Create Cool And Classy Looking Bathroom for Relaxing And Rejuvenating

Bathrooms are the most personal of our places in the home. After a hectic schedule of working throughout the day, bathroom is where we start to unwind. The bathroom décor can help us to feel more relaxed and rested. Think how nice it will be to have an uncluttered and neatly laid out bathroom where we can have a relaxing soak or a shower as the first step for rewinding. Whatever be the size of bathroom, we can make it look better and classy by planning wisely. First decide how you would like your bathroom to look. Then depending on the size of the bathroom, you can plan the layout for makeover. Recessed shelves, spare and neat looking cabinets, compact washbasins – all are space-saving devices to help making a small bathroom look chic and sophisticated.

Before deciding on any product, get your interior decorator come and look at the size of the bathroom. He would like to know where the existing water points, outlets, plumbing pipes etc are laid out. It is easier and better to plan the new fittings over the existing plumbing pipes, layout etc. With the kind of options available today, your dream bathroom can happen looking exactly as you want.
Today basins, countertops, vanities, cabinets, shelves – all of them can be colour co-ordinated to add to the aesthetic look and décor of choice. With the decorative wall panel options that are available today, the entire room can match the basin and countertops and vanity in colour, texture and finish. Panels will give a crisp cool look all over, making a damp tub or shower surround a thing of past!

Recessed shelves can be the best thing you can have to make your bathroom clutter-free. Weed out the unwanted stuff and organize what your essentials conveniently and neatly so the bathroom can look aesthetic and still be utilitarian. Cabinets, shelves, spacers, trays, corner shelves, mirror shelves – today you can pick and choose what you want to go into your bathroom! Here are some great looking bathrooms from Karol. The majestic looking solid wooden shelves look splendid. How beautiful is the vanity in indigo blue! The stunning looking maroons and browns are magnificent to look at. And such luxurious and classy loungers for you to relax! All are the results of best technology, design and craftsmanship!

I m sure you will have your own vision of a beautiful and classy bathroom. Get online and check all the options available. Check with your interior decorator and get set to enjoy a cool and classy bathroom!

Wonderful in White & Teal
white and teal

Royal Looking in Red & White

Gorgeous Looking in Browns & Maroons

Elegant Looking in White

Dazzling Looking in White

Cool Looking in Teal & White

Beautiful Looking in Beige & White

Beautiful & Pretty Looking Room

Aesthetically Beautiful in Indigo &Blues
aesthetic-indigo and-blues

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PaperStone® Panels – Sustainable New Multipurpose Material

It is our duty as responsible human beings to contribute whatever little amount possible to control the carbon footprints that are ravaging the ethnic balance of our universe. There are many earth- and environmental friendly ideas that spring up in every walk of life in an effort to a more holistic way of living for a healthier and happier world. With the awareness for sustainable materials on the rise, more new sustainable materials are used in furniture making and for home decor purposes. Paper Stone is the new kid in the block which seems to satisfy the people’s green ethics and desire for sustainable alternative to wood greatly. Paper Stone Panels look elegant, sophisticated and traditionally classic too.

What is Paper Stone? As per Wikipedia – ‘Paper Stone is a Certified (FSC, Smartwood, Rainforest Alliance) post-consumer, recycled paper architectural surface material made with 100% petroleum-free, phenolic resins.’ It seems to satisfy even strictest green ethics in that it is made from recycled paper and 100% free of fossil-fuel resins. There are actually two grades available – ‘original’ and ‘certified’- both are great looking materials that can be used as countertops, for cladding, for wall paneling, ceiling and flooring and as substitute for wooden panels in all types of furniture manufacturing. The panels are quite durable and look extremely pretty in elegant colors with utilization of natural pigments.

Paper Stone ages well, over time with use – much like all popular hardwoods from which beautiful classic furniture are usually crafted. A seasoned Paper Stone product has a softer look and more glowing richer lustrous look and appears extremely elegant and attractive. No wonder Paper Stone has become the favorite choice of more and more renowned designers. Paper Stone countertops in the kitchens and on kitchen islands have become the favorite worktop in colors like denim Paper Stone elegant gray, brown, or soft beige. The patina and finish are superlatively good and elegant. Paper Stone panels can be used for the doors and shelves of the storage accessories like cabinets, racks etc to complete the look.

Likewise bathroom decor also can benefit greatly by using Paper Stone panels. The panels come in classic, contemporary, traditional as well as modern styles and they come as prefabricated panels that can be fitted as easily by any DIY enthusiast. Paper Stone is a great option as table tops, chair seats and other furniture use also.

I am sure you also would like to check out how PaperStone® can beautify your home.

