Elegantly Done Small House Interior Design Ideas

Small houses and loft apartments are today a part of urban living. Most of our cities are populated so heavily, spacious and roomy houses are not the rule but the exception. With more people keen to have a home in fashionable quarters and inside the town limits, small homes and apartments are practical solution for the house crunch and high real estate rates.

With the arrival of small houses, minimalist, contemporary and eclectic furniture has come to be in much demand. People have not space, place, time or interest to find humongous looking solid furniture. People live in mini houses and minuscule apartments so they want small -size furniture that will not look clumsy or heavy in the limited space available.

In most small houses or apartments, the living room doubles up as dining room. The house designs are open and quite fluid with an open type kitchen that runs into the living room directly. The formal dining room has been replaced by the kitchen counters or kitchen-island counters that serve as the dining area with either high dining chairs or some bar stools with adjustable heights.

Bedrooms are small with compact beds – maybe king size along with built-in storage under the bed for storing extra stuff. The wardrobes are mostly wall supported – maybe walk-in closets which can match the bed and nightstands. A small built-in alcove could be the dressing area. Any work area or the home office is most probably accommodated right in the bedroom.

Kids; rooms and the guest bedroom are self-contained and the furniture is easy to maintain kind as well small in size and modernly minimalist in style. With modular furniture options, kids’ rooms come with bunk bed and modular units that can make the kids’ room completely self-sufficient and cool looking through out year.

Storage shelves are a must in small houses and apartments. With the clutter that can happen in a jiffy in high traffic areas like kitchen, dining counters and bathrooms, shelves for storage can be easy way to contain the chaos. And you need to de-clutter the house on a regular basis so that the there is only essential and if any minimum stuff lying around so that you can continue to have clutter-free home. Here are some images of a small home with exquisite looking furniture from Seriea Mania for your perusal.

With Floral Backsplash
small apartment interior design

Wall Supported Display Shelves
small home interior design

Simple Home Office Corner
small house interior design

Simple and Elegant Dining Area
elegant dining area design

Living Room with Media Console

Kids’ Room Bunk Bed and Study
kids room bunk bed design

Elegantly Furnished Bedroom
small apartment interior design

Complete Set of Bedroom Furniture
small home interior design

Bedroom with Private Work Area
small apartment interior design

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Bring Home A Beautiful Artefact And Add To the Ambiance of Your Home

Most of us love to have beautiful things around us in the home, displayed to perfection, creating a touch of class to the entire look of the house. Collecting beautiful items, antique or modern, is a hobby for some and a passion for many people. The collectibles show-case your superb taste, craving for beauty & elegance and your talent for picking up a unique item – a winner – that will appreciate in its value over time.

Collectibles are almost always hand-crafted and unique. Some people collect paintings, some coins, some stamps, some sculptures, some miniatures, some books, some manuscripts, some glass and some porcelain. Some collect beautiful and antique furniture. Some of the old French, English and Italian furniture can look stunning and one chair/sofa or table alone can bring a distinctive touch of class to the entire room.

Some of the art lovers trot across the globe in search of items that they collect. Dedicated art lovers practically go from one auction to another, from one country to another in the hope of picking up something that is unique and rare. Many flock to garage sales, junk yard sale and second-hand shops in hopes of spotting what looks insignificant and lying unrecognized to others but a rare, precious and valuable artefact for the expert.

Today, apart from the aesthetic pleasures one derives from art collectibles, more and more people are recognizing the monetary benefits of collecting art and other collectibles. A collector may recognize a budding talent and can make a kill if he buys wisely. A painting or sculpture will reach sky-high prices once their authors’ work becomes well-known and famous. A road-side painter may get to become a maestro one day!

There are a few artists making contemporary and elegant art items now which can compete with any antique piece for exquisite workmanship and excellent execution. Many of them are one of a kind item or exclusively manufactured under client-specific instructions. Created with love and passion, crafted with masterly skill and dexterity, they bring joy and delight to the beholder as much to the creator.

Wrought iron art pieces can enhance the beauty of home, outside and the garden. They combine a look of delicacy with inherent strength. Here are some samples of contemporary and cool-looking art work from Shawn Lovell. She specializes in commissioned and one-of-a-kind work using forging and welding techniques – both traditional and modern – to create items of artistic & ornamental as well as practical value.

A simple yet classic artefact can make a strong style statement and bring everlasting pleasure and joy to the collector! Bring home one and start a collection!!

