Great Furniture for Your Kids’ Rooms

Once the children grow-up they love to have their rooms furnished the way they want. Actually very young children are not all that keen about how much you are spending on furnishing their room. All they are expecting is that it comes up to their idea of a dream room for themselves. So it is best to involve them in the process of choosing furniture, furnishing and accessories for their rooms.

With the space restriction that comes along with the small spaces we have today, many a time siblings have to share room. Sometimes kids’ room size can be really small – maybe just a minuscule area. Even if it is only a tiny alcove or a attic like room, a child would love the privacy his room gives and loves all the more to have a space all his own.

The operating principle will be space optimization. You have to try and make a study area, sleeping area as well as storage area in one tiny room. Bunk beds are great even if you have only one child. The lower area can be utilized as a table with storage space underneath and the upper portion – neatly furnished as a bed with safety rails etc.

Today beds come with underneath storage options that can contain any likely clutter usually happening in small spaces. You can check out beds with trundle options for accommodating your child’s friend occasionally. Floating shelves and floating desktops are good options leaving precious floor space free for that open uncluttered look.

Presently children furniture section has grown in leaps and bounds. Entire stores are selling furniture exclusively devoted only to children. Separate furniture design lines are devoted for kids’ furniture, right from baby stage, toddlers, pre teens, teens etc differently for boys, girls and twins etc, much to the delight of both parents and the children.

Here you see some very pretty-looking kids’ furniture from Kids’ Room. The corner bunk-bed with a sturdy-looking ladder and a designed safety rail will be particularly attractive to your boy. The popular below-bed storage option is very welcome in both boys and girls rooms for storage. And the open floating shelf above the writing table looks pretty as well functional.

I am sure you are keen to makeover your kids room in a way it makes you happy and leave the child hugely satisfied to have what he/she exactly wanted!

Kids Room Study Table & Chair

Kids Room Storage Shelf

Kids Room Storage Shelf for Books and Toys
kids-room-shelf-for storage-and-toys

Kids Room Pretty Chair Table

Kids Room Corner Bunk Bed with Storage

Kids Room Complete Set in White

Kids Room Bed With Trundle Bed

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Awesome Furniture Concepts To Suit Your Personality

When you want to display your eclectic taste and desire for good living in style, you need to select your furniture with good care. Buying impulsively or without planning will leave room for later regrets and possibly more expenses as you may need to buy again. Taking the advice of a good interior decorator can be one of the easiest ways to select good furniture.

Maybe you have a good furniture shop in your neighbourhood where you can get a good selection of furniture. Many of the good furniture shops have knowledgeable sales personnel who give excellent advice to the customers about all the aspects of furnishing the home. They give good advice about the wall décor, color scheme and proper style suitable to your house.

First decide what kind of furniture you would like your house to have. What kind of a style will suit your house can be discussed with your interior decorator also. Most of the modern houses are small sized and some are only as big as studio apartments. These sorts of houses like fuss-free and simple, chic and sophisticated furniture that will add to the elegance.

Formerly big mansion-like houses were present and traditional and classic style of furniture, heavy ornate and biggish furniture were normally chosen. Good solid hardwood furniture like those made of oak, teak, rosewood and walnut were chosen to make furniture with beautifully hand-carved and decorated sofa sets and bedsteads were generally favoured.

But contemporary fashion had changed all that. Today classic lines and simple elegance is chosen over ornate and heavy work. Glass blended with wood, full glass, wood or metal frame with natural or synthetic resin weave are very popular. Though minimalistic style is preferred than too much ornamental work, good quality furniture is very popular.

Not only traditional sofa sets, coffee tables, side tables, ottomans are favoured, sectionals have become very popular and the preferred choice of many. With the modular style sectionals allowing people to use the corner spaces which otherwise might have been wasted, right or left side sectionals with matching ottoman with or without storage are most popular.

Here are some beautiful sofa sets from Looking Good Furniture. The sectionals in gold russet with a matching semi-circular sofa-end/console table look very attractive. The simple and elegant stripes or the beige and blue sofa sets all look really cool and sophisticated.

Don’t you think you would love to have one of these?

