Accessories for Your Living Room – Occasional Tables


Having a set of small occasional tables like coffee tables, console tables, end tables, sofa tables are very handy and convenient. While guests are coming or even for day-to-day use, these tables help greatly in keeping things organized and neat. They are the staple options for display, tea & snack serving or for keeping magazines, newspapers etc.

They may not be major furniture investment like living room sofas, bedstead or a dining table. But they are equally important for day-to-day comfort and conveniences. Think of just have 2-3 big sofas and four bare walls in the living room. How odd it will look? You need these occasional tables for filling up those empty spaces nicely and prettily.

What all uses can you get from these occasional tables? Displaying your memento photographs, curios, and flowers; keeping your magazines, newspapers, and other reading matter; handy for keeping all those remotes for all the electronic gadgets; your cell phones and chargers – there are so many things to be kept on the table – actually more than what the tables can hold.

Occasional tables come in sets of three or five. Coffee table, sofa table, console table, end table, and side table are generally called occasional tables. You can actually buy the whole set or if you want you may be able to buy just one piece – whatever you want. You can bring a modern minimalist kind of occasional table and blend it perfectly with any decor.

Today modular style occasional tables all come easy to assemble DIY model which are easy for self assembling. They come in all finishes right from natural wood finish to cherry, dark oak, teak and mahogany. Nowadays in small houses and apartments, where you may not have enough space for media center, mostly occasional tables serve as stands for TVs.

Here are some beautiful occasional table sets from Poundex. These are sets of three – a coffee table/sofa table, a console table and an end table mostly. Glass topped and x-shaped pedestal table sets look really sleek and worth having. Some have a base shelf to have some extra storage and some have drawers for keeping stuff.

Whether your home is a small apartment or a house, these are essential accessories you cannot do without. Go online check to check you options and add beautiful occasional tables to your living room furniture.

Table Set with Drawers

Square Shaped and Simply Elegant

Simple and Elegant Table Set

Glass Top and Wood Shelf

Cross Shaped Base Glass Top

Console Table with Bottom Shelf

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Mirrored Furniture – Now Front And Center – Adds Ambience to Your Home Decor


Mirrors are now the most popular choice of enhancing furniture to make it look very attractive. Mirrored furniture hogs limelight as nothing else. Online market as well local furniture stores are filled with furniture covered with mirror fully or partially. Cheaper versions of mirrored furniture have flooded the market offering stiff competition to classy quality mirrored furniture. What is mirrored furniture? Chic, beautiful and elegant pieces of furniture finished with a mirrored surface all over or partially are called mirrored furniture. Under properly installed and sufficient amount of lighting, mirrored furniture looks like jewels shining and bringing luster to the entire room. It can look great all by itself or with a beautiful ornament a beautiful curio or an artifact bringing the focus on itself as well what is on it.

Another advantage of mirrored furniture is that it makes the room bigger, brighter and adds depth without occupying too much space. They are again very easy to maintain and very easy to decorate also. Actually simpler the decoration, more elegant the mirrored furniture looks. When lights reflect on the various facets of the mirrored furniture, it adds greatly to the overall elegance.
Care is to be taken that mirrored furniture is lit effectively and sufficiently. But care is also needed while transporting the furniture as it is fragile and easy to chip, crack or get scratched. It is essential that you get the furniture professionally packed and home-delivered to avoid any damage during shipping. Of late, furniture manufacturers and designers offer to ship it at a concession.

Sculptured mirror lamps, quartz mirrored end tables, mirrored chest of drawers – the list is endless. But the beauty is that the designers and manufacturers are making them look innovatively different, individualistic and unique. Though there must be umpteen clones flooding the market, there are still available distinctly exclusive pieces which will certainly add value to your decor and ambiance to your home. Here are some stunningly beautiful mirrored furniture from Black Orchid Interiors – side tables, console tables, coffee tables and dressing tables that are unique-looking each in its own way. Look at the harp shaped coffee table looking so simple in design yet so elegant! Likewise the round table with quartz facets on the side looks really lovely on its unique pedestal.

Aren’t you keen to add one or two mirrored furniture to your home furniture to add grace and lustre?

Quartz Faceted Round Mirror-Top Table

Mirrored Side Table with Mirror Top

Harp Shaped Mirrored Coffee Table

Fully Mirrored Side Table

Elegant Looking Mirrored Console Table

Beautifully Mirrored End Table