Tradition & Celebration – Christmas Brings Joy to All

Beautiful sense of tradition and joy of celebration make Christmas special to all of us. Each Christmas brings us the memories of all the Christmas seasons we have had since childhood and we pass on the tradition and values to our children as well. Christmas tree, lights, illuminations, decorations, Christmas feast and gifts – all are too important to be missed.

Though Christmas is all about tradition and family customs, we can change the way we decorate the trees, wrap the gifts, and serve the feast and light up the house. You can choose a theme as the focus of the celebration and do all the activities to match the theme and treat this as an opportunity to work as a team with our children to create a new Christmas look.

If you are thinking of gold and glowing cream as the theme for the Christmas, you can make all ornaments, decorations, lightings, gift wrappings, dining room and living room wall décor, furniture upholstery and cushions and rugs in a matching color combination and make this entire Christmas celebration a gold and cream expression of your own style statement.

Check out what ornaments you have that will match the colour scheme you are going to adopt this year. And start creating your own decorations or hunt for decorations in the same colour combinations so that your ornaments and glitter tinsel, garlands and other decorations are all in the same golden and cream combinations.

Check out how to make all the illuminations and lights to be in the same colour. Now that you have coloured mini lamps and serial lamp strings, you can use them. You can mix and match the golden and amber coloured bulbs with red, green and blue to give a layered look that will add depth to the decoration and colour scheme.

Choose gift wrapping papers in the same colour combinations. And use golden coloured ribbons to tie a bow for the gifts. Use the same colour for your table arrangements and napkins etc. With upholstery in the same colour combinations and wall décor also matching, you can have a beautiful colour schemed Christmas celebration that will look stunning.

Here are some ideas of decorations for your Christmas tree and home from Season Christmas. You can pick up your own favourite from the different and lovely looking ideas for a stunning Christmas décor. I think all of them look great. Don’t you?

Santa at His Table and Gift Bags

Ornaments for Beautifying

Nativity Scene Lit Beautifully

Jingle Bells Heralding Season

Glass Ornaments and Lights

Garland and Flower and Candle

Beautiful Looking Wreath on Door

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Nativity Scenes – Important Feature of Christmas Season

Along with Christmas trees, stars, and illuminations, Nativity Scenes are important features of Christmas display scenes. The Holy Family, manger and the three wise kings along with animals and angels form the nativity scene. It tells us how Jesus came into this world and how joyous and happy all of us are because of it.

There are many ways to depict the nativity scene. Some do it with life-size figures and some have it in miniature scale – just on the mantle or table top size. All kinds of materials are used to show the holy birth of Jesus Christ and each has its own characteristic look and native beauty. All look gorgeous when displayed well and illuminated beautifully.

There are wooden life-size figures used for large-scale life-like reproductions of nativity scenes. The scene is complete only with a manger. With real life like manger and life-size figures, the Nativity Scene can look really awesome and impressive. But this is possible only if you have a large area to accommodate the Nativity Scene and manger.

But today with the space crunch all of us have, we can still have nativity scenes – only in miniature size – available in all sizes and all materials. A table top display or mantle shelf display can be arranged with glass or porcelain figurines or marble coated resin figurines. Even smaller versions of nativity scenes are available as ornaments that hang from the Christmas tree.

If you have decorated the Christmas tree with a beautiful skirt to form a circle around it, you can display the Nativity Scene on it. But sometimes if the ornaments are too glitzy or glittery, the Nativity Scene may not show off too greatly. Then you need to have special illuminations to focus on the Nativity Scene to show off its beauty.

But if you have the back drop of a manger to complete the nativity scene, it can still look great at any place you display. Sometimes a mini scene looks great – just the Holy Family, some times just Mary and Jesus. But mostly the three wise kings, Holy Family, and angels along with animals are always shown in the nativity scene.

Here are some beautiful nativity scenes in various sizes and made of various materials from Christmas Central. All look so beautiful and elegant and are collectibles. Which you like most?

Wise Kings Travelling To Offer Gifts

The Holy Nativity Scene

Spirit of Christmas and Gifts

Peace on Earth Lion and Lamb

Miniature Holy Nativity Scene

Holy Family and Wise Kings

Holy Family

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Beautiful Christmas Themes for Your Dining Room


Getting ready for Christmas celebrations this month? What are your plans? Have you done all the preliminary cleaning, de-cluttering and sprucing up your entire home. Do all your rooms look spacious and ready to get set for the festival season? What are your plans for your dining room and dining table this Christmas and the New Year day?

