Make Foyer And Entryway Decor Mirror Your Beautiful And Elegant Home Decors

Foyer or entryway is the first glance your guests and visitors have of your home. To create a best first impression, it is essential to decorate the foyer elegantly. Maybe you have a spacious roomy foyer area or a cute little foyer, but foyer is like a prelude indicative what is inside. When given enough attention, a neatly furnished, well-lit foyer can offer a warm welcome to your guests inside. Foyers /Entryways can be a challenging spot to decorate. Many times we have a long narrow foyer or a small cubicle with stairways occupying half the space. But with planning and patience, you can make any shaped foyer a beautiful looking space reflecting your own characteristic style at the same time remaining completely utilitarian with a side table, coat hanger and a shoe rack etc.

Let us see what all we may need to make a foyer attractive, chic at the same time functional? This is one place in your home that definitely should have enough storage space. You may need a coat rack, and shoe rack, simple but elegant light fixtures, some wall décor and definitely a mirror. You can add some door mats or carpet runners to add distinction and color to the space. Much like every room in your home, foyer needs effective and sufficient storage space. If space permits, think of investing in an armoire that can help in stashing your stuff like keys, scarves, books, mail etc. If you are strapped for space, floating shelves or wall brackets may help. A shoe bench with shoe storage underneath can be a wonderful addition to keep the shoes in order and out of sight.

A tiny foyer chandelier or a pendant light can add a luxurious look to the foyer. Actually you can get the foyer space painted or wall paper more luxuriously than other rooms. Because a glossy rich and expensive wall finish may give the guests a very good first impression and secondly, it is a small place and the cost may not be all that high. It is a good investment adding to the home value. Here are some beautiful ideas and furniture for foyer – entryway – decoration from Carolina Rustica. Look at the lovely chandelier! Surely the mirror will look exquisite on your wall! Don’t you think the narrow console table will be a perfect fit in your foyer? How do you like the unique-looking clock? The chic and slim coat rack looks so nice!

Go online and check how you can beautify your home foyer. Talk to the interior decorator and make a stunning looking entryway and impress your guests!

Unique Looking Wall Decoration Clock

Tall Slim Desk with Storage Shelf and Drawers

Stunning Looking Sun Burst Mirror

Slim and Sleek Looking Coat Rack

Mini Chandelier in Bronze Finish

Handsome Looking Central Table

Hall Chest with Drawers

Classic Console Table with Drawers and Mirror

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Compact Console Tables for Living Room Furniture

When you imagine a well- laid out living room, along with comfy and elegant sofa sets and sectionals you need to picture end tables also – all kinds of end tables like sofa end table, coffee table, side table and console table. The coffee table may be the star of the show – sitting in the center of the room and being the focus; but the other tables are also equally useful and equally important.

Console tables are long, narrow and a little taller than other tables. Console tables are essentially functional furniture – serving as display tables, or flat surfaces where you can keep quite a lot of stuff handy. Console tables are essential in the living room, in the dining area and in the foyer area as well. They are useful but stay out of way – always against the wall so every room can be better with one console table.

Many a time, console tables are themselves ornamental adding to the beauty of the corner where they are accommodated. They have crafted details like scroll work if they are made of metal; carving details if they are made of wood. They can be shaped more artistically than any other end-tables and create a focus area of attention by their beauty and distinct looks.

Console tables can be free-standing or wall supported. Free standing tables are naturally full tables with four legs and stable without any wall support. They can be made of wood or metal and with work details in the legs or full frame itself. They may have a lower shelf where you can keep books etc and sometimes, have small drawers to keep keys etc.

If the console tables are wall supported, they may have the front two legs and have the back portion supported at the wall. Some tables may have a single pedestal-like base and some may have three legs – one at the front and three at the back. Console tops can be oval or rectangular. Sometimes they are quadrants of circles – a segment – looking very pretty.

Here you can see some images of pretty looking console tables from Chelini – an Italian furniture designer firm who create really beautiful and exquisite furniture. These console tables have very beautiful details like scroll work, carved legs and other details. Hope you will like to have some console tables like these at your home?

Pedestal Base Console With Carve Details
Pedestal Base Console With Carve Details

Pair Of Consoles With Intricate Work
Pair Of Consoles With Intricate Work

Nut Brown Wall Supported Crafted Console
Nut Brown Wall Supported Crafted Console

Marvelous Scroll Work Gilded Leg Console
Marvelous Scroll Work Gilded Leg Console

Lovely Long Console With Bottom Shelf
Lovely Long Console With Bottom Shelf

Glittery In Silver Console With Scroll Work
Glittery In Silver Console With Scroll Work

Black And Gold Console Table Pair
Black And Gold Console Table Pair

Arresting Console With Gilded Legs
Arresting Console With Gilded Legs

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Convenient Furniture at Our Home – Console Tables

Console tables are most of the time not given the recognition they deserve. Agreed they are not very huge in size and they do not take up too much space. But they are convenient part of end tables and they are very-very useful in the foyers, patios and in our living room. Console tables are those on which we dump our magazines, our umbrellas when we return from outside, our head gear – like caps, hats and other sundry items.

Where do we see console tables in our homes? Most of the time, the front level areas – patio, foyers are the first choice of places for them. The living room is the next favorable choice. Anywhere near the wall where there is some space, a console table can be accommodated perfectly in the living room. And dining rooms are the next choice for placing a console table. And they are always kept against a wall every time.

How console tables look? They are narrow tables, sometimes half supported by the wall with just two front legs. Or they may be wholly free standing, but again narrow of size – about as tall as the dining table or writing table and sometimes with a solid wooden base, scrolled metal supports, on ornamental wooden legs or ornamentally handcrafted wood and metal combo.

What are top counters of console tables consist? They can be solid wood topped, glass topped, metal topped or fiberglass topped – there is a wide range of materials now available to make a console table. Wood topped console tables can have in-lay work, hand-carved details and other special finishes like brass knuckles and other features to make them look pretty.

Mostly, console tables have a mirror fixed above them. Especially if the console table is in the foyer, the mirror is there so that when you fix your head gear before going out you can check whether it is properly set. Many a time candle stands, books, table lamps, flower vases are kept on the console table to add to the ambiance of the home décor.

Most of the console tables have a bottom shelf fixed to them. And the back of the console table has mirror sometimes so people can check out their footwear before stepping out of the house. Here are some images of attractive looking wooden console tables. Some are beautifully hand crafted, gilded and brass work details added to that. Check out what is your favorite?

Simple and Elegant Looking Console
simple console table

Ornate and Gilded Frame with Mirror
ornate console table

Elegant Console with Mirror Behind
elegant console table

Console with Metal Capped Legs and Matching Mirror
television console table

Console Table with Ornate Legs and Mirror
wood console table

Console Table with Drawer Bottom Shelf
wooden console table

Close Up View of Inlay Work on Console
decorative console table

Classic Looking Solid Wood Console
tv console table

Cherry Red Console and With Brass Details
console table

Gorgeous Furniture to Beautify Your Home

Beautiful sofas, cushions, coffee tables, dining tables-chairs and display shelves all play a vital role in beautifying your home decor. Having beautiful furniture is essential to an elegant and attractive home. Whatever the size of your home, having aesthetically attractive furniture greatly enhances the value of your house. Right from outside patio, and front door which increases the curb appeal of your home each and every part of your house deserves beautiful furniture that will make the home a pleasure to live. Right from the foyer area which is the first place a guest looks at, right to the backyard and outside all parts need attention and beautification.

Foyer should look uncluttered but must have the necessary shoe racks, coat racks, mirrors and a small closet to store all your outdoor gear like hats, overcoats umbrellas etc. It should have at least one console table which can be used to keep the car keys scarves and such items which you will need when you are stepping out. A pretty foyer impresses a guest very favorably.

When once you step in from the foyer, the living room should be welcoming the guest warmly with comfortable furniture with fluffy cushions and handy coffee tables which makes entertainment easy and a pleasure. Living room is where you entertain your visitors, where the family spends time quality time together. It must look welcoming exuding warmth and friendliness. Having great-looking sofas and sectionals are essential to make the room comfortable. Also great looking coffee tables, and ottomans and end tables etc add to the ambiance of your living room decor. When the living room wall decor and the furniture, upholstery, and the curtains complement one another, your living room shows your decoration expertise and innate good taste.

Most of the time dining room becomes part of the living room with sideboards and side tables making living room furniture decor complete. A sturdy and stylish dining table will make your home great along with good chairs. Whether the table is wood-topped or glass topped, the chairs can add greatly to the beauty of dining room section along with sideboards and side tables. Here are some beautiful looking sofas, sectionals coffee tables and sideboards from DolceVita. Just check how beautifully the coffee table sets off the sofas and the cushions! How gleaming and beautiful the side table looks! And the dining sets are equally great-looking.

How about getting some lovely furniture like these?

Wonderful Looking Wooden Table Set

Sideboard with Pedestal Lamps

Gracious Looking Gleaming Side Table

Gorgeous Sectional and Coffee Table

Elegant Glass Topped Table

Beautiful Sofa, Cushions Coffee Table

Attractive Looking Display Shelf

Trendy Front Door Adds Style And Grace to Your Home

Front door is what strikes your eye first when you look at your home from the street/outside. A stylish-looking front door impresses the guests greatly. A high-quality well-crafted sophisticated-looking door can set a real warm welcoming pitch to your entire home décor predisposing your guests very favourably and increasing the value of the home greatly. If you are keen to revamp the front door, now is the best time with a lot of options available for you to choose. Whatever is the style of your home – classic, contemporary, traditional or modern and minimalistic, today you can get a front door of your choice and you will be astounded by the vibrancy and quality change effected on the entire house by the replacement.

A good quality front door will give you years of service and so pay great attention to all the choices available – like wood, metal and fibreglass composite doors. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, there are prehung doors already framed available. Otherwise you can call your interior decorator and discuss how to customize the entrance door to match your exteriors as well interiors. Thanks to state-of-art tech know-how, today doors are built with a sturdy core, superiorly constructed frame and superbly finished exteriors that make doors as much a work of art as it is functional. Sidelights and transom with beautiful glass doors add great distinction and class to the entire home décor and to the entrance area.

Discuss with your interior decorator how to incorporate energy efficient features into your front door. A well insulated door with a moisture-proof bottom railing, thermal break designed threshold and compression weatherstrips, lengthened sill plate, triple seal bottom sweep can keep your home warm with more energy efficiency. Other beautifying details like a knocker and a knob/handle to personalize it, beautiful wall sconces on either side to give glare-free diffuse light, melodious and personalized musical door bells, built-in mail-slots with inside boxes and overhead lamps can complete the décor for your beautiful front door. Get a neat-looking number plate elegantly in brass to affix to the wall beside the door.

Here are some beautiful entry doors from Grand Entrances. Many of them show how dramatic is the metamorphosis from old to new! Staid looking doors have been given such a lift with renovation. Look at the well-lit foyer thanks to the glass panels! Look at the dramatic improvement after a makeover. I am sure you are also keen to bring about a new look to your front door and rewrite a whole new beautiful ambience and grandeur to the exterior of your home.

Very Elegant after the Makeover
very-elegant-after-the makeover

Grand Looking Entrance with Beautiful Foyer

Glorious Looking with Glass and Wood

From Sober to Stunning Looks

Dramatic Looking Change after Renovation
dramatic-looking change-after-renovation

Beautiful Looking after Makeover

Glass and Wooden Entrance with Scroll Work

Classic Looking Fibreglass Doorway

Organize Your Footwear for Easy Access And Keep Out Clutter with These Beautiful Shoe Racks

All things – like our dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, and medicines – have their own special place in our homes for safekeeping and storage. Then why leave the footwear in an ugly heap in the foyer, entryway or at best at the bottom of a closet? Get round to organizing your footwear; arrange them neatly and tidily within easy reach with the help of some very useful and utilitarian shoe racks. All of us definitely need a range of footwear. Each season demands proper footwear and each occasion warrants suitable footwear. It can be really tiresome to keep so many shoes neat, tidy and properly stored. And certainly foyers or entryways are no places for leaving the shoes. Think what a guest will feel to look at messy and untidy looking shoes blocking the entryway! The way out is to get shoe racks.

Think how exasperating and irritating it can be to hunt around for your formal shoes when you are in a hurry and all you see are muddied sportswear shoes you had used during the weekend! Shoe racks/organizers/shoe trees/shoe boxes will save space, and keep the shoes neatly and well-protected and help you to locate the correct footwear when you need them in a jiffy. There are many types of shoe racks available. There are wood shoe racks, metal shoe racks, racks made of bamboo, stainless steel, and acrylic and even made of wicker and cane poles. You may like the expandable type which can store more shoes when needed. The popular choice is the stackable type which occupies less space. Shoe storage bench is another option with cubbyholes underneath for sitting and wearing shoes.

First collect and sort out all footwear into specific categories – like winter shoes, work/office wear, sportswear, walking/gym shoes, slippers, loafers, and booties etc. You can store the less frequently used items in shoe boxes and store the rest on shoe racks. Small racks can go inside the foyer closet while bigger ones can be outside near the entryway. Here are some fabulous looking shoe racks from Argos. Look at the elegant-looking two-tier shoe rack looking warm in beech finish. How beautiful the three-tier chromium plated shoe rack looks? The walnut wood shoe rack with a glossy black shutter looks really pretty! The Hygena Milan Shoe Cabine looks really cool!

I am sure you would love some of these shoe racks and find them useful. Enjoy an aesthetically arranged array of smart-looking and well-cared for footwear with one of these shoe racks!

Walnut Wood and Black Gloss Finish Shoe Storage

Three Tier Chrome Plated Shoe Stand

Shoe Storage Rack – Unit with Oak Effect

‘Hygena Milan Shoe Cabine’

Hall Shoe Storage Unit with Beech Wood Finish

Beautiful Looking Shoe-Rack Unit

Another Type Wood Shoe Storage Unit