which is seen through floor to ceiling glass walls. Also the cool looking pool with adjacent green lawns surrounded by trees and shrubs is breathtakingly beautiful. The paved stone ways and elevated grass lawn area adds to the ambiance of the home so much. Don’t you think it will be heavenly to have so much greenery around you?

Magnificent View Lawn Courtyard Area
Magnificent View Lawn Courtyard Area

Gorgeous Paved Stone Landscaping
Gorgeous Paved Stone Landscaping

Garden Lawn Pool Landscaped Yard
Garden Lawn Pool Landscaped Yard

Attractive View Landscaped Exteriors
Attractive View Landscaped Exteriors

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Stylish Furniture For Garden And Outdoors

Right kind of furniture is essential to enjoy fine outdoor weather. Whether you are relaxing alone with some music or a book or you are having a dinner party with your friends and family, high quality outdoor furniture are most essential in your garden, patio, front or back yard. Your pool side party is made better with right kind of deck furniture.

Well Planned Furniture Outdoor Seating
Well Planned Furniture Outdoor Seating

A wide range of options are available for you to choose your outdoor furniture. You can choose the material, design, color and style as you like and as you think will fit your home and your style of living. Budgetary constraints can limit your choice somewhat but such a wide range is available that you can find something good to suit your budget easily.

Stunningly Colorful Outdoor Furniture
Stunningly Colorful Outdoor Furniture

How you are going to use the outdoor furniture is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before deciding on what to buy. Also where you are going to place them and how much time they will be exposed to the elements are other questions you should explore before deciding on what you are going to buy.

Smart Front Yard Furniture Set
Smart Front Yard Furniture Set

Durability and comfort are two very important aspects you should consider. Too much sun exposure can bleach the color and make some of the materials too brittle. Likewise leaving them out in the rain, hail and snow can again make the furniture look worn out and old too soon. Low maintenance needs will make things easy to make them look good easily.

Patio Furniture Table Chair Set
Patio Furniture Table Chair Set

The most essential furniture you will need can be tables, chairs, coffee tables, and loungers. You can have furniture made of wood, metal, wood-metal combo, plastic and cane/bamboo/wicker. Sizes and designs of table and chairs can be varied and you can mix and match to have eclectic outdoor furniture set that will refreshing and distinctly different.

Handsome Sofas Outdoor Seats
Handsome Sofas Outdoor Seats

Cushions and pillows along with upholstered seats can make the chairs more comfortable and bring a vibrant look to the outdoors. But you need to be careful about protecting them from too much exposure to sun and other elements. Having them stored when not being used can extend the life of the cushions and pillows.

Garden Furniture Set Table Chairs
Garden Furniture Set Table Chairs

Here you can see images of stunning variety of stylish outdoor furniture from the well-known designers Summer Classics. These are made of extruded cast aluminum metal frames and with seats and backs made of leather resin. Don’t you think they look very stylish and charming?

Cozy Two Some Chair Table Outdoors
Cozy Two Some Chair

Bistro Table Chairs Outdoor Furniture
Bistro Table Chairs Outdoor Furniture

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Elegant Looking Garden Furniture Adds to Your Outdoor Ambience


Choosing the best garden furniture for your home can add a lot of beauty to your outdoors. Most of the times table, chairs and serving tables can be selected from a good furniture shop or searched online. The most difficult furniture that needs to be selected is the lounger or a love seat that can be used for sitting in the sun reading or relaxing.

There are many types of loungers, loveseats are available. Some are made of wood, some metal; some are of bamboo or cane. Some come with sun shades and some come without any shades. If the seats do not have individual shades, you can fix a garden sunshade which can be mounted telescopically or by cantilever methods.

Outdoor furniture need to be sturdy, able to put up with 24/7 exposure to elements. It should be able to withstand the wear and tear, and rough handling by children. It should be light and portable so it can be taken in case of very extreme weather conditions. It should be preferably UV resistant and moisture proof and rust proof as well.

If you are using upholstered furniture in your garden, you should ensure that the sun will bleach the bright shades and floral print or embroidery will also wear out soon. It is best to have natural fabrics in light and pastel shades so that the colours look pretty even when they are sun bleached. A way to protect the upholstery is to use slipcovers over them.

If you use cushions with the outdoor garden furniture, it is best to store the cushions when in not use. They can last longer that way and stay in better shape for longer years. Bright and lively looking coloured cushion covers can bring colour and freshness to your outdoor décor. But the best way to protect the cushions is to store them when not in use.

Here are some beautiful garden furniture items from Abode Interiors. There is a beautiful looking hammock which can look beautiful in your garden. The canvas is quite large-sized to accommodate adults and children. The garden seats are made of rattan/cane sofa – the two-seaters are comfy as love seats and the circular shaped sofas are most comfortable.

