Accessories for Your Living Room – Occasional Tables


Having a set of small occasional tables like coffee tables, console tables, end tables, sofa tables are very handy and convenient. While guests are coming or even for day-to-day use, these tables help greatly in keeping things organized and neat. They are the staple options for display, tea & snack serving or for keeping magazines, newspapers etc.

They may not be major furniture investment like living room sofas, bedstead or a dining table. But they are equally important for day-to-day comfort and conveniences. Think of just have 2-3 big sofas and four bare walls in the living room. How odd it will look? You need these occasional tables for filling up those empty spaces nicely and prettily.

What all uses can you get from these occasional tables? Displaying your memento photographs, curios, and flowers; keeping your magazines, newspapers, and other reading matter; handy for keeping all those remotes for all the electronic gadgets; your cell phones and chargers – there are so many things to be kept on the table – actually more than what the tables can hold.

Occasional tables come in sets of three or five. Coffee table, sofa table, console table, end table, and side table are generally called occasional tables. You can actually buy the whole set or if you want you may be able to buy just one piece – whatever you want. You can bring a modern minimalist kind of occasional table and blend it perfectly with any decor.

Today modular style occasional tables all come easy to assemble DIY model which are easy for self assembling. They come in all finishes right from natural wood finish to cherry, dark oak, teak and mahogany. Nowadays in small houses and apartments, where you may not have enough space for media center, mostly occasional tables serve as stands for TVs.

Here are some beautiful occasional table sets from Poundex. These are sets of three – a coffee table/sofa table, a console table and an end table mostly. Glass topped and x-shaped pedestal table sets look really sleek and worth having. Some have a base shelf to have some extra storage and some have drawers for keeping stuff.

Whether your home is a small apartment or a house, these are essential accessories you cannot do without. Go online check to check you options and add beautiful occasional tables to your living room furniture.

Table Set with Drawers

Square Shaped and Simply Elegant

Simple and Elegant Table Set

Glass Top and Wood Shelf

Cross Shaped Base Glass Top

Console Table with Bottom Shelf

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Lustrous Table Lamps – Important Accessories for Your Home

Amongst all accessories which can make your home beautiful, lamps – especially table and floor lamps – are the most useful of the accessories! Most of us take for granted all lamps thinking they are just light sources. But when you are thinking of brightening a corner, nothing comes as handy as a table or a pedestal lamp. Lamps are both functional as well decorative.

How do you select the lamps? You first should know where you are going to keep the lamp. If it is a pedestal lamp, how tall is the pedestal, how big the shade is and how much area will it be illuminated. Pedestal lamps are floor lamps and they add to the illumination as well style quotient of the house. If you have got a corner designated as a study area or a reading nook with a comfortable chair to relax, you will need a decorative pedestal lamp nearby to throw light when you are reading your books.

Wall fixtures and lights provide good light through out the home. Recessed lights are quite useful in bedrooms mostly. Hanging type of lights is best over cooking/work area, dining area or writing area where you may need good bright ambient light. Candelabras, hanging sconces with candles and small clusters can look pretty and shed warm light. Wall sconces are best besides mirrors, in the bathroom and in the dressing areas. Backlit mirrors are also good sources of light.

But table lamps are best for intimate and creating special warm-lit corners. Table lamps actually can be a source of light as well serve in focusing and bringing attention to a display piece or a flower arrangement elegantly. Think how good a combination of beautifully displayed greenery lit by a small pretty looking table lamp will look on a coffee table.

When you are displaying table lamps, take care to choose a correct size table for the lamp. If you have an ornately shaded big-size table lamp, it should be on a big and roomy coffee table and not on a small stool. A small delicate based lamp will look best on a small sofa-side table looking pretty and adding beauty to the arrangement.

Here are some beautiful looking table lamps from Promemoria. Beautifully crafted rectangular and round shaped shades, exquisitely worked bases and the wide range of various sizes offer you a very good choice for your own home! Which is your favorite?

