Room Dividers – Furniture Accessories with an Aesthetic Touch for Privacy

Room dividers are popular and quite useful accessories for both smaller and bigger rooms. Their popularity is because they are both functional and decorative as well. They are light, portable and can be set up in a jiffy. Most room dividers are transparent and/or translucent and do not block light but still can offer privacy when you need it.

Traditional Solid Wood Finish Divider

What are room dividers? These are furniture accessories – consisting of three or four panels, flat framed in wood or metal usually. Each of the panels is hinged to the other so it can be folded for easy storage. Panels can be in single piece or consistent of smaller panes. The covering material can be wood slats, fabric, glass or paper.

Sleek Sado Black Asian Screen

What are different styles of room dividers available? Most of the room dividers are made of metal, wood or acrylic/polycarbonate frames. They are covered and accented with designs printed on paper, embroidered or printed fabric or etched in glass. Mirror accents are also available which can make the room look more spacious.

Simple Brown Wooden Divider

Room dividers – portable or mobile – are very useful in your living room. You can use a three or four-panel dividers to screen off a dining area from the sitting area. If you are having a studio apartment or a small home with open kitchen, a room divider is useful in breaking up the kitchen area away from living quarters to present a clutter-free look. Dividers can be used in the outdoor area in the garden, poolside and terrace also. It can provide nice shade on a sunny day or provide some privacy when you are sunning yourself in the garden.

Memories  Screen Personalized With Photos

Room dividers are cost effective and easy to install. No need of any construction, drilling, nailing etc. They are off the shelf furniture accessories – elegant and inexpensive and serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes. They can blend harmoniously with any kind of home décor and add ambience to your home anytime.

Elegant Black Bookcase Shoji Divider

Here are images of some very beautiful portable room dividers from iRoom Dividers. These are called shoji screens – traditional kind of Japanese screens that look very pretty and chic. With light colored wooden or metal frames, they have white rice paper lining. They do not block light but provide privacy. The Venetian type wooden slatted is better suited for outdoor areas. Which is your favorite?

Delicate Japanese Cherry Blossom Screen

Classic Chic Black Screen

Charming Handcrafted Divider

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Beautiful Sectionals Sofas And Couches – Essential Furniture for Living Room Decor


Sofas, sectionals, couches or recliners – by any name – are essential part of living room furniture. If we glance through the online shops and local furniture shops, we are astounded by the variety and choice available for you to purchase. Comfort, colorful and cost-effective are the terms we think of when we look at them. But since when sofas are so easily available for all of us? Look at the old pictures depicting Greek and Roman fables. You can always see the rich and powerful people reclining on some kind of a couch. Though they look ornate and beautiful, upholstery was not prevalent at that time. The couches or recliners as we know them with batting can be traced to 16th century England and Germany where basic form of sofa with wooden frames and padding with covering were started.

Initially the primary use for fabrics and covering materials were more used for protecting the inmates from elements. But once proper kind of dwellings started coming up, fabrics and animal hides were used as covering for furniture also. Hair, feathers, down, sea-moss – all were used for padding and buttons were mostly used to keep the padding in place. Since 18/19th century, sofa as a long and low kind of comfortable seat with upholstery mostly with arms and back-support became very popular and much sought after by every household. They were as much in demand as the bedsteads and mattresses were. The name sofa came from Arabic word and gained more popularity than the names couches or davenports which were used in Europe/England.

Sewing machines contributed greatly to the beauty of upholstery details which were intricately done. When a furniture designer was also a decorator, he was called an ‘upholder’. Famous names in furniture world like George Hepplewhite and Thomas Chippendale all combined woodworking with upholstery and created masterpieces that are still as popular and come at a premium.

Though only wood and metal were used for frames, steel, plastic and hard and particle boards gained popularity as raw material for making lighter and newer patterns of sofa. And now foam and polyester fiber, microfibers – all are popular for use as batting. All types of leather, faux leather, natural, blended and synthetic fabrics are used as covering. Here are some stunningly beautiful sofas and sectionals from Pianca. I am sure you would love to have some sofas like these to add ambiance to your living room decor?

Wonderful Looking White Sectional

Winsome Looking Lounger Ottoman

Recliner to Relax for Watching TV

Pretty Looking in Pearl-Gray Sofa Set

Comfortable and Colourful Sofa

Charmingly Classic Living Room Sofas
charmingly-classice-living-room -sofas

Beautiful Sofas in Black

Attractive Sofas and Ottoman for the Family

Sleigh Beds Look Stunningly Attractive as Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms are heart of our home; where we spend one third of our life. Furnishing the bedrooms can be quite exciting. We have master bedrooms, children’s rooms and guest bedrooms to consider for furnishing. We have to consider our home style and our lifestyle to pick and choose beds for all these bedrooms in a nice and beautiful manner. Wood beds, metal beds or a combination of both metal and wood can be chosen as material for your beds. Other options are wrought iron bed or brass bed. But check what the style of your home is and what is the style in which you want the bedroom to be furnished – like whether it is going to be traditional, modern, contemporary or eclectic.

