Color Schemes to Make Beautiful Picture-Perfect Home Decor

How do you feel when you walk into a perfectly finished house? You feel as happy as if you are in a garden in spring time; everything happily co-ordinated and blended harmoniously giving that satisfaction of completeness. Many a time, a house with best décor not only makes you feel happy but stirs memories of good old times when you were happier. Getting this kind of perfect blend of colouring and co-ordinated décor is not impossible. It just takes more planning and forward thinking so that you have the satisfaction of seeing your furniture highlighted perfectly, upholstery set off nicely and overall ambiance greatly enhanced and you are complimented on the home décor by all who visit the home.

A stylish and sophisticated look is achieved with choosing wall colours wisely that co-ordinate with your furniture colour, upholstery fabric, your draperies, your cushions, bolsters, rugs and other accessories in the room. Most of the time solid wooden furniture blends well when the wall color does not clash with the finish of the wood or upholstery material color. When your furniture is dark brown/brown – like with teak/walnut finish, it is best to use blues – various shades of it – lighter tones – to set off the teak/walnut finish to perfection. If you have dark maroon/red toned furniture like mahogany or cedar veneer, a color like green – shades of it – will set off the furniture beautifully.

If you have a huge room, you can go for warmer colours. They make the room cozier and closer. If you happen to have a small house or an apartment, it is best to stick to cool pastel shades. They make the room look larger and more spacious. But you can get a happier blended effect by adding to a room in cool colour some accents of warm colour on just one wall and make it look dramatic. Use warm colors for dining and living rooms and cool relaxing colours in your bedroom. Patios can look best in shades of green. You can experiment with some trims to add to the overall effect. Trims need not be only in full white. You can try out some lighter shades of beige, gray etc to give the same crisp effect as a white trim will give.

Here are some stunning looking rooms done by Brown Buckley Inc. Enjoy the sheer beauty of the rooms. Hope you must be keen to have such great-looking rooms?

White, Floral and Checks

Mauve and Pinks
mauve-and pinks

Lively Looking Yellows, Tangerines and Brown

Gorgeous Looking Pinks and Beige Tones

Creams and White with Stone

Cool Blues and Warm Pinks

Blue Walls and Beige, Pinks

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Get a Bed For Your Bedroom Furniture

We end up spending at least one third of our life on the bed. A good bed is the first step in getting a good night’s sleep and life long pain-free back and healthy life. Right size, tight firmness, right height, and giving the right amount of support are the important aspects when you are checking on buying the right bed for your bedroom – for you, family as well for guests. Price of a bed need not be the only criteria for purchasing the bed. But generally more expensive beds are always of better quality and more comfortable than cheaper variety and they are more luxurious as well as longer lasting than cheaper beds. Also when you get some additional features like storage, and special headboard, the price also goes up.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when you are buying furniture for your bedroom? A good strong and sturdy bedstead, a high-quality supportive and firm mattress and good quality, pretty looking complete set of bed linen and pillows, cushions, bolsters – made of natural fibers preferably – these all items make up your bedroom furniture. Buying a good size bedstead and matching mattress is of extreme importance. Bigger the bed more comfortable will be both you and your spouse. Separate mattresses will be a sensible idea since that will lessen the disturbance caused by partner’s movements. Get mattresses that will have just the right amount of firmness – not hard – for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Once you decide on what will suite your kind of lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, what will fulfill your needs, and what will show off your individual taste and character, you can check out at the local store all the options available for your own bedroom, for the guest room and for the kids rooms as well. You may have to take into account the size of the rooms without fail. Buying a bedstead can take planning and patience. Find out what kind of material will look just right in your home and what will suit the general style and ambience of your home. Discuss with your interior decorator and surf the net for new ideas and innovation in bedsteads and their headboards and footboard details which can be customized.

Here are some single bedsteads for your guest room and kids’ room from Ascot Co. Check what appeals to you most so you can get it for your home.

Teen Single Bed with High Headboard

Simple and Sleek in Black Espresso Finish

Pretty Looking Pink Floral Bed Set

Elegant Looking Bed against Stone Wall

Beige Wall Colour and Oak Bed Set

Beautiful Pink Four-Poster for Your Princess

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Bespoke Beds Make Your Bedroom More Beautiful

sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Sometimes we have rooms where a standard size bed may not comfortably fit in. Like a corner room with a semi circular wall or with a longish area, where not much option is available for putting up a double or twin bed. If we put up standard-size bed, then we may not have any area left to walk around or use it sensibly. Here is where we may need a bespoke bed! A bespoke bed is also a custom-made bed – more so in that it is made essentially for you and especially to fit your kind of a room. You can actually make it look simple, elegant and attractive. It is just that it enables you to use the room more sensibly and economically so that we will not waste premium space – what we may do without the exactly measure-to-order bespoke bed.

