Elegantly Done Small House Interior Design Ideas

Small houses and loft apartments are today a part of urban living. Most of our cities are populated so heavily, spacious and roomy houses are not the rule but the exception. With more people keen to have a home in fashionable quarters and inside the town limits, small homes and apartments are practical solution for the house crunch and high real estate rates.

With the arrival of small houses, minimalist, contemporary and eclectic furniture has come to be in much demand. People have not space, place, time or interest to find humongous looking solid furniture. People live in mini houses and minuscule apartments so they want small -size furniture that will not look clumsy or heavy in the limited space available.

In most small houses or apartments, the living room doubles up as dining room. The house designs are open and quite fluid with an open type kitchen that runs into the living room directly. The formal dining room has been replaced by the kitchen counters or kitchen-island counters that serve as the dining area with either high dining chairs or some bar stools with adjustable heights.

Bedrooms are small with compact beds – maybe king size along with built-in storage under the bed for storing extra stuff. The wardrobes are mostly wall supported – maybe walk-in closets which can match the bed and nightstands. A small built-in alcove could be the dressing area. Any work area or the home office is most probably accommodated right in the bedroom.

Kids; rooms and the guest bedroom are self-contained and the furniture is easy to maintain kind as well small in size and modernly minimalist in style. With modular furniture options, kids’ rooms come with bunk bed and modular units that can make the kids’ room completely self-sufficient and cool looking through out year.

Storage shelves are a must in small houses and apartments. With the clutter that can happen in a jiffy in high traffic areas like kitchen, dining counters and bathrooms, shelves for storage can be easy way to contain the chaos. And you need to de-clutter the house on a regular basis so that the there is only essential and if any minimum stuff lying around so that you can continue to have clutter-free home. Here are some images of a small home with exquisite looking furniture from Seriea Mania for your perusal.

With Floral Backsplash
small apartment interior design

Wall Supported Display Shelves
small home interior design

Simple Home Office Corner
small house interior design

Simple and Elegant Dining Area
elegant dining area design

Living Room with Media Console

Kids’ Room Bunk Bed and Study
kids room bunk bed design

Elegantly Furnished Bedroom
small apartment interior design

Complete Set of Bedroom Furniture
small home interior design

Bedroom with Private Work Area
small apartment interior design

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Compact Console Tables for Living Room Furniture

When you imagine a well- laid out living room, along with comfy and elegant sofa sets and sectionals you need to picture end tables also – all kinds of end tables like sofa end table, coffee table, side table and console table. The coffee table may be the star of the show – sitting in the center of the room and being the focus; but the other tables are also equally useful and equally important.

Console tables are long, narrow and a little taller than other tables. Console tables are essentially functional furniture – serving as display tables, or flat surfaces where you can keep quite a lot of stuff handy. Console tables are essential in the living room, in the dining area and in the foyer area as well. They are useful but stay out of way – always against the wall so every room can be better with one console table.

Many a time, console tables are themselves ornamental adding to the beauty of the corner where they are accommodated. They have crafted details like scroll work if they are made of metal; carving details if they are made of wood. They can be shaped more artistically than any other end-tables and create a focus area of attention by their beauty and distinct looks.

Console tables can be free-standing or wall supported. Free standing tables are naturally full tables with four legs and stable without any wall support. They can be made of wood or metal and with work details in the legs or full frame itself. They may have a lower shelf where you can keep books etc and sometimes, have small drawers to keep keys etc.

If the console tables are wall supported, they may have the front two legs and have the back portion supported at the wall. Some tables may have a single pedestal-like base and some may have three legs – one at the front and three at the back. Console tops can be oval or rectangular. Sometimes they are quadrants of circles – a segment – looking very pretty.

Here you can see some images of pretty looking console tables from Chelini – an Italian furniture designer firm who create really beautiful and exquisite furniture. These console tables have very beautiful details like scroll work, carved legs and other details. Hope you will like to have some console tables like these at your home?

