Beautiful And Elegant Home Theatre Seating – The Ultimate in Stylish Luxury

Today home theater is the prime home entertainment center. Home theater experience is not complete without comfortable and elegant looking home theater seats. When we are keen to enjoy all the luxury of seeing a movie at home theatre style, the seating should match the audio and video experience and double the comfort and pleasure – in fact better than the actual theatre experience! We spend a lot of time, money and effort to pick and choose the various components of home theatre. Similar amount of attention is needed while we pick up the home theatre seating also. Today a vast range of theatre seating is available and in all styles and sizes. Once you decide on your requirement, it will be child’s play to pick the best to suit your likes and the budget.

First check out whether you have a spacious area to hold all the home theatre equipment and the pretty large sized home theatre seating with foot rests and reclining back etc. If space permits, a large roomy entertainment center room with two rows of seats with aisles and all comforts is ideal. But a smaller home can have a smaller home theatre with two or four chairs comfortably arranged. Finding the correct size to fit your home and the entertainment center room is very important before placing an order. Measure the space exactly and check for sufficient legroom and walking space around. Decide exactly how many chairs you need and how many can be fitted comfortably in the room. Choose the style, material and upholstery to match the room and home décor.

Since home theatre seats come with a multitude of amenities, you can pick and choose what you would like to have in your seats. Along with extending foot rests and reclining backs, the arms of the seats have storage option, detachable tray holders, and very conveniently there are touch screen remote controls to adjust the video, audio and other features. Special customization for holding an iPad is an option with some models. Here are some stunning looking home theatre chairs from Elite Home Theater Seating. Look at the velvet upholstered chairs with golden color piping and matching beautiful lighting. And look at the beautiful black and chocolate leather upholstery. Look at the innovative slide-out iPad holder and the concealed storage drawers to hold some CDs, remote controls etc. How lovely the chairs look with red velvet upholstery?

I am sure you are keen to buy some state of art home theatre seats as shown. Go online and browse, check with your interior decorator and bring home some beautiful home theatre seats!

Stunning Looking Theater Seat

Seat with Optional Storage Facility

Regal Looking in Red Velvet and Matching Decor

Fitted With Slide-Out Touch-Pad Control Panel

Exclusive Seat with Specially Fitted IPad Holder

Cute Looking in Chocolate Color Leather

Customized with Removable Wood Tray
customized-with-removable wood-tray

Beautiful Theatre Seats Fitted In Black Leather</span

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Opulent And Sparkling Chandeliers Give a Rich, Luxurious Look to Your Home

Glass and crystals, combined with metal create the magic of chandeliers. A chandelier can transform an ordinary looking living room into an opulent and luxurious living room. It is an important decorative lighting accessory to any room. It can be the focus of the room-décor – sparkling and glitzy, adding allure and style. Imagine how pretty the sparkling crystal on the dining table will look reflecting the chandelier’s glitter and sparkle! You have to buy the correct size chandelier to suit the room where you plan to hang the chandelier. The thumb rule is that the diameter of the chandelier should be the sum of room length and breadth but in inches. A mini chandelier can get lost in a too big room or look too dominating in a small room. But it is better to go in for a bigger size as they look smaller when they are hanging from the ceiling. It should be at least 7-8 feet above ground level, if not higher.

There are many chandelier styles like antique, contemporary, crystal, country, rustic, lodge and Tiffany. They can have lights ranging from pendant shades, crystal shades, candlestick shades and more. The metal fittings can be either in powder-coated or brushed finish ranging from bronze, copper, and nickel, gold or silver. Crystals used in the chandeliers can be gem-cut, hand-cut or moulded. Smaller shades in various colours add to the beauty avoiding glare. A chandelier functions as an accent light – more of a decorative light. And chandeliers alone cannot light the entire room sufficiently. It gives a diffuse and soft kind of a light adding to the romance and grandeur. You need to provide supportive lights to augment the ambient light; provide other lights like wall sconces and recessed lighting to give enough ambient light so the room is not dingy.

Here are some beautiful looking chandeliers from Lighting Direct. Satin nickel finish and oil rubbed bronze finish are some of the finishes used for these chandeliers. Trimmings like octagon heads, arrows, tubes, French pendeloques, beads, grapes and ovals are used to embellish the chandeliers. Some are done with a gold finish and some with nickel finish. All are high-quality products and come with base bulbs, open hooks and chains. Check for quality when you are buying chandeliers. Any imperfections like bubbles, flakes, chips or scratches in the glass and crystals will be very visible when lit. But a perfectly manufactured chandelier is a piece of art that will bring beauty and ambience to your home.

