Bed-End-Benches – An Attractive Addition to Your Bedroom

How nice it will be to have some extra sitting space in your bedroom? When bedrooms are big, you can afford to have a beautiful sofa or a sectional in the corner for you to sit and read or sit and watch TV. In olden days when bedrooms were huge with beautiful four-poster bends and extra room, people used to have even a daybed so that they have a nice place to relax.

Today in our small houses or studio apartments, space is at a premium and all furniture needs to do double duty. You can consider a bed-end bench for giving extra seating space as well underneath storage space to keep an extra blanket or bed linen for you. If you upholster it or cover it in a matching shade as your bed, it can add to the ambience of your home.

What should you consider when you are getting a bed-end-bench for your bedroom. Actually this can be an ottoman – a longish one at the height of the bed or it can be a long stool, a settee – anything that blends well with your bedstead and the décor of your bedroom. Only you should check the dimensions of the bench to be in scale with the room.

What height the bench should be – when upholstered it should be as level as the bed level at the foot end of the bedstead. Bed-end-benches for beds without footboard can look like they are extension of the bed itself. If you keep the length of the bench just inside of that of the bed and furnish it matching, it will look very elegant.

Bed-end-benches