Getting ready for Christmas decorations and party, celebrations, and party & fun times can be quite exciting. It can be quite stressful and exhausting also. To plan months ahead is not always possible and the last minute rush seems unavoidable as there are just too many things to do and days seem to be speeding so fast as of they have a pair of wings.

One of the most important aspects of the festival is the Christmas dinner and Christmas lights decor. Maybe you have a lot of friends and relatives visiting you and you may be planning for an elaborate dinner. How have you prepared for this? Have you done your grocery shopping already? You can have an exhaustive list drawn up that you may need for the baking and cooking of the Christmas feast.

Also you must get your dining room ready for the feast. Do you have a big-size formal dining room or is it a living room-dining area combination. Is the table large and sufficiently big to accommodate all the family and guests? I hope you have got enough sideboards and console tables that can take up the load of soft drinks, wine and other condiments.

Have you planned for any new purchases to make the decor complete. You can always go in for extra cutlery, china, and other accessories around festival time when they offer great deals and discounts. Many a time when we set aside a chunk of our savings for celebration time expenditure, we can buy our day-to-day needs also so that we have everything ready.

Many a time, purchasing new cutlery and crockery is best done just before Christmas. Stores offer festival discount and some of them can offer year-end sales also. You can buy something special just for Christmas and maybe other items also. Think of the joy and happiness we may have by the special dinner enhanced with new crockery and cutlery!

Here is some pretty looking china in Christmas theme from Sainsbury’s. These are beautiful fine china dinnerware for your dining table or these can be given as gifts which will be cherished forever. Check what you like most?

Soup Boat with Santa
christmas decor ideas

Happy Celebration Times – Christmas
commercial christmas decorations

Dinner Plate with Christmas Theme
vintage christmas decorations

Christmas Time Tableware
indoor christmas decorations

Christmas Theme Teapot
christmas decoration ideas

Bowl with Santa Motif
country christmas decorations

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Make Your Christmas And New Years Bright With Lights


Christmas decorations are not complete without exterior and interior illuminations. The very concept of Christmas is to have lots of bright light, decorations and have fun and enjoy the season. So lighting is an integral part of Christmas decorations. Both interior and exterior illuminations are of equal importance in beautifying your home. What are all the places you can use light to make it more beautiful and attractive? Christmas trees are the first and foremost of the decorations where you can use illuminations – all types of them to make them look gorgeous. All kinds of lights are used in Christmas trees. Small colored lamps and strings of lights – all look great on the Christmas tree.

When you have used glass ornaments in jewel tones, glitter and star spangles, illuminating the tree will make all the ornaments and decorations look prettier and more attractive. Especially if you layer the decorations with small colored lamps deep inside the tree and continue upwards and outwards in a pattern – it will look really great to see the illuminated tree. And the other places to light up are exterior parts of the house. You can get illuminated displays in shapes of snow flakes, flower, and jingle bells. Also you can use light strings with green garland in an interwoven fashion. You can also put net style, mesh style illuminations to light up the garden area and the entry way beautifully.

Clear lights, white and colored lights all can be used to illuminate the Christmas tree and interior and exteriors of the house. Driveways and pathways can be illuminated to give a festive look that will impress the guests as they enter the home. Likewise you can select some focal points in the garden like bird bath, mail box to add more illuminations. Trees, pillars and door frames can have light strings to make them look great. LED lights have become the latest rage in the market with cool white and bright light. Though a little expensive cost-wise, they can be more economical in the long run as they are more energy efficient and longer lasting than the normal conventional bulbs generally available.

Here are some beautiful looking illuminations and lighting from Christmas Designers. Look at the attractive looking snowflake pattern! The multicolored garlands and illuminated green garlands look very cute. Don’t you think the jingle bells with decoration and illumination will look good in your home?