Umbrella Shaped Metal Table Lamp

Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Table Lamp with Metal Stem Base

Table Lamp with Delicate Dark Color Stem

Short and Stand Supported Table Lamp

Pair of Table Lamps Small and Big

Matching Table and Pedestal Lamp

Delicate Fabric Shaded Table Lamp

Dark Shaded Table Lamp with Gild Base

Cream Color Fabric Shaded Table Lamp

Graceful Rare Artefacts – Enhance Living Room Ambiance

Many times, hand-crafted items that bring a touch of beauty to our home need not be small in size. Sometimes we can get beautiful and rare things are unique which can add grace and elegance to wherever they are displayed. Like ivory inlay work, mother-of-pearl in-lay work, some times antlers are used for making the artefacts more artistic and special.

Formerly all furniture pieces were hand made. If you are interested in metal furniture, people made them by hand and better the craftsmanship of the worker, more beautiful was the item finished by hand. According to the fancy of the craftsman or the furniture maker, antlers and other items were used to make the furniture more interesting.

These hand-crafted furniture pieces are accent accessories. You can use these in conjunction with any kind of décor and style. They blend extremely well anywhere. Whether you have traditional, classic, contemporary or eclectic kind of furniture, these can be added anytime. As all accent furniture items, these become the focus of décor.

Having rare and hand-crafted furniture adds much better value to your antique collection than buying just antiques knick-knacks. The furniture is functional as well adds value to your collection. Even one piece of furniture can make the living space enhanced and something special – so much characteristic of your style and artistic inclinations.

You cannot buy a hand-crafted item or antique on impulse. An impulsive purchase is not advisable. The cost also will be quite high and also you need to know how you feel about it, how you like it, whether it will add value to your collection and whether it will be an asset to your home and your furniture.

Before deciding on your purchase, learn all about the item. Check the provenance – whether it is a genuine antique or a real hand-crafted by a master craftsman. Because of the high cost attached to the collectibles, there are so many reproductions and imitations are available that you need to take every care for checking the authenticity of the items.

Here are some beautifully hand-crafted furniture items from Craftsman33. These are hand-hammered furniture made more special with the addition of antlers of deer or elk antlers. These are made from stainless steel and copper and shaped into ornamental and beautiful shapes. Each piece a masterpiece and totally unique!

Don’t you think you need one of these for your home?

Small and Smart Looking Coffee Table

Side Table in Metal with Antlers

Hand Beaten Metal Container

Small Square Table Decorated With Elk Antlers

Square Table Decorated With Deer Antlers

Coffee Table Decorated with Antlers

Bench in Warm Finish with Elk Horns

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Get Beautiful Eco Friendly Wicker Sofa Sets for Your Living Room

Furniture purchase can be pleasurable activity – especially when you are buying for your living room. Living room is one of the most important areas of your home. Living room is the place where you bring your visitors to be entertained. This is where you will entertain your friends, neighbours and acquaintances when they call on you.

Three Seater with Single

Purchasing furniture for living room can be time consuming as well as exciting. Major part of your furniture budget may be taken up by your living room furniture. Especially if you are working under a tight budget, you may have to plan and buy the best you can without overshooting your budget. Not only should they look good they should be money well spent.

Three Piece Sofa Set with Coffee Table

What are all the furniture items you may like to buy for your living room? Sofa sets – with a triple seater sofa and two single sofas, or a double-seater sofa and two singles. You may need a central table which can double up as a coffee table. You may like to have a sectional – to utilize the corner in your living room and an ottoman to go with the sectional.

Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

You may also like an accent chair – like a lounge chair and a loveseat. There are many accessory furniture pieces like occasional table sets that make the room look filled in nicely. Small tables like side tables, console tables, end tables, and side boards all make the living room look well filled in comfortable and nice looking.

Pretty Looking Sectional with Coffee Table

Cane or bamboo can be a good option for living room furniture. It is a nice green alternative to hardwood furniture. Cane or rattan vines grow very fast and when cut, it re-grows pretty fast. Rattan or cane is the one of the oldest natural fibre used in making baskets, furniture and other items. Today rattan or cane is the best alternative for hardwood.

Lounge Chairs with Wicker Coffee Table

Here are some beautiful rattan sofa sets for your living room from Maze Rattan. Sofas, lounge chairs, dining room furniture, and coffee tables etc are all available in high quality cane and finished to give great look. Look at the beautiful looking loveseat. How elegant the sectional and the ottoman look together. The lounge chairs with coffee tables look really stunning.

