Storage Beds – A Boon to Small Houses And Studio Apartments

Storage beds can solve the ever-present problem of storage in small houses and studio apartments. Imagine the list of items you require on a daily basis and the space requirement to store all of them? A wardrobe may take care of your clothing and some part of jewelry etc. But where can you keep the so many other personal items and utility items we need on a daily basis?

What are the items that need storage space in your bedroom other than your clothes? First think of the number of shoes and slippers we use on a daily basis. Where we can keep them? And the brushes, polishes and rags, wipes and nourishing creams we need for the leather footwear – how nice to have a separate drawer under the bed to hold all of the footwear?

And there are other items like extra blankets, pillows and sheets which take up a lot of space. Think of bed that can accommodate all of them? And the other items that we commonly use like iron box, iron table, pumps for the airbeds, emergency lights, torches , chargers for portable music system and similar things which we need but have no place to keep!

If you have just a tiny space for an extra bed say – under the loft – the best way to maximize the space available is to find the storage beds with a number of drawers. We can keep all the extras in these drawers, put a nice looking skirt on the outside and can forget that we have so many under the bed. The best is that the bed-skirt nicely keeps everything tidy and neat.

There is hutch-like space available even behind the headboard – where you can make the electrical connections housed for the light that will light up at the headboards and even have speakers set up for your stereos if you are an avid music fan. Also electric plug sockets can be convenient for charging your cell phone or lap top when you are working from bed.

Here are some uniquely designed storage beds from Ultimate Bed. These are beds specially made for houses and flats where there is a space shortage. There are a number of drawers and shelves built into it so that you can accommodate a lot of stuff into it and enjoy a clutter free home. Personal effects like shoes, bags and blankets all can be stored here!

Don’t you think you will like one for your home?

View of Storage Bed and Mattress

Storage Bed Neatly Covered with Bed skirt

Single Bed with Storage Option

Big Double Air Bed with Floating Nightstands
big-double-air-bed-with-floatig nightstands

Bed with Various Storage Drawers

Bed with Headboard Lights and Lot of Storage Options

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Beautiful & Spacious Looking Bedrooms – Pretty with Platform Beds


With today’s small homes, and studio apartments or loft homes, a platform bed can make the room look spacious as it takes precious little vertical room. Platform beds are low-slung beds with minimal looking elegance and sophisticated beauty. They are not heavy or ornate and are really less space occupying but great on looks.

With no need of the heavy looking box type spring mattress and another separate top mattress, a platform bed offers a firm and good sleeping surface with the mattress supported over a set a slats and with a not too high headboard and with or without a footboard. A platform bed emphasizes a chic and spare looking décor great for small-size homes.

Often platform beds do not need bed skirts etc. It has only one single mattress directly on the slats. The platform bed can have storage built-in that can accommodate bed sheets, linen etc and today with a touch of button, the storage can be accessed. Beds without underneath storage have bed surface doubling as nightstands along the edge of bed and on both sides of headboard.

Many platform beds do not have head or footboards and so can look nice in a smaller size bedroom without dominating the entire room. But there are some platform beds with slightly bigger headboards which have leather covering in shades like black, white etc., but sometimes they headboards can be simple with a pine, oak or hard-wood varnish finish.

Though some platforms do not have under-bed storage space, you can buy one with the headboard storage space. Today there are quite a bit of options available for these headboards. Though the bed looks minimal designed and less space occupying, a wide headboard which is some nine to twelve inches thick can offer a variety of storage options for you.

It can have some built in shelves that can slide out from both the ends, built in lights, small cubbyholes and niches for keeping your glasses, books, earphones and TV remote etc. If you get to custom-make your platform bed, you can have a built in plasma TV in your footboard that can be pulled out which makes it really cool.

Here are some beautiful looking platforms from Living It Up. Look at the wonderful looking walnut beds in king size beds with under-bed storage that is operated with the help of hydraulic pumps. Don’t you love to have one for your home?

Platform with Storage in Espresso Finish

Platform in Pristine White

Platform Bed with High Headboard

Low Platform with Raising Top

Low Platform in Oak Finish

Elegant Looking Platform Bed

Close-up View of Pine Finish Platform

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Eclectic Style Furniture for Comfortable Bedroom Comfort

When you are starting to decorate your bedroom, you want to spend a good portion of the bedroom budget on your bed and mattress. Bedroom is the most important area to each one of us. It is just our own room where you can be without any outside or work related tension, relax and enjoy quiet and peace. A soothing kind of décor is best for making the best use out of the bedrooms.

Simple Looking Bed Set in Dark Brown
Bed Set in Dark Brown

Though traditional and classic style kind of bedroom furniture will be good generally, if you have a small home with limited room space for a bedroom, then it is best to forget heavy solid kind of furniture that may be too big or heavy for small rooms. A toned down or a simpler version of traditional type furniture may be the best for your home.

Pretty Brick Pattern Backsplash and Vertical Slats Design
Vertical Slats Design

A nice solid bed-frame – selected after discussing what will be the size most suitable – can be with built-in headboard features – with headboard integral part of the bed or which can be an add on feature that can be detached. A good comfortable mattress is the next most important thing you have to check out for the bedroom.

Magnificent Four Poster in Double Color Finish

Even if metal frames, metal and wood combinations, plastic molded bed frames and glass and acrylic bed frames are all available, wood is still the most popular material of choice for bed frames. If not full solid wood, at least engineered wood of high quality is most suitable. Today there are other green options available with bamboo and cane bed frames.

