Reduce Clutter And Make Your Home More Beautiful And Elegant


One of the main reasons that reduce the beauty of any home is unnecessary clutter. Most of us, when we start off, have fewer articles and so have a nice-looking home with minimal number of furniture. But as times goes by, we accumulate more and more and we do not have sufficient space to arrange all of them with the result house loses the original beauty and charm. Right from furniture pieces like chairs, tables, side tables, ottoman, day-beds, and even what add to the storage like shelves and display shelves – all if in excess – do not bring balance and harmony but make the house look like a warehouse and not a well-kept home. Equally bothersome can be the accessories like extra curios, artifacts, books and CD’s etc.

Again kitchens start losing their charm and spacious looks with too many utensils, old and unused bottles, containers etc. This can escalate in to an alarming state of affairs if you do not De-clutter the house periodically. Start room by room, check each and every item and decide which need to be kept, which can be given away and which to trash. This is the best time to start De-cluttering your house, before the rains and subsequent winter season’s arrival. Rains can make things go bad and due to the humid moist atmosphere, fungus can play havoc with all things – right from your clothes to leather items as well grocery and perishable items that have become accumulated over time.

Be ruthless and decisive when you are going through all the stuff you have in your home. If you have not used any item in the past six months, chances are you will not use it likely in the near future either. If the article is in good shape, only not useful to you, give it away to somebody who may use it gratefully. What is not useful, trash it without hesitation. If you have a large number of items in good condition, but which you do not require, you can arrange to have a garage sale with nominal rates – almost next to nothing – so people are encouraged to take it, you can get rid of a lot of items. The rest you can just give it away. If you have been really strict, you would find you have De-cluttered successfully.

Once De-cluttered, your home can look as beautiful as these from Moscow-Roma!

Uncluttered Media Center Adding Grace

Lovely Looking Kitchen Dining Area

Elegant Dining Table, Chairs & Sideboard

Elegant and Neatly Arranged Display Shelves

Cosy and Neatly Furnished Dining Area

Beautiful Looking Ornate Sectional Sofa

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Beautiful Daybeds – Saviours When You Have Space Crunch

Daybeds are useful furniture to have when you have an additional sleepover guest. A daybed is a space saving living room option. These daybeds serve most adequately whether you want a snooze in the afternoon, whether you have one extra guest who needs bedding and you need some valuable storage option for storing the extra bed linen etc.

Daybeds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Offering most comfortable seating during waking hours, daybeds are useful as couches in daytime with beautiful cushions and bolsters to make it a convenient seating option or snoozing option. They are favoured as an extra multipurpose space in living rooms as well in den or kids rooms.

More than ever daybeds are now becoming popular in small houses and studio apartments thanks to the multiple uses it can be put into. With a number of shelves, drawers and cubbyhole options that can be accommodated in a daybed, you can use it for storing all the extra linen and sundry items which otherwise make the room look cluttered.

Wood, metal, iron or a combination of iron and wood are generally used to make the day beds. There are a variety of styles like Mission, sleigh, Victorian etc. Whatever the style, storage space is a must with all the day beds. There are daybeds with both the side panels having shelves, drawers etc and with under the bed storage as well.

The daybed mostly come in twin bed size. There is an option of single daybeds with or without a pop-up trundle bed option. Daybed will be a single size bed during day time which when stretched out at night will be equivalent to a king size bed. Traditional trundle beds are also available with the extra bed underneath which can be pulled/rolled out.

Toady online furniture shops are ready to do free shipping but you may have to do the assembling yourself – not a difficult option. Some daybeds add another cross bar for strengthening the frame. The daybed comes mostly with three basic parts – two side panels and the back along with other supporting items in a size to accommodate standard size mattress.

Here are some beautiful daybeds from Opus Designs. They are beautiful to look at with gorgeous bed linen, pillows, bed covers and bolsters. Would you like one for your home as well?

With Drawers on both Sides and Pull out Trundle
with-drawers-on-both-sides and-pull-out-trundle

Sleigh Daybed in Pistachio Green and Cream

Pretty Looking Daybed with Patch Work Quilt

Pink and White Floral with Headboard Details

Neatly Tucked in Daybed under Stairs

Blue and White Daybed with Stripe Pillows

Beautifully Patterned Cover with Matching Cushions