Bar Stools – Best Dining Seat Arrangements for Small Houses And Apartments


If you are strapped for space in your small home or studio apartment – especially in the dining area, do away with the dining chairs and dining tables. Barstools can be the best alternative that will save space and look neat and elegant in your apartment. You can stack them one over the other when not in use – all the more reason you should opt for bar stools. A studio apartment can have open kitchen running into living room without any specific dining room per se or even a designated dining area. Today’s small houses that have only one bedroom and kitchen cum living room also will face the same problem of not having separate dining area. Best idea is to use barstools at the kitchen itself using a counter top as dining table. Using free standing kitchen islands can be a good idea. But you must take care to get a slim and compact kitchen island that can do multiple duties as kitchen-work space, dining area, storage space and even your own and kids’ home work space when needed. If you get a slightly taller island – as tall as a bar-counter-height kitchen island, it will be perfect.

Contemporary bar stools come in quaint shapes and vibrant colours. When you go for good quality bar stools, they come with all kinds of guarantees. Metal, wood, polycarbonate stools, and wood-metal combo – all look great and are very utilitarian. They can be used at a bar table as well as kitchen counter tops. Light weight and stackable, they can be stored when not needed. Here are some beautiful looking barstools from Casamania. They look light, sleek with classic and clean-cut designs. Very comfortable looking, but they are not space hogging. With footrests and back supports, some look so elegant and stylish, will add ambience to any room in your home. Perfect for a small home!

I am sure you are also keen to get some bar stools like above. These will be convenient to use not only in your kitchen but also if you have an additional kitchen in the backyard or poolside, they can come handy. They blend nicely with any kind of furniture and you will love them once you have them. You can be sure of finding them very useful in your small home or studio apartment!

Sleek Looking Stylish Bar Stool

Simple and Sturdy Stools

Innovative and Attractive Stools

Comfy Seats At Bar Table

Colourful and Cute Looking Bar Stools
colorful and cute-looking-bar-stools

Black And White Bar Stools

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Handsome Looking Wooden Home Office Tables

We find a variety of uses for the tables we have in our home. Dining tables are used for eating and many a time children’s home work. Our net surfing, checking mails and writing letters – all are done on writing table or other tables. Craft tables are special tables where we hand-sew or work on our hobbies like jewel making, embroidery, doll making and any other hobby.

Many of us work from home. Some of us manage small businesses selling products or services. Some of us write, draw, design, teach and do innumerable other professional services. We have our offices right within our home – from where we attend to all our jobs. It is essential that we have a separate and well-defined area as our home office.

What are the advantages of a separate home office? Can we not work from anywhere in the home? A dining table or a multipurpose table can be used for office work; but many a time having a separate space specifically as home office and having specific furniture as our home office furniture can be a good idea that will promote and forward our work greatly.

With a separate work area, we will feel more professional and focused when we are doing our job from home. When clients and visitors come to conduct business with us, a professional looking office premises can predispose them in our favor and create a very good impression about our capability and skills!

What kind of tables can you use for your home office purposes? There are a number of choices available. From hardwood solid tables, to plastic polycarbonate tables you have a variety of tables to choose from. Hardwood tables, engineered wood tables, metal tables, glass tables and plastic tables, cane tables and bamboo/other grass products – there are vast ranges!

Wood tables can be the most favored choice – especially if you have a beautiful looking home in traditional style. Glass tables can look great in a minimalist contemporary décor looking spare and chic. But for long lasting service and comfort factor, nothing equals a solid wood table with its durability, looks and aesthetics also. Here you can see a plethora of solid wood tables from Century Furniture. Most of them come with drawers and shelves. Some have beautifully crafted legs and storage areas. Check which you will choose for your own use?

