Accessories for Your Living Room – Occasional Tables


Having a set of small occasional tables like coffee tables, console tables, end tables, sofa tables are very handy and convenient. While guests are coming or even for day-to-day use, these tables help greatly in keeping things organized and neat. They are the staple options for display, tea & snack serving or for keeping magazines, newspapers etc.

They may not be major furniture investment like living room sofas, bedstead or a dining table. But they are equally important for day-to-day comfort and conveniences. Think of just have 2-3 big sofas and four bare walls in the living room. How odd it will look? You need these occasional tables for filling up those empty spaces nicely and prettily.

What all uses can you get from these occasional tables? Displaying your memento photographs, curios, and flowers; keeping your magazines, newspapers, and other reading matter; handy for keeping all those remotes for all the electronic gadgets; your cell phones and chargers – there are so many things to be kept on the table – actually more than what the tables can hold.

Occasional tables come in sets of three or five. Coffee table, sofa table, console table, end table, and side table are generally called occasional tables. You can actually buy the whole set or if you want you may be able to buy just one piece – whatever you want. You can bring a modern minimalist kind of occasional table and blend it perfectly with any decor.

Today modular style occasional tables all come easy to assemble DIY model which are easy for self assembling. They come in all finishes right from natural wood finish to cherry, dark oak, teak and mahogany. Nowadays in small houses and apartments, where you may not have enough space for media center, mostly occasional tables serve as stands for TVs.

Here are some beautiful occasional table sets from Poundex. These are sets of three – a coffee table/sofa table, a console table and an end table mostly. Glass topped and x-shaped pedestal table sets look really sleek and worth having. Some have a base shelf to have some extra storage and some have drawers for keeping stuff.

Whether your home is a small apartment or a house, these are essential accessories you cannot do without. Go online check to check you options and add beautiful occasional tables to your living room furniture.

Table Set with Drawers

Square Shaped and Simply Elegant

Simple and Elegant Table Set

Glass Top and Wood Shelf

Cross Shaped Base Glass Top

Console Table with Bottom Shelf

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Sophisticated Sideboards Make Elegant Dining Areas


Dining areas need storage area to keep the extra cutlery and crockery as well extra serving dishes that you may not use on a daily basis. Even if you do not have a separate dining room, you will need storage cabinets near dining area without fail. You can create a focal area of décor if you opt for great looking sideboards that can be used for storage too.

Formerly dining rooms used to be separate from living room areas where family will dine every day. Dining room is where your guests eat either a sit-down formal dinner or a buffet that can be casual and relaxed. But nowadays dining area is adjacent to the living room area. Some of us have a separate dining table and chair set or most of us use high bar stools and eat off the island or kitchen counters.

When you have such an informal dining setting, you can create elegance and sophistication by bringing in a beautiful and traditional looking side board as an accent piece. Sideboards can be exotic looking in baroque fashion making your dining area and kitchen a stylishly elegant and beautifully furnished area.

Sideboards can have bow fronted look or straight cut fronts and like the patio console table, the dining area consoles can have beautiful and ornamental framed mirrors. The mirror not only adds a special decorative accent, the entire kitchen – dining section looks brightly lit and more beautiful. Sometimes instead of a mirror, a beautiful painting, wall art or artifact can be suspended over the console table.

Sideboards can have shelves with doors or pull-out drawers. Some sideboards are specially made with bow fronts, and special carved details in the corners or in the center. Some of them have additional glamour with gilded designs and special carvings etc.

Here you can see a number of sideboards that look very authentically rococo and ornate in design and finish. These sideboards are from the stables of Elitis. They look very elegant and chic with a good amount of carving and hand-tooling done to make them look imposing and grand looking with additional gilding and other hand work. Theses gilded tables look really elegant and chic and will add to the style quotient of your dining area and your kitchen!

Wonderful Looking Gilded Bow Front Sideboard

Superbly Carved Wood Console Table

Sideboard in Yellow and Cream

High Glossy & Elegant Decorated Shelf

Handsomely Tooled Bow Front Sideboard

Golden and Brown with Hand-Carving

Beautifully Carved Design in Blue

Attractive Looking Sideboard with Red Trims

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Convenient Furniture at Our Home – Console Tables

Console tables are most of the time not given the recognition they deserve. Agreed they are not very huge in size and they do not take up too much space. But they are convenient part of end tables and they are very-very useful in the foyers, patios and in our living room. Console tables are those on which we dump our magazines, our umbrellas when we return from outside, our head gear – like caps, hats and other sundry items.

