Bed-End-Benches – An Attractive Addition to Your Bedroom

How nice it will be to have some extra sitting space in your bedroom? When bedrooms are big, you can afford to have a beautiful sofa or a sectional in the corner for you to sit and read or sit and watch TV. In olden days when bedrooms were huge with beautiful four-poster bends and extra room, people used to have even a daybed so that they have a nice place to relax.

Today in our small houses or studio apartments, space is at a premium and all furniture needs to do double duty. You can consider a bed-end bench for giving extra seating space as well underneath storage space to keep an extra blanket or bed linen for you. If you upholster it or cover it in a matching shade as your bed, it can add to the ambience of your home.

What should you consider when you are getting a bed-end-bench for your bedroom. Actually this can be an ottoman – a longish one at the height of the bed or it can be a long stool, a settee – anything that blends well with your bedstead and the décor of your bedroom. Only you should check the dimensions of the bench to be in scale with the room.

What height the bench should be – when upholstered it should be as level as the bed level at the foot end of the bedstead. Bed-end-benches for beds without footboard can look like they are extension of the bed itself. If you keep the length of the bench just inside of that of the bed and furnish it matching, it will look very elegant.

Bed-end-benches can have storage options also underneath them for your convenience but there are a lot of benches come without storage option as well. With etching, carving or scroll details and other ornamentation, a bed-end-bench can add allure to your bedroom. With an exceptionally beautiful bed-end-bench can become the focus of your bedroom.

Here are some beautiful bed-end-bench options from Sweetpea and Willow. Look at the pretty bench in gold and green which looks so sophisticated. Also the one with ends curved so elegantly and the other one in pink with quilted upholstery will really make your bedroom so beautiful. How would you like the other white bed-end -bench? All are of high-quality workmanship!

Surely you will love to have one of these at your home?

Wonderful Bed End Bench in White

With Double Ends and Crafted Details

Upholstered Bed End Bench

Pretty Looking in Pink and Quilted

Gorgeous in Gold – Bed End Bench

Bench with Elegantly Curved at Ends

Beautifully Carved Bed End Bench

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Beautiful & Spacious Looking Bedrooms – Pretty with Platform Beds


With today’s small homes, and studio apartments or loft homes, a platform bed can make the room look spacious as it takes precious little vertical room. Platform beds are low-slung beds with minimal looking elegance and sophisticated beauty. They are not heavy or ornate and are really less space occupying but great on looks.

With no need of the heavy looking box type spring mattress and another separate top mattress, a platform bed offers a firm and good sleeping surface with the mattress supported over a set a slats and with a not too high headboard and with or without a footboard. A platform bed emphasizes a chic and spare looking décor great for small-size homes.

Often platform beds do not need bed skirts etc. It has only one single mattress directly on the slats. The platform bed can have storage built-in that can accommodate bed sheets, linen etc and today with a touch of button, the storage can be accessed. Beds without underneath storage have bed surface doubling as nightstands along the edge of bed and on both sides of headboard.

Many platform beds do not have head or footboards and so can look nice in a smaller size bedroom without dominating the entire room. But there are some platform beds with slightly bigger headboards which have leather covering in shades like black, white etc., but sometimes they headboards can be simple with a pine, oak or hard-wood varnish finish.

Though some platforms do not have under-bed storage space, you can buy one with the headboard storage space. Today there are quite a bit of options available for these headboards. Though the bed looks minimal designed and less space occupying, a wide headboard which is some nine to twelve inches thick can offer a variety of storage options for you.

It can have some built in shelves that can slide out from both the ends, built in lights, small cubbyholes and niches for keeping your glasses, books, earphones and TV remote etc. If you get to custom-make your platform bed, you can have a built in plasma TV in your footboard that can be pulled out which makes it really cool.

Here are some beautiful looking platforms from Living It Up. Look at the wonderful looking walnut beds in king size beds with under-bed storage that is operated with the help of hydraulic pumps. Don’t you love to have one for your home?

Platform with Storage in Espresso Finish

Platform in Pristine White

Platform Bed with High Headboard

Low Platform with Raising Top

Low Platform in Oak Finish

Elegant Looking Platform Bed

Close-up View of Pine Finish Platform

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Luxury Beds – With Special Features And Gorgeous Upholstery

Bedroom is that special place to which your reach for relaxation and rejuvenation. Traditional furniture made of good quality material and with beautiful looks are the most trusted favourites for all of us. However much the fashion changes or current trend gets funky and different, we do not compromise on quality or the comfort that can be provided.

