Tradition & Celebration – Christmas Brings Joy to All

Beautiful sense of tradition and joy of celebration make Christmas special to all of us. Each Christmas brings us the memories of all the Christmas seasons we have had since childhood and we pass on the tradition and values to our children as well. Christmas tree, lights, illuminations, decorations, Christmas feast and gifts – all are too important to be missed.

Though Christmas is all about tradition and family customs, we can change the way we decorate the trees, wrap the gifts, and serve the feast and light up the house. You can choose a theme as the focus of the celebration and do all the activities to match the theme and treat this as an opportunity to work as a team with our children to create a new Christmas look.

If you are thinking of gold and glowing cream as the theme for the Christmas, you can make all ornaments, decorations, lightings, gift wrappings, dining room and living room wall décor, furniture upholstery and cushions and rugs in a matching color combination and make this entire Christmas celebration a gold and cream expression of your own style statement.

Check out what ornaments you have that will match the colour scheme you are going to adopt this year. And start creating your own decorations or hunt for decorations in the same colour combinations so that your ornaments and glitter tinsel, garlands and other decorations are all in the same golden and cream combinations.

Check out how to make all the illuminations and lights to be in the same colour. Now that you have coloured mini lamps and serial lamp strings, you can use them. You can mix and match the golden and amber coloured bulbs with red, green and blue to give a layered look that will add depth to the decoration and colour scheme.

Choose gift wrapping papers in the same colour combinations. And use golden coloured ribbons to tie a bow for the gifts. Use the same colour for your table arrangements and napkins etc. With upholstery in the same colour combinations and wall décor also matching, you can have a beautiful colour schemed Christmas celebration that will look stunning.

Here are some ideas of decorations for your Christmas tree and home from Season Christmas. You can pick up your own favourite from the different and lovely looking ideas for a stunning Christmas décor. I think all of them look great. Don’t you?

Santa at His Table and Gift Bags

Ornaments for Beautifying

Nativity Scene Lit Beautifully

Jingle Bells Heralding Season

Glass Ornaments and Lights

Garland and Flower and Candle

Beautiful Looking Wreath on Door

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Beautiful & Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree

Christmas season brings joy and happiness to all. Every activity of Christmas brings cheer and excitement to the entire family. As soon as Thanksgiving week gets over, we start in earnest planning for Christmas. There are many of us who start the planning and activities for Christmas even before the Thanksgiving week!

Getting the Christmas tree is only the first step of season celebration. Decorating the tree can take quite a bit of our time. We can plan to decorate each year differently. Make the decorations colour co-ordinated and choose only one particular colour as the basic colour for this year. You can pick the colour to match your home décor.

While you are planning the decorations of the tree, involve your children right from the start. Discuss with them the plans for decorations. Ask their opinion about what colour will suit this year Christmas tree decoration. Ask their ideas about what ornaments to select for decorations, and how to do the illuminations etc.

Maybe it will be easier and quicker for you to do the decorations all by yourself, but it will bring more pleasure and happiness to yourself and your children to work as a team to do the Christmas tree decoration. It is a rewarding activity – seeing the budding talents and imagination of your children’s young minds tackling the planning and decoration of the Christmas tree.

Likewise ask your children their ideas and desires when you are planning the Christmas feast also. Ask whether they want any special dish to be included or any special friend to be invited for the feast. And help them to choose good gifts for their friends and help them in wrapping it nicely and elegantly so they can be happy sharing lovely things with their friends.

Tell the fables and tales of the Holy Nativity Scenes. This is the time for them to learn the family traditions and customs. Learning to work as a team can forge strong ties of family bonding and happy and harmonious relationships. Having a joyful and merry Christmas seasons can make the children look forward to spending time as a family together year after year.

Here are some beautiful ways of decorating your Christmas tree by the family together From All Things Christmas. Decorating the tree by the children, choosing the ornaments jointly and decorating the Nativity Scene – all go into making the tree beautiful, the season joyous and the occasion festive.

Transparent Glass Ornaments

Three Angels Playing Music

Pretty Ornaments Ready for Hanging Up

Holy Nativity Scene

Glowing Christmas Glass Ornament

Christmas Decorations – Boy Decorating
christmas-decorations - boy decorating

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Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Using Beer Bottles

Christmas does bring about a lot of creativity in today’s youngsters specially when it comes to decorating the house and decorating the Christmas Tree. It must have hardly ever occured to you to create and an entire Christmas Tree by using a thousand bottles of beer. This is considered to be this years one of the most innovative and unique idea to decorate the Christmas tree. Not many still know but this is actually a tree located opposite china’s departmental store, was a Xmas Tree with such a design. Heineken is the biggest beer manufacturer and it is them who come up with such innovative ideas for Christmas trees. They are unique and creative in the true sense. A tree in shanghai was created with mere beer bottles, to be precise 1000 bottles. this indeed seems like an out of world kind of idea, making people to think out of the box.

Christmas Tree Decorations Using Beer Bottles

Christmas Tree Decorations Using Beer Bottles

Christmas Tree Decorations For The Dining Room And Dining Table

Once again its December the month of fun and frolic, month of thanks givings and the month of Christmas and Christmas decorations in your house and offices. Its that time of the year again where people forgive and spread peace, when love is in the air, when spreading message of peace and love is the most meaning full thing that is done. It is that time where you would love to enjoy the snow fall outside your window and have some beautiful Christmas decorations on the indoors. Nobody will forget about decorating the Christmas tree, the mantle or the yard. For many the decor remains in the living room but this year there are very cute small Christmas trees too which can be used to decorate the dining table too. Of course, it will be full of delicious food but dining in style is always better. There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to decorating the Christmas table. You should make some centerpieces, place cards, candle decorations and many other things. Although all these decorations worth the spent time because they could really help make the Christmas Day even more memorable.

Christmas Tree Decorations For Home

Christmas Tree Decorations For Dining Table

Colorful Christmas Tree Decorations For Home

Christmas Tree Decorations For Christmas

Christmas Tree Decoration With Candles And Glasses

Christmas Tree Decoration With Candles And Glasses