Bed-End-Benches – An Attractive Addition to Your Bedroom

How nice it will be to have some extra sitting space in your bedroom? When bedrooms are big, you can afford to have a beautiful sofa or a sectional in the corner for you to sit and read or sit and watch TV. In olden days when bedrooms were huge with beautiful four-poster bends and extra room, people used to have even a daybed so that they have a nice place to relax.

Today in our small houses or studio apartments, space is at a premium and all furniture needs to do double duty. You can consider a bed-end bench for giving extra seating space as well underneath storage space to keep an extra blanket or bed linen for you. If you upholster it or cover it in a matching shade as your bed, it can add to the ambience of your home.

What should you consider when you are getting a bed-end-bench for your bedroom. Actually this can be an ottoman – a longish one at the height of the bed or it can be a long stool, a settee – anything that blends well with your bedstead and the décor of your bedroom. Only you should check the dimensions of the bench to be in scale with the room.

What height the bench should be – when upholstered it should be as level as the bed level at the foot end of the bedstead. Bed-end-benches for beds without footboard can look like they are extension of the bed itself. If you keep the length of the bench just inside of that of the bed and furnish it matching, it will look very elegant.

Bed-end-benches can have storage options also underneath them for your convenience but there are a lot of benches come without storage option as well. With etching, carving or scroll details and other ornamentation, a bed-end-bench can add allure to your bedroom. With an exceptionally beautiful bed-end-bench can become the focus of your bedroom.

Here are some beautiful bed-end-bench options from Sweetpea and Willow. Look at the pretty bench in gold and green which looks so sophisticated. Also the one with ends curved so elegantly and the other one in pink with quilted upholstery will really make your bedroom so beautiful. How would you like the other white bed-end -bench? All are of high-quality workmanship!

Surely you will love to have one of these at your home?

Wonderful Bed End Bench in White

With Double Ends and Crafted Details

Upholstered Bed End Bench

Pretty Looking in Pink and Quilted

Gorgeous in Gold – Bed End Bench

Bench with Elegantly Curved at Ends

Beautifully Carved Bed End Bench

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Maintenance Streamlined with Storage Accessories & Organizers


From foyer to kitchen, storage is an important aspect of home furniture. Small apartments or big houses, organizers and storage cabinets play a vital role in keeping houses look spic and span. Consumerism is on the rise and people sometimes compulsively accumulate things and without extra storage space, keeping things organized is not possible.

Formerly there used to be bigger and more spacious houses with huge sized attics, barns and cellars. We had the luxury of stashing everything – right from an out-of-fashion dress to not-in-use furniture in the cellars or attics. Winter vegetables, fruits, cheese, and liquor – all used to be stored safely in the cellar without feeling any problem or space squeeze.

But today things have changed and we do not have cellars or attics to store. In fact, our homes are minuscule in size, we have difficulty in finding enough storage space for even monthly grocery stocking – leave alone yearly stocking like they were doing formerly. Even the huge garage where we used to stash things is a thing of past and we have just a basement parking spot for one car!

The need for extra storage furniture is a must for us to organize all our things. Extra storage space will prevent stuff getting strewn everywhere, and help us assign places for each and everything so we will not have a hard time finding whatever we want quickly. We can easily keep the house tidy and neat when each and everything has its own place.

Developing habits of tidiness and orderliness can be very helpful in good housekeeping. A weekly cleaning out of shelves and sorting the stuff helps greatly in weeding out the unwanted and useless stuff and keeping the essentials. Many postpone clearing out stuff periodically and end up feeling frustrated to find old stuff still hogging space when they want space for new purchases.

Here is some storage furniture from Bedroom Furniture. These organizers and storage accessories are very helpful to streamline your maintenance tasks. You can stash a lot into the six wicker baskets like bed linen, towels and other sundry items. The beautifully upholstered ottoman can look neat in the living room at the same time stashing your extra cushions, throws or rugs.

No doubt you are also having storage crunch often. Periodic spring cleaning and having enough storage accessories and organizers will help greatly in making your home well-maintained and beautiful!

Wonderful White Dresser with Drawers

Wicker Basket Storage Shelf

Upholstered Ottoman with Storage Facility

Storage Bench in Walnut with Baskets

Storage Seater in Oatmeal Finish

Elegant Looking Dresser with Drawers

Chocolate Colour Chest of Drawers

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Comfortable And Cute-Looking Chairs – Important Furniture in Your Home Decor


Today only custom designed or handmade furniture are unique and demand a very high price. Online furniture shops and local furniture shops are stocking lots of economically priced furniture including chairs within easy reach of common man. Innovative materials and industrial revolution have made furniture production more as an assembly line mass production. But this was not always the case. Centuries ago, chair was considered a luxury, used only by the rich and noble. The poor and common people sat on chests, stools and benches. Sitting on a chair was an honor accorded to the high and mighty almost until the 17th century or so. Richly carved and handcrafted heavy chairs were slowly replaced by lighter and simpler varieties.

Lightweight and comfort oriented chairs became the hallmark of French influence. They brought new and modern ideas in to the art of furniture making including in chair-making. Various types of chairs with different heights, seats, and shapes and for different purposes were introduced by the French which were later adopted by others due to their popularity. When chairs were hand-made, mostly solid wood like oak, teak, rosewood and other hardwoods were used for making them. They were solid pieces – heavy and ornate, all showcasing intricate carving and crafting that were time consuming but added such beauty and elegance to the chairs. Many of them are heirlooms handed down through the generations.

Armchairs, sleeping chairs, wing chairs, and lounge chairs gained great popularity and even today are as much sought after as before. Windsor chair was an English model that was greatly liked by American people and adopted to suit their needs. Rocking chairs have retained their popularity and now have taken innovative shapes with new and modern materials. Some of the most famous chairs like Adirondack Chairs – also known as Westport chairs – continue to enjoy great popularity even today. Adirondack style has become so popular that the manufacturers have branched off into creating furniture like Adirondack rockers, Adirondack benches and child Adirondack chairs.

Here are some beautiful chairs from B&B Italia. Today we cannot think of a living without the comfort provided by chairs like these. I do hope you also have some of them?

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Simple and Utilitarian Office Chair

Lightweight and Pretty Looking Chairs

Elegant Looking Cushioned Chairs

Cute Looking and Comfortable Chairs

Comfy Armchairs in Cute Colours