Wonderful Looking Wicker Furniture for Outdoor Use

With fine weather, most of us love to spend more time outdoors. Whether it is relaxing after a stressful day at the office or holding a weekend entertainment for friends and neighbours, outdoor areas – like patios, pool decks or terraces are ideal places. Whether you have ample place outside with landscaped exterior with swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, huge gardens with shrubs and plants or it is a small size terrace, you need good sturdy outdoor furniture.

Two Accent Seats with Side Table

What kind of furniture you can use outdoors? Wood, metal or wood and metal combo or bamboo and cane are the materials that are normally used for outdoor furniture. Not all outdoor areas will have shelters always, so you need to have furniture that cans stand the weather when it turns rainy or windy. It is essential that not only the furniture need to be unaffected by weather, but it needs to look good too.

Synthetic Resin Lounger with Cushion

Stripes and Cushions

One of the most popular choices for outdoor furniture is bamboo or cane furniture. These are environmentally sustainable. Bamboo and canes are not like hardwood trees – taking decades to grow into an adult mature tree. They rejuvenate themselves very fast. Also a bamboo or cane is never cut off from root when harvested for furniture use. The roots are left and these grow within two-three years which can be again harvested.

Splendid Looking Seats and Ottoman

Bamboo and cane are good choices for outdoor furniture. Both can stand water and weather completely. They are light, and quite durable. They can be maintained easily. They can be treated with protection against mildew, frost and rust as well UV rays. They are portable and can be moved easily if need be. They are totally recyclable and also they are environmentally sustainable.

Semicircular with Coffee Table

Today there are synthetic resin products used for wicker furniture which look very much like original wicker made from bamboo or cane stalks. These synthetic resin wicker chairs are as sturdier as the original bamboo and cane furniture. The most popular option is to have aluminium frame work for outdoor furniture and use synthetic resin fibre for making the seats etc.

Semi Circular Lounger

Here are some wicker furniture pieces from Velago Patio Furniture. Look at the very pretty looking lounge set – no doubt your patio will look so pretty with that or with the two seater sofas. These are made of aluminium frames and resin wicker hand woven. Check what is your favourite for your outdoor use?

Sectional with Side Table

Plain White Cushions and Wicker chairs

Dining Table or Conference Table

Complete Seating Solution in Wicker

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Wonderful Wicker Furniture Weaves Magic in Your Home And Garden

What is wicker furniture? How is it made? Is it any way different from the cane or rattan furniture? These are some common questions asked whenever the subject of wicker furniture or cane/rattan furniture is mentioned. While cane furniture is made of individual cane poles fixed to frames, wicker is made from weaving natural vines and barks wrapped around frames. Both are very popular choice of furniture – for outdoors but nowadays for indoors as well. Until recently both rattan and wicker furniture were made from totally natural materials. The frames were made of strong and sturdy natural canes bent to desired shape by heating it to high temperatures. In Asia, even today, wooden and cane frames are used and traditional natural fires from bamboo, cane, and willows are used for weaving and the wicker furniture is totally hand-made from 100% natural sustainable green products.

But today, almost all wicker furniture are made using sturdy high-quality light-weight aluminium alloy frames or in some cases heavier steel frames. And the wicker used to wrap around the frames is mostly synthetic. Recycled plastic/resin, vinyl or vinyl/resin is used for making synthetic wicker material. Resin synthetic wicker equals the wicker woven from natural fibres in looks but is sturdier and ages more slowly. It is also naturally water resistant. A good quality wicker weave should be tight, uniformly woven, close together without any visible gaps and have a smooth finish. It is flexible but quite strong. But it is advisable to keep the wicker furniture under cover in shade in extreme weathers. It is easy to clean; just vacuuming it lightly and wiping with a moist cloth should be sufficient. Occasionally a lick of varnish may help. If the cushions can be removed, the frame can be quickly washed with water and wiped dry to remove any spills etc.

Here are some beautiful and wonderful looking wicker furniture pieces from Pierantonio Bonacina. Look at the flowing chaise lounge in natural shade. How beautiful the ottoman looks? Don’t you think you would like the hanging chair in your terrace? The corner sofa set will add to the beauty and ambience to any living room! Comfortable, chic and highly sophisticated-looking wicker furniture is light, strong and durable; looks very beautiful and elegant and is easy to maintain. Coupled with contrast coloured or elegant white cushions, they are things of beauty giving joy forever. When properly taken care of, the wicker furniture lasts for long years giving excellent service. Don’t you think you would love to have some wicker furniture at your home?

Wonderful Looking in White Wicker

Wicker Easy Chairs

Portable Wicker Hanging Easy Chair

Flowing Wicker Chaise Lounge

Cozy Looking Wicker Cabin & Ottoman

Corner wicker Sofa Set with Coffee Table

Comfy Two-Some in Wicker

Wonderful Wicker Ottoman in White

Pair of Wicker Side Tables

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Bamboo – Greener And Faster Regenerating Option For Furnishing

April 22nd is the Earth Day. In the past forty years or so, Earth Day provides inspiration for a number of companies and individuals to commit themselves for protecting the environment and containing the carbon foot prints. Protecting the green cover, using less and less fossil fuel, recycling and reusing are some of the foremost environment friendly ways.

Protecting the lush virgin forests and not cutting them down for constructional and furnishing purposes is of primary importance in environmental protection. Instead of hardwood for furniture and other uses, bamboo provides an excellent source of alternative material. It is a strong and durable alternative and very environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Bamboo has been used as building material in the east for thousands of years. It has been found to be structurally quite strong. While hardwood trees should need nearly 40-50 years to regenerate for full growth, bamboo is known for its faster regenerative ability. Bamboo is hailed for its fastest growing ability of reaching full growth in just about six months.

Cutting bamboo trees does not cause soil erosion because the root system stays intact and the plants grow continuously with growth renewed because of the harvesting done. Because of that a bamboo forest helps greatly in containing the global warming effect as well provide a continuous and renewable source of alternative material for furnishing and construction.

There are a lot of ways you can use bamboo in and around your house. Panels from bamboo are quite versatile. It can be used as fencing material, flooring material, ceiling material, and wall panel materials in all rooms including bathroom and kitchens. You can use bamboo for window treatments that will look refreshingly light and different.

Using bamboo innovatively can produce a number of beautiful and elegant look to your entire house. You can stain it to a dark color like mahogany or leave it to look light to look like pine. You can change the look and texture of the finish by getting winder bamboo that may look more sophisticated and chic.

Whatever the panels you are using – like whether they are vertical or horizontal or weave patterned – they are quite cost effective than any hardwood used traditionally. They are easier to install and look great bringing in a touch of beauty and elegance along with a modern look. Look at these panels from Cali Bamboo and check which you like best!

Wall Panelling Looking Pretty

Prettily Bifurcating Panelled Separator

Kitchen Counter Panelled Attractively

Ceiling Paneled Charmingly

Breakfast Counter Paneled Beautifully

Beautifully Contrasting Bamboo Panelling

Attractive Tubular Table Chair Sets

Tubular furniture was once considered suitable only for furniture that can be folded or stacked. These were not much used for furnishing inside the house as much as wooden or other metal furniture which were the first choice for using as living room furniture, dining room furniture or even bedroom furniture. But today there are more choices available in tubular furniture.

Today steel tube furniture and aluminium tube furniture – both have found favour with the decorators as well as customers. Steel tube furniture is now looking better with plastic coating. Olden day painting has been replaced by plastic coating which makes the frame look better and finish over all really smooth, good looking and more durable too.

The other material used in the tubular furniture is the aluminium alloy which is more popular and more extensively used. This is the preferred tubular frame base for the furniture manufactured today. Lightweight and portable they do not need any surface coating. Even the dusting that occurs from oxidation in sea shores form a protective layer preventing further oxidizing.

Indoors and outdoors, tables, chairs, recliners, loungers are all made from this aluminium alloy tubes. These can be left in the open outside as they put up with lot of wear and tear. Today beautiful looking tables and chairs are being manufactured for use in the indoors with tubular frames. Looking elegant and beautiful, they are an asset to any home in any room.

Beautifully crafted metal bases from aluminium alloy topped with glasses or wooden boards can look very elegant in your dining room. Likewise chairs for dining purpose also are available made from tubular frame. These can be upholstered in fabric or leather or any synthetic material also. These require less maintenance and look pretty for long years.

Today another popular option is furniture made from aluminium tubular frame combined with wicker seating. Synthetic resin-weave seats are more popular as they are sturdier and retain their looks with minimum of maintenance. Sofas, dining chairs, recliners and all kind of seats are now made with tubular frame and resin wicker weave seats.

Here are some beautiful dining table-chair sets from Johnny’s Tubular Furniture. Look at the beautiful looking table with chrome finish tubular frame which can look so pretty in your kitchen or in your dining room? And the royal looking table set with red coloured chairs looks so elegant. The tables and chairs are both made from quality tubular frames.

I hope you will choose one for your home?

Tubular Chairs in Orange and Table

Tubular Chairs in Blue and Glass Table

Retro Style Tubular Dining Table Set

Regal Looking in Red Tubular Dining Set

Mustard Yellow Upholstered Tubular Chairs

Dining Set in White and Steel Gray

Cosy Foursome in Chrome Steel Tubes

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Light And Portable Polycarbonate/Acrylic Furniture for Ease of Use And Beauty

Having a pool side party for the weekends? Not having enough seats for all the guests coming? Do not worry. You can win the appreciation and admiration of your guests with these light and portable polycarbonate/acrylic chairs, stools and tables. These look very elegant, stylish and still are light and portable. Seating arrangements can be done in a jiffy with no sweating – wherever you like.

