Luxurious Design Ideas For Your Dream Home

Can you make your home luxurious looking with lavish interiors at a budget? Many of us think that we need to spend a lot of money to get our house look grand and well-appointed. It need not necessarily be that you have to spend a lot of money on expensive items or provide too costly items. We can create a stylish looking sophisticated home without burning a hole in our pockets.

What can be called luxurious décor? Rich and ornate chandeliers, luxurious contemporary ceiling fans, masterpiece paintings, curios, high quality designer sofas, plush deep pile carpets, and a big spacious house will all go to make a house look grand and luxurious. But how can you make luxury affordable? How can you create a classy and chic décor without going bankrupt?

First you have to make the home look spacious. Whatever is the size of your home and rooms, you can make them look spacious, clean and uncluttered. Throw away all the unnecessary items that you have accumulated over years and which you do not use. Check right from the storage, kitchen, bedrooms, living room and patio – and weed out all the junk that you have accumulated.

Go for simple and classic style furniture. If you have some good furniture that is antique, try to get them restored. Well-maintained antique furniture makes your home look elegant. Likewise throw away all old cushions, pillows and throws ruthlessly. Get lively coloured cushion covers and drapery too. Use sheers and laces along with brocade and silk curtains.

Get the wall décor right. Discuss with your interior decorator what will look rich on the wall. Ask him for colours and patterns which will look unique and not ordinary. Get the silk finish paint for your walls. When you have installed all the lights you will need, the satin/silk finish wall décor will glitter and bring a rich look and ambiance very easily.

Get only natural fibres for upholstery purpose. Pure cotton, pure silk or pure wool will look impressive as upholstery fabric as well curtain material. Have a lot of lights around the rooms. When light reflects off the well-polished furniture, it adds definitely to the value of your home. And always pick and choose really personal and pricey decorative items.

Here are some beautiful looking interiors from Asnaghi. The gilt and gold, chandeliers and carpets, curios and collectibles make it a dream home.

Well Lit Beautiful Dining Area
smart dining area

Sofas and Cushions in Graceful Green
sofas cushions for living room

Simply Elegant Dining Table
elegant dining area

Rich Upholstery in Lavender Silk
upholstery silk cushions

Gilt and Richly Carved Sofas
richly carved sofas

Formal Dining Room with Crystal Ware
dining room crystal ware

Fan Shaped Upholstery in Ivory Silk
beautiful interior design

Dining Area Lacquered In White

Brocade Chairs and Ornate Table
chairs and tables

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Coffee Tables Small And Smart – Welcome Additions to Living Room Furniture

Small and smart-looking coffee tables are essential furniture in the living room. Whether it is for weekend parties, family get-togethers or evening high teas, small coffee tables come very useful for serving beverages and snacks. Even during normal days, they come handy to keep our books, cell phones, mail and brochures. They are perfect to hold a cup of coffee with some snacks.
Though these tables may not be as big as central coffee tables, they are equally if not more essential furniture to be added to the living room. If you are sitting away from main seating area, and you have other seating areas – smaller and cosier- then the small tables come handy for serving snacks and coffee or storing things where we relax or we sit and watch the telly.

Small tables come in all styles and are made of various materials. If your living room furniture is in traditional style, you can search for a small coffee table to match it. If you are having classic opulent and ornate looking furniture, a solid antique looking wooden table with crafted legs in matching shade may look perfect. You have a wide variety available to choose what will suit you. Even if the coffee tables are small in size, they make up in utility value by having storage spaces, drawers, trays, light-fittings etc. Whatever the living room size is, these fit nicely in nooks and corners, are useful for storing and add to the ambience and beauty of the room. Whether you like to keep flowers, display your curios or coffee-table-top books, they add to the beauty and visual appeal of the room.

While it is important to choose a coffee table that matches the décor, material, look and finish of the rest of the living room furniture, they also must match in height and size. The table should be as tall as the chairs it is used with. Also there must be at least 12-15 inches all around the table for easy leg room. Check for smoothly finished edges and well-rounded and smooth corners and surface. It must be sturdy and steady on its legs. Here are some beautifully crafted coffee tables from Smania. Look at the beautiful round and semi circular coffee tables. The beauty in black looks classically beautiful. And the nested trios are a treat to have in any room. All are exquisitely crafted and beautifully finished. Are you not keen to have some small beautiful coffee tables? I am sure they will come handy and add to the beauty of your living room!

