Make Foyer And Entryway Decor Mirror Your Beautiful And Elegant Home Decors

Foyer or entryway is the first glance your guests and visitors have of your home. To create a best first impression, it is essential to decorate the foyer elegantly. Maybe you have a spacious roomy foyer area or a cute little foyer, but foyer is like a prelude indicative what is inside. When given enough attention, a neatly furnished, well-lit foyer can offer a warm welcome to your guests inside. Foyers /Entryways can be a challenging spot to decorate. Many times we have a long narrow foyer or a small cubicle with stairways occupying half the space. But with planning and patience, you can make any shaped foyer a beautiful looking space reflecting your own characteristic style at the same time remaining completely utilitarian with a side table, coat hanger and a shoe rack etc.

Let us see what all we may need to make a foyer attractive, chic at the same time functional? This is one place in your home that definitely should have enough storage space. You may need a coat rack, and shoe rack, simple but elegant light fixtures, some wall décor and definitely a mirror. You can add some door mats or carpet runners to add distinction and color to the space. Much like every room in your home, foyer needs effective and sufficient storage space. If space permits, think of investing in an armoire that can help in stashing your stuff like keys, scarves, books, mail etc. If you are strapped for space, floating shelves or wall brackets may help. A shoe bench with shoe storage underneath can be a wonderful addition to keep the shoes in order and out of sight.

A tiny foyer chandelier or a pendant light can add a luxurious look to the foyer. Actually you can get the foyer space painted or wall paper more luxuriously than other rooms. Because a glossy rich and expensive wall finish may give the guests a very good first impression and secondly, it is a small place and the cost may not be all that high. It is a good investment adding to the home value. Here are some beautiful ideas and furniture for foyer – entryway – decoration from Carolina Rustica. Look at the lovely chandelier! Surely the mirror will look exquisite on your wall! Don’t you think the narrow console table will be a perfect fit in your foyer? How do you like the unique-looking clock? The chic and slim coat rack looks so nice!

Go online and check how you can beautify your home foyer. Talk to the interior decorator and make a stunning looking entryway and impress your guests!

Unique Looking Wall Decoration Clock

Tall Slim Desk with Storage Shelf and Drawers

Stunning Looking Sun Burst Mirror

Slim and Sleek Looking Coat Rack

Mini Chandelier in Bronze Finish

Handsome Looking Central Table

Hall Chest with Drawers

Classic Console Table with Drawers and Mirror

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Welcome To Green Ideas – Include Gorgeous Driftwood Furniture in Your Decor


Today the green movement is gathering momentum and doing our bit for the preserving and promoting the green trend is most important. The aim is to reduce, reuse & recycle – whatever natural treasures we have – like woods, water without wasting as well contain the craze people have to dump old things and get more and more new non-sustainable products. Driftwood can be called the ultimate green product. Felled by no human hands, treated with no harmful chemicals, the driftwood is the embodiment of green sustainable material. Captivating the imagination of multitude of people cutting across language, nationality, creed or age, driftwood is a favorite medium to create unique masterpieces of artwork, furniture and other accessories.

Where do driftwoods come from? Most of the driftwood is washed ashore on the coastal shores in various areas. Also in deep forests, where rivers rub/scour the banks on which trees have grown, over time some limbs of trees get loosened and flow along the water as driftwood. Also driftwood can come from thick woodlands with streams and lakes. It is deadwood, cured by water mostly. Sometimes without falling into water, dead tree limbs in forests or hilly terrain can become like driftwood which can be used in the same way. Sun, rain and wind bleach it effectively. Whatever be the way, driftwood embodies timelessness and the eternal power of elements over the flora, fauna and human beings. And it brings a whiff of blue oceans, green forests, sun and sand.

Inspired by the unique shapes sculpted by water, wind and sun, there are myriad ways drift woods get shaped – as furniture, as sculptures, mantle frames, mirror frames and as well displayed in their natural glory also. Artists use their imagination along with things like glass, resin and clay to make unique and wonderful looking sculptures, lamps, wall hangings as well as furniture like glass topped tables, chairs etc. Here are some wonderful looking coffee tables, mirror frames, console tables etc from All Driftwood Furniture. Pine, cedar, walnut or oak – any tree’s driftwood works fine. Knots and gnarls in the wood add to the character. Look at the beauty of sun-bleached natural bone-like look of the driftwood. Each one of them is unique and hand crafted beautifully and carefully.

If you are thinking of a DIY with driftwood, cleaning, soaking, sterilizing and other preparations ought to be done. Or you can get some ready-to-use from pet store. Wherever you get it, you are sure to love driftwood furniture.

Wonderful White Dining Table

Vertical Frame for Mirror

Glass Topped Coffee Table

Driftwood in Natural Glory

Driftwood Christmas Tree Illuminated

Dining Table Round from Driftwood

Console Table atop Two Driftwood Pieces

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Decorative And Attractive Revolving Armchair

The quirky revolving armchair from Leolux is beautiful and attractive. It stands on a revolving chair base and can rotate 360 degrees. Designed in 2005 by designer Jane Worthington, this compact armchair is called the Gisa armchair and is inspired by the soft forms of nature. Like a swan, Gisa has a neck that turns and can bend into many positions. Serving as a backrest, the chair’s ‘neck’ is eye-catching innovation. The uncanny curves of the armchair were first molded from one piece of material into an organic shape. This armchair was also nominated for the Innovation Award in 2006. You could get more details for this armchair from Leolux website.

Revolving Decorative Attractive Arm Chair

Revolving Decorative Attractive Designer Arm Chair

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Mosaic Tile Art Brings Beautiful Masterpieces to Your Walls

Tile mosaics have been around for centuries bringing color and beauty to our home. It has retained its original charm and elegance remaining as popular and in demand as it was. There are many names used to describe it – like mosaic art, tile art, mosaic art tile or glass art. Ceramic pieces, small pebbles, glass pieces/tiles, and various small things go into making a mosaic. Apart from the tiles that make up the flooring and walls in your homes, mosaic tile work can be done on wooden tables and other surfaces to make them look ornamental and elegant. Counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms, serving counters, bar tables – there are so many places where mosaic tile work brings a touch of color and iridescence with a play of light.

Mosaic art pieces have gained a lot of popularity recent times. Murals, wall hangings or other wall panels made from mosaic depicting masterpieces of art are very popular. Customizing with mosaic tiles, today you can have your personal digital photography transferred into mosaic art for display in your home with glass, grouts and tiles of your choice in a contemporary style. Today there are decorative tiles/murals from other tiles like ceramic, glass, marble and porcelain. Each of the have distinct and individual characteristics that make them look remarkable and very elegant. The finish can be matte, satin or glossy depending on the location or theme. The gloss tile looks best for decorative purposes and the matte finish is for art and photo products.

Other prosaic uses for mosaic and other tiles are in the kitchen counter tops, flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen back splash and even restaurant/bar backdrops. Today beautiful mosaic tiles are used as ceiling tiles – creating beautiful and artistic patterns – creating a stunning look to the entire room adding more depth and character to your interiors and overall ambiance. Here are some beautiful samples of mosaic art work from Top Hat Tile. All of them are reproductions of ancient masterpieces by famous artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Di Vinci, Raphael and Vermeer. Unlike ancient times when it was so difficult and time consuming, today modern technology has made this ancient practice simpler and faster.

You can get online and explore the innumerable options available right from mosaic tile art to glass, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles. There are geometric patterns, psychedelic designs and other themes for you to choose. You can do so many things with these tiles – from making over your home to beautifying the home.

Raphael’s Putti Angels of Madonna

Napoleon on his Horse

Mona Lisa in Mosaic Tile

Michelangelo’s Banishment of Adam

Last Supper Wall Panel

Girl with Pearl Ear-Ring – Vermeer

Facsimile of Masterpiece Scream

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Eco-friendly Window Treatments

For a long time, when it came to green products, functional and attractive did not always go hand in hand. The good news is that this has changed dramatically since eco-friendly products were introduced, and it’s now easy to find beautiful products, including window treatments, that will complement the style and decor of your house, while remaining a responsible and conscientious green consumer. Of course, that also means that there are more and more companies creating products that they are marketing as green products, which can make it difficult to decide which window treatments are the best for you and your home.

Eco-friendly Factors
When looking for eco-friendly window treatments, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. Probably the most important factor, and the first that comes to mind, is how energy efficient the window treatments are. Other factors to consider are:
– Sustainability of materials
– Are non-toxic, natural materials used
– Do the window treatments contain recycled materials
– Price
Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Window Treatments
The window treatments produced by many companies are becoming greener due to the processes used to produce the treatments, the materials used, and the energy conservation benefits that the window treatments provide. The production process has become a lot less toxic, and toxins are being removed from the materials in the window treatments. More natural materials are used when making the window treatments, and if possible, the content has been recycled. Not only does this make the window treatments safer to have in your home, but it also means that there is less of an impact on the environment during the production of the window treatments.
Energy conservation is the main factor that makes a window treatment eco-friendly. Windows without treatments, or with standard window treatments, can lose up to 50 percent of heating and cooling energy through the windows. When choosing eco-friendly window treatments, it’s important to consider their effectiveness in both the winter and summer months. The goal is to improve the insulation of the winter, so that heat loss is reduced in the winter and the amount of heat entering the house from the sun in the summer is also decreased.
How Eco-friendly Window Treatments Conserve Energy
Heat energy flows from warm to cold, which causes heat to leave buildings in the winter and enter air conditioned buildings in the summer. The goal of insulating window treatments is to stop this flow of air through the windows. The R number for a window treatment indicates the ability of the material used to stop the movement of warm air. The higher the number, the more resistant the material, leading to less energy used, lower heating and cooling costs, and a more comfortable room temperature.
In the summer, the heat of a room is increased by the solar energy of the sun. The solar heat gain coefficient is the amount of heat that is passing through a window and into a room from the sun. In the winter, this additional heat is often desirable, but the reverse is true in the summer. Eco-friendly window treatments will reflect the sun’s rays away from the home in the summer, and can be opened in the winter to let the heat in. As a result, cooling costs will decrease in the summer, as will heat costs in the winter.

Wooven Wooden Blinds

Wooden Smart Blinds

White Window Blinds

White Kitchen Blinds

Wooven Wood Shades

Decorating Ideas For New Homes

Decorating an apartment efficiently and beautifully is a challenging task – especially if you have a small apartment. But a well-designed Bangalore apartments when decorated skilfully can make the space flow around creating beautiful ambiance. Using space cleverly and effectively, creating dramatic effects with colour accents and layering and giving ample space in and around furniture, you can make a small apartment look spacious.

Utilization of space optimally
Before starting the decoration of your house and furniture purchase, take time to explore what effect you want and whether the furniture will fit into your home space and create the effect you are keen on. Check how best to utilize the floor space and vertical space optimally so you have all the furniture you need for comfort yet create an uncluttered look.

Colors are excellent tools
By clever use of colors you can create a spacious look and add depth to your room as well. Use more than one color on walls, on sofa upholstery with contrasting and matching cushions, on bed with plain and brocade/woven bed linen and with draperies around the color. You can match the shades with deep or contrast colors to create a stunning layered look. Accent colors can create a focus of attention in the room.

Floating shelves
Having a little more floor space can be achieved with floating shelves and wall supported wardrobes, display shelves and sideboards. Free-standing furniture can eat up into precious floor space. Floating shelves can be wall-supported and leave floors free. All rooms can benefit with these kinds of shelves and wall supported wardrobes and other furniture like consoles, sideboards which are placed plush against walls.

Use kitchen islands
Kitchen islands are ideal accessories for use as additional counter space and accommodating large -size household appliances. They provide extra working space during cooking. Using kitchen islands countertops or kitchen countertops as dining table is gaining popularity all over especially with the open-type kitchen plan. The extra space is used for kids’ homework, checking mail or as craft table when needed.

Provide enough moving space
When you place sofas and sectionals, supported with side tables and coffee table, try to provide enough elbow room amidst the sofas and side-tables, so people are able to move around without stumbling or stubbing toes. Have occasional table levels the same or a bit higher than sofa seats.
These small decorative tips can go to make the house your dream home – your pride and the neighbours’ envy!