Accessories for Your Living Room – Occasional Tables


Having a set of small occasional tables like coffee tables, console tables, end tables, sofa tables are very handy and convenient. While guests are coming or even for day-to-day use, these tables help greatly in keeping things organized and neat. They are the staple options for display, tea & snack serving or for keeping magazines, newspapers etc.

They may not be major furniture investment like living room sofas, bedstead or a dining table. But they are equally important for day-to-day comfort and conveniences. Think of just have 2-3 big sofas and four bare walls in the living room. How odd it will look? You need these occasional tables for filling up those empty spaces nicely and prettily.

What all uses can you get from these occasional tables? Displaying your memento photographs, curios, and flowers; keeping your magazines, newspapers, and other reading matter; handy for keeping all those remotes for all the electronic gadgets; your cell phones and chargers – there are so many things to be kept on the table – actually more than what the tables can hold.

Occasional tables come in sets of three or five. Coffee table, sofa table, console table, end table, and side table are generally called occasional tables. You can actually buy the whole set or if you want you may be able to buy just one piece – whatever you want. You can bring a modern minimalist kind of occasional table and blend it perfectly with any decor.

Today modular style occasional tables all come easy to assemble DIY model which are easy for self assembling. They come in all finishes right from natural wood finish to cherry, dark oak, teak and mahogany. Nowadays in small houses and apartments, where you may not have enough space for media center, mostly occasional tables serve as stands for TVs.

Here are some beautiful occasional table sets from Poundex. These are sets of three – a coffee table/sofa table, a console table and an end table mostly. Glass topped and x-shaped pedestal table sets look really sleek and worth having. Some have a base shelf to have some extra storage and some have drawers for keeping stuff.

Whether your home is a small apartment or a house, these are essential accessories you cannot do without. Go online check to check you options and add beautiful occasional tables to your living room furniture.

Table Set with Drawers

Square Shaped and Simply Elegant

Simple and Elegant Table Set

Glass Top and Wood Shelf

Cross Shaped Base Glass Top

Console Table with Bottom Shelf

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Storage Beds – A Boon to Small Houses And Studio Apartments

Storage beds can solve the ever-present problem of storage in small houses and studio apartments. Imagine the list of items you require on a daily basis and the space requirement to store all of them? A wardrobe may take care of your clothing and some part of jewelry etc. But where can you keep the so many other personal items and utility items we need on a daily basis?

What are the items that need storage space in your bedroom other than your clothes? First think of the number of shoes and slippers we use on a daily basis. Where we can keep them? And the brushes, polishes and rags, wipes and nourishing creams we need for the leather footwear – how nice to have a separate drawer under the bed to hold all of the footwear?

And there are other items like extra blankets, pillows and sheets which take up a lot of space. Think of bed that can accommodate all of them? And the other items that we commonly use like iron box, iron table, pumps for the airbeds, emergency lights, torches , chargers for portable music system and similar things which we need but have no place to keep!

If you have just a tiny space for an extra bed say – under the loft – the best way to maximize the space available is to find the storage beds with a number of drawers. We can keep all the extras in these drawers, put a nice looking skirt on the outside and can forget that we have so many under the bed. The best is that the bed-skirt nicely keeps everything tidy and neat.

There is hutch-like space available even behind the headboard – where you can make the electrical connections housed for the light that will light up at the headboards and even have speakers set up for your stereos if you are an avid music fan. Also electric plug sockets can be convenient for charging your cell phone or lap top when you are working from bed.

Here are some uniquely designed storage beds from Ultimate Bed. These are beds specially made for houses and flats where there is a space shortage. There are a number of drawers and shelves built into it so that you can accommodate a lot of stuff into it and enjoy a clutter free home. Personal effects like shoes, bags and blankets all can be stored here!

Don’t you think you will like one for your home?