Wood Office Table Crossed Legs With Drawers
Wood Office Table Crossed Legs With Drawers

Wonderful Wood Office Table With Drawers
Wonderful Wood Office Table With Drawers

Smart Metal Base Black Top Office Table
Smart Metal Base Black Top Office Table

Off-White Big Wood Office Table
Off-White Big Wood Office Table

Handsome Solid Wood Office Table
Handsome Solid Wood Office Table

Beautiful Oak Finish Office Table
Beautiful Oak Finish Office Table

All Black Quadrant Type Office Table
All Black Quadrant Type Office Table

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Attractive Tubular Table Chair Sets

Tubular furniture was once considered suitable only for furniture that can be folded or stacked. These were not much used for furnishing inside the house as much as wooden or other metal furniture which were the first choice for using as living room furniture, dining room furniture or even bedroom furniture. But today there are more choices available in tubular furniture.

Today steel tube furniture and aluminium tube furniture – both have found favour with the decorators as well as customers. Steel tube furniture is now looking better with plastic coating. Olden day painting has been replaced by plastic coating which makes the frame look better and finish over all really smooth, good looking and more durable too.

The other material used in the tubular furniture is the aluminium alloy which is more popular and more extensively used. This is the preferred tubular frame base for the furniture manufactured today. Lightweight and portable they do not need any surface coating. Even the dusting that occurs from oxidation in sea shores form a protective layer preventing further oxidizing.

Indoors and outdoors, tables, chairs, recliners, loungers are all made from this aluminium alloy tubes. These can be left in the open outside as they put up with lot of wear and tear. Today beautiful looking tables and chairs are being manufactured for use in the indoors with tubular frames. Looking elegant and beautiful, they are an asset to any home in any room.

Beautifully crafted metal bases from aluminium alloy topped with glasses or wooden boards can look very elegant in your dining room. Likewise chairs for dining purpose also are available made from tubular frame. These can be upholstered in fabric or leather or any synthetic material also. These require less maintenance and look pretty for long years.

Today another popular option is furniture made from aluminium tubular frame combined with wicker seating. Synthetic resin-weave seats are more popular as they are sturdier and retain their looks with minimum of maintenance. Sofas, dining chairs, recliners and all kind of seats are now made with tubular frame and resin wicker weave seats.

Here are some beautiful dining table-chair sets from Johnny’s Tubular Furniture. Look at the beautiful looking table with chrome finish tubular frame which can look so pretty in your kitchen or in your dining room? And the royal looking table set with red coloured chairs looks so elegant. The tables and chairs are both made from quality tubular frames.

I hope you will choose one for your home?

Tubular Chairs in Orange and Table

Tubular Chairs in Blue and Glass Table

Retro Style Tubular Dining Table Set

Regal Looking in Red Tubular Dining Set

Mustard Yellow Upholstered Tubular Chairs

Dining Set in White and Steel Gray

Cosy Foursome in Chrome Steel Tubes

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Beautiful Dining Tables Add Charm to Your Dining Room Furniture


Gorgeous looking contemporary dining tables are very important to make your dining rooms beautiful. What are all the furniture pieces that you would like to stock your dining room? First of all a beautiful dining table and matching chairs will top the list automatically. You can have a nice display shelf, and sideboards and maybe a wine rack or an étagère to complete the set. Dining tables are the focus of the dining room. If you have a fairly spacious and big house, you can go for an eight seat dining table. But if you happen to have a studio apartment or a small house, a four seater should be sufficient as you can use your kitchen countertop or the freestanding kitchen island countertop as extra dining space for a quick breakfast.

Once a solid looking comfortable spacious dining table and matching dining chairs made of hard-wood was the normal kind of dining table. Some homes had huge dining tables enough to seat some 20-25 people at one go. But today nuclear family and small houses/apartments need small compact four-seat dining table and chairs/stools. Small or big today tables come with innovative looking bases and pedestals. There are glass topped wooden tables where the base is shaped either like a tree root and other innovative designs. Some glass topped tables have woven bases made out of natural or synthetic canes. There are metal frame table bases which are topped with glasses or wooden boards of all types.