There is no need to clutter the garden, lawns, backyards or patios with extra costlier and heavier furniture which are not easy to be shifted or relocated. These light and portable chairs are ready for use inside and outside our homes. These chairs can be stacked and stored in the garage or store room and will not clutter our home. These look trendy and chic, colorful and cute.

These chairs are sturdily built yet look very stylish. They need no or low maintenance and are weather and UV rays resistant. These are made from polycarbonate or acrylic with modern technology. They have a very durable surface which is scratch resistant and very strong. They do not shatter, break or crack under impact. Some come with a sheer transparent look and some look cute in lovely colors.

These chairs come with tubular frame work. Frames can be of aluminum, stainless steel or chromed steel. They are rust-proof, stable and very durable. Combined with matching stools and tables, they look very attractive combinations they are useful in gardens, terraces, patios, backyards and pool sides. When you do not need them, they are easy to stack and store, and stay out of sight!

Here are some beautiful looking chairs made from polycarbonate and acrylic from Pedrali. Look at the sheer beauty of the transparent chair – Pasha – looking stunning in the garden. How impressive looks the array of stools on the lawn! Most of the chairs and stools come in transparent versions as well in colors – both look amazing and very attractive.

Don’t you think you would like to have some of these beautiful chairs? You are sure to find these light, portable and stackable chairs come handy when you want extra chairs. They look great and blend with any décor easily. The transparent versions can take cushions of all colors and add beauty to your outside and inside. Go online and check what other options are available and bring home some to add beauty to your home!

Thin & Ergonomic 3D Colored Chairs

Stunning Looking Chairs with Stately Shape

A Gorgeous Looking Transparent Beauty

Glossy Looking Clear Transparent Chairs

Elegant Looking and Easy to Stack

Breathtakingly Beautiful Looking Chairs

Black & White – Beautiful Sight

Beautiful Sets of Chairs & Table
beautiful-sets-of-chairs-and table

Attractive Looking in Steel Frame

Attractive Looking Array of Seats

Rattan Furniture – A Nice Addition to Your Outdoor Furniture

Now that winter is over, you will be spending more time outdoors, by the poolside, on the terrace enjoying the sun. A beautiful yet lightweight kind of furniture for enjoying sunny time is rattan or cane furniture. These chairs are sturdy yet stylish; lightweight yet durable. They are made of naturally growing environmentally friendly bamboo type poles. Cane furniture makes you think of exotic tropics, waving palm fronds, cool & relaxing pool-sides.

Rattan has been used to make furniture and other household articles far longer than most other materials. Since ancient times, cane and wicker have been interwoven into mythology and history. Remember the Moses basket from biblical times? Likewise Choctaw baskets are famous even today for their beauty and strength. Southeast Asian countries excel in the craft of cane and wicker furniture making and other articles.
Cane can be used singly or can be woven to create wicker work. Unlike bamboos, canes are not hollow; they are tough, strong and very durable. When heated, canes can be bent to any shape and that is how such exotic looking cane loungers are made. Under expert and talented hands, aesthetically beautiful and intricate looking furniture is created with skill and precision. They can be shaped into exotic and fascinating shapes.
All natural cane furniture pieces are handmade. The canes are coated with a resin mixture to protect them against moisture. Rattan can be stained or painted to whatever color you like though it looks best in its natural glory with just a touch of lacquer. Cane furniture stays good with little or low maintenance. Just dusting it regularly to keep of the dust and/or wiping it with a moist cloth and a lick of polish or lacquer will make it look like new.

Today, a number of choices of cane furniture are available for you to choose. Sophisticated and sleek, classic and stunningly beautiful or functional and simply elegant – whatever is your choice – you can get it. Here are some gorgeous and great -looking cane chairs from Pierantonio-Bonacina, now under the management of Matteograssi. Look at the poetic beauty of the poolside lounger or the clean-cut classic lines of the terrace chairs.
Canes are ethnic and eco-friendly. It adds grace to our patios, terraces, gardens, gazebos and verandas. They are light but quite stable and not easily toppled. Cane chairs, chaise lounges, easy-chairs and ottomans – all look gorgeous and great by themselves or just with some lovely and colourful cushions. Cost-wise also, rattan furniture is more reasonably priced than regular furniture. Bring home some cane furniture and add to the beauty of your home!

Simple and Elegant Dining Chairs in Cane

Pretty Looking Pairs for Lounging at The Poolside

A Lounger with Bent Cane and Cushions

A Stunning Looking Poolside Lounger

A Recliner & Ottoman with Cushions

A Simple and Elegant Chair with Foam Cushion

A Cool Looking Pair for The Terrace