Tradition & Celebration – Christmas Brings Joy to All

Beautiful sense of tradition and joy of celebration make Christmas special to all of us. Each Christmas brings us the memories of all the Christmas seasons we have had since childhood and we pass on the tradition and values to our children as well. Christmas tree, lights, illuminations, decorations, Christmas feast and gifts – all are too important to be missed.

Though Christmas is all about tradition and family customs, we can change the way we decorate the trees, wrap the gifts, and serve the feast and light up the house. You can choose a theme as the focus of the celebration and do all the activities to match the theme and treat this as an opportunity to work as a team with our children to create a new Christmas look.

If you are thinking of gold and glowing cream as the theme for the Christmas, you can make all ornaments, decorations, lightings, gift wrappings, dining room and living room wall décor, furniture upholstery and cushions and rugs in a matching color combination and make this entire Christmas celebration a gold and cream expression of your own style statement.

Check out what ornaments you have that will match the colour scheme you are going to adopt this year. And start creating your own decorations or hunt for decorations in the same colour combinations so that your ornaments and glitter tinsel, garlands and other decorations are all in the same golden and cream combinations.

Check out how to make all the illuminations and lights to be in the same colour. Now that you have coloured mini lamps and serial lamp strings, you can use them. You can mix and match the golden and amber coloured bulbs with red, green and blue to give a layered look that will add depth to the decoration and colour scheme.

Choose gift wrapping papers in the same colour combinations. And use golden coloured ribbons to tie a bow for the gifts. Use the same colour for your table arrangements and napkins etc. With upholstery in the same colour combinations and wall décor also matching, you can have a beautiful colour schemed Christmas celebration that will look stunning.

Here are some ideas of decorations for your Christmas tree and home from Season Christmas. You can pick up your own favourite from the different and lovely looking ideas for a stunning Christmas décor. I think all of them look great. Don’t you?

Santa at His Table and Gift Bags

Ornaments for Beautifying

Nativity Scene Lit Beautifully

Jingle Bells Heralding Season

Glass Ornaments and Lights

Garland and Flower and Candle

Beautiful Looking Wreath on Door

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Welcome the New Year with Parties and Fireworks

The old year is over and out, the New Year is just rolling in; all of us are ready to welcome the New Year with beautiful decorations, glittery lights, fireworks, scrumptious food and sparkling wine. The New Year’s Eve is for having a fun time, enjoying yourselves and eagerly awaiting the start of the New Year with loved ones – all our friends and family – around us.

Plan and decorate your home for the New Year party. You do not have to spend a fortune on buying expensive decorations or high-end party food. You can decorate the home well within the budget you have decided by planning wisely and buying prudently. Make an exhaustive list of all the dollar shops and other departmental stores which sell all the New Year party items.

Check how many guests are coming to attend your party and make a full list of how many adults and children, if it is a family-type get together. Visit all the neighbourhood dollar stores to find what items are popular and in demand this year. Look for the New Year hats, headgears, goggles and other sundry items that are generally loved by the kids as party wear.

Check out for streamers, balloons, candles, confetti, stars, and other glitter and tinsel items that will make the party venue look gorgeous and decked grandly in candle and electric light. Buy some great looking flowers. They will add to the classy look and spread their sweet fragrance. Arrange for a lot of illuminations, ceiling and table lights so the party area looks brightly lit.

Have a lot of chairs along the walls and keep the central area free for people who love to dance. Arrange for foot-tapping kind of music that is light and popular and play it gently as a background. Place a beautiful wreath at the entrance and focus some light over the entrance specially. Have glittery stars and spangles hanging from ceiling to look festive.

Here are some beautiful ways to arrange your party venue from Colour Box. Look at the beautifully lit 2012 – year sign that really looks cool and elegant. You can have great looking fireworks lighting up the sky when the countdown ends and the New Year has been ushered in. How are you preparing for your New Year party? Hope you like some of these ideas? Have a wonderful and happy new year!