Gorgeous Camel Backed Bed in Natural Wood Finish
Camel Backed Bed in Natural Wood Finish

Elegant Stripe Pattern in Deep Oak Finish
Deep Oak Finish Bed

What are other furniture pieces that you can add to your bedroom? Normally, a bedroom will need a dresser, chest of drawers, nightstands – mostly a pair of them and sometimes a recliner. Some would like a writing table or a drop-down working table where you can check mail on your laptop, do surfing or write letters etc.

Cute Looking Brass Knobs Sets off Black

Charming and Neat Chocolate Brown Bed

Other accessories that you may like to add for your comfort will be a table lamp on your nightstand. An area rug or a beautiful carpet may add to the comfort of the room and feel warm under your feet when weather gets cold. Check for extra lights with pedestal lamps or built-in lamps in the headboard. Drapery and window treatments are also a must to provide privacy. Here are some images of bedrooms that are beautifully furnished with beautiful and eclectic style bedroom furniture from Compass Furniture.

Beautiful Looking Bed in Black

Attractive and Elegant Looking White Bed

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Cost Efficient Modular Kitchen Cabinets Give a New Look to Your Kitchen

If you are renovating or making over your kitchen at a budget, modular kitchen cabinets are a good option to give a brand new look to your kitchen while being light on your wallet. The cost efficiency does not come at the cost of looks or quality. Certainly the kitchen gets a makeover in shortest time possible with gorgeous looking cabinets readily installed for added storage. Modular cabinets come prefabricated, easy to install and easy for adding new units without any dismantling or major carpentry. They are more economical as they are bulk manufactured and use passable quality wood – plywood and compressed wood – the reason why they cost just a fraction of custom-built kitchen cabinetry.

Modular kitchen cabinets give a modern and contemporary look to your kitchen. Though they do not boast of the same pedigree as the custom-made ones, all of them provide similar storage options like drawers, with separate partitions for forks, spoons etc. This enables you to maximize the storage without wasting precious space which can be a boon in a small-size kitchen. Even if you are only adding new and additional storage, you can still comfortably do it without worry of any style, design mismatch. There is such a galore of ready-made kitchen cabinets available with diverse style, material and finish, you can actually find a reasonable match to your old cabinets and other furniture items you may be having.

Check for quality of fittings and hardware. Check for details like dove-tailed joints, fitted mortised corners, high quality hinges and not less than 2 cm size face frames. Cabinets and doors should put up with frequent opening/closing, heavy cookware and other rough handling. Likewise drawers must be sturdily made with 2 cm ply, dovetailed joints and with smooth and easy self closing glides.
Here are some beautiful looking cabinets from Dynasty Modular Furniture. Look at the modern and contemporary style cabinets that look sleek, chic and stylish. Look at the drawer with special holders for plates, cups etc. The entire kitchen has an airy and spacious look though small. Look at the cabinets with built-in lights and glass doors. How beautiful the corner cabinet is with pullout doors!

You can consult your interior decorator to ask about the materials and components of the modular cabinets and then finalize on what you would like for your kitchen. I am quite sure you will enjoy getting some modular cabinets for your kitchen with their modish chic look.

With Chimney and Hob Fitted Cabinets
with-chimney and hob fitted cabinets

Under Counter Cabinets with Matching Floating Cabinets
under-the counter-kitchen-cabinets-with-matching floating cabinets

Picturesque In Periwinkle Blue

Cabinets with Built in Light in Pine Finish
cabinets-with-built-in-light-in pine-finish

Blue and White Combo for A Super Look

Beautiful Cabinets in White and Orange

Crockery Drawer Cabinet

Delightfully Decorative Accessories – Bathroom Lights

Lighting is another of the very important accessories to add to bathroom furnishings. When you have spent time and effort over selecting a vanity cabinet of your choice and also got a suitable mirror to match the vanity, it is now time to discuss with your favourite decorator/furniture dealer about proper light fittings for your bathroom. Imagine going out with a badly/patchily applied make-up! This is what happens when you do not have sufficient lighting to focus while you are dressing. All of us start our day at the bathroom and most possibly we spend some time there at the end of the day before going to bed. This is where we do many of our everyday tasks like dental care, hair care, shaving, bathing, dressing up and making up. Still many a time, bathrooms get a raw deal and end up with just one ceiling light.

Some of the areas in the bathroom need to be sufficiently well-lit – like the mirror over the vanity cabinet. This is the place where we spend time doing our daily grooming. For a smaller size mirror at the wash area – if the room is otherwise well-lit – one light over the mirror may be sufficient. But ideally, a pair of wall-mounted lights fixed on both sides of the mirror will look great and give shadow-free and sufficient light on your face when you need it most for applying makeup evenly. Suppose you have a large mirror or a pair of mirrors over the vanity, it is best to have a series of lights horizontally fitted in the ceiling above the vanity. If you like to relax with a book in the bathroom, you will need a light just over the toilet seat and/or a pedestal lamp nearby. If you like an opulent and luxurious look, you can go for a chandelier type cluster lights that can transform the bathroom dramatically.

With the number of options you have today, you can go for customized mirrors that come with built-in lights and vanity cabinets which come with extra details like built-in interior lighting within the shelf that gets switched on when you lift the top or open the door etc. Occupancy sensor switches, wall sconces, adjustable task lights, accent lights and vanity light dimmers are some of the innovative options you can incorporate into your bathroom lighting decor. Lights are indeed furniture that decorate and beautify your bathroom.

A White Beauty with Top Light

A Cute Little Vanity Set with Built-in Lights

A Single Light Shines over a Small Mirror

A Recessed Ceiling Light Makes the Room Look Great

A Pair of Lights on Both Sides of a Round Mirror

A Mirror with Built-in Light and Built-in Desk Light

A Beautifully Lit Room in Black and Gold

A Luxuriously Lit Regal-looking Bathroom
a luxuriously-lit-regal-looking-bathroom