Where do we see console tables in our homes? Most of the time, the front level areas – patio, foyers are the first choice of places for them. The living room is the next favorable choice. Anywhere near the wall where there is some space, a console table can be accommodated perfectly in the living room. And dining rooms are the next choice for placing a console table. And they are always kept against a wall every time.

How console tables look? They are narrow tables, sometimes half supported by the wall with just two front legs. Or they may be wholly free standing, but again narrow of size – about as tall as the dining table or writing table and sometimes with a solid wooden base, scrolled metal supports, on ornamental wooden legs or ornamentally handcrafted wood and metal combo.

What are top counters of console tables consist? They can be solid wood topped, glass topped, metal topped or fiberglass topped – there is a wide range of materials now available to make a console table. Wood topped console tables can have in-lay work, hand-carved details and other special finishes like brass knuckles and other features to make them look pretty.

Mostly, console tables have a mirror fixed above them. Especially if the console table is in the foyer, the mirror is there so that when you fix your head gear before going out you can check whether it is properly set. Many a time candle stands, books, table lamps, flower vases are kept on the console table to add to the ambiance of the home décor.

Most of the console tables have a bottom shelf fixed to them. And the back of the console table has mirror sometimes so people can check out their footwear before stepping out of the house. Here are some images of attractive looking wooden console tables. Some are beautifully hand crafted, gilded and brass work details added to that. Check out what is your favorite?

Simple and Elegant Looking Console
simple console table

Ornate and Gilded Frame with Mirror
ornate console table

Elegant Console with Mirror Behind
elegant console table

Console with Metal Capped Legs and Matching Mirror
television console table

Console Table with Ornate Legs and Mirror
wood console table

Console Table with Drawer Bottom Shelf
wooden console table

Close Up View of Inlay Work on Console
decorative console table

Classic Looking Solid Wood Console
tv console table

Cherry Red Console and With Brass Details
console table

Gorgeous Furniture to Beautify Your Home

Beautiful sofas, cushions, coffee tables, dining tables-chairs and display shelves all play a vital role in beautifying your home decor. Having beautiful furniture is essential to an elegant and attractive home. Whatever the size of your home, having aesthetically attractive furniture greatly enhances the value of your house. Right from outside patio, and front door which increases the curb appeal of your home each and every part of your house deserves beautiful furniture that will make the home a pleasure to live. Right from the foyer area which is the first place a guest looks at, right to the backyard and outside all parts need attention and beautification.

Foyer should look uncluttered but must have the necessary shoe racks, coat racks, mirrors and a small closet to store all your outdoor gear like hats, overcoats umbrellas etc. It should have at least one console table which can be used to keep the car keys scarves and such items which you will need when you are stepping out. A pretty foyer impresses a guest very favorably.

When once you step in from the foyer, the living room should be welcoming the guest warmly with comfortable furniture with fluffy cushions and handy coffee tables which makes entertainment easy and a pleasure. Living room is where you entertain your visitors, where the family spends time quality time together. It must look welcoming exuding warmth and friendliness. Having great-looking sofas and sectionals are essential to make the room comfortable. Also great looking coffee tables, and ottomans and end tables etc add to the ambiance of your living room decor. When the living room wall decor and the furniture, upholstery, and the curtains complement one another, your living room shows your decoration expertise and innate good taste.

Most of the time dining room becomes part of the living room with sideboards and side tables making living room furniture decor complete. A sturdy and stylish dining table will make your home great along with good chairs. Whether the table is wood-topped or glass topped, the chairs can add greatly to the beauty of dining room section along with sideboards and side tables. Here are some beautiful looking sofas, sectionals coffee tables and sideboards from DolceVita. Just check how beautifully the coffee table sets off the sofas and the cushions! How gleaming and beautiful the side table looks! And the dining sets are equally great-looking.

How about getting some lovely furniture like these?

Wonderful Looking Wooden Table Set

Sideboard with Pedestal Lamps

Gracious Looking Gleaming Side Table

Gorgeous Sectional and Coffee Table

Elegant Glass Topped Table

Beautiful Sofa, Cushions Coffee Table

Attractive Looking Display Shelf

Beautiful End Tables – Perfect Accessories for Your Living Room Furniture


End tables are nice accessories that complete the interior décor in your home. Generally, a complete set of matching tables consist of coffee table, console table, end table and a side table. These small tables are part of accessory furniture helping you to serve snacks, coffee etc while you are entertaining. You can use them to display beautiful artifacts curios etc. You can have perfectly matched sets if you happen to order the full range, but combining a contemporary kind of end table with traditional styled furniture gives more character to the room and brings the best of both styles. These tables, sporting a distinct style of their own, harmoniously blend nicely with the rest of the furniture.

End tables can be accent-furniture demanding focus – especially if they are some rare hand-carved furniture – a unique piece – an antique like. There are some unique and distinctly different looking end tables available today – like one with mosaic-tiled top, or glass topped side table with a unique base made of virgin wood in its pristine glory. How tall an end table can be? It should be easy for you to keep something and easy to take it off. There should be about three-inch height difference between the sofa arms and the end table. If you place a lamp, the light should be at your shoulder height. Two identical looking end tables on each side of the sofa will make an attractive picture.

There are many end tables available today with storage options like drawers, spacious lower shelves etc. Many end-tables have intricate carving details like curved and hand-carved legs, smooth rounded edges and good quality hardware which enhance the value of the end table as well make it more utilitarian and purposeful. Here are some beautiful end tables from Target. Look at the beautiful wooden end table with glass insert at the top. The espresso finish makes the square end table look very elite and sophisticated. How beautiful the oil-rubbed bronze finish end table looks? Any one of them will be a welcome addition to your home.

A set of nested rosewood end tables that have inlay work on the top can be a great addition to your living room furniture. These versatile furniture accessories will be of immense use to you when you are entertaining as well as for storage, and display purposes. Go online and check what you will like most and buy it today!

Square End Table with Cherry Finish
Square & Pretty-Looking End Table
Rolling Contoured End Table
Honey Maple End Table with Glass Top
Glass Topped Beautiful End Table
Elegant Looking End Table with Espresso Finish

Gorgeous Tables – One of the Most Important Furniture for Home Decor

If we look through the pages of history, the earliest mention about tables are in Egyptian history where they used raised stone platforms to keep things off the floor. Tables used for dining was not a concept in use those days. They put up the food on huge plates that was supported on pedestals. Idea of dining tables with chairs came much later. Since the time dining tables became prevalent, metal or wooden tables had gained popularity as much as the stone tables had. Though initially these were comforts enjoyed only by the rich while the poor seldom had anything better than trunks and crates serving as tables. Initially tables were not as high as they are today and were able to be pushed under the beds.

Trestle tables, dining table, gate leg table, coffee table, drawing table, end table, console table, chess table, refectory table, dressing table, work table, Pembroke table, tripod table, side table, night stands, sofa tables, and work tables are kinds of tables used around the table. Square, rectangular, round, and oval are the shapes mostly used as the flat top surface of the table. Collapsible tables, extendable tables have been popular since long; inserting extra leaves or drop sides which can be locked into positions so that when needed, the tables can be made bigger in size. Extensions that can be folded or slid underneath are other options for expanding the top. Solid wood or intricately worked metal tables were the norm – heavy and durable which were expected to last forever.

Oak and teak the common kind of wood used for making furniture in earlier days resulted in solid and heavy furniture that gave dependable and trouble free service for years and years. Heavier the wood, the more value was given to the furniture. Not only tables, all furniture were made of solid real wood, were huge and heavy but gave absolutely fabulous service for years! Minimalistic look and modular tables are contemporary in style and these tables are popular today and very much in demand. For small houses and apartments eclectically furnished, these tables add beauty and grace without hogging precious space. Here are some beautiful tables crafted by Henrybuilt. The lean minimal look and stylishly chic appearance make all of them great favorites.

I am sure you must have beautiful tables adding ambiance to your dining room. Are they traditional or contemporary? Whatever the style, you sure find them very useful!

Wooden Bench with Cushion

Steel Dining Table – Sleek and Chic

Long and Classic Dining Table in Wood
long-and classic-dining-table-in-wood

Gorgeous Table for Home Office Use

Elegant Round Coffee Table Pedestal Mounted

Dining Table with Chairs