Luxurious, Opulent Looking Chairs for Adding Beauty And Grace to Your Living Room Furniture

A luxuriously upholstered and opulent looking chair can make a style statement and make your living room distinguished and impressive. Many times we want to have a redecorating or a quick makeover for the coming new season but without incurring major expenses or buying a new full set of living room furniture. A totally different look and ambiance can be achieved just by adding some new and relocating the other pieces. When you want to add freshness and a different look to the living room décor, a mix and match of new chairs with the existent old chairs can be done. Though it is normally advised to select all the furniture in the same style and make, introducing a different décor chair may shift the focus of the room. It gives a kind of a refreshingly different feeling and adds an exciting touch to the character of the room. It is always essential to balance shape and style.

An opulent and ornate looking chair, upholstered wonderfully in brocade fabrics, embellished with unique details can look dashing with other different looking – different style chairs. It demands instant attention and makes the room look different, grand and luxurious. By careful and planned arrangement of other furniture around it, you can create a look of a special happy blended décor which looks evolved over time. Though there are a lot of ornate looking chairs available in the market, a regal looking French Louis XIV chair would go well with most of the modern day furniture. The solid wood frame and the ornate, luxurious looking silk or brocade upholstery will blend beautifully with most of the traditional, transitional, modern or even what is called shabby chic style furniture.

Here are some wonderful looking chairs from Desart Collection. Look at the beautiful and traditional yet modern looking chairs which evoke a be-gone era of romance and splendour. Look at the solid beauty of the wood and the luxurious look and sheen of brocade. Every one of them is a masterpiece and a marvel of craftsmanship. I am sure you are already thinking of getting such an ornate and splendid chair. A quick décor makeover can be achieved by bringing in such a beautiful chair and making that the focus of your living room. By adding a couple of throw rugs, cushions and sheer curtains matching the upholstery, make a dramatic change to the existing living room furniture and enjoy the results!

An Elegant Looking Two Seater

Ornate Looking Three-piece Sofa

Chair in Stunning Looking Design

Luxuriously Upholstered Lovely Sofa

Gorgeous and Great Looking Chair

Golden-brown and Gorgeous Looking Sofa </span

Beautifully Elegant Chair in Brown

Beautiful Looking Sofa in Brocade

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Trendy Furniture For Living Room Designs

Decorating home, and household things with carving has been very popular since ancient times. There are sculptures, paintings and handicrafts that tell the tale of the time they were made and the people who made them and the era they were made. Since the time man learned to use instruments, he had adorned his home, his belongings and his furniture. Since long, exquisitely hand-crafted – carved – wooden furniture has denoted success, importance, wealth and social status. The aristocrats – the ruling class always chose the adorned over the plain in every aspect of life. In their palaces, they got expert craftsmen to come and make their dwelling place pretty and look distinguished and classy.

Carving involves mostly painstaking work by hand -with tools like chisel and other carpentry tools, though today there are some power-driven tools which help greatly by cutting down the time factor. Shaping the wood to the intricate designs and paring it down, smoothening it to smooth finish – all need patience and persistence and a love for the craftsmanship and the art. Furniture of Jacobean, Tudor and Victorian eras are all executed with rare details and gold leaf work on essentially oak followed by other woods. Unlike machine made furniture which are smooth and well finished all over, these hand carved masterpieces have exquisitely planed and sanded top portion and less smooth and visible rough edges at the back.

Here are some beautifully carved and finished furniture from Bakokko Group. Look at the beautifully done panels with carving and gold leaf all over. How beautifully etched are the golden border in the stemware display shelf in white. The ottoman, shelf and sofas all have intricately crafted details. Today antique furniture carries as hefty price tag as a painting or a sculpture. There are many rare furniture pieces that are handed down the generations as heirlooms. Not only they add to the beauty of your room and house, they are great as investments. Aren’t you keen to get such a beautiful specimen?

Carved Shelf with Beautiful Pedestal Lamp

Wonderful in White with Gold Leaf Carving

With Exquisite Carving and Gold Leaf Details

Wall Mounted Display Shelf with Border Details

Sofa & Ottoman with Matching Carving Details
sofa and-wooden-ottoman-with-matching-carving details

Sliding Carved Panel Doors White

Exquisitely Carved Wooden Gateway and Shelves

Delicate Border Carving in Gold