You can get specially created oak beds as bespoke beds or use other solid wood as basic material for making the bespoke bed. You can get specially ordered headboard details on your bespoke bed so that you are able to get the best designed bespoke bed. Many times, all furniture the room able to hold will be just the bespoke bed only. You can actually plan to have some nice bedside table and night stands that match your bespoke bed along with a matching ottoman. You can custom-order the headboard and footer to be fitted with the exact kind of upholstery you may choose. You can have a quilted, or a buttoned down headboard that looks nice and is filled with microfiber foam for firmness.

Since bespoke beds may not adhere to strict standard sized beds, furnishing for the bespoke bed may take more search than the usual off-the-store purchase we do it with standard beds. But today there are enough choices available in getting complete ensembles for your bespoke bed. Custom-tailored bed linen, skirts, cushions, bolsters – all are available. Tere are some beautiful looking bespoke beds from Feather and Black. Look at the beautifully upholstered headboards in solid colours as well their footboards. The elegant patterns created with button studded details and quilted effects make the headboards add to the beauty of the room. The printed pattern and striped floral pattern also look very elegant.

I am sure you also may like to have a bespoke bed for your special bedroom furniture needs. Do you think you like one of the above beds?

Wonderful Looking White and Stripes

Sophisticated Looking Grey and Brown
sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Pretty Looking Pink Floral and White

Elegant Looking Pink and Beige

Cool Looking Blue and White Combo

Attractive Looking Red White and Tan

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Beautiful Daybeds – Saviours When You Have Space Crunch

Daybeds are useful furniture to have when you have an additional sleepover guest. A daybed is a space saving living room option. These daybeds serve most adequately whether you want a snooze in the afternoon, whether you have one extra guest who needs bedding and you need some valuable storage option for storing the extra bed linen etc.

Daybeds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Offering most comfortable seating during waking hours, daybeds are useful as couches in daytime with beautiful cushions and bolsters to make it a convenient seating option or snoozing option. They are favoured as an extra multipurpose space in living rooms as well in den or kids rooms.

More than ever daybeds are now becoming popular in small houses and studio apartments thanks to the multiple uses it can be put into. With a number of shelves, drawers and cubbyhole options that can be accommodated in a daybed, you can use it for storing all the extra linen and sundry items which otherwise make the room look cluttered.

Wood, metal, iron or a combination of iron and wood are generally used to make the day beds. There are a variety of styles like Mission, sleigh, Victorian etc. Whatever the style, storage space is a must with all the day beds. There are daybeds with both the side panels having shelves, drawers etc and with under the bed storage as well.

The daybed mostly come in twin bed size. There is an option of single daybeds with or without a pop-up trundle bed option. Daybed will be a single size bed during day time which when stretched out at night will be equivalent to a king size bed. Traditional trundle beds are also available with the extra bed underneath which can be pulled/rolled out.

Toady online furniture shops are ready to do free shipping but you may have to do the assembling yourself – not a difficult option. Some daybeds add another cross bar for strengthening the frame. The daybed comes mostly with three basic parts – two side panels and the back along with other supporting items in a size to accommodate standard size mattress.

Here are some beautiful daybeds from Opus Designs. They are beautiful to look at with gorgeous bed linen, pillows, bed covers and bolsters. Would you like one for your home as well?

With Drawers on both Sides and Pull out Trundle
with-drawers-on-both-sides and-pull-out-trundle

Sleigh Daybed in Pistachio Green and Cream

Pretty Looking Daybed with Patch Work Quilt

Pink and White Floral with Headboard Details

Neatly Tucked in Daybed under Stairs

Blue and White Daybed with Stripe Pillows

Beautifully Patterned Cover with Matching Cushions

Beautiful Damask Fabrics For Home Furnishings


Furniture is the most important of interior decoration aspect. Buying good furniture many times is decided by how much we love the upholstery fabric. As much as the material that goes to make the furniture, furnishings and upholstery influence the look of your interiors. A richly upholstered sofa set with beautiful cushions can make the room lavish and luxurious.

