Color Schemes to Make Beautiful Picture-Perfect Home Decor

How do you feel when you walk into a perfectly finished house? You feel as happy as if you are in a garden in spring time; everything happily co-ordinated and blended harmoniously giving that satisfaction of completeness. Many a time, a house with best décor not only makes you feel happy but stirs memories of good old times when you were happier. Getting this kind of perfect blend of colouring and co-ordinated décor is not impossible. It just takes more planning and forward thinking so that you have the satisfaction of seeing your furniture highlighted perfectly, upholstery set off nicely and overall ambiance greatly enhanced and you are complimented on the home décor by all who visit the home.

A stylish and sophisticated look is achieved with choosing wall colours wisely that co-ordinate with your furniture colour, upholstery fabric, your draperies, your cushions, bolsters, rugs and other accessories in the room. Most of the time solid wooden furniture blends well when the wall color does not clash with the finish of the wood or upholstery material color. When your furniture is dark brown/brown – like with teak/walnut finish, it is best to use blues – various shades of it – lighter tones – to set off the teak/walnut finish to perfection. If you have dark maroon/red toned furniture like mahogany or cedar veneer, a color like green – shades of it – will set off the furniture beautifully.

If you have a huge room, you can go for warmer colours. They make the room cozier and closer. If you happen to have a small house or an apartment, it is best to stick to cool pastel shades. They make the room look larger and more spacious. But you can get a happier blended effect by adding to a room in cool colour some accents of warm colour on just one wall and make it look dramatic. Use warm colors for dining and living rooms and cool relaxing colours in your bedroom. Patios can look best in shades of green. You can experiment with some trims to add to the overall effect. Trims need not be only in full white. You can try out some lighter shades of beige, gray etc to give the same crisp effect as a white trim will give.

Here are some stunning looking rooms done by Brown Buckley Inc. Enjoy the sheer beauty of the rooms. Hope you must be keen to have such great-looking rooms?

White, Floral and Checks

Mauve and Pinks
mauve-and pinks

Lively Looking Yellows, Tangerines and Brown

Gorgeous Looking Pinks and Beige Tones

Creams and White with Stone

Cool Blues and Warm Pinks

Blue Walls and Beige, Pinks

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Have Pleasing Colours And Bring Pleasant Effects

Colour affects our moods. Violently clashing colours can make people aggressive, cool colours can relax people and some can make you feel happy and energetic. Knowing all about colours at least a little bit will help in choosing good colours for your interiors. There are many online sits which offer dependable and valuable advice about what colours and what colour schemes can suit your home and yourself.

Internet provides a lot of information – very useful about colour schemes, colour wheels and decorating with colours. Once you learn the relationships between the various colours, you will know what can be combined with what harmoniously and what will clash and make for disharmony. Especially you will need to know how to pick the colours for your interiors, soft furnishings and furniture, furniture upholstery etc.

It can be quite difficult to exactly know and choose what colours look good in the living room, what will suit the furniture and what will set off the upholstery most advantageously. Also you can never be sure which will make the dining room warm and welcoming, which can make the bedroom fresh and calming and which can make the kitchen cool and comfortable. Is it a good idea to bring deep and bright shades into the décor? How to know about all these things?

If you feel that by choosing all pastel colours, white, off white, cream and other light shades, it can be an easy way out then you will be most probably wrong and wrong in a major way. Getting only pastel or light shades may not make the colours clash but you may end up having a very flat and lifeless looking décor for your home.

Having a good colour scheme will bring out the beauty of your house, and make the house loaded with character and dignity. Think of how much a pretty looking colourful foyer will add to the value of your property as well enhance the value of your property? By choosing colours wisely not only will your house look elegant, you can hide some obvious defects and flaws that may otherwise mar the beauty of your home.

Taking a leaf out of the nature’s handbook can help in knowing the ideal colour combinations. The earthy browns and cool greens, beautiful blues, pinks and reds – all can make an ideal combination for your walls. Here are some stunning combinations from Colour and Design for you to check out!

Solomon Pink Sets Off Yellow

Pearl and Smoky Gray

Mustard Yellow on Wall

Mustard and Dark Gold

Light Shades of Brick Red

Light Gray with Steel Gray Color Design Ideas

Light Coral Textured Walls

Floral in Maroon Matching Upholstery