Tabletop, Cutting Board from PaperStone

PaperStone Kitchen Countertops Shelves

Gorgeous Looking Kitchen with PaperStone

Elegant Looking Kitchen with PaperStone

Countertop Made of PaperStone

Countertop and Shelf Door from PaperStone Panels

Beautiful Bathroom Vanity with PaperStone

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Beautiful Kitchens with Sleek Counters And Cabinets

Cooking counters and kitchen island counters are most important décor aspects of the kitchen. A kitchen is not complete without a cooking counter. Formerly cooking counters along the walls were the usual way counters were constructed. So, many a time kitchens – especially if they are small in size – used to look cluttered and congested.

Wooden Backsplash Kitchen Counter
Wooden Backsplash Kitchen Counter

Wonderful Wood Finish Kitchen
Wonderful Wood Finish Kitchen

Today sleek looking kitchens are possible with well planned kitchen counters – both cooking counters and working counters. With beautifully designed counters, kitchens look sleek and contemporarily stylish and beautiful. Well planned counters make cooking easier and more convenient. You can have a better organized working area with customized counters.

Pretty Looking Designer Shelves
Pretty Looking Designer Shelves

Here you can see beautiful counters designed by Viola Park renowned for her innovative designs and using latest and cutting edge technology as well better and greener materials for creating the counters. Not only the cooking counters with shelves, drawers and cabinets underneath are most convenient, the countertop shelves are also make the kitchen better organized and clutter free.

Handsome Looking Kitchen Utility
Handsome Looking Kitchen Utility

Kitchen islands are also available from the stable of Viola Park. Islands are with castor wheels to move them where you want them and with ample storage – like drawers, shelves with wooden doors and glass doors and a sleek and very useful countertop to be used for working tasks related to cooking like cutting veggies and mixing floors etc.

Glass and Wood Kitchen Counters
Glass and Wood Kitchen Counters

For cooking counters and utility counters, you can choose the finish, color and materials from a wide range. Sinks and storage options built in to the counters make the kitchen a smart kitchen. Backsplashes along the work area, washing area help to contain water splashes and other spills easily and maintain the kitchen more neatly.

Designer Kitchen Cooking Counter
Designer Kitchen Cooking Counter

The shelves above the counters can be open or with doors. Doors are sliding or hinged doors. You can choose wooden doors or glass doors. A mixture of glass doors for keeping your cutlery and wooden doors for other stuff can be a good idea. Open type shelves are also available for counter top shelves and can be finished in color and material to match the counter and counter tops.

Cute Designer Kitchen Layout
Cute Designer Kitchen Layout

Wood finish cabinets under the counters are a popular choice. You can add a splash of color with making one of the shelf doors in a deep shade or with some designs. Backsplash in matching or contrast finish can add to the overall beauty of the counters and kitchen as well.

Beautiful Designer Kitchen Island
Beautiful Designer Kitchen Island

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Wonderful Kitchen Counter Tops Ideas

Kitchen is always a popular room to undergo a makeover. Especially the kitchen working tops, kitchen island counter tops are high-use zone and are prone to get discolored, chipped or damaged in some way by the amount of heavy work we do on it like chopping, cutting, washing, mixing etc on a daily basis and the gloss and smooth finish may wear off.

Many a time, other areas of the kitchen like cabinet shelves, cabinet doors, backslashes, even flooring may stay in better shape than the counter tops. Keeping too hot or too cold stuff on the counters affects the smooth texture of the counter top surface and daily cleaning with detergents may age the counter top surfaces faster and necessitate replacing the counter tops sooner.

What are the materials you can look up for using as counter top materials? Stone tops, metal tops, glass tops, acrylic tops, engineered wood tops – there are number of tops available for you to choose from. You can have the color you like that will suit the wall décor you have put up in the kitchen and match with rest of the furniture.

Stones are still the most popular choice for counter tops – marble, granite, quartz, travertine, along with soft stones and quartz, all are sturdy and smart looking choices. You can have full slabs fixed as counter tops or can have smaller size tiles used to make up the counter top. Granite is very durable and black is almost the universal favorite. Marble is more prone to stains.

Engineered stones like quartz are made stronger with resin binders. Mosaic is another popular choice in small or big size tiles. Stainless steel tops are hot favorites today if you like metal counter tops. With a buff finish, it looks classy and elegant. Wood, natural and engineered wood also work very well as working top surfaces.

What factors you should check while selecting the material. It must be durable, heat resistant, stain resistant and able to handle crash and bang of pots and pans. Today we can use sealants and other treatments to boost the life of the counter tops. But still installing steel trivets on the counter tops can help in keeping it in better shape.

Here are some images of pretty looking counter tops from Surfaces USA. You have a selection of granite, mosaic, and other counter tops with matching and contrasting backsplashes. The tops beautifully set off the counter shelves and kitchen cabinets nicely. Which is your favorite?

