Beautiful Pendant Lights, Table Lights And Pedestal Lights

Designing the lighting for your home can be very rewarding and exciting task. After decorating or making over your house, getting a well-planned and effective lighting scheme is very very important. Lighting will give the last finishing touch to your home decoration bringing to the center and upright all the good points of your home decor you have so painstakingly achieved. Can you use a single type of lighting for all the rooms? Definitely not; each room has to have lighting according to the scheme of the decor, purpose of the room, activities that happen in the room and special characteristics that are present in the room. What are the different kinds of lighting that you can use in your house to make it more beautiful and look bright and nice?

Accent lights, task lights, and recessed lights, light sconces, pendant lights, chandeliers, spotlights and pedestal lights are some of the lights that can give both ambient and focus lighting to the interiors. Layering these lights effectively and precisely can avoid dark areas in areas like landing verandas, patios and staircases where poor lighting may cause accidents and mishaps. Having prolific and profuse lighting fixtures need not increase your power consumption unnecessarily. With sustainable power option LED lamps, dimmer switches and motions sensors, you can reduce electricity consumption greatly. CFL lamps are another option that does not consume as much electricity as fluorescent lamps thought they give as much luminance.

Kitchen and bathroom are two important areas that ought to be sufficiently well lit. Here you need to have enough ambient light along with task lights or accent lights over areas like kitchen counter tops, sinks, cooking and working areas as well as bathroom vanity and bowl area, wash basins. Dressing table is another area to have task lights to focus on your face while making up.

Here are some beautiful and distinct looking lamps from Daniel Becker Design Studio. The ceiling lights looking like sparks connected is an innovatively designed lighting that turns in three dimensions. The hanging globe looks quite pretty. Whatever the purpose – either diffuse illumination or task lights like the table lamps, all lamps have sustainable LED bulbs that are very energy efficient. I am sure you also have a beautifully lit home that has energy efficient features. You can go online and still check out innovative lighting solutions that you can adopt to get the most beautifully lit house!

Simple and Elegant Table Lamp

Pendent Task Lights

Melting Shaped Dome Light

Innovatively Beautiful Pedestal Light

Hanging Globe Light

Dramatical and Different Looking Ceiling Lights

Beautiful Pedestal Task Light

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Gorgeous Dining Tables For Opulent Dining Room

Now that Christmas and New Year parties are around the corner, you may like to add a touch of opulence and sophistication to your dining room during entertaining and party times. You can give an opulent and grand look to your dining room for the coming festive season by buying European style dining tables. Traditional style of decorating and traditional style of furniture are always opulent and very elegant. Classic looking wooden furniture with gold and silver finish with beautiful carved details all come under traditional style. Especially for an opulent look, you can think of ornate and intricately carved furniture is the first thing that you can add to your home decoration.

Formerly styles like Empire, Louis IV, and Renaissance are usually the styles the furniture is selected in when you want a traditional style furnishing. Hard wood is almost always used. Dark and mature woods with their warm and rich finish are used for making the sofas, tables and beds and even accessories with ornate carvings in gilt.

Gold, maroon, green and blue are always the colours used for upholstery. A traditionally styled wooden table may have a glass topped table or a top with inlay details. The chairs are covered with rich brocade, silk or velvet upholstery. The golden colour – gilt finish used commonly for the trims are very nicely set off by the deep jewel coloured upholstery. Along with ornately done dining tables and chairs, other furniture that can make the dining room furniture complete will be sideboards and display shelves. Coffee tables, side tables, other cabinets also are part of dining room furniture. Traditionally designs and patterns that grace the dining table and chairs are repeated in all the other furniture.

Lighting forms a very important aspect of dining room decoration. The golden and richly carved table and chairs can be highlighted by optimal kind of lighting. Chandeliers with crystals and light fixtures with shiny brass fittings can add to opulent look. The effect can be doubled when you have ornamentally framed huge mirrors mounted in the dining room.

Here are some beautiful and opulent looking tables from Luxury Furniture & Lighting.. The tables are opulent looking with charming and elegant chairs with brocade upholstery. The china display shelves and the ornately mounted mirrors add to the glamour and glow so warmly in the optimal lighting that is utilized.

How do you like one for your home?

Gold Finished Dining Table Chairs

Round Ornamental Glass Topped Table

Oak Sideboard with Mirror

Glass Cutlery Crocker Display Shelf with Gilt Edging

Cream Gold and Silver Sideboard with Mirror

Brocade Chairs and Wooden Table

Beautifully Crafted Round Table with Inlay Details

Sustainable Home Decor with Beautiful, Utilitarian Items from Waste Materials

Reduce, reuse and recycle – these are the three crucial steps taken by people who vote for green ethics and Eco-friendly principles. Reducing the usage to optimal level, trying to put to reuse what you are already having and reprocessing the already used – waste – materials to newer use are three elements of ‘waste hierarchy’ – which are advocated all over the world today.
Since ages, we have been collecting metal scraps like- bronze, brass, iron and later days aluminum and reusing these to forge new metal items and this has been the practice all over the world. Especially when mining was a slow and time consuming process – done manually – people were more than willing to reuse and recycle items recognizing the value of things.

But with the advent of technological advancement, things changed. And today containing carbon footprint is necessary for maintaining ecological balance. Today with the fast depletion of virgin forests and other materials and natural resources like water, air and land getting more and more polluted, going green is very important and recycling is a major step towards it.
What is recycling? When you reduce using new raw materials which could be put for better use and instead re-use materials with potential for reuse and not incinerating it or sending it to land refill, you are helping in reducing air pollution and water, land pollution. This lowers carbon emission and greenhouse gas emissions and keeps the atmosphere less polluted. Today electronics, glass, metal, paper, plastic, textiles, and leather are some of the items that are now reused and recycled very successfully. More innovative ideas are springing up to recycle items which can be used in everyday life. Governments and quasi-government agencies are actively supporting recycling and taking measures to promote it at all levels.

Furniture industry is also taking active interest in recycling and already recycled materials are being used in every aspect – like recycled glass, leather, fabrics, wood materials, and so many other ways. Sustainable interior and exterior decor has become very popular and the in-thing today with more and more designers and manufacturing companies joining the green revolution. Here are some beautiful lampshades – looking as good as chandeliers by Stuart Haygarth. Look at the ingenuity and craftsmanship behind each of the lampshades. Each one looks a masterpiece and all are made from materials otherwise considered useless. The delicate splendor and amazing beauty are simply stunning.

Look around you for some wonderful and unique artwork made from stuff considered waste and bring home to add to your home decor.

Sea Coloured Lampshade from Recycled Bottle Bases

Linear Show of Lampshades

Lampshade Made of Spectacle Frames

Lampshade from Vehicle Taillights

Lampshade from Translucent Plastic Objects

Lampshade from Exploded Party Poppers
lampshade-from-exploded-party-poppers- lit

Lampshade from Exploded Party Poppers – Lit

Lampshade from Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses

Lampshade from Spectacle Lenses
lampshade-from -spectacle-lenses

Ornamental And Decorative Ceiling Panels Add Lofty Look to Your Home

Remember the beautiful high ceilings in Victorian homes, old mansions and some government buildings? How imposing and impressive they look with beautiful ornamental ceilings with medallions and cornices, majestic open archways and open doorways giving a spacious and regal look? Today you can recreate the same magic with decorative ceilings to add a great deal of style quotient to your home. Ceilings are a vast canvas waiting for your artistic inspiration and imagination to make a ‘vow’ factor of your beautiful home! Maybe ceiling design choices have to be made with initial house construction. But whenever you are doing a makeover for your house, or as a special makeover, you can create decorative ceilings and add ornamental architectural trims like medallions, cornices etc.

The most popular ceiling decorations are done with decorative ceiling panels, ceiling tiles and adding plaster ceiling designs. You can talk to a ceiling specialist to know the different modalities of how your ceiling can be beautified and choose what you think as the best option to bring the best look and ambience to your home. You will be surprised by the wide choice of patterns and styles available! Before starting on the ceiling decoration, think of what colour you will like your ceiling to be. The ceiling of the entire home should be of the same colour to have a flowing look of the décor. Tiles and panels can be of any colour you think that will go well with your home décor. Your interior decorator can best advise you about the wide variety available in both tiles and panels and how they can be fixed.

Traditionally plaster ceiling designs are made of real plaster in white; like crown moldings that make the transition from wall to ceiling smooth and beautiful, beautiful medallions over light fixtures, archways and hallways with pillars, lineal trims, cornices, corners etc. But thanks to technological innovation, lightweight polymer plastic made moldings are replacing the old plaster moldings. Here are some beautiful ceilings from Ceiling Panels Ltd. See how the beautiful customized ornamental plaster ceiling designs provide an ornate and rich look to the lofty interiors! With moldings like cornices, archways and pathways with pillars, beautiful medallions with chandeliers and other trims, the interiors look visually very attractive and stunning!

I am sure you also would like to get a beautiful decorative ceiling. Go online and check out. Talk to your interior decorator and make a style statement of your home with a beautiful and lavishly decorated ceiling!

Stunning Ceiling with Pillars Arches & Trims
stunning ceiling with pillars arches and trims

Pillars, Medallions & Other Trims
pillars, medallions and other trims

Ornamental Medallion & Other Trims
ornamental medallion and other trims

Lineal, Cornices, Corner & Pillar Trims
lineal, cornices, corner and pillar trims

Lineal & Ceiling Trims
lineal and ceiling trims

Decorated Ceiling & Worked Wall Panel
decorated ceiling and wall panels

Ceiling Adornment Medallion with Chandelier
ceiling adornment medallion with chandelier

Beautiful Medallion with Border Trim
beautiful medallion with border trim

Beautiful Ceiling with Corner & Other Trims
beautiful ceiling with cornices and corner trims

Octopus Shaped Beautiful Chadeliers For Living Room Design

An octopus has become a symbol of design for many furniture designers lately. There are a lot of ideas being circulated for furniture in octopus shape. There already are Octopus chairs and octopus shaped taps and now a company has designed amazingly beautiul octopus shaped chandeliers. These beautiful and stylish octopus chandeliers are designed by Adam Wallacavage. To make these beautiful lights the designer uses traditional plaster techniques and hand paints all of them to give the natural touch. Among these surrealistic chandeliers are octopuses with arms swept by the movements of the sea, there is also one depicting an octopuses at rest, and another one showing octopuses displaying their prey. There are thousands of different ways in which these octopus shaped chandeliers could steal your living room attraction if you design some amazing sea-themed wallpapers and decorations. Lights and wall Paper are increasingly becoming one of the main ingredient in any interior design ideas. Making use of these octopus shaped chandeliers along with some beautiful blue water themed wall paper would surely make you proud owner of a beautiful looking living room design.

Apart from these there are many more lights and designs which could be used to decorate your living room. We have a good collection of some decorative furniture if you would like to get some ideas in decorating your living room. Apart from these we also came across some amazing living room decoration ideas which weere very helpful to many of our readers. Please go through all these interior design ideas of living room decor before you take that plunge of putting your living room design together.

Modern Stylish Artistic Octopus Chandeliers For Living Room Decor

Modern Stylish Artistic Octopus Chandeliers For Living Room Decor

Modern Stylish Artistic Octopus Chandeliers For Living Room Design

Modern Stylish Artistic Octopus Chandeliers For Living Room Design

Modern Stylish Artistic Octopus Chandeliers For Living Room Designs

Modern Stylish Artistic Octopus Chandeliers For Living Room Designs

Modern Stylish Artistic Octopus Chandeliers For Living Room Designs