Silks and brocades are the most popular choice as upholstery fabrics formerly. Even today the rich look you get from genuine silk and brocades is awesome and very impressive. But today you have more choice than ever before with blended fabrics. Textile technology has brought so much change in fabrics that upholstering has been redefined today.

Water repellent, flame retardant and soil-repellent techniques have made furniture maintenance easier and trouble free. Families with children and pets give free rein to their desires to own lovely looking furniture as today upholstered furniture come with guarantees of long life and good looks with low maintenance and care.

Instead of the traditional looking stripes and self motives that used to denote curtains, today you have vibrant looking floral prints, jacquard, embroidery, thread work and other patterns for curtains, upholstery and cushions as well. Today you can plan to have the entire living room looking vibrant with sofa upholstery perfectly matched to the curtains and the cushions, bolsters etc.

Textured and luxurious looking velvets, silks – both spun and reeled and other blended fabrics all can be mixed and matched to give a beautiful and vivid look. Suede, leather, cottons, linen and chenille all have their own allure and if judiciously mixed can give a unique and sophisticated look. Breaking up floral with plain neutral tones and stripes and checks with neutrals will give added accent.

Taking good care of your furniture and upholstery is essential for continued elegance. Immediate cleaning is essential of any spills without delay. Too much sun exposure may take a toll on any fabric. So protect them from direct sunlight and from air and heat outlets as well. Cushions and bolsters need to be fluffed and dusted to avoid lump formation.

Here is some beautiful looking furniture furnished with Ddecor Furnishings. The orange and golden color theme looks stunning. The greens are looking refreshingly cool and elegant. The sofa upholstered in purple looks sophisticated and cool.

How would you like to furnish your living room?

White, Silver and Bronze
white-and-silver-and bronze

Subtle and Elegant Purple

Orange and Russet Brown Theme

Glorious Looking Silk Curtains and Cushions

Floral Patterned Upholstery and Cushions

Floral and Green Theme

Dining Chairs in Royal Marine

Beautiful Furniture for Balmy Outdoor Weather

You must be enjoying the warm sunshine and fresh breeze – hallmarks of warm weather. Are you looking for some beautiful patio furniture, terrace chairs or poolside loungers? By having superlative seating arrangements to enjoy the outdoors, the pleasure can be doubled – spending more time to enjoy the joys of sun-kissed skies in great comfort! This is the best time to enjoy sea-side picnics and pool side parties. Relaxing and enjoying the lovely weather after a day’s hard work can be special times for you and your family. Spending quality time with your children or with your spouse are special bonding times and you can do it in comfort by having great outdoor furniture. What factors you must know before buying any new outdoor furniture? First of all check the size – will it fit into your patio/terrace or the garden or the pool side deck? How many people you expect to use the outdoor area at one time? Would you like chaise lounges, or recliners or sectionals? These queries will help decide the size/type of furniture you need.

Would you like holding frequent parties? Would you need a dining table or coffee tables would do? Would you prefer bar-counter height small tables with bar stools around that will occupy less space? What is the material you would like the furniture made of considering the extensive periods you may leave it under direct sunlight/rain/wind and other conditions? Once you decide about your needs, you can go online or talk to your interior decorator to decide. There are beautiful furniture pieces available for poolside or in your garden that can look beautiful and add ‘wow factor’ to your home. Modular sofas in sturdy yet light aluminium frames with simple elegant looks can be a good option.

Here are some beautiful outdoor furniture pieces from Gandia Blasco. Look at the shades attached so that you are always protected from the intense heat and harsh sunrays during the peak of the day – from 11 am to 4 pm. How beautiful are the sectionals and chaise lounges that can totally relax you and add beauty to your home!

Cushions and bolsters – added for comfort – must be in fast colors and high-quality fabrics that will not fade in sunlight. Check for quality – rust-proof good hardware; good -quality foot glides and end-caps; swings/furniture legs supported by braces – all these will make the furniture safe and sturdy. You are sure to get good service out of quality furniture while having a great time!

Swinging in Comfort on Seashore
swinging-in-comfort -on-seashore

Sun Shades and Soft Loungers

Sectionals with Cushions

Relaxing Made Easy
relaxing the easy way

Modular Sofas for Total Relaxation

Comfortable Seating