Wishing a Very Happy New YearIS214-027

Gala Welcome to the New Year

Grand Looking Fire Works
Fireworks, salute

Decorations for New Year Party

Beautiful Looking Fireworks

Attractive Decorations for Party

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Enjoy Your New Year Party – With Mood Lighting Matching Tableware

How ready are you to celebrate the New Year? Have you got all your party planning done and menu ready? All illuminations finished and decorations completed New Year is the time everybody just loves to celebrate and have a great party with sparkling wine and lip smacking food; and keep dancing until the New Year is ushered in.

Have you decided on the theme of the party? Then you should also plan about mood lighting that will enhance the theme and decoration of the party. With planning, you can have perfectly matched tableware, stemware, napkins, table runners and table clothes as well as party games also. Mood lighting can make a real difference to the ambiance.

Another very important item is to select the right music for the party. Selecting a genre to match the theme of the party is very important. Also it is very important to plan the songs the right way. Starting out slow and mellow is a good idea and as it gets nearer to midnight, faster and livelier sounding songs will make the mood more jubilant and rapturous.

One sure way of making the party a smashing success is to have a lot of spicy, tasty and cheese filled foods ready as snacks to go with sparkling wine. Everybody loves to keep snacking while they enjoy the games, dance right up to the midnight countdown. New Year parties are so much fun filled that people just do not want to stop.

You need to plan the entertainments according to the kind of guests you are planning to have. If you are thinking of an adults-only party – plan for an adult theme party. It is best conducted indoors where you will not be surprised by inadvertently wandering children. You can plan for sophisticated décor and games with champagne flowing literally.

On the other hand a free for all – family kind of party including all children, the children can have noise makers and get to enjoy other noisy fun-filled games and activities that they will enjoy. Have a lot of cookies, cakes and other sugary treats the children love which they can have to their heart’s content on the occasion of New Year.

Here are some beautiful images of New Year party dinner table from Party City. Look at the grand decorations, matching table-ware and illuminations. How scrumptious the party table looks? Hope you have something equally good?

Yummy Looking Apple Pie

Welcoming Banner for the Party

Table All Set for the Party

Sizzling Cheese Platter

Scrumptious Looking Party Table

Matching Cutlery for the Party

Glowing Candle at Dinner Table

Cutlery Holder in Leaf Motif

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Beautiful & Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree

Christmas season brings joy and happiness to all. Every activity of Christmas brings cheer and excitement to the entire family. As soon as Thanksgiving week gets over, we start in earnest planning for Christmas. There are many of us who start the planning and activities for Christmas even before the Thanksgiving week!

Getting the Christmas tree is only the first step of season celebration. Decorating the tree can take quite a bit of our time. We can plan to decorate each year differently. Make the decorations colour co-ordinated and choose only one particular colour as the basic colour for this year. You can pick the colour to match your home décor.

While you are planning the decorations of the tree, involve your children right from the start. Discuss with them the plans for decorations. Ask their opinion about what colour will suit this year Christmas tree decoration. Ask their ideas about what ornaments to select for decorations, and how to do the illuminations etc.

Maybe it will be easier and quicker for you to do the decorations all by yourself, but it will bring more pleasure and happiness to yourself and your children to work as a team to do the Christmas tree decoration. It is a rewarding activity – seeing the budding talents and imagination of your children’s young minds tackling the planning and decoration of the Christmas tree.

Likewise ask your children their ideas and desires when you are planning the Christmas feast also. Ask whether they want any special dish to be included or any special friend to be invited for the feast. And help them to choose good gifts for their friends and help them in wrapping it nicely and elegantly so they can be happy sharing lovely things with their friends.

Tell the fables and tales of the Holy Nativity Scenes. This is the time for them to learn the family traditions and customs. Learning to work as a team can forge strong ties of family bonding and happy and harmonious relationships. Having a joyful and merry Christmas seasons can make the children look forward to spending time as a family together year after year.

Here are some beautiful ways of decorating your Christmas tree by the family together From All Things Christmas. Decorating the tree by the children, choosing the ornaments jointly and decorating the Nativity Scene – all go into making the tree beautiful, the season joyous and the occasion festive.