Star Design Illuminated and Displayed

Snow Flakes and Lamp Post with Bow

Red Bows and Golden Bells

Multi Coloured Garlands

Mini Christmas Tree Illuminated

Lights and Lit Garlands

Lights and Light Strings

Have a Colourful Christmas And Prosperous New Years

How to make the Christmas day more colorful ? You already must have purchased a tree and decorated with all the lovely glass ornaments and decorations. Did you buy new glass ornaments or you had your own cache of family heirlooms? The last two weeks before the Christmas Day must have been quite hectic with all the preparations! Lighting up for the Christmas and holiday season as well as New Year Eve celebration can make your house look beautiful and stunning. Both the exterior and interiors need good amount of illuminations to give a splendid looking overall well-lit look to your home. Illuminations can enliven up your residence for the festive season greatly.

The exterior lighting has a lot of options. You can outline your windows and eaves with decorative lights. Threshold can be outlined to give a great look to the entrance and foyer. At least part of the garden area can look great with lit shrubbery and lanterns hanging from nearby trees. You can string up lights on the trees in the front of the house. There are a number of options of decorative lights available in departmental stores and other Christmas decor stores. Mini lights which are traditionally used can be clear, white or colored lights and can be used both outside and inside. And the icicle lights as well as strings of lights can be used outside to give a really gorgeous lit home.

Another choice can be with lights that burn solidly, blink regularly and or that chase which will give an attractive effect. Check whether there are outdoor power points near where you want to hang up the lights. LED lights can be a better option for illuminating the bushes and shrubs with net-type lights using LED lamps. Indoor lighting can be given a festive look with beautiful looking paper lanterns. With multicolor paper lanterns you can add to the character of the decorations. As most of the paper lanterns are made of material like crepe paper, they will add an interesting colour accent to the interior decor and make them look sophisticated and chic.

Here are some beautiful looking paper decorations and lanterns from Papier D’amour. Pretty-looking parasols, umbrellas and lanterns as well as beautiful paper decorations can make your home look really beautiful and very attractive. Don’t you think you would love to have some of these at your home for decorations?

Sunburst Patterned Paper Hanging

Pretty Looking Parasol from Paper
pretty-looking parasol-from-paper

Pink Coloured Umbrella

Lamp Shade Made Of Paper

Honeycomb Patterned Globe of Paper
honeycomb-patterned-globe-of paper

Daisy like Flower Decoration

Beautiful Pom-Poms in Pink and Red
beautiful-pom-poms-in pink-and-red

Fill Your Home With Gifts For Christmas Season


Making over your house in preparation for the festive season is an exciting option. You can go in for new furniture for all the rooms – especially the living room and dining room – where you will do the entertainment for your guests and friends. You can buy decorative accessories also to enhance the beauty of the house for the decorative season.

Living room and dining room are the two most important and integral part of our home. Especially during the holiday and festive seasons, we need added space for putting up the decorations and displaying all the beautiful flowers and gifts that we have received for the season. Extra side tables and sideboards are necessary.

Especially for the Christmas dinner if you are having the entire family and friends for dinner, you may need a bigger table. Another option can be a buffet which can be okay for the lunch time meal but the important dinner should be only a formal affair which will need a bigger size table to accommodate all the family and friends.

One of the most useful things that you can buy can be small area rugs. As the weather turns colder, something warm under the foot can be a welcome thing. You can search for area rugs with Christmas motif or patterns like mistletoe holly and other designs. This may look festive if you put it in the dining or living room.

The other item especially for the Christmas season can be table linen with Christmas related motifs. Table mats, napkins, napkin rings, place mats, runners for the dining table and table cloth – the full set can be with Christmas related designs or you can pick and choose a few items like napkins, table clothes and runner to bring a festive look to dining table arrangement.

Some decorative elements can be purchased to add to the ambiance of the dining table. Some beautiful flower vase, candle stand or a mini chandelier, Photo frame on walls – can be good ideas. Here is a selection of items that you could check out for your own home from Collection Set C. You can check the area rugs displayed here. The ‘merry beary Christmas’ rug can look festive and will be a definite favourite with the children. Likewise the table cloth and runners will be all time favourite with all the lady-guests.

Check out what you like most?

Table Cloth and Runners in Christmas Theme

Snowman Shaped Area Rug

Merry Beary Christmas Rug

Festive Looking Table Runner

Decorations with Icicle Light String

Christmas Theme Table Arrangement

Christmas Theme Incense Burner

Beautiful Area Rug in Christmas Pattern