Making Loft Homes More Comfortable

Lofts are huge and open draughty kind of places. Most lofts are high ceilinged and with windows that are large from floor to ceiling main source of light and ventilation. For the past few decades lofts have been popular with artists and students who did not mind the industrial type of interiors that may not be exactly the way traditional homes are built.

But today lofts are eagerly sought after by people who like the very unique features that characterize a loft – like high ceilings and large open spaces. Architects and designers are cashing on the very shortfalls of loft areas and make them into beautifully open and lit structures that have plenty of ventilation and airy spacious feeling.

A loft can be best converted as an open type design house. Large and spacious living areas contain the seating arrangements, dining areas with table chairs and open type kitchens that make the large areas cozy and homely. Smaller size segregated bedrooms are created – sometimes at a higher mezzanine level and furnished with preferably simple and suitably low hung furniture.

Decorating a loft house may need advice from an interior decorator for bringing in a touch of coziness and warmth. If you are retaining the original loft walls, they can be made to be with distressed look that will add depth to the whole atmosphere. And wooden flooring can be used for creating warmth and elegance to the interiors.

Here you can see images of a loft home that has furniture from B & B Italia. Look at the great looking living room with beautiful looking luxurious sectional in soft purple with ottomans in red, white and mauve making the room pretty. A contemporary style open wall supported shelf unit makes for storage purposes, finished in white and goes well with the light grey walls of the loft. Accent chairs in gray look cozy across the purple sectional.

The dining table is long and simple in design. Accent chairs in plastic in varied colors are used as dining chairs. More such chairs are used to pair with the wooden working table that has a unique triangular top.

The maroon color is repeated in the bedroom for bed frame upholstery. Low platform bed with metal frame with wooden headboard and wooden nightstand make the room comfortable. The bedroom is made cozier with a rug and recliner – a chaise lounge for relaxing with a pedestal lamp nearby completing the ambiance of the loft.

Handsome Chaise Lounge in Cream

Gorgeously Furnished Dining Area

Fashionably Chic Accent Chair in Grey

Elegant Looking Dining Table

Delightful Sectional and Ottomans

Contemporary Style Working Table

Beautiful Purple Metal Bed

Accent Dining Chairs Adding Grace

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Awesome Furniture Concepts To Suit Your Personality

When you want to display your eclectic taste and desire for good living in style, you need to select your furniture with good care. Buying impulsively or without planning will leave room for later regrets and possibly more expenses as you may need to buy again. Taking the advice of a good interior decorator can be one of the easiest ways to select good furniture.

Maybe you have a good furniture shop in your neighbourhood where you can get a good selection of furniture. Many of the good furniture shops have knowledgeable sales personnel who give excellent advice to the customers about all the aspects of furnishing the home. They give good advice about the wall décor, color scheme and proper style suitable to your house.

First decide what kind of furniture you would like your house to have. What kind of a style will suit your house can be discussed with your interior decorator also. Most of the modern houses are small sized and some are only as big as studio apartments. These sorts of houses like fuss-free and simple, chic and sophisticated furniture that will add to the elegance.

Formerly big mansion-like houses were present and traditional and classic style of furniture, heavy ornate and biggish furniture were normally chosen. Good solid hardwood furniture like those made of oak, teak, rosewood and walnut were chosen to make furniture with beautifully hand-carved and decorated sofa sets and bedsteads were generally favoured.

But contemporary fashion had changed all that. Today classic lines and simple elegance is chosen over ornate and heavy work. Glass blended with wood, full glass, wood or metal frame with natural or synthetic resin weave are very popular. Though minimalistic style is preferred than too much ornamental work, good quality furniture is very popular.

Not only traditional sofa sets, coffee tables, side tables, ottomans are favoured, sectionals have become very popular and the preferred choice of many. With the modular style sectionals allowing people to use the corner spaces which otherwise might have been wasted, right or left side sectionals with matching ottoman with or without storage are most popular.

Here are some beautiful sofa sets from Looking Good Furniture. The sectionals in gold russet with a matching semi-circular sofa-end/console table look very attractive. The simple and elegant stripes or the beige and blue sofa sets all look really cool and sophisticated.

Don’t you think you would love to have one of these?

Waves and Prints Sofa Upholstery

Striking Looking Beige and Blue

Simple and Elegant Stripe Pattern
simple-and elegant-stripe-pattern

Elegant Sofas with Unique Center Table

Elegant Corner Sectionals in Russet Gold

Brocade Upholstery and Wooden Base

Beautiful and Traditional Living Room Décor

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Luxury Home in Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is the most popular design style today. Most of the modern and minimalist designs are variations of contemporary style. This is a style that combines the various advantages of other styles like traditional design style etc so that all aspects are oriented towards your comfort and your liking. It is essentially what you want – nothing more.

As your home is an extension of you and your tastes, it showcases the inner you very effectively. By looking at a home, you can definitely predict the nature of the owner – whether he likes simple and quiet elegance or whether he has a liking for ornate and ostentatious. Also by the color choice of walls, furniture upholstery and other furnishings, we can predict his nature most successfully.

A neat and methodical person always loves to have a clean-cut classic design with least amount of fuss. A person with excellent judgment and taste will make the entire home look elegant and dignified. His tastefully decorated home will definitely show his excellent choice of furniture, furnishings and décor aspects and his attention to details.

Here you can see some images of a beautiful looking home with luxurious looking interiors but styled in a contemporary manner. This has been designed by very well known architects – Parsonson Architects. Called as Wairau Valley House, this is located in Rapaura, NZ.

This is a beautiful and luxurious looking home designed in contemporary design. With a beautiful swimming pool in the front yard, the house looks majestic and grand with floor to ceiling glass windows showing the living room to great advantage. The single story structure is with high ceiling and quite spacious and roomy with a gabled roof. Every part of the home looks beautifully designed and stylishly furnished; attractive bedrooms look elegant and furnished very prettily .

This home has been constructed with wood as main construction material for ceilings and flooring- from beautiful looking eucalyptus saligna wood. The very spacious looks give the home a luxurious look of distinction and stylish sophistication. The home looks very statuesque with the beautiful wooden flooring adding to the luxurious look in all the living areas including the kitchen. Surrounded by carefully cultivated gardens and orchards, the house presents a stunning looking luxurious home that looks elegant, contemporary and stylish too!

Trellis Covered Pavilion Contemporary Home
Pavilion Contemporary Home

Stunning Wood Finish Interiors
Stunning Wood Finish Interiors

Patio Area Contemporary House
Patio Area Contemporary House

Outdoor Pool Deck Contemporary Home
Outdoor Pool Deck

Open Type Plan Contemporary House
Open Type Plan Contemporary House

Elegant Lounge Contemporary House
Elegant Lounge Contemporary

Contemporary Home Steel Wood Kitchen
Contemporary Home Steel Wood Kitchen

Beautiful Backdrop Contemporary House
Beautiful Backdrop Contemporary House

Attractive Pool Contemporary House
Attractive Pool Contemporary House

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