Transparent Glass Ornaments

Three Angels Playing Music

Pretty Ornaments Ready for Hanging Up

Holy Nativity Scene

Glowing Christmas Glass Ornament

Christmas Decorations – Boy Decorating
christmas-decorations - boy decorating

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Pretty Looking Glass Ornaments – All Time Favourites for Christmas

Glass ornaments are the favourite decorations for Christmas trees. There are so many varieties of glass ornaments. Some are rare collectibles, handed as heirlooms. These are handmade and exquisitely crafted glass ornaments. But today in the market are available many glass ornaments – the exact replicas of old masterpieces at a very reasonable rate.

Glass ornaments can be tiny or slightly bigger size also. There are a number of varieties of glass ornaments available. The glitter and colour are infused into the glass with metal accents. Golden coloured accents and extra details make the glass ornaments particularly rich and beautiful to look at. The gold does not get tarnished at all.

There are many themes that we can see in the gold ornaments. The master craftsman many a time gives the entire story of Christ birth in the glass ornaments. Angels, the Holy Family, the three wise men or the kings coming with the gifts – the manger and the baby Christ with the three gifts- all kinds of themes are crafted into the glass ornaments.

There are ordinary glass ornaments – some solid round orbs, in different colours and weights and sizes. These are used as filler ornaments for the Christmas tree. These are used in the interior of the trees and at the base quite liberally so a colour pattern emerges when you decorate the Christmas tree. The finer and more beautiful pieces are kept at the top and at the end of the branches.

There are golden and silver tinted eggs, balls, birds, butterflies, holly, tinsel, flowers and other holy figurines in the glass ornaments. As a special gift, baby’s first Christmas and first Christmas after marriage can be personalized in glass ornaments.

Here are some beautiful glass ornaments from House of Christmas. Look at all those beautiful glass ornaments that you can decorate your Christmas tree with. How beautiful your tree will look if you have put up ornaments like these? Get some for you today.

Three Red and Golden Eggs Pack

Pink Coloured Glass Orbs

Pink Coloured Bling Ornaments

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Holly, Berry and Fern

Golden Looking Egg Ornament

Glass Balls in Gold and Red

Copper and Gold Leaves

All Bling Golden Bird

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Getting Ready For Christmas – Candle Decorations


Spreading cheer and peace is the message of Christmas season. Year after year, we celebrate the coming of Christ with celebration all over the home. Lighting up the house, decorating with holly, wreath, having feasts with the whole family and friends, exchanging gifts with all and praying for peace and cheer to all – all are part of Christmas celebrations. No matter how big or small the house you are living in whether you are living in a high-rise or a small studio loft, whether you have extensive outdoor area or just a tiny balcony, Christmas celebrations are not complete unless you get to decorate your exteriors, your balcony with wreaths, green garlands, figurines and candles & illuminations to show that you are celebrating.

Be it small or large wherever you are doing the decorations, you can make it look as warm and beautiful as the interior of your home where you are busy decorating the home, trees and setting up the socks at the mantle place. And pay the same kind of attention to outsides so your home can look pretty inside and outside ready for the celebrations. What are the things that you can use to deck up the outside area? You can put up a near-life size Santa or a Snowman in glowing red dress and illuminate him nicely. Get one or two rein deer and keep them near the Santa. Today there are beautiful reindeer’s available which get illuminated when connected to the power point. You can get one of these!

Of course wreaths, garlands and bunting, greenery with illumination – what all the things you are putting up inside can be attempted outside. Place wreaths and greenery with illumination hanging on the outer frame of the front windows and front doors. Drape strings of lights along the threshold and rim and light up prettily. You can have console table or two – in the foyer and can have another just outside the door where you can light candles. If there is a stiff breeze, protect it with beautiful looking holders. There are colorful streamers with string lights connected. These look very festive and make the house look gay, warm, cheerful and really welcoming.

Here are some beautiful exterior decorations from American Sale. How gay the lit-Santa Clause looks! The lights are shatterproof globes in diverse colors. The illuminated reindeer looks just so real! And the red bells are a nice touch, how have you decorated your home?

Well Illuminated House

Short and Squat Candle

Prettily Lit up Santa Coming

Net Type Illumination with Garlands

Net Type Illumination with Garlands

Net Type Illumination with Garlands

Golden Rein Deer Illuminated

Glowing Golden in Night

Gabled House with Lights and Garlands