View of Storage Bed and Mattress

Storage Bed Neatly Covered with Bed skirt

Single Bed with Storage Option

Big Double Air Bed with Floating Nightstands
big-double-air-bed-with-floatig nightstands

Bed with Various Storage Drawers

Bed with Headboard Lights and Lot of Storage Options

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Coffee Tables Small And Smart – Welcome Additions to Living Room Furniture

Small and smart-looking coffee tables are essential furniture in the living room. Whether it is for weekend parties, family get-togethers or evening high teas, small coffee tables come very useful for serving beverages and snacks. Even during normal days, they come handy to keep our books, cell phones, mail and brochures. They are perfect to hold a cup of coffee with some snacks.
Though these tables may not be as big as central coffee tables, they are equally if not more essential furniture to be added to the living room. If you are sitting away from main seating area, and you have other seating areas – smaller and cosier- then the small tables come handy for serving snacks and coffee or storing things where we relax or we sit and watch the telly.

Small tables come in all styles and are made of various materials. If your living room furniture is in traditional style, you can search for a small coffee table to match it. If you are having classic opulent and ornate looking furniture, a solid antique looking wooden table with crafted legs in matching shade may look perfect. You have a wide variety available to choose what will suit you. Even if the coffee tables are small in size, they make up in utility value by having storage spaces, drawers, trays, light-fittings etc. Whatever the living room size is, these fit nicely in nooks and corners, are useful for storing and add to the ambience and beauty of the room. Whether you like to keep flowers, display your curios or coffee-table-top books, they add to the beauty and visual appeal of the room.

While it is important to choose a coffee table that matches the décor, material, look and finish of the rest of the living room furniture, they also must match in height and size. The table should be as tall as the chairs it is used with. Also there must be at least 12-15 inches all around the table for easy leg room. Check for smoothly finished edges and well-rounded and smooth corners and surface. It must be sturdy and steady on its legs. Here are some beautifully crafted coffee tables from Smania. Look at the beautiful round and semi circular coffee tables. The beauty in black looks classically beautiful. And the nested trios are a treat to have in any room. All are exquisitely crafted and beautifully finished. Are you not keen to have some small beautiful coffee tables? I am sure they will come handy and add to the beauty of your living room!

Semi Circular and Smart Looking

Round Table with Storage

Glass Topped Pair

Glass Topped Beauty in Black

Elegantly Different Looking Table

Cute Looking Three-Some

Circular Table with a Drawer and Light

Beautifully Nested Tables

Beautiful Circular Coffee Table

A Stunner in Black

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Oak Sideboards for Your Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms are high-traffic areas and pulse center of your home. Dining rooms are where the family get together to have their meals. This is where the family bond nicely over their breakfast or dinner. Dinner times are when we relax together talking over the day-to-day occurrences and share their experiences and unwind from the stress of day.

Dining tables often get cluttered with the multifarious things that we happen to need while we eat. And many a time, when we may need extra cutlery, crockery etc in hurry and it is wise to have all these items nearby. A sideboard – spacious and well designed – can make it easier for you when you serve your meals with providing extra space and storage.

Sideboards are ideal places to store your cutlery, crockery and wine. Specially constructed wine storage racks will be ideal for storing them. Sideboards make storage easy in the dining room making it look less cluttered and more orderly. With separate drawers and shelves for storing your condiments and other items that you need in dining room.

Wooden sideboards are the most popular choice. To have a complete dining room set, it is best to have the dining table, chairs, and sideboards all in the same style and made of the same wood. Suppose you have an oak dining table and chair set, it is ideal to have an oaken sideboard in the same grain finish so they complement each other ideally.

Well-crafted sideboards are from good quality wood which is kiln dried. Some of the sideboards which are commonly available are made of compressed wood and solid-wood veneer finish. Today high-quality compressed wood also is moisture and termite-proof, fire retardant and retains shape quite reasonably. But this is not as fine looking as original solid wood.

Dovetail joints, smooth finish inside and outside, brass/solid wood handles, beautifully worked drawers and panels are all the features of high-quality side boards. They provide assured and durable service, without drying out or losing their shape, color or finish for long years. The distressed rustic look may be great to add rural charm to your home.

Here are some beautiful oak sideboards from Swanky Rooms Co. These are made of original oak wood which is kiln dried and mature. They are also hand crafted and manufactured to add great beauty and value to your home.