A Christmas-Tree Like Lamp

A Classily Elegant Chandelier

Bed Posts Act as Candle Holders

A Unique and Beautifully Crafted Bed

A Four-Poster Looks Like Trees and a Nest

An Elegant Table with Candle Holders

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Luxury Home in Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is the most popular design style today. Most of the modern and minimalist designs are variations of contemporary style. This is a style that combines the various advantages of other styles like traditional design style etc so that all aspects are oriented towards your comfort and your liking. It is essentially what you want – nothing more.

As your home is an extension of you and your tastes, it showcases the inner you very effectively. By looking at a home, you can definitely predict the nature of the owner – whether he likes simple and quiet elegance or whether he has a liking for ornate and ostentatious. Also by the color choice of walls, furniture upholstery and other furnishings, we can predict his nature most successfully.

A neat and methodical person always loves to have a clean-cut classic design with least amount of fuss. A person with excellent judgment and taste will make the entire home look elegant and dignified. His tastefully decorated home will definitely show his excellent choice of furniture, furnishings and décor aspects and his attention to details.

Here you can see some images of a beautiful looking home with luxurious looking interiors but styled in a contemporary manner. This has been designed by very well known architects – Parsonson Architects. Called as Wairau Valley House, this is located in Rapaura, NZ.

This is a beautiful and luxurious looking home designed in contemporary design. With a beautiful swimming pool in the front yard, the house looks majestic and grand with floor to ceiling glass windows showing the living room to great advantage. The single story structure is with high ceiling and quite spacious and roomy with a gabled roof. Every part of the home looks beautifully designed and stylishly furnished; attractive bedrooms look elegant and furnished very prettily .

This home has been constructed with wood as main construction material for ceilings and flooring- from beautiful looking eucalyptus saligna wood. The very spacious looks give the home a luxurious look of distinction and stylish sophistication. The home looks very statuesque with the beautiful wooden flooring adding to the luxurious look in all the living areas including the kitchen. Surrounded by carefully cultivated gardens and orchards, the house presents a stunning looking luxurious home that looks elegant, contemporary and stylish too!

Trellis Covered Pavilion Contemporary Home
Pavilion Contemporary Home

Stunning Wood Finish Interiors
Stunning Wood Finish Interiors

Patio Area Contemporary House
Patio Area Contemporary House

Outdoor Pool Deck Contemporary Home
Outdoor Pool Deck

Open Type Plan Contemporary House
Open Type Plan Contemporary House

Elegant Lounge Contemporary House
Elegant Lounge Contemporary

Contemporary Home Steel Wood Kitchen
Contemporary Home Steel Wood Kitchen

Beautiful Backdrop Contemporary House
Beautiful Backdrop Contemporary House

Attractive Pool Contemporary House
Attractive Pool Contemporary House

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Glider Rocker – For Relaxing Times in Your Living Room


Most of us think that a glider rocker is only for the nursery room furniture. And they are not useful anymore once the children are grown up. This need not be the case as rockers can be great way to relax while you are reading a paper or a book or listening to the music. If the rocker is of good quality and comfy fit, it can be very relaxing to sit in it. What are the basic criteria to select the best rocker? Do you really decide on the rocker by just browsing over internet? Actually glider rocker cannot be purchased just by reading the specifications or looking at the photographs. You have to sit in the rocker and experience personally how the rocker glider works – how good is the seat fit for you.

You need to check what model of rocker you will like best ands what will suit your home and furnishing style. You need to decide whether you will like an ottoman along with the rocker to rest your foot. And then you can think about the upholstery and the finish. If you are thinking of using it in living room later, you may like to furnish more attractively. When you are deciding about the model of the glider rocker you have to decide whether you will like a reclining model. Now there are gliders which swivel quite smoothly. There are different styles available – like traditional, contemporary, sleigh and other styles. If you are getting it custom built, you can make it from cherry or maple.

Popular finishes are espresso, maple, cherry, oak and mahogany finishes. You should check what kind of upholstery you would like and how you like the seat and back finished. You can opt for a distressed finish if you like that more. Tufted or quilted back can be very soothing for your back and you can opt for a crowned seat for extra comfort. Here are some beautiful glider rockers from Best Home Furnishings. Look at the beautiful looking Victorian style glider with carving details. It looks wonderful with a Pecan finish. These are all with turned spindles and these are supported with wedge and staples. You can have your choice of upholstery material right from fabrics to leather.

Don’t you think a glider rocker can be a good way to relax even after the nursery days are over?