With Crystal Drops and Bronze Finish

Shells and Candlestick Lights

Quietly Elegant with Crystal Drops

Great Looking Cut Glass Shades

Gorgeous in Gold and Cream

Cute Looking with Candle Stick Shades

Branch Lights with Brass Finish

Beige Shades Looking Pretty

Attractive Looking in Arc Pattern

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Elegant Bedspreads Add Charm to Your Bedroom Linen Collection

Winter is gone! Warmer days are here; enjoy the sunshine, pack off the woollens, blankets and comforters. It is time to bring a splash of colour to your bedroom. Transform the decor; make it come alive with a vivid and vibrant looking bedspread. Solid colors, pastel shades, tropical prints, stripes – pick up what you like most and make a statement. Just spread it on the bed in daytime and see what a difference does it make to the entire decor. Bedspreads come as part of bed linen sets as well you can get individual pieces which can set the mood of the room by itself. Bedspreads are very visible accessories and so they need to be chosen with care. You should pay attention to the size, colour and quality of the bedspread before making a decision. You should check that the material does not pose any health hazards to you and your family like skin allergy etc.

Check the size of your bed. King-size, queen size, or whatever the size of your bed – measure it correctly and go in for a matching size of bed spread. Too big and too small – both should be avoided. When spread out on the bed, it should look like tailor-made for it – just the right amount hanging on both sides and not look too overwhelmingly big or bulky. Pick out a colour that will suit the decor of your bedroom. If you have a neutral shade, than you have a larger choice but if you have color-coordinated decor, then you ought to be careful to choose it to match the draperies, upholsteries and other furnishings. Also check what is the mood of the room, weather your home has a specific style like traditional, modern etc. A mismatched bedspread can be a disaster and spoil the entire look.

Bedspread essentially serves a decorative purpose. Since you can use it as a blanket if need be, a cotton/a cotton blend or silk/silk blend can be a good choice. You have to be sure about the quality of the fabric of the bedspread. It should be soft, supple and must have good drape. It should combine good looks with durable quality. It should not be rough or hard and cause any skin allergy or rashes. Here are some bedroom accessories from Ebony Gautier. How beautiful the mix and match bed linens, the pillows, the bedspreads and the entire decor of the bedrooms are! What gorgeous colours and great combinations! They look so breathtakingly beautiful and elegant!

Go online and check out what options are available. Talk to your interior decorator, and bring home a beautiful bedspread to celebrate spring and sunshine!

Wonderful in White and Beige
wonderful-in-white-and beige-

Gorgeous Combo of Black White and Red

A Stunning Looking Orange and Red Linen Set
a-stunning-looking-orange-and red-linen-set

An Attractive Black and White Combination

A Lovely Patterned Pillow and Comforter Set

A Graceful Looking Gold and White Set

A Floral White and Brown Combination

A Beautiful Bedroom in Brown

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Mosaic Tile Art Brings Beautiful Masterpieces to Your Walls

Tile mosaics have been around for centuries bringing color and beauty to our home. It has retained its original charm and elegance remaining as popular and in demand as it was. There are many names used to describe it – like mosaic art, tile art, mosaic art tile or glass art. Ceramic pieces, small pebbles, glass pieces/tiles, and various small things go into making a mosaic. Apart from the tiles that make up the flooring and walls in your homes, mosaic tile work can be done on wooden tables and other surfaces to make them look ornamental and elegant. Counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms, serving counters, bar tables – there are so many places where mosaic tile work brings a touch of color and iridescence with a play of light.

Mosaic art pieces have gained a lot of popularity recent times. Murals, wall hangings or other wall panels made from mosaic depicting masterpieces of art are very popular. Customizing with mosaic tiles, today you can have your personal digital photography transferred into mosaic art for display in your home with glass, grouts and tiles of your choice in a contemporary style. Today there are decorative tiles/murals from other tiles like ceramic, glass, marble and porcelain. Each of the have distinct and individual characteristics that make them look remarkable and very elegant. The finish can be matte, satin or glossy depending on the location or theme. The gloss tile looks best for decorative purposes and the matte finish is for art and photo products.

Other prosaic uses for mosaic and other tiles are in the kitchen counter tops, flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen back splash and even restaurant/bar backdrops. Today beautiful mosaic tiles are used as ceiling tiles – creating beautiful and artistic patterns – creating a stunning look to the entire room adding more depth and character to your interiors and overall ambiance. Here are some beautiful samples of mosaic art work from Top Hat Tile. All of them are reproductions of ancient masterpieces by famous artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Di Vinci, Raphael and Vermeer. Unlike ancient times when it was so difficult and time consuming, today modern technology has made this ancient practice simpler and faster.

You can get online and explore the innumerable options available right from mosaic tile art to glass, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles. There are geometric patterns, psychedelic designs and other themes for you to choose. You can do so many things with these tiles – from making over your home to beautifying the home.