Four Piece Sofa Set

Beautiful Looking Loveseat

Beautiful End Tables – Perfect Accessories for Your Living Room Furniture


End tables are nice accessories that complete the interior décor in your home. Generally, a complete set of matching tables consist of coffee table, console table, end table and a side table. These small tables are part of accessory furniture helping you to serve snacks, coffee etc while you are entertaining. You can use them to display beautiful artifacts curios etc. You can have perfectly matched sets if you happen to order the full range, but combining a contemporary kind of end table with traditional styled furniture gives more character to the room and brings the best of both styles. These tables, sporting a distinct style of their own, harmoniously blend nicely with the rest of the furniture.

End tables can be accent-furniture demanding focus – especially if they are some rare hand-carved furniture – a unique piece – an antique like. There are some unique and distinctly different looking end tables available today – like one with mosaic-tiled top, or glass topped side table with a unique base made of virgin wood in its pristine glory. How tall an end table can be? It should be easy for you to keep something and easy to take it off. There should be about three-inch height difference between the sofa arms and the end table. If you place a lamp, the light should be at your shoulder height. Two identical looking end tables on each side of the sofa will make an attractive picture.

There are many end tables available today with storage options like drawers, spacious lower shelves etc. Many end-tables have intricate carving details like curved and hand-carved legs, smooth rounded edges and good quality hardware which enhance the value of the end table as well make it more utilitarian and purposeful. Here are some beautiful end tables from Target. Look at the beautiful wooden end table with glass insert at the top. The espresso finish makes the square end table look very elite and sophisticated. How beautiful the oil-rubbed bronze finish end table looks? Any one of them will be a welcome addition to your home.

A set of nested rosewood end tables that have inlay work on the top can be a great addition to your living room furniture. These versatile furniture accessories will be of immense use to you when you are entertaining as well as for storage, and display purposes. Go online and check what you will like most and buy it today!

Square End Table with Cherry Finish
Square & Pretty-Looking End Table
Rolling Contoured End Table
Honey Maple End Table with Glass Top
Glass Topped Beautiful End Table
Elegant Looking End Table with Espresso Finish

Gorgeous Tables – One of the Most Important Furniture for Home Decor

If we look through the pages of history, the earliest mention about tables are in Egyptian history where they used raised stone platforms to keep things off the floor. Tables used for dining was not a concept in use those days. They put up the food on huge plates that was supported on pedestals. Idea of dining tables with chairs came much later. Since the time dining tables became prevalent, metal or wooden tables had gained popularity as much as the stone tables had. Though initially these were comforts enjoyed only by the rich while the poor seldom had anything better than trunks and crates serving as tables. Initially tables were not as high as they are today and were able to be pushed under the beds.

Trestle tables, dining table, gate leg table, coffee table, drawing table, end table, console table, chess table, refectory table, dressing table, work table, Pembroke table, tripod table, side table, night stands, sofa tables, and work tables are kinds of tables used around the table. Square, rectangular, round, and oval are the shapes mostly used as the flat top surface of the table. Collapsible tables, extendable tables have been popular since long; inserting extra leaves or drop sides which can be locked into positions so that when needed, the tables can be made bigger in size. Extensions that can be folded or slid underneath are other options for expanding the top. Solid wood or intricately worked metal tables were the norm – heavy and durable which were expected to last forever.

Oak and teak the common kind of wood used for making furniture in earlier days resulted in solid and heavy furniture that gave dependable and trouble free service for years and years. Heavier the wood, the more value was given to the furniture. Not only tables, all furniture were made of solid real wood, were huge and heavy but gave absolutely fabulous service for years! Minimalistic look and modular tables are contemporary in style and these tables are popular today and very much in demand. For small houses and apartments eclectically furnished, these tables add beauty and grace without hogging precious space. Here are some beautiful tables crafted by Henrybuilt. The lean minimal look and stylishly chic appearance make all of them great favorites.

I am sure you must have beautiful tables adding ambiance to your dining room. Are they traditional or contemporary? Whatever the style, you sure find them very useful!

Wooden Bench with Cushion

Steel Dining Table – Sleek and Chic

Long and Classic Dining Table in Wood
long-and classic-dining-table-in-wood

Gorgeous Table for Home Office Use

Elegant Round Coffee Table Pedestal Mounted

Dining Table with Chairs