With Oval Shaped Back in Pecan Finish

With Gold and Silver Brocade Upholstery

With an X-Patterned Back for Solid Comfort

Tufted Back Gives Added Support

Traditionally Carved Chair with Full Back Support

Fully Supported Arms and Firm Cushions

Crowned Seat and in Espresso Finish

Bring Nature inside Your Home with Pretty Plants in Beautiful Planters

Who does not love flowers? Even people who are not keen on gardening with no green thumb still love the colors and fragrance of flowers. Flowers are important aspect of interior decor. Any room, practically every space, gets a lift with pretty looking flowers. Today along with beautiful fragrant natural flowers, you get high-quality artificial flowers and plants also. Whatever the style of your home is, flowers can be part of the decor. Just choose proper containers, vases etc that will not look out of place. For a beautiful house set in classic splendor, with all period pieces, an ornamentally done flower arrangement in glass or crystal container may look good. A terracotta pot in a wrought iron stand may also look good but not a plastic container.

Likewise, whatever is the color theme and interior decor you have done, flowers can add to the grace and beauty of the house. A good start can be with a flower arrangement guide book or encyclopaedia to learn about the flower varieties and greenery too, best seasons for each, their colors and what kind of flowers can look best in what kind of decor. Traditional style decor can have full petal flowers like roses and mums which can be arranged in glass or crystal vases. A country style decor looks best with terracotta vases or basket types with daisies, dahlias and tulips whereas with contemporary and eclectic decor, all kind of bold looking vases and holders go extremely well with single blooms and minimal greenery.

People in high-rises and small houses can also have a few plants to bring a fresh look to their decor. There are innumerable planters available which look great and are quite superior in quality to conventional pots, buckets or planters. High-quality planters are UV ray resistant, durable and stand up to 24/7 exposure to elements looking new for long periods of time.

Here are some LECHUZA planters – exclusive, perfectly combining high-level function and elegant form and convenience to users. Smartly designed, with an exclusive but optional LECHUZA sub-irrigation system and other accessories, these planters are ready for you with many advantages. . Many are solid colored pieces with looks to resemble ceramic pots and metallic containers.

Take some little time, have some plants and flowers for that touch of spring and you can create a beautiful flower arrangement that will be perfect for your house and give great satisfaction to you also.

Wonderful Looking White Planters

Tall Looking Self Watering Plant Holders

Pretty Looking Ferns in Planters on Sideboard

Pansy and Tomatoes Grown Indoors

Pair of Beauties to Add Elegance

Dining Space Beautification Planter

Beautiful Looking Aloe Vera Planter

Beautiful Sofas – Make Home Makeover Exciting And Irresistible


Many a time, we will keep postponing a much needed living-room makeover. Maybe we did not have the energy to do the groundwork or we did not have the time to go and look at the local furniture store or talk to the interior decorator etc. But the advantage of online shopping makes it easy for us to look at a variety of options and choose what we like. According to the latest furniture trend and prevalent fashion, the online shops stock a number of products and display to the best advantage. We are spared the effort to go to the local store and keep asking about all the details. One click shows a galore of choices that are available and likewise we learn all the details including the extra cost to ship it home.

Home makeover gets exciting with browsing through a number of ideas offered by the online sites and their decoration experts. When we look how the sofa looks in different scenarios, we get a better idea of how it may look in our home and how it may blend with the rest of furniture. Many suggestions to enhance the décor also are worth exploring.

Presently the trend is not for too much ostentation but for austere classic look. The classically beautiful and elegantly but simply upholstered sofas are in demand today and look very chic and sophisticated in the home. The eternal favourites – classy wood and cool leather are as much in demand as look as much great-looking together as ever. Colours are also nice – gray, tan, creams and browns – a nice eclectic mixture of both warm tones and cool shades. Shapes look simple but very-very elegant and styles are mostly contemporary and favouring the green ethics to contain the carbon foot print. But comfort is the operative word and classy and clean-cut define the style of the sofas.

Here are some beautiful sofas from i4Mariani. The sheer beauty of the semi-circular sofa is amazingly elegant. How utilitarian the double-sided sofa looks! The mustard yellow looks so comfy with extendable foot rest and adjustable back.

I am sure you also will be tempted by the number of choices that are available online. Check out the top designers and famous online stores whose products look very attractive and trendy. You may come across some very advantageous deals also in some sites. Enjoy yourself and get some beautiful sofas to add to your home collection.

Wonderful Swivel Chair in White

Impressive Looking Pair of Black Leather Sofas

Delightful Looking Double Sided Sofa

Comfy Looking Sofa in Yellow

Comfy in Tan Leather and Curvilinear Shape
comfy-in-tan-leather-and curvilinear-shaped

Comfortable and Simple Dining Chairs