Don’t you think you may like to have one such love seat in your garden or in your terrace to enjoy the evening breeze during summer or the sun during winter?

Rattan Garden Moon Sofa Black

Outdoor Garden Bow Hammock

Loveseat in Brown Rattan

Garden Chair with Hood in Black

Circular Shaped Sofa in Black

Brown Rattan Garden Sofa

Arc Shaped Sofas with Cushions in Brown

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Luxurious Home Set amidst Greenery

Bringing a touch of greenery into our home can be good décor touch. Some of us have huge outdoor areas to create a garden and landscaped outdoor area. But when houses are small, and outdoors are restricted to patios and balconies, plants and shrubs can be cultivated in pots and planters. Another option is vertical garden where you can grow your garden on a vertical wall.

Outdoor décor is as important as indoor décor. When you have extensive outdoor area, it is best to plan for landscaping the outdoor area suitably to enhance the value of the property. Curb value gets increased when you have a sweeping drive-in that looks stunning and spectacular from the roadside with neatly laid out paths and well planned greenery.

Many of us love to have a pool outside our home where we can enjoy the weather during balmy days and enjoy sunning ourselves on comfortable loungers! Pool, pergola, lawn and shrubbery, flowering plants, bushes and perennials, outdoor kitchen and glass house plants – all can be part of the outdoor area which can go to make the house luxurious and opulent.

With such stunning looking exteriors, the interiors must have windows strategically placed to enjoy the beautiful vista that is present outside. The living room and dining areas may overlook the pool and enjoy the sight of sparking clean water on a hot day. Actually you can plan to have a patio outside the dining area where you can set up an outdoor kitchen to enjoy cooking and eating outside during sunny days.

Sometimes if the pool is to the side of the home, the front facing windows of living room can look on the rolling lawn and a fruit orchard in the distance. A well planned house always consists of outdoor and indoor décor coordinated in a harmonious way so that when seen through the windows from all the rooms or from terrace, balconies etc, beautiful scenarios and vistas of the garden should be visible.

Here you can see images of a beautiful house in countryside Quebec created by Gestion René Desjardins. This home has extensive outdoor areas and looks like a jewel set midst all the verdant greenery. Every room looks on beautiful scenery via huge flooring to ceiling size windows. The windows lets in lots of light as well provide enough ventilation. Don’t you think you will like to live amongst such beautiful and verdant greenery?

Wooden Dining Table and Acrylic Chairs
Wooden Dining Table

Two Differently Furnished Dining Areas
Furnished Dining Areas

Gorgeous Views and Comfy Seats
living room comefy seats

Gorgeous Views and Comfy Seats

Cool Looking Sunny Lounge Area
lounge area design

Charming Chairs in Purple
charming purple chairs

Bath Beautiful in Lilac and White
beautiful ceramic bath

All White Wall Decor Living Room
white wall decor

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Wooden Furniture For Garden

Summer and spring times are almost over and winter is coming nearer with a light nip in the air. Now is the time to enjoy the last of good times that you are sure to get outside. Enjoy the last days of balmy weather. Enjoy the last sunny and warm climate by having a garden party or napping in the garden under the warm sun on your lounger!

Wooden furniture is the best choice to enjoy the garden times. However hot the weather gets, wooden furniture stays good to sit and have all the fun activities you can ever think of enjoying in the sun and garden. Wooden furniture stays good, more so if they are treated for outdoor use. They give long years of loyal service which cannot be surpassed.

What are the items you can buy for your garden that you will continue to use year after year without regretting once the amount you paid in buying them? A nice picnic table, one big size – our normal dining table size will be essential for all those entertainment you are thinking of having in the garden and inviting your friends and neighbours.

Another coffee table or a bistro table will be a perfect addition as you need flat surfaces especially for keeping those glasses, juice and water pitchers, plates and spoons and of course the serving dishes. With so many creepy crawlies that are part of the outdoor life, you will be thankful to have more tables and stools so that food stuff remain clean and edible.

You need quite a few chairs – all the kinds like dining chairs, easy chairs, bar stools and long benches so that you can accommodate all the family and friends while they spend outside time in your garden. Since the weather will be turning cold, it is best to have a seat for everybody to enjoy the last vanishing rays of the sun.

Here are some beautiful looking outdoor wooden furniture items from West Elm. Look at the picnic table, looks really inviting, isn’t it? And the comfy looking long bench with back rest can accommodate quite a few of your visitors. How do you like the lounger? Do you like the dining table-chairs also? All are made of solid wood and with high-quality workmanship.

Hope you will love to have one of them for your home?

Wooden Bench for Garden Use

Round Wooden Coffee Table

Roomy Bench with Good Back Support

Relaxing in Garden under Shade

Relaxing in Your Garden

Facility for Feasting in Garden

Dining Table Chairs in Wood

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