Semi Circular and Smart Looking

Round Table with Storage

Glass Topped Pair

Glass Topped Beauty in Black

Elegantly Different Looking Table

Cute Looking Three-Some

Circular Table with a Drawer and Light

Beautifully Nested Tables

Beautiful Circular Coffee Table

A Stunner in Black

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Living Rooms Look Good with Beautiful Bookcases And Shelves


Bookcases can be an important furniture accessory to our living room. Whether you are having built in bookshelves or free standing book shelves, these furniture accessories add to the character of the home décor. But bookshelves also need de-cluttering on a regular basis since you may need space for the latest books that you keep buying.

Actually you do not have to keep all the books you have only in the living room. You can have back-up storages for the books that you are not currently reading but still you treasure and want to re-read. You can keep the latest bestsellers and your latest reading in the living room bookcase and avoid over-cluttering it with previous years read. The shelves have new looking books which add to the ambience.

By containing the books that you are going to keep in the living room bookcase, you are clearing room for arranging display items and curios. If the bookshelf is big enough, you can have your music collection and listen to music when you are reading or working in the room. By mixing the books with other items, the layering effect can add to the character of the décor.

While displaying the books, you can add a touch of uniqueness by mixing different kind of books. They sameness and uninspiring way of same height books can make the décor uninteresting. By alternating horizontally arranged books with vertically stacked books, you can break the monotony of arrangements which may happen with same height books. Open and floating type of book shelves give a light and airy look to the room.

Book lovers tend to be hoarders, not willing to part from a book they have enjoyed. Our tastes keep changing as we grow old and we may not exactly cherish the book we so much loved some ten years ago. Hence it is necessary to periodically shed off the books that you no longer are really interested in which may just occupy precious space which can be otherwise utilized.

Here are some beautiful looking shelves from Furniture Village. A variety of shelves are available in open, with doors, and in different heights. Some have uniform height shelves whereas some have unequal and differently designed shelves. All are well crafted and will look very nice with any kind of home décor. Don’t you like any of them?

Wide and Low Bookcase
wide-and-low- bookcase

Tall and Open Display Shelf

Shelf with Wooden Doors

Open Shelf in Asymmetric Shelves

Low Shelf in Living Room Area

Low Open Shelf for Books
low-open-shelf-for books

Low Open Book Case

Book Shelf with Bottom Drawers

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Beautiful Looking Metal Art Items For Creating an Elegant Look in Your Home

When you have finished furnishing your house with high-quality furniture and elegant looking furnishings and draperies etc, the next items on your agenda will be to make your collectibles part of the decoration. These are the touches that will add character to your house, reflect your interest, your style and your hobbies – making the house all your own.

All of us when we go anywhere on a trip, bring back a memento that can be a handicraft or any curio, any item that can remind us of the good times we had there. It is like looking at a shell fondly for it brings back all the good times we had had when we collected it. These things are treasured – may be expensive or not expensive which is really immaterial.

How you are going to display them is worth a lot of consideration. If you have a large collection, you may have to divide them according to some theme and display it in different rooms. If you take your interior decorator’s advice, you can be assured of a professional touch. Depending on the number and type of collectibles, they will be displayed to perfection.

Display shelves are one option to use for displaying your collectibles. Wall mounted floating shelves with glass doors can be another option. If you have planned ahead, you could have arranged for niche shelves and brackets with built-in lights where you can display larger and more rare pieces to perfection with focussed lights etc.

Wall hangings are another part of wall décor that will give a touch of class to your home. Paintings, murals, posters, frescos, framed artwork and handicrafts are some of the items you can have on your walls that will create a look of sophistication and elegance. With proper lighting the room can look really richly decorated and artistic looking.

There are beautiful metal-work available which can be used on display. Brass, bronze, silver, cast metal, metal etchings, wrought-iron pieces of figurines, ceramic, terracotta, stone, soft stone and other material – really the list is limitless and you can have the pick if you go to a handicraft shop or an antique shop and now you can buy online as well.

Here are some beautifully done metal work – wall art – like flowers, and other designs from Hill-Craft Decorative-Home Accents. All are hand-crafted and exquisitely finished for a glowing look. Look at the details done in the metal wall hanging and how beautiful the sculpture on table looks. Scroll work and ornamental metal work make them look wonderful.

Which you will like for your home?

