Innovative Art – Great Decorative Accessories for Your Home


Home decor gets complete with display of your curio collection to the best effect. Many a time, the displayed artifact or painting becomes the focus of the entire room making the room come alive vibrantly. Especially when illuminated effectively, the beauty of the display item gets enhanced multi-fold times and the art indeed becomes a joy forever. Wall decoration forms an important part of decorative accessories. Wall panels, murals, paintings, wall decals, wall hangings – there are many forms of decorative accessories which form part of wall decor. Paintings are an integral part. Many of us get reprints/reproductions of old masterpieces and frame it tastefully and beautifully and derive great pleasure from it.

One of the popular modes of paintings is done with graphic design techniques. Typewriter art is part of this. These can be called art based on text. These were originally done when there was no facility for graphic display and so characters found on the keyboards were used in place of graphic figures – and developed into diagrams/pictures – that look amazing and beautiful. Originally started by H.N. Werkman, a Dutch typographer and printer, and 1950s was when typewriters were used most to develop graphics most creatively. Today ASCII art uses computers to make pictures from the printable characters on the keyboard. It is called ASCII art as the characters which form the base of pictures are all ASCII standard and compliant characters.

Those smiley characters/emoticons which we love to add in our correspondence and which makes the text so alive are some simple forms of ASCII art. Today we cannot imagine writing a simple message without adding a smiley at the end and many times one smiley is far more effective than a whole paragraph of verbose message. Typewriter art is created out of manual typewriters by typing out letters, symbols and numbers instead of drawing with a paintbrush to sketch out the details or even on the computer where you can use the software to create beautiful pictures in pixels or strokes. Manual manipulation of the keys help in making the strokes dark or light as needed to give the best effect possible.

Here are some of the beautiful and unique creations of typewriter art by Keira Rathbone. She creates commemorative pictures of famous events as well create masterpieces of natural sceneries and beautiful buildings. Her reproduction of illustrious persons like Obama has brought her a lot of acclaim and recognition.

Typewriter Image of Branches

Picture of a Community Hall

Leaves & Fruits – Typewriter Art
leaves and fruits -typewriter art

Beautifully Illustrated With Typewriter

Beautiful Example of Typewriter Art

Image of a Forest

American President Obama