Today dining chairs are ergonomically designed much like a computer chairs and are with castor wheels easy to roll out and roll under the table. Many a time dining table doubles up as working surface for the children doing their homework or for the housewife to check some recipes or keep up with her mail and these chairs are convenient for use.

Here are some lovely looking chairs from Chromcraft-Revington, Inc. The cane-based glass topped table looks very nice, likewise the woven bamboo base table also looks really cool. How do you like the pink and white upholstered beautiful looking chairs with different kind of handles? The white set looks cool and impressive. I am sure you have some really nice looking dining table-chair sets for your home. Maybe you will like to add the gorgeous-looking drop-side coffee table for the breakfast corner in your kitchen?

New-Type-Handle Chairs and Beautiful Table

Metal Base Table Metal Frame Chairs

Four Seat Table with Quilted Back Chairs

Elegant Looking White and Wood Top Set

Drop Side Butterfly Table and Chairs

Dining Table Chair with Woven Bamboo Pattern

Cane Base Table and Castor Wheel Chairs

Gorgeous Tables – One of the Most Important Furniture for Home Decor

If we look through the pages of history, the earliest mention about tables are in Egyptian history where they used raised stone platforms to keep things off the floor. Tables used for dining was not a concept in use those days. They put up the food on huge plates that was supported on pedestals. Idea of dining tables with chairs came much later. Since the time dining tables became prevalent, metal or wooden tables had gained popularity as much as the stone tables had. Though initially these were comforts enjoyed only by the rich while the poor seldom had anything better than trunks and crates serving as tables. Initially tables were not as high as they are today and were able to be pushed under the beds.

Trestle tables, dining table, gate leg table, coffee table, drawing table, end table, console table, chess table, refectory table, dressing table, work table, Pembroke table, tripod table, side table, night stands, sofa tables, and work tables are kinds of tables used around the table. Square, rectangular, round, and oval are the shapes mostly used as the flat top surface of the table. Collapsible tables, extendable tables have been popular since long; inserting extra leaves or drop sides which can be locked into positions so that when needed, the tables can be made bigger in size. Extensions that can be folded or slid underneath are other options for expanding the top. Solid wood or intricately worked metal tables were the norm – heavy and durable which were expected to last forever.

Oak and teak the common kind of wood used for making furniture in earlier days resulted in solid and heavy furniture that gave dependable and trouble free service for years and years. Heavier the wood, the more value was given to the furniture. Not only tables, all furniture were made of solid real wood, were huge and heavy but gave absolutely fabulous service for years! Minimalistic look and modular tables are contemporary in style and these tables are popular today and very much in demand. For small houses and apartments eclectically furnished, these tables add beauty and grace without hogging precious space. Here are some beautiful tables crafted by Henrybuilt. The lean minimal look and stylishly chic appearance make all of them great favorites.

I am sure you must have beautiful tables adding ambiance to your dining room. Are they traditional or contemporary? Whatever the style, you sure find them very useful!

Wooden Bench with Cushion

Steel Dining Table – Sleek and Chic

Long and Classic Dining Table in Wood
long-and classic-dining-table-in-wood

Gorgeous Table for Home Office Use

Elegant Round Coffee Table Pedestal Mounted

Dining Table with Chairs

Dining Room Furniture – Rich and Expensive Furniture Set

Tiffany collection of dining furniture is the most outstanding furniture you would come across. They have rich and stylish collections met for the very high class people. They have been designed and created by AltaModa. The main attractive characteristics are the rounded lines, large number of crystals and soft upholsterers. It creates a charming look with maximum luxury and class. Each piece of furniture in this set is made of teak wood and has got either silver or gold lining. Even the rounded cupboards with the glass façade make splendid piece of furniture.

Lavish Stylish Dining Room Furniture Design

Lavish Attractive And Stylish Dining Room Furniture Design

Lavish Stylish Dining Room Furniture Design

Beautiful Designer Dining Room Furniture