Waves and Prints Sofa Upholstery

Striking Looking Beige and Blue

Simple and Elegant Stripe Pattern
simple-and elegant-stripe-pattern

Elegant Sofas with Unique Center Table

Elegant Corner Sectionals in Russet Gold

Brocade Upholstery and Wooden Base

Beautiful and Traditional Living Room Décor

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House Makeover Made Easy with Pretty Looking Furniture

When a home looks well kept, neat and uncluttered, the inmates feel comfortable and relaxed in the home. This will happen when you have excellent looking furniture, exquisitely selected furnishing and well planned and nicely lit house. The family and guests both feel upbeat and in a good mood with such a beautiful home

A good looking house becomes great when it feels warm and welcoming to the guests. How do you make a home good looking? Sometimes the house may not look dull because of a not interesting looking wall décor? Or maybe the furniture has a worn out look with old upholstery or the whole furniture needs replacement. So how to make sure that the room looks overall good?

First make an overall plan to make know what needs to be done to make the house look like new and appealing. Check whether the wall décor needs a makeover and whether the furniture and other accessories already present are in need of replacement? And also check how much light – both natural and artificial light comes in each of the room.

Getting a new set of furniture most often brings a great change in the ambiance of your home radically. But if your budget does not allow you to go for an all out change in furniture, you can go in buying one or two accent pieces and focus the décor with that as focus and then check the effect on the overall décor and look.

Changing the upholstery is another easy way of enhancing the look of your furniture as a first step to a home makeover. Many a time mixing and matching the upholstery with matching toss pillows and small colourful throws can bring a fresh look to your home. Rugs, carpets are also other options that you can explore.

With the number of fabric options that are available, you can make the sofa sets look bright and colourful with many details like button details, brocaded cushions and contrast pillows. A colourful runner for the dining table that matches sofa upholstery can look good.

Here are some beautiful looking living room, dining room and bed room furniture from Sitting Pretty Inc. Some of them are accent pieces like the four-poster bed with intricately worked wooden posts with matching bed-end benches. The sofas and dining table-chairs set also look really beautiful. Don’t you think you would make your home look as beautiful?

Sofa Set with Button Details

Paisley Patterned Cushioned Chairs

Overall View of Exquisite Furniture

Luxuriously Upholstered Sofa Set

Elegantly Cushioned Dining Chairs

Camel Backed Sofa in Golden Yellow

Beautifully Crafted Four Poster and Bed End Table

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12 Modern And Smart Looking Designer Bathrooms

Having a smartly designed Serene Bathrooms in your home can enhance the value of your home greatly. Bathroom is one of the high-traffic areas of your home and one of the areas which need a lot of attention while designing, constructing and furnishing your home. With the modern day small- size apartments and homes, it is essential to have an optimal well-designed bathroom.

Pristine Bathtub and Twin Basins

Conventional baths are no longer the only options available today. With an eye on comfort and sophistication, there are other options available today. There are many convenient options available today like walk-in baths, walk-in showers, hydrotherapy tub, spas, and home saunas. The aim is to make your bath times as much pleasurable as possible.

Prettily Fitted Bathtub and Vanity

Make pastel and light shades your choice when you are thinking of wall décor for your bathroom. A light creamy shade or beige shades for the colors can make the room quite spacious and comfortably big. Likewise use matching color scheme for the ceiling and flooring too. You can add bright color trims or rugs, shower curtains to bring a touch of color.

Luxuriously Fitted Bathtub with Mirrors

Here are some images of beautifully done designer bathrooms done by Blanca Sanchez. These are superbly designed luxurious looking bathrooms that look spacious, and elegant. They look open and airy with well lit interiors with professionally planned light fixtures that make the room a thing of beauty and classic chic.

Elegant and Stylishly Fitted Bathroom

Recessed lighting, decorative lighting and wall sconces along with backlit mirrors and shelves with built in lights make bathrooms look nicely lit without depressing dark corners or dull ill-lit shelves. Large size mirrors fitted to the walls are another way of making the room look larger and bright. Green plants bring a touch of color and class to the décor.

Beautiful Looking Vanity with Mirror

Beautifully elegant vanities with storage make the room look luxurious and clutter-free. By having enough built-in storage, and throwing out old and unused cosmetics, hair and dental care products, you can make the room look neat and invitingly cool and attractive. Check what kind of bathroom fittings and furnishings you like to use when you get your bathroom makeover planned in future!

Outdoor Bathroom Design Pictures

There are a number of options for the discerning people who want comfort and luxury in their bathrooms. No doubt having Jacuzzi, steam showers, whirlpool baths and other innovative ideas can be used to bring a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Also some furnishing ideas can make the bathrooms look absolutely top notch. You could have nice stylish Spa Covers for your spas or hot bathtubs. These too can help giving a luxury touch to your bathroom design.

