Creative And Unique Pieces Of Furniture

While surfing the internet we came across some very cool and amazing furniture designs specially meant for lounge or pub. This collection is our September month special collection of weird and stylish out of the blue types of furniture’s. All furniture are amazing, creative and stylish furniture. This is shared only for your entertainment and to provide you with new ideas. We request you to provide with some comments on which ones you feel are really great or share with us some of your unique pieces of furniture’s.

Stylish Stool Sofa Colorful Furniture

Stylish Soothing Colorful Furniture

Feather Finish Lavish Furniture

Stylish Stool Sofa Colorful Furniture

Stylish Stool Sofa Colorful Furniture

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Get a Beautiful Unique Furniture to Bring Distinction to Your Home


Can you bring in rare and unique wooden furniture – like a table, desk or display table and include it successfully in your existing furniture and get it blended aesthetically? Can you do a mix and match between different styles of furniture – like contemporary looking and antique style tables and make it look still beautiful and balanced without making us regret why we purchased at all? There are times when you look at a non-conventional looking table and like it immensely and want to buy it. Even if you have furnished the house in an entirely different style, you can still bring a fresh look and different but great ambiance by shifting the decor to focus on the new furniture which can be a tall side table, a room divider, a dining table or even a living room display table.

By carefully choosing the placement of the new purchase and juxtaposing it wisely with the existing furniture, you can shift the focus and provide a different themed look to the entire room. If the new table looks unique and beautiful with all kind of crafted and carved details, like antiques, get a couple of beautiful upholstered dining chairs to go with the table in the dining room. If it is a beautiful bar-table height counter table, put it against the wall with a couple of bar stools to be used as bar tables for casual dining. Sometimes it can be a free-standing wall cabinet which can be used in the dining room for storing your precious stemware, cutlery and crockery as well for displaying beautiful curios and some fresh flowers in a beautiful vase.

Whatever be the furniture you are introducing, it can blend with the existing furniture, style and still look great. Only do not bring in two bold and clashing styles or color finishes as they may not blend together. A natural/ light-colored finish can go very well with any dark-stains of wood and set each other off nicely. Maybe you can ask your interior decorator to ask for ideas of how to mix and match. Here are some unique and beautiful looking tables, display tables with bookcases, dining tables from Carpanelli. Look at the glass topped dining table with beautiful finely carved pedestal. Don’t you think the arched cabinet looks so pretty? And look at the richly done in-lay work on the oval table top! All the tables are finished superbly with exquisite workmanship. Bring home such beautiful-looking furniture and add to the elegance and beauty of your home!

Wonderful Inlay Work

Unique Shaped Table

Room Divider Cabinet

Pub Height Counter Table with Carving Details

Exquisite Looking Glass Topped Table

Table with Classic Inlay Work

Beautifully Crafted SideBoard and Dining Table

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Classy Creative Hand Woven Dining Room Furniture

Accente is an innovative dining furniture manufacturer who provides innovative wicker solutions for all around the house. The stunning woven dining room furniture is an example of their wicker furniture designs. Surprisingly the wicker chairs will complete your dining room with flair and glamour. Wicker isn’t just for outdoors anymore but it is gaining popularity for indoor use too. You could also add a splash of color inside, as shown here with the bright Casino chairs in pink, teal, orange and green. You could also go in for a more subtle look like plain black or white as shown below.

Designer Dining Room Furniture Colorful Woven Wicker

Designer Dining Room Furniture White Woven Wicker

Designer Dining Room Furniture Brown Woven Wicker

Decorative Bamboo Furniture Design Ideas

Sachiko Segawa a graduate from Konstfack University is a famous a Japanese designer who presented her last year project and named it “Take Kagu”. This word in English means simple bamboo furniture. This designer had spent a lot of time visiting bamboo forests in her childhood days and these visits inspired her to take this profession. Using trees from bamboo forests the designer has created large varieties of decorative furniture for the house. She has designed creative bamboo lights, tables, chairs and even some cupboards. On one hand though there are lots of problems with bamboo forests, it still stands as one of the most sustainable and ecological material.

Decorative Bamboo Furniture Design Ideas For Living Room

Attractive Creative Wooden Bamboo Furniture

Attractive Creative Wooden Bamboo Furniture Design Ideas

Decorative Furniture Design Ideas For Living Room