But spend time to do some research and check the internet for available options. Talk to your interior decoration expert and ask your children and family’s preferences. As buying beds and bedroom furniture are not done frequently, it is best to take time to decide about what will be best for our home and what will make us most happy. Sleigh beds are one option you can check out for your master bedroom and other bedrooms. What is a sleigh bed? When you have the headboards and foot boards curved in a beautiful manner, the bed resembles a pretty-looking sleigh and hence the beds are called sleigh beds. Sometimes the curves are basic and sometimes they are exaggerated and pronounced.

One option can be with only headboards and they curve backwards with no foot boards. Another kind is with both headboards and foot boards each curving away and looking aesthetical and very pretty. Today you have separate headboards and foot boards are available separately in a sleigh pattern which can be attached to your old platform bed easily. Sleigh beds can be metal beds, wooden beds ideas, or a combination of both. The headboards can be upholstered with fabric or leather with normal or extra padding and a variety of patterns. Most of the sleigh boards are platform beds with no springs. Some come with storage options and additional features in headboards like built-in lights etc.

Here are images of some beautiful sleigh beds from Vintage Oak.

Classic Looking Sleigh Bed in Oak

Sleigh in Cherry with Pull out Drawers

Sleigh Bed with Paneled Headboard and Storage

Pretty Looking Sleigh Bed with Companion Pieces

Canopy Bed Beautiful in Black

Bigger Size in Natural Finish with Storage

With Attractive Foot Board in Classic Lines

Pretty Looking Parasols And Utilitarian Umbrellas – A Must for Summer Months

Now that the summer is actually here, it is essential to have some protection when you are sitting out in the sun – either near the pool or in the garden. When the sun rays are most intense – especially between 11 4 p.m., it is always advisable to wear adequate sunscreen, protect your eyes from the glare and protect yourself from direct exposure to too hot a sun. Parasols or sun-shades offer efficient protection during the hot hours of the day when you run a chance of getting heat stroke, too much suntan and UV radiation etc. Most cases of melasma occur essentially because of being exposed to intense sunlight without any sunscreen. Skin gets coarse and leathery and even hair and lips get affected by harmful UV radiation.

You have a multitude of parasols available in the market today. There are different sizes, different shapes and different materials that are used to make these useful summer accessories. While aluminum is the most popular choice for the frame and lever and base stands, wood is also a pricey option. Combination of canvas and PVC works best for the material to cover the frame. Generally the diameter of the parasol must be some 4-5 feet larger than the area it needs to cover. The mechanics should be quite sturdily made as well easy for operation. Manual operation has been replaced by push button type that is fixed on the base which anchors the parasol. There are some with electronic remote control options available.

Cantilever types of umbrellas are as much popular as the telescopic type both offering an easy way to make it functional. Actually cantilever types are popular poolside and in the garden whereas the other telescopic one is less space occupying. Likewise today the fabric cover- mostly a canvas-UV combo is UV resistant and wears well with 24/7 sun exposure. For stiff breeze/strong wind conditions, there are vents built in the fabric cover so it is not wind-blown or damaged. These vents are so constructed that rain water does not leak in. Pure canvas is sometimes treated for making it waterproof. Now parasol/umbrellas come with castor wheels so you can push it where you want.

Here are some beautiful parasols/umbrellas from Scolaro-Parasol. With both cantilever type and telescopic type frames with sturdy and stunning looking fabric covering, these parasols look really beautiful. Each one is making the patio, garden or terrace look outstandingly beautiful.

I am sure you also will like to get one such beautiful parasol for your home?

Terrace Umbrella with Aluminium Stand

Sun Shade For Summer Times

Sun Parasol with Central Stand

Stunning Looking Umbrella with Stand

Pretty Looking Pool Side Parasol

Gorgeous Garden Umbrella with Stand

Front Yard Sun Parasol in Orange

Green, Pink And Colorful Outdoor Rugs And Mats

colorful outdoor rugs

The FREEK stylish modern and colorful outdoor rugs are something of a revolution and a nice change in the outdoors flooring world because of the vibrant and colorful look and feel. Made of soft resilient nylon fibers at the lower end and strong long lasting polyethylene on top it gives these rugs a soft grassy feel underfoot. The softness is such that you would love to walk on it as much without foot wears. The little holes engineered on the bottom of the rug allow 15 gallons of water to run through per square meter per min mean that the rugs are water resistant. They also have amazing U.V. stability. You need to surely have one of these in your outhouse or garden area to believe its characteristics.

polypropylene outdoor rugs

Violet Purple Soft Rugs Designer Mats
colorful outdoor rugs

Grass Green Soft Rugs Designer Mats
polypropylene outdoor rugs

bright colored outdoor rugs

Colorful Soft Rugs Designer Mats
bright colored outdoor rugs