Raphael’s Putti Angels of Madonna

Napoleon on his Horse

Mona Lisa in Mosaic Tile

Michelangelo’s Banishment of Adam

Last Supper Wall Panel

Girl with Pearl Ear-Ring – Vermeer

Facsimile of Masterpiece Scream

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Wonder Acrylic Brings Style And Elegance to Your Home


Glass has a look of class and sophistication that is unmatched. Furnishing a home with accents on glass furniture can make the home look spacious and chic. But glass brings its own minuses like cracks and breaking on impact etc. It is certainly not for homes with children and pets with high incidence of accidents but instead you can have acrylic! What is exactly acrylic? How is it made? Artificial fibers of compounds of vinyl form the basis of acrylic. These thermoplastic fiber properties make the special properties of acrylic – like very less moisture content and density. Except for the fact that if exposed to fire it may melt and burn, this is one of the most durable material and lightest as well.

Two common methods of manufacturing acrylic are by cell casting and extrusion with cell-cast acrylic as the better of the two. While looking like glass with stunning clarity, acrylic is stronger than glass. It does not shatter with impact and insulates much better glass or wood. Only weighing 50% of glass weight, it is easier to work with and it is easily portable. While superseding glass in strength, acrylic is the most transparent at 93%. A glass of equal strength will have a greenish tint whereas acrylic looks just clear and stunningly transparent. Because of the its unique property to be shaped any way you like, acrylic is the popular choice for many of the household articles, industrial items. More innovative ways to use it are being discovered daily.

The best thing about acrylic is that it does not show any joints or seams – as they are called – in whatever structures acrylic is shaped. With the help of welding done chemically at molecular level seams become just invisible. This helps greatly in making aesthetically beautiful shapes – right from furniture, accessories, household articles and various other items. Here are some beautiful items made of acrylic from ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG. The end tables, coffee tables, side tables and the dining table all look so sheer, transparent and beautiful. The console tables in pale green look just great. Just look at those beautiful vases, jewelry boxes and flower boxes. These masterpieces will adorn any home beautifully and elegantly!

Don’t you think these acrylic furniture and household items look great? An acrylic aquarium can make your living room focal point and make you happy. Do check out, and you will surely love these acrylic items.

Stunning Looking Dining Table

Pretty Pair of Side Tables in Acrylic

Pretty and Functional Looking Boxes

Elegant Looking Acrylic Desk in Gray
elegant-looking-acrylic-desk- in-gray

Cute Looking Flower Boxes

Classy Looking Console Tables in Green

Beautiful Acrylic Transparent Desk

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Stunningly Beautiful Decorative Accessories Arrangement

As soon as you enter any room, there is a certain point that attracts your attention. It could be an architectural element, a furniture piece or some ornamental decorative accessory. This eye catching, attention grabbing point in the room is called focal point. A room can have one main focal point and other secondary focal points. The focal point should be highlighted in such a way that it is inviting to enter that room and pleasing to remain in that room for a longer time. You can use your decorative accessories to create attractive focal points in a room. A good focal point makes a room lively and memorable. A room without focal point has no character, no strength to attract people.

You can group up a few decorative accessories to make stunningly beautiful arrangements. Proper display of accessories enhances the looks of a room. You can make your room look stylish and elegant by proper choice and arrangement of accessories such as mirrors, lamps, wall art, rugs, vases, antique pieces, coffee table books, sculptures and figurines, pillows and cushions. Keep in mind certain rules while arranging your rich artifacts to make them look dazzling. The most important rule is: do not overcrowd the space with too many decorative pieces. You need to choose a great composition with the correct balance of size, shape, color and texture.

Display an assortment of accessories of different sizes and shapes. Place tallest accessory at the back and small ones in front. Arrange them in artistic manner, so that they grab attention. An appropriate color scheme binds them well and they look good as a group. Sometimes asymmetric arrangement looks interesting. A beautiful wall art with a stunning flower arrangement in front of it looks gorgeous. Layering your accessories with different colors and textures creates depth. While arranging photos, proper lighting will highlight them. Candlesticks look beautiful in front of mirrors. Flower arrangement with some shiny little objects looks lovely. While grouping similar accessories always choose odd number of items. For example three vases would look good instead of two. If you would want to display two vases, choose different height and similar shapes. If you want to display a collection of different accessories, make sure that they complement each other. They should highlight each other in some way. Even a simple arrangements like a bowl of fresh fruits on dining table or a bowl of silver acorns on a center table in living room or flower vase in entry hall look pleasing to the eyes.

Decorative Accessory Arrangement Dining Room
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Sideboard Wall
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Mantelpiece
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Entry Hall
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Center Table
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Bedroom

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