Pedestal Base Console With Carve Details
Pedestal Base Console With Carve Details

Pair Of Consoles With Intricate Work
Pair Of Consoles With Intricate Work

Nut Brown Wall Supported Crafted Console
Nut Brown Wall Supported Crafted Console

Marvelous Scroll Work Gilded Leg Console
Marvelous Scroll Work Gilded Leg Console

Lovely Long Console With Bottom Shelf
Lovely Long Console With Bottom Shelf

Glittery In Silver Console With Scroll Work
Glittery In Silver Console With Scroll Work

Black And Gold Console Table Pair
Black And Gold Console Table Pair

Arresting Console With Gilded Legs
Arresting Console With Gilded Legs

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Cane Dining Table-Chairs – Perfect Green Option for Your Home

Dining tables are now used more in the outdoor area as small homes and apartments are not keen to have separate dining room or dining area. Most of us use an open kitchen plan with kitchen and dining area planned continuously and this area opens into the living room area. Most of the times the kitchen counters or the island counters are used as dining table with bar stools or high bistro level chairs as dining chairs.

But all of us love to have a dining table set either in the terrace, or in the patio where we can sit out in the open area and have a relaxed time eating or partying. If you have a garden or front or back yard, you will love to furnish this area also with a dining table and chairs. These are more informal kind of dining area and we do not want heavy or ornate looking dining table sets.

Cane dining table and chair set is the best informal thing you can have for outside dining as well patio or terrace dining furniture. Other areas where you can use light-weight and informal kind of chairs tables are if you want to have a separate breakfast nook in the kitchen itself, but away from the cooking or working area – like the kitchen counters or island counters.

But there are some homes where they still want a dining area separate from the kitchen, even if it is not too big or spacious. Here we may find big and large-size wooden dining tables out of place and out of proportion too. A small square or a round cane dining table and chair set may be the perfect fit for this dining area seating. There are matching console tables or coffee tables also available that will make the set complete.

Most of the cane dining chairs comes with upholstered cushions and a few may have padded backs also. These are made of cane frames and fitted with wicker work which is done by hand and intricately done. But today there is furniture made of synthetic resin material which looks very much like cane is available which resembles original cane and wicker work greatly. Cane is a great green option as it is very fast growing grass-like material which is self-sustaining. Here are some beautiful looking cane dining chairs-table sets from Capri’s Furniture.

Stripe Cushioned Chairs and Glass Topped Table

Round Table and Round Backed Chair

Round Pedestal Table Chairs and Console All in White

Lovely Looking Console Table and Table Chair in Wicker

Handsome Bar Table Stool and Dining Set in Cane

Gorgeous Rectangular Table Chair Set in Cane

Cute Round Glass Top Table and Round Back Chairs

Beautiful Back and Seat in Coral Red

Cane Table Chair Set with Cream Upholstered Seats

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Beautiful Christmas Themes for Your Dining Room


Getting ready for Christmas celebrations this month? What are your plans? Have you done all the preliminary cleaning, de-cluttering and sprucing up your entire home. Do all your rooms look spacious and ready to get set for the festival season? What are your plans for your dining room and dining table this Christmas and the New Year day?

Getting ready for Christmas decorations and party, celebrations, and party & fun times can be quite exciting. It can be quite stressful and exhausting also. To plan months ahead is not always possible and the last minute rush seems unavoidable as there are just too many things to do and days seem to be speeding so fast as of they have a pair of wings.

One of the most important aspects of the festival is the Christmas dinner and Christmas lights decor. Maybe you have a lot of friends and relatives visiting you and you may be planning for an elaborate dinner. How have you prepared for this? Have you done your grocery shopping already? You can have an exhaustive list drawn up that you may need for the baking and cooking of the Christmas feast.

Also you must get your dining room ready for the feast. Do you have a big-size formal dining room or is it a living room-dining area combination. Is the table large and sufficiently big to accommodate all the family and guests? I hope you have got enough sideboards and console tables that can take up the load of soft drinks, wine and other condiments.

Have you planned for any new purchases to make the decor complete. You can always go in for extra cutlery, china, and other accessories around festival time when they offer great deals and discounts. Many a time when we set aside a chunk of our savings for celebration time expenditure, we can buy our day-to-day needs also so that we have everything ready.

Many a time, purchasing new cutlery and crockery is best done just before Christmas. Stores offer festival discount and some of them can offer year-end sales also. You can buy something special just for Christmas and maybe other items also. Think of the joy and happiness we may have by the special dinner enhanced with new crockery and cutlery!

Here is some pretty looking china in Christmas theme from Sainsbury’s. These are beautiful fine china dinnerware for your dining table or these can be given as gifts which will be cherished forever. Check what you like most?

Soup Boat with Santa
christmas decor ideas

Happy Celebration Times – Christmas
commercial christmas decorations

Dinner Plate with Christmas Theme
vintage christmas decorations

Christmas Time Tableware
indoor christmas decorations

Christmas Theme Teapot
christmas decoration ideas

Bowl with Santa Motif
country christmas decorations

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Oak Sideboards for Your Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms are high-traffic areas and pulse center of your home. Dining rooms are where the family get together to have their meals. This is where the family bond nicely over their breakfast or dinner. Dinner times are when we relax together talking over the day-to-day occurrences and share their experiences and unwind from the stress of day.

Dining tables often get cluttered with the multifarious things that we happen to need while we eat. And many a time, when we may need extra cutlery, crockery etc in hurry and it is wise to have all these items nearby. A sideboard – spacious and well designed – can make it easier for you when you serve your meals with providing extra space and storage.

Sideboards are ideal places to store your cutlery, crockery and wine. Specially constructed wine storage racks will be ideal for storing them. Sideboards make storage easy in the dining room making it look less cluttered and more orderly. With separate drawers and shelves for storing your condiments and other items that you need in dining room.

Wooden sideboards are the most popular choice. To have a complete dining room set, it is best to have the dining table, chairs, and sideboards all in the same style and made of the same wood. Suppose you have an oak dining table and chair set, it is ideal to have an oaken sideboard in the same grain finish so they complement each other ideally.

Well-crafted sideboards are from good quality wood which is kiln dried. Some of the sideboards which are commonly available are made of compressed wood and solid-wood veneer finish. Today high-quality compressed wood also is moisture and termite-proof, fire retardant and retains shape quite reasonably. But this is not as fine looking as original solid wood.

Dovetail joints, smooth finish inside and outside, brass/solid wood handles, beautifully worked drawers and panels are all the features of high-quality side boards. They provide assured and durable service, without drying out or losing their shape, color or finish for long years. The distressed rustic look may be great to add rural charm to your home.

Here are some beautiful oak sideboards from Swanky Rooms Co. These are made of original oak wood which is kiln dried and mature. They are also hand crafted and manufactured to add great beauty and value to your home.

With Four Drawers and Shelves

Smaller Size with Top Drawers

Sideboard with Wine Rack

Oak Sideboard with Drawers and Shelves

Glass Doors and Bottom Drawers

Glass Case with Built in Light

Another View of Wine Rack

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Wonderful Looking Lamps for Making Your Home Look Radiant

Lighting is one of the most important features in your home décor. You should so arrange that there is a lamp every ten feet or so in that there will be enough ambient lighting generally and you will have a task light where it is most needed. Table lamps, wall lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers and pendant lamps all are good sources of light for your home.

If you are using a pedestal lamp positioned in one corner of the room, there may be some chances of shadows if the pedestal is not tall enough. A tall pedestal lamp with a transparent or translucent paper or a fabric lamp shade can give a good amount of lighting with a glow. Make sure that the pedestal lamps have solid base and properly and safely wired.

When you place a lamp on a coffee table or a side table, make sure that it is not positioned in between so that people sitting on either side are not able to view each other clearly. Also the height of the lamp should be correct. The shade must be at a level so that there is no glare hitting the eyes of people sitting in chairs next to it.

Along with a chandelier or a pendant lamp over the dining room, it will be a good idea to have a desk lamp on the sideboards or a couple of wall sconces on either side of dining table so you have enough light to see what are the dishes/drinks on the sideboard etc. You can have some of the lamps that resemble candles in the chandelier.

If you want to have a lamp in your bedroom, you should see to it that you have a power switch near the bed so you do not have to get up to switch off when you are sleepy. You can position a couple of reading lamps near the headboard – if the headboard does not have built-in lights. A dimmer switch can help reduce the light if you are used to watching TV while lying on the bed.

Here are some beautiful looking lamps from Melody Maison Co. You can see how beautiful wall sconce looks. There are other lamps with bird sculptures, and other designs. The pleated red gingham style shade looks really fabulous and so is the lamp with the linen shade. Don’t you think your bedroom will look nice with the lamp with a pewter base?

Wall Mounted Lamp with Shade

Tulip Patterned Table Lamp

Prettily Designed Wall Sconces

Pewter Based Table Lamp

Bird Design and with Red Gingham