Getting the best furniture for your bedroom will start with getting the best for your bed – the bed that looks good and feels better. A good bed will be one with a sturdy and well made frame. Most of use will go in for either a full wooden bed or a wood and metal combination. Both have their own advantages functionally as well in appearance.

Most popular and most in demand will be wooden beds made from oak. These have continued to top the list as favourites and the most desired upholstery for headboards and foot boards continues to be leather. A hand-made oak bed with leather upholstered headboard with soft and high quality cotton or line bed set can be the best bed you can buy.

With matching nightstands, side tables, a bed-end bench and an ottoman to match, your bedroom furniture can bring comfort and ambiance to your bedroom. When you are getting a custom-built bed, you can order headboards with storage, built in lights so that you can have what you need available at hand conveniently.

Now not only headboards come with storage options, lights etc, the foot board also can be customized to meet your convenience and comforts. LCD TVs are now fitted in the footboard so that you can watch your favourite programme, serials or watch a movie at your leisure from your bed. Pull of LCD screens are now built in with all necessary cords and power connections.

Leather upholstery or fabric upholstery can be your choice. But if you want simple and classic lines, you can opt for low platform beds that look spare and clean-lined and make the room look more spacious and elegant. Any shape – even a round shaped bed can make your room look unique and differently done – adding character to your bedroom décor.

Here are some beautiful Beds from Bedroom World. Look at the beautiful and elegant platform bed with cream leather upholstery and transparent Murano glass legs and the four posters. A plasma pullout LCD is built in to footboard of another! Check out which bed looks best to you?

With Padded Headboard and Murano Glass Legs
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Luxurious, Round and Covered in Leather
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered Glass Footboard with Pullout TV
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered Glass Footboard with Mounted TV
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered and Sleek Shaped Bed
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Elegant Headboard with Leather Covered Frame
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Buttoned Headboard with Glass Columns and Legs
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

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Basics of a Beautiful Bedroom – Choose the Right Bedstead!

Bedroom is our sanctum sanctorum. Our most private and personal place in the house is our bedroom. This is where we retire from outside world, to relax from daily grind and recharge ourselves to face another day. With bed being focal point of the bedroom and bedroom furniture, we should have no qualms to get the best bed we can from the market. The quality of sleep depends not just on the mattress you are using. You need to choose the correct bed-base to support your weight comfortably and give you long years of excellent service. A well-built bed-frame with great looks is the first step in shopping for your bedroom furniture. Since we spend one-third of our lives in sleeping, there should be no compromise whatsoever on the quality.

What are the options you have for bed-bases? Good quality bed-frames or bedsteads, both are excellent options. Actually the choice is up to you! The main difference between a bed frame and a bedstead is that bedsteads come with headboards as well as footboards. A bedstead keeps the mattress more securely and looks quite magnificent and impressive; and with a comfortable and good mattress will assure you of painless, refreshing and energising sleep that will rejuvenate you. A metal bedstead frame is a very solid piece of furniture. You might have seen some in old Hollywood flicks with Victorian-kind of themes. The bedsteads come with a solid topped base, with a spring edged base or with a slatted type base. If you want built-in storage space, that option is also available. Headboards can be custom-made to suit your needs. A beautifully crafted bedstead with an excellent finish can become actually an heirloom piece!

Here are some classically beautiful and magnificent looking metal bedsteads from Original Bedstead Company. These bedsteads come with simple clean-cut lines and sport very elegant and trendy looks. They can look magnificently opulent and grand with old-world charm or can come in minimalistic and stunningly simple modern look. They have such beautiful finish and ornamental with intricately carved details etc, the bed automatically does take center-stage in the bedroom. You know, the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen had a bed made of ebony and gold! Even if we do not go for a gold bed, we should buy a sterling quality bed – not only a good bed but made great by excellent craftsmanship! Please talk to your interior decorator in detail to know what kind – a bed or bedstead – will suit your bedroom. And enjoy a great-looking masterpiece right in your bedroom!

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs