Creative And Unique Pieces Of Furniture

While surfing the internet we came across some very cool and amazing furniture designs specially meant for lounge or pub. This collection is our September month special collection of weird and stylish out of the blue types of furniture’s. All furniture are amazing, creative and stylish furniture. This is shared only for your entertainment and to provide you with new ideas. We request you to provide with some comments on which ones you feel are really great or share with us some of your unique pieces of furniture’s.

Stylish Stool Sofa Colorful Furniture

Stylish Soothing Colorful Furniture

Feather Finish Lavish Furniture

Stylish Stool Sofa Colorful Furniture

Stylish Stool Sofa Colorful Furniture

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Outstandingly Creative Award Winning Designer Chairs

designer dining chairs

Verner Panton is a well known figure these days because of the mind blowing creative and stylish designer chairs that he has been launching lately. The plastic chair shown below is created out of one piece and was the first product independently developed by Vitra. It arrived on the market in 1967 and later become an icon of furniture design. Most of the time the chair manufacturing technology was based on method using rigid polyurethane foam. With the progress in plastics technology, the Panton Chair could be manufactured by injecting the material of polypropylene, which is fully recyclable. This method makes it less expensive and hence possible for wide range of public. The last version of the chair was produced in collaboration with the designer at the end of the 1990s. Vitra launched a national Panton Chair Competition. In the search for the best customized Panton Chair, architects and designers were asked to implement their own vision of the classic icon. Shown below are the winners of the competition and some other designs we liked.

Funky Designer Creative Chairs
designer dining chairs

Transparent Designer Creative Chairs
designer office chairs

designer office chairs

Steel Looking Plastic Designer Creative Chairs
creative chair designs

Funky Designer Creative Chairs

Designer Creative Chairs

Award Winning Designer Creative Chairs

creative chair designs

Funky Designer Creative Chairs

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Barcelona Chair Reproduction

You can easily find Barcelona chair reproduction in the market. But, let us first understand the relevance of the same. A very interesting piece of furniture in the history of civilization is the Barcelona chair. Obviously the infamous chair got its name from the fact that it was first produced in Barcelona. Gradually it became popular all over the world. It was redesigned in the year 1950 making usage of stainless steel which was new in the market. Steel being strong and extremely useful in every other aspect of life found its use in the making of Barcelona chairs.

Barcelona Chair Reproduction

Although making use of stainless steel is very useful for Barcelona furniture, it was not really a thing of mass production and hence was quite an expensive thing to possess. The original designer’s designs were expensive, soon the market was full of Barcelona chair reproductions that are equally strong and sturdy, stylish as well as provide longevity to the design. There is a whole lot of innovation in the reproduction segment of the market; you could now find not only Barcelona chairs but also stools, foot stools, sofas etc. in the same theme. These designs available in black or cream color can easily be ordered online too. Giving the furniture market a new looks and appeal these chairs look incredibly beautiful. If you are not lay your hands on the original Mie signature style chairs you can always go for Knoll which sells equally fabulous designs.

Cost-effective and Affordable

Not every furniture dealer deals in original Barcelona chair, since they are quite expensive. But yes, you can easily find yourself an exact reproduction of the chair that not only is cheaper but extremely stylish.  The beauty of Barcelona chair is quite unmatched and distinct. You would not have any trouble blending it with any kind of décor, be it modern or traditional, exquisiteness of these chairs is refreshing.

Redesign your Home with Barcelona Chair Reproduction

If you are one of those who are looking to give your home a brand new look, you can accessorize the home with wonderful Barcelona chair. A chair with contrasting color leather would definitely stand out and look stunning. A barcelona chair would add an incredibly stimulating appeal to your interior. Do not fret if you are looking for blending modern interiors with something classy. Keeping a barcelona chair in your living room would mean a little variation can bring about wonderful change to your boring and old interiors. They are not only simple to look at but also very user-friendly and comfortable. You would not really be spending much on the maintenance. The Barcelona chair brings the 60s look back into your interior décor making it rich and luxurious.  A great addition to any home and a fabulous choice for any décor is a barcelona chair. When you are opting for Barcelona chair reproductions, here are some beautiful choices that would make your decision worth it. These brands are exclusively working on giving you the best selection vis-à-vis Barcelona chairs! Hence wait no more and get your won edition today!


Barcelona Chair Living Room


Barcelona Chair Classic Living Room




Barcelona Chair Glamorous Living Room



Barcelona Chair Living Room with a View



Barcelona Chair White Leather Living Room



Barrel Chair Slipcover

Every home boasts in the glory of its interior décor, having its own look and appeal. If you are looking for giving your home a fresh aspect and a newer appearance, the idea is to twitch the furniture and decor a bit and create a whole new ambiance. There are unlimited possibilities and variations that can be done without making a hole in your pockets.

Re-decorate On a Small Budget

If you are someone who is planning to give your home a makeover without having to go through with much pain, here’s a very simple trick to do exactly that quite effortlessly! Your budget is tight, yet you wish to get a new look in your home. Do so with some changes here and some there. Re-adjusting some of the furniture and furnishings gives the home a new look.  One thing that never ceases to bring a welcome change is adding a new piece of accessory that is totally different from the rest of the décor in the room. That new addition is capable of pumping a fresh breadth of air into your home.  Another very simple way to innovate the look of your home is to give your living room furniture new furnishings.


An extremely useful accessory in your living room home décor is a barrel chair slipcover covering the chairs. It takes care of your lounge chair and gives a prodigious look to your living room. A lot of times you are pretty confused as to what should you do with your old furniture, which is strong and sturdy at the same time worn out and ruined?

It is not really desirable to let go of an expensive piece of furniture that’s sturdy just because of its timeworn exterior. You can continue to use it for many years by using slipcovers. There is a huge variety of slipcovers that are available in the market, you can shop online too and get them home delivered to your doorsteps.

Chair Slipcovers are Trendy

Here are some beautiful slip cover options that will steal your heart away at the first glance itself. You will get an astonishing variety in terms of material and design. Tailored to fit your lounge chair perfectly, without hitch they can even be stitched to your need.  Available in all kinds of fabrics, prints and colors you can actually be really innovative with the slip covers as you get to choose what you want to present. A stripped rippled fabric for your barrel chair to give a classy look or a beautiful floral fabric that is soothing to the eye. Every home exudes a different sense of style, which is actually an extension to our personality. Once you enter a house the first vibe you get is through the choice of furniture and accessories. They tell us a lot about the families approach to life.

You will be able to tie them up to your lounge chair as per the fitting needs. They give your room a new look. They enhance the interior décor giving your furniture a great support and shield. You can add some padding that will make your furniture more comfortable and livable. It is also important to change the springs so that your lounge chair breaths a new life. Just a little additions and voila! You have a great looking interior that makes you proud.


Blue Tub Chair Slipcover



Floral Wing Chair Slipcover


Before and After



Lounge Slipcover Chair And A Half




White Slipcover Lounge Chair



Wooden Furniture For Garden

Summer and spring times are almost over and winter is coming nearer with a light nip in the air. Now is the time to enjoy the last of good times that you are sure to get outside. Enjoy the last days of balmy weather. Enjoy the last sunny and warm climate by having a garden party or napping in the garden under the warm sun on your lounger!

Wooden furniture is the best choice to enjoy the garden times. However hot the weather gets, wooden furniture stays good to sit and have all the fun activities you can ever think of enjoying in the sun and garden. Wooden furniture stays good, more so if they are treated for outdoor use. They give long years of loyal service which cannot be surpassed.

What are the items you can buy for your garden that you will continue to use year after year without regretting once the amount you paid in buying them? A nice picnic table, one big size – our normal dining table size will be essential for all those entertainment you are thinking of having in the garden and inviting your friends and neighbours.

Another coffee table or a bistro table will be a perfect addition as you need flat surfaces especially for keeping those glasses, juice and water pitchers, plates and spoons and of course the serving dishes. With so many creepy crawlies that are part of the outdoor life, you will be thankful to have more tables and stools so that food stuff remain clean and edible.

You need quite a few chairs – all the kinds like dining chairs, easy chairs, bar stools and long benches so that you can accommodate all the family and friends while they spend outside time in your garden. Since the weather will be turning cold, it is best to have a seat for everybody to enjoy the last vanishing rays of the sun.

Here are some beautiful looking outdoor wooden furniture items from West Elm. Look at the picnic table, looks really inviting, isn’t it? And the comfy looking long bench with back rest can accommodate quite a few of your visitors. How do you like the lounger? Do you like the dining table-chairs also? All are made of solid wood and with high-quality workmanship.

Hope you will love to have one of them for your home?

Wooden Bench for Garden Use

Round Wooden Coffee Table

Roomy Bench with Good Back Support

Relaxing in Garden under Shade

Relaxing in Your Garden

Facility for Feasting in Garden

Dining Table Chairs in Wood

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Beautifully Done Bedrooms With Relaxing Designs

Bedroom furniture is the first focus point when you start furnishing your home. More than any other room in the house, bedrooms is where we spend major part of our life. Some like to first select their beds – mattresses and then select a fitting bed frame for their bedrooms. Some have fixed ideas about how their beds should look and buy the bed frames first and then buy a suitable and comfortable bed for that.

Suppose your family members are tall people, then it makes sense first to select the size of the mattress first and then get a bed frame that will be suitable for that mattress. The next important thing is the size of the bedroom also. If it is a tiny bedroom in a small house/apartment, you have to utilize every inch of the space available in a well planned way that gives a spacious and open look to the bedroom.

Once you have planned for a built-in wall wardrobe, or a wall-supported wardrobe, the rest of the bedroom area can be planned for optimal placement of the bed, bedside night stands, chest of drawers or dressing table, and at least one relaxing kind of a chair. These are the most basic and essential of the bedroom furniture – maybe along with a coffee table or an ottoman.

Placing the bed against the long wall and try to keep the window to one side can be advantageous. This will help you in getting a good comfortable and roomy headboard to your bed that can be placed against the wall. Another option can be to have floating shelves fixed to the wall behind the bed for keeping books, music, and other sundry items like remotes, cells, music and other stuff.

By having some free space before the window, you can arrange to have a small credenza or a console table there for keeping your laptop there if you want to work in your bedroom. Another option is to keep the chest of drawers or dresser along the window as a dressing area. But you should make sure that the area is sufficiently lit conveniently for dressing up or for working on laptop.

Here are some images of beautiful bedroom furniture from Mobileffe. Look at the beautiful low-hung beds with good supportive mattress. Bed, dresser, nightstand and the chair are all nicely matched in color and finish. Don’t you want your bedroom to look like this?

Relaxing Bed with Matching Night Stand
stupendous bedroom design

Mix and Match Light and Chocolate Browns

Mirror Finish Wardrobe with Relaxing Bed
ideal bedroom design

Mattress and Sideboard Matching Backsplash
luxurious bedroom design

Floating Shelves behind the Bed
floating shelves bedroom design

Dresser Chest and Night Stand Match Bed
splendid bedroom design

Complete Furniture Finished In Warm Wood Tones
classy bedroom design

Beige Colored Bed Matching Built In Wardrobe
lavish bedroom design

Bed and Ottoman with Wall to Wall Shelves
luxurious bedroom design