Get a Bed For Your Bedroom Furniture

We end up spending at least one third of our life on the bed. A good bed is the first step in getting a good night’s sleep and life long pain-free back and healthy life. Right size, tight firmness, right height, and giving the right amount of support are the important aspects when you are checking on buying the right bed for your bedroom – for you, family as well for guests. Price of a bed need not be the only criteria for purchasing the bed. But generally more expensive beds are always of better quality and more comfortable than cheaper variety and they are more luxurious as well as longer lasting than cheaper beds. Also when you get some additional features like storage, and special headboard, the price also goes up.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when you are buying furniture for your bedroom? A good strong and sturdy bedstead, a high-quality supportive and firm mattress and good quality, pretty looking complete set of bed linen and pillows, cushions, bolsters – made of natural fibers preferably – these all items make up your bedroom furniture. Buying a good size bedstead and matching mattress is of extreme importance. Bigger the bed more comfortable will be both you and your spouse. Separate mattresses will be a sensible idea since that will lessen the disturbance caused by partner’s movements. Get mattresses that will have just the right amount of firmness – not hard – for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Once you decide on what will suite your kind of lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, what will fulfill your needs, and what will show off your individual taste and character, you can check out at the local store all the options available for your own bedroom, for the guest room and for the kids rooms as well. You may have to take into account the size of the rooms without fail. Buying a bedstead can take planning and patience. Find out what kind of material will look just right in your home and what will suit the general style and ambience of your home. Discuss with your interior decorator and surf the net for new ideas and innovation in bedsteads and their headboards and footboard details which can be customized.

Here are some single bedsteads for your guest room and kids’ room from Ascot Co. Check what appeals to you most so you can get it for your home.

Teen Single Bed with High Headboard

Simple and Sleek in Black Espresso Finish

Pretty Looking Pink Floral Bed Set

Elegant Looking Bed against Stone Wall

Beige Wall Colour and Oak Bed Set

Beautiful Pink Four-Poster for Your Princess

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A Stunningly Beautiful Bedroom Starts with Sturdy Basics

Beds are the most important furniture in your bedroom. Just like the metal bedsteads which make a very good bed-base, wooden beds also are great – giving solid support to your mattress. Wooden beds create a look of warmth and cosy feeling. They are sturdy and long lasting. They look stylish and sophisticated. A beautifully crafted wooden bed can single-handedly elevate your bedroom from a good-looking bedroom to a great-looking bedroom. Wooden beds are very popular today, especially frames that come in classic style with clean-cut looks and aesthetically simple structure. With looks enhanced by the wood’s natural structures, grains and colours, they are breathtakingly beautiful and effortlessly become the focus of the bedroom. With no footboards, and especially if king-size, it can look so invitingly comfortable and become compulsively addictive.

Let us see why wooden bedsteads are so popular. A wooden frame is many times healthier than ensemble beds. They are dust-free and easier to maintain. Especially for people suffering from any asthma or lung-related problems, wooden beds are a healthier choice. They are easier to maintain and lend themselves easily to different kind of themes. With headboard details that can be custom made, you will be spoilt for choice. Once you have decided the decor of the bedroom, you can choose a color that will complement the decor aesthetically. Keeping the bed as the center theme, you can get other bedroom furniture – like coffee tables, easy chairs – to complement or contrast the bed. With exquisite bed-linen options that we have today, the bedroom can be made to look stunningly beautiful and at the same time relaxing and tranquil-looking – a place to relax, rest and recoup our energy.

Traditionally beds are made from oak or cherry, but you can have lighter color options like beech, or ash. Today headboards come with mind-boggling options. You may have the option of built in drawers underneath for storage or smaller drawers under the sideboards. Here are some beautiful beds from Fimes. Look at the marvellous looking and classically crafted beds which make such a strong style statement! You must take time to check out what you will really like, what will be comfortable for you and what will suit your home. Go online and check the options. Talk to your interior decorator. Browse your local furniture store. You get down to personally see, feel and check all the options, and then make an informed decision to get the best bed that will help create the most marvellous bedroom you can have.

A Wonderful Looking Rounded Edged White Bed

A Black Beauty with Separate Sideboard

A Marvellous Looking Bed with Lazy Headboard Curve
marvellous looking bedstead in white with matching side board

span class=”imageheading”>A Beautiful Bed with Sturdy Legs & Sideboards
great-looking bedstead with sideboard

A Rhapsody in White Looks Magnificent

A Glossy Beauty with Sliding Drawers

A Curved White Headboard & a Cool Cornet Fit
a curved headboard makes it special

Beautiful Wooden Beds – Evergreen Favorite Furniture


Beds are for long-term use. We spend one third of our life on it, so it need to be of good quality. It should be durable, long-lasting and look good for years to come. Most importantly, it should be good to your back. Your sleep should be relaxing and you must feel rested, rejuvenated and recharged to face the new day when you wake up in the morning. Deciding on a budget before you are going to the shop can be a good plan. It is not as important to stick to the exact figure, but it is essential to kind of make a figure beyond which you ought not to splurge on just one item. Actually the budgeted figure can give the sales person an idea about the kind of furniture you are looking for.

The warm and charm of the hardwood furniture has endured as the natural authentic quality. Despite beds from steel, metal and brass are available in plenty, solid wood beds top the list as the most desired furniture type desired for using at home. And again original hardwood is considered far superior to engineered wood or ply wood. There are today beautiful beds made from engineered and ply wood. They look more authentic than the original hardwood bead itself. And cost far less than the original article. But a high-quality hardwood bed c is still preferred as it can become an heirloom lasting down the generation line since they seem to last forever giving great service year after year.

There are important things to decide before deciding on your purchase. Have you checked all the styles that are available on the market? What is the particular style you like? What is the style that will suit your home? What is the style which you can mix and match with the existing style in your home? What are the evergreen favourites? Simple looking sleek designed wooden bedsteads will go well with all kind of furnishing. It can match whatever furniture you have already put in the bedroom. If you have a bedstead from hardwoods like cherry, maple, mahogany or walnut, and simple in design with classic clean-cut looks, you can be sure that it will go well with the rest of the furniture

Here are some beautiful looking beds made from cherry from Colonial Furniture. With clean-cut design lines beautifully crafted details they are great options for your bedrooms. Check them out!

With High Headboard and Footboard
wooden bed frames

With Bed steps and Flat Canopy
wooden toddler bed

Solid Looking in Cherry Wood
wooden platform bed

Sleigh Bed in King Size
cheap wooden bed frames

High Post Pediment Bed with Quilted Linen
wooden bunk beds twin over full

Four Poster Bed in Cherry
king size wooden bed frame