Wall Hanging Made of Wrought Iron

Wall Decor in Wrought Iron

Wall Art in Metal

Table Top Curio Sculpture in Metal

Pretty Looking Metal Sculpture

Elegantly Carved Metal Art

Beautifully Crafted Wall Art

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Pretty Looking Book Cases Perfect for Home Décor

Library was formerly where people relaxed and read books and wrote letters, and possibly listened to music on the gramophone. Those days, there were no electronic toys around – there were no music systems, no home theater, no TVs, no game consoles, no videos nor CD players etc. People had lots of books and everybody read them and bought more books every year.

Library used to consist of books and more books – with wall to wall shelves and with shelves in the upper deck – two-storey shelves with a gallery running around with a ladder up so you can access what you want. Today in many homes media room doubles up as library or the living room itself does double duty as library with shelves against one wall and a cozy corner set up for book lovers with a couple of chairs and good reading light.

Books – like clothes, car, home and furniture – is a very personal item and what books you have will reflect what things you like, what is your character and what philosophy you like. Many of us keep buying books and a time will come when there are more books than you can manage to store in your library and library starts looking a bit too cluttered.

The most important thing for a streamlined library is to contain the number of books, weed out what you do not like, what you have not read, what you may not likely to read and books which you have outgrown – stopped liking them. You have to be methodical in weeding out the unwanted books ruthlessly and organize the rest of the books in a manageable and easy to locate way.

You can layer the bookshelves by displaying curios and other collectibles along with the books. Just row upon row of books may not really look impressive. When interspersed with artwork, artifacts, and other statues, pictures and other nick-knacks, you give character to the entire room. Keeping together books of similar height and size can add to the visual appeal.

Be sure to have good lights around where you are arranging comfortable chairs when you feel like reading. It is best to have floor lamps with adjustable height or wall sconces at the exact level where you will sit and read. Here are some beautifully done book shelve from Besana.

Book Shelves Alternating with Display Shelves

TV in Center Surrounded by Book Shelves

Prettily Furnished Library Book Shelves

Cozily Done up Library with Book Shelves

Floor to Ceiling Book Shelves

Wall to Wall Book Shelves with Central TV

Book Shelf in Teal Blue with Curio Display

Longish Wooden Book Shelf with a Red Touch

Wall Supported Large Book Shelf with TV Stand

Floating Type Book Shelf in White

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Curio Cabinets Make Your Living Room Beautiful


Don’t you love to display beautiful things in your home? Especially those lovely little artifacts, curios and mementos that you so fondly buy when you go on holidays need to be displayed beautifully! Each memento brings warm memories of the lovely time you had when you went on our holiday. It could be a sea shell, a china figurines or any thing. We may have family heirlooms like your grandmother’s Ming vases or Wedgwood china. Whatever the curios you are displaying, a good display shelf will help tremendously in showing off all the special points of your beautiful collection. Instead of lumping it all in a heap, display shelves give focus to your collection.

Today there are beautiful curio display shelves available with many added features. Grooved glass doors help your open and close the shelf smoothly and easily. And adjustable shelves help you to keep curios of different heights and size displayed to the optimal effect. Many of the cabinets have beautifully detailed legs, handles and frames. Curio cabinets are coming with built-in interior light and task light options so that your curios can be displayed to the best advantage. They have mirrored backsides so that the cabinet looks more spacious and lights get reflected adding to the overall effect beautifully. With dark stained wooden frames, and lighted interiors, the very curio corner glows gorgeously.

There are curio cabinets coming in different shapes and sizes. Some may be full sized glass door cabinets and some may be smaller wall-mounted for a small home or an apartment. Corner curio cabinets are also very popular. Teak, cedar, rosewood and cherry are preferred to make curio cabinets. But nowadays plywood and engineered wood are also used. Use a cloth with quality polish when you are dusting the wood frame. Glass doors can be sprayed with soap solution and wiped clean with a soft cloth. Do not use a dry cloth to clean either glass doors or wooden frames. The dust can mark wooden surface as well cause mild scratches on glass as well. Glass can be wiped clean even with damp newspapers.

Here are some beautiful curio cabinets from Real Good Furniture. The corner curio cabinet is finished in cherry and with all features like smooth grooved door, mirrored back, lighted interiors, and adjustable shelves. Would you like one for your home?

Sliding Glass Doors and Mirrored Back

Sliding Door with Intricately Carving Details

Interior Lighting and Glass Doors

Grooved Glass Doors and Adjustable Shelves

Designed Glass Doors with Mirrored Back

Corner Cherry Curio Shelf with Glass Doors

Black Wooden Frame and Top Lighting