White Stone-Finish Island Counter

Tile Topped Island and Cooking Counters

Tiled Backsplash to Match Island

Stone Finish Counter top and Back splash

Prettily Designed Mottled Granite Counter top

Mosaic Island Design to Match Back splash

Hob Fixed with Tiled Back splash

Countertop Used As Dining Area

Black Stone Countertop and Matching Backsplash

Compact Kitchen Units – Boon for Small Home Spaces

Small homes and small kitchens usually go together. Instead of complaining about lack of space or keeping a cluttered and chaotic kitchen, it is best to organize space and utilize optimally. There are many small measures that can aggregate to help in making the kitchen look bigger and more spacious looking and easy to work in.

How can compact kitchen units help in small homes? Most of the kitchen counters and kitchen islands are now designed to hold all the necessary kitchen appliances. Hob, oven, microwave, fridge, and of course storage options make the kitchen cooking counters and the islands ideal for small homes. They manage to make optimal use of the space available.

Utilizing tall ceiling high storage cabinets is very useful in keeping the look uncluttered. With a small aluminium ladder for accessing, you can store almost all your kitchen stuff in these cabinets. With the hob and oven incorporated into the same cooking counter – one below the other, quite a lot of space is saved and both hob and oven are conveniently located.

A sink without a separate vessel drainer can be a good option. Portable drainer can be used. A cutting board that can be drawn over the sink or a cutting board that can be pulled out from under the cooking counter is another option for space saving. All vertical walls can be utilized for having shallow shelves and hanging racks to store bottles and pots/pans etc. Look to pick up some Blinds Supermarket blinds to emphasise the light and space.

Other idea can be to use rolling shutters for doors and/or sliding doors to save space. Microwave oven can be either on a floating shelf or be wall mounted to save space. Wall mounted drainers that can be folded when not in use is a good idea. Hanging pot racks above the cooking area can accommodate all big size pans and woks away from working surface without cluttering the shelves or countertops.

Small niches – built in to the wall – shallow ledges can hold all your spices and condiments easily. Keeping the refrigerator right along the bigger cabinets can be another good idea. Stackable bar stools or light-weight stackable dining chairs are better than chunky big dining chairs. Keep the dining area expandable with drop-side table leaves so that you can have extra space when needed.

Here are some compact looking kitchen units from Serieamania – kitchen cooking counters and kitchen islands – that make the kitchen look pretty, uncluttered and elegantly spacious.

White Counters and Pink Cabinets
small kitchen cabinets

White Counters and Maroon Cabinets
kitchen cabinet units

Pale Cream Counters with Mauve Backsplash
small kitchen cabinets

Fibreglass Countertop and White Cabinetry
smart kitchen designs

Black Countertops with Brown Cabinetry
small kitchen designs

Black Counters and White Cabinets
kitchen design and ideas

Black And White Cabinetry with White Counters
kitchen furniture designs

All Wood Decor with White Backsplash
kitchen decor and design

Classic Kitchen And Dining Room Decor


Kitchen and dining areas act as the hub of our home and so should be the most harmoniously furnished places. A homemaker spends long hours in the kitchen to get the food ready for the family. Unless the kitchen is furnished right, she will find it very difficult to work there and subsequently all the family will suffer from this basic cause.

What are the most important aspects of kitchen decor? The most important is the kitchen counters where we cook and prepare for cooking the food. Whatever be the type of the kitchen you are having, it should have nice counter tops and enough spaces to store all the ingredients and spices that go to make a meal most tasty and most healthy also.

Many a time kitchen counter areas may not be sufficient for all the work connected with the cooking. Especially if you have a small kitchenette in an apartment or a small house, you may not have sufficient place to keep all your electrical appliances like mixers, cookers, toasters and other paraphernalia which are so important to lighten the load of cooking.

The other important features in the kitchen are storage spaces. Only a homemaker knows the multitude of things that are necessary in the kitchen to help in culinary art. Neat organization of all these ingredients can be managed only with sufficient amount of storage space. Also the innumerable pots and pans, spoons and ladles need to be stored efficiently.

Kitchen islands are other features that can help in providing extra counter spaces as well as extra storage spaces also. And many people use kitchen islands – the free-standing type – as dining area with some bar stools as chairs. This works out very well as informal dining area. Today small apartments are using kitchen more and more as dining areas on a daily basis.

Having a dining area – either using the island’s counter tops or having a small dining table there has gained popularity all over the world. With working mothers on the go, kitchen doubles as the dining area and cooking area as well. Most of us use the island counters as table top for our laptops as well and even check new recipes and our personal mail as well.

Here are some beautiful kitchens from Mauer Buro Ilconte. I am sure you will love one these kitchens!

Well Furnished Kitchen Countertop and Cabinets

Open Kitchen Running into Living Room

Modern Looking Open Type Kitchen

Brightly Lit Kitchen with Dining Table Set

Beautifully Furnished Kitchen

Beautiful Cabinets Kitchen with Dining Table

Another View of Dining Table