With Four Drawers and Shelves

Smaller Size with Top Drawers

Sideboard with Wine Rack

Oak Sideboard with Drawers and Shelves

Glass Doors and Bottom Drawers

Glass Case with Built in Light

Another View of Wine Rack

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Sophisticated Sideboards Make Elegant Dining Areas


Dining areas need storage area to keep the extra cutlery and crockery as well extra serving dishes that you may not use on a daily basis. Even if you do not have a separate dining room, you will need storage cabinets near dining area without fail. You can create a focal area of décor if you opt for great looking sideboards that can be used for storage too.

Formerly dining rooms used to be separate from living room areas where family will dine every day. Dining room is where your guests eat either a sit-down formal dinner or a buffet that can be casual and relaxed. But nowadays dining area is adjacent to the living room area. Some of us have a separate dining table and chair set or most of us use high bar stools and eat off the island or kitchen counters.

When you have such an informal dining setting, you can create elegance and sophistication by bringing in a beautiful and traditional looking side board as an accent piece. Sideboards can be exotic looking in baroque fashion making your dining area and kitchen a stylishly elegant and beautifully furnished area.

Sideboards can have bow fronted look or straight cut fronts and like the patio console table, the dining area consoles can have beautiful and ornamental framed mirrors. The mirror not only adds a special decorative accent, the entire kitchen – dining section looks brightly lit and more beautiful. Sometimes instead of a mirror, a beautiful painting, wall art or artifact can be suspended over the console table.

Sideboards can have shelves with doors or pull-out drawers. Some sideboards are specially made with bow fronts, and special carved details in the corners or in the center. Some of them have additional glamour with gilded designs and special carvings etc.

Here you can see a number of sideboards that look very authentically rococo and ornate in design and finish. These sideboards are from the stables of Elitis. They look very elegant and chic with a good amount of carving and hand-tooling done to make them look imposing and grand looking with additional gilding and other hand work. Theses gilded tables look really elegant and chic and will add to the style quotient of your dining area and your kitchen!

Wonderful Looking Gilded Bow Front Sideboard

Superbly Carved Wood Console Table

Sideboard in Yellow and Cream

High Glossy & Elegant Decorated Shelf

Handsomely Tooled Bow Front Sideboard

Golden and Brown with Hand-Carving

Beautifully Carved Design in Blue

Attractive Looking Sideboard with Red Trims

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Elegant Looking Writing Desks for Your Home And Office Use

Writing desks are important items in our home-office or office area. An elegant looking writing desk can add to the character and classy look of your office greatly. It adds to the professional look as well serves a utilitarian purpose. The writing desk is generally the focus of the office area. It holds all your tools of trade – including a PC today.

Formerly writing desks were considered as heirlooms – handed down the generations – looking venerable with smooth polished desk – made smoother more by use. Writing desks are almost as large as tables and most of them are also as tall as normal tables. Any normal chair can be of appropriate size for working at it.

Writing desks come in all shapes – mostly rectangular and sizes. They are mostly made from hardwood and are styled in a classic traditional way. The finishes are varied but almost are all superbly crafted with drawers, and cubby holes. The work surface is quite spacious and sometimes they are ornamentally done with inlay work etc.

Generally a standard looking writing desk looks classic almost an accent piece for your living room corner which doubles as your work space. Some times secretary desks can be used as writing desks. These have a front drop leaf attachment and are more compact and convenient for writing. The work area can be taken up and closed up in a drop-front leaf desk.

Another type of working desk is the roll-top desk. This has a cover that can be rolled down from the inner edge of the desk top. There may be cubby holes and compartments inside along with hand -carved decorations. If you want to use a roll-top desk for as a desk for computers, you need to get done some alteration and adjustments to hold the PC and its accessories.

Traditional writing desks had lighter looking wood finishes like maple and pine. A light or neutral finish can help in making it blend with the décor of the room where you will be using it. Actually by using water-proof finishing like oil or varnish, shellac or polyurethane finishes you can keep the working surface look good for longer times.

Here are some writing desks from Troy Brook Visions. All writing desks have beautifully finished working surfaces with the drawers and/or cubbyhole facilities for storage. Any of these desks will add grace to your office or home office ambience.

Simple and Elegant Looking Desk

Desk with Twin Towers and Top Drawers

Desk with Drawers in Maple Finish

Desk with Beautiful Finish and Drawers

Cubby Holes and Drawers

Beautiful Inlay Work with Cubby Holes

Attractive Looking Desk with Drawers

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