Gleaming Kitchen Cabinets for More Beautiful Kitchens

Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting task. It can be at times daunting to do a complete remodeling, but when you plan properly step by step, it can be not so difficult. You can see how your ideas can radically change the look of your kitchen and bring a fresh focus into your kitchen. You should complete your planning and get your materials and ideas all ready before you actually do the remodeling to make it a success.

White Counters and Natural Wood Cabinets

The basic and most important thing is to understand that remodeling may not be an easy task or you can finish it with in one week or so. It can be a time consuming even doing the preparatory planning and designing for it. You need to exactly know what you are striving to achieve. It will be a challenge, but this is a challenge many of us may have already taken in varying degrees. So start with complete confidence that you can and will do it.

Warm Looking Natural Wood Finish

Also another tougher and more difficult task before getting a beautiful kitchen done is to weed out what you have accumulated over the past years. De-cluttering is as important as remodeling. Unless you throw away the un-needed, unused and useless old stuff, where will you nicely organize those things that you actually will need in your new kitchen? So make a list and throw away those things that you have not used in the recent past and nearly empty cartons, unused spices, ketchups etc.

Wood Flooring and White Finish Cabinets

One of the most visible improvements can be got by either getting new cabinets or refurbishing the old ones along with a change in wall décor. Even if you are not changing the countertops, kitchen islands, appliances and water taps etc, just remodeling the cabinets and wall décor alone can make a lot of positive influence in your kitchen.

Pretty-looking White Finish in Wood

If you have formerly had cabinets made of engineered wood and not made of solid hardwood, your cabinets may not be looking all that good. The engineered wood starts looking a sad state after 10-12 years. So it may be a good idea for you to actually get new cabinets. But if your cabinet has been made of hardwood like teak, walnut, oak etc, the cabinets may still give good service. Refurbishing them will make them look like new.

Pristine White against Wooden Flooring

Here are some images of kitchens with beautifully done cabinetry from Kraftmaid. See what appeals to you most?

Metallic Gray and Wine Red Finish

Marble Counters and Wood Colour Finish

Classic Looking in Espresso and White Combo

Beautiful Beige and Olive Combo

All Wood Decor with White Combo

Overall in Ivory White

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Wonderful Kitchen Counter Tops Ideas

Kitchen is always a popular room to undergo a makeover. Especially the kitchen working tops, kitchen island counter tops are high-use zone and are prone to get discolored, chipped or damaged in some way by the amount of heavy work we do on it like chopping, cutting, washing, mixing etc on a daily basis and the gloss and smooth finish may wear off.

Many a time, other areas of the kitchen like cabinet shelves, cabinet doors, backslashes, even flooring may stay in better shape than the counter tops. Keeping too hot or too cold stuff on the counters affects the smooth texture of the counter top surface and daily cleaning with detergents may age the counter top surfaces faster and necessitate replacing the counter tops sooner.

What are the materials you can look up for using as counter top materials? Stone tops, metal tops, glass tops, acrylic tops, engineered wood tops – there are number of tops available for you to choose from. You can have the color you like that will suit the wall décor you have put up in the kitchen and match with rest of the furniture.

Stones are still the most popular choice for counter tops – marble, granite, quartz, travertine, along with soft stones and quartz, all are sturdy and smart looking choices. You can have full slabs fixed as counter tops or can have smaller size tiles used to make up the counter top. Granite is very durable and black is almost the universal favorite. Marble is more prone to stains.

Engineered stones like quartz are made stronger with resin binders. Mosaic is another popular choice in small or big size tiles. Stainless steel tops are hot favorites today if you like metal counter tops. With a buff finish, it looks classy and elegant. Wood, natural and engineered wood also work very well as working top surfaces.

What factors you should check while selecting the material. It must be durable, heat resistant, stain resistant and able to handle crash and bang of pots and pans. Today we can use sealants and other treatments to boost the life of the counter tops. But still installing steel trivets on the counter tops can help in keeping it in better shape.

Here are some images of pretty looking counter tops from Surfaces USA. You have a selection of granite, mosaic, and other counter tops with matching and contrasting backsplashes. The tops beautifully set off the counter shelves and kitchen cabinets nicely. Which is your favorite?

White Stone-Finish Island Counter

Tile Topped Island and Cooking Counters

Tiled Backsplash to Match Island

Stone Finish Counter top and Back splash

Prettily Designed Mottled Granite Counter top

Mosaic Island Design to Match Back splash

Hob Fixed with Tiled Back splash

Countertop Used As Dining Area

Black Stone Countertop and Matching Backsplash