Modern Smart Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Lavish Bathroom Design Ideas

Designer Bathroom With Egg Shower

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Sleigh Beds Look Stunningly Attractive as Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms are heart of our home; where we spend one third of our life. Furnishing the bedrooms can be quite exciting. We have master bedrooms, children’s rooms and guest bedrooms to consider for furnishing. We have to consider our home style and our lifestyle to pick and choose beds for all these bedrooms in a nice and beautiful manner. Wood beds, metal beds or a combination of both metal and wood can be chosen as material for your beds. Other options are wrought iron bed or brass bed. But check what the style of your home is and what is the style in which you want the bedroom to be furnished – like whether it is going to be traditional, modern, contemporary or eclectic.

But spend time to do some research and check the internet for available options. Talk to your interior decoration expert and ask your children and family’s preferences. As buying beds and bedroom furniture are not done frequently, it is best to take time to decide about what will be best for our home and what will make us most happy. Sleigh beds are one option you can check out for your master bedroom and other bedrooms. What is a sleigh bed? When you have the headboards and foot boards curved in a beautiful manner, the bed resembles a pretty-looking sleigh and hence the beds are called sleigh beds. Sometimes the curves are basic and sometimes they are exaggerated and pronounced.

One option can be with only headboards and they curve backwards with no foot boards. Another kind is with both headboards and foot boards each curving away and looking aesthetical and very pretty. Today you have separate headboards and foot boards are available separately in a sleigh pattern which can be attached to your old platform bed easily. Sleigh beds can be metal beds, wooden beds ideas, or a combination of both. The headboards can be upholstered with fabric or leather with normal or extra padding and a variety of patterns. Most of the sleigh boards are platform beds with no springs. Some come with storage options and additional features in headboards like built-in lights etc.

Here are images of some beautiful sleigh beds from Vintage Oak.

Classic Looking Sleigh Bed in Oak

Sleigh in Cherry with Pull out Drawers

Sleigh Bed with Paneled Headboard and Storage

Pretty Looking Sleigh Bed with Companion Pieces

Canopy Bed Beautiful in Black

Bigger Size in Natural Finish with Storage

With Attractive Foot Board in Classic Lines

Beautiful Damask Fabrics For Home Furnishings


Furniture is the most important of interior decoration aspect. Buying good furniture many times is decided by how much we love the upholstery fabric. As much as the material that goes to make the furniture, furnishings and upholstery influence the look of your interiors. A richly upholstered sofa set with beautiful cushions can make the room lavish and luxurious.

Silks and brocades are the most popular choice as upholstery fabrics formerly. Even today the rich look you get from genuine silk and brocades is awesome and very impressive. But today you have more choice than ever before with blended fabrics. Textile technology has brought so much change in fabrics that upholstering has been redefined today.

Water repellent, flame retardant and soil-repellent techniques have made furniture maintenance easier and trouble free. Families with children and pets give free rein to their desires to own lovely looking furniture as today upholstered furniture come with guarantees of long life and good looks with low maintenance and care.

Instead of the traditional looking stripes and self motives that used to denote curtains, today you have vibrant looking floral prints, jacquard, embroidery, thread work and other patterns for curtains, upholstery and cushions as well. Today you can plan to have the entire living room looking vibrant with sofa upholstery perfectly matched to the curtains and the cushions, bolsters etc.

Textured and luxurious looking velvets, silks – both spun and reeled and other blended fabrics all can be mixed and matched to give a beautiful and vivid look. Suede, leather, cottons, linen and chenille all have their own allure and if judiciously mixed can give a unique and sophisticated look. Breaking up floral with plain neutral tones and stripes and checks with neutrals will give added accent.

Taking good care of your furniture and upholstery is essential for continued elegance. Immediate cleaning is essential of any spills without delay. Too much sun exposure may take a toll on any fabric. So protect them from direct sunlight and from air and heat outlets as well. Cushions and bolsters need to be fluffed and dusted to avoid lump formation.

Here is some beautiful looking furniture furnished with Ddecor Furnishings. The orange and golden color theme looks stunning. The greens are looking refreshingly cool and elegant. The sofa upholstered in purple looks sophisticated and cool.

How would you like to furnish your living room?

White, Silver and Bronze
white-and-silver-and bronze

Subtle and Elegant Purple

Orange and Russet Brown Theme

Glorious Looking Silk Curtains and Cushions

Floral Patterned Upholstery and Cushions

Floral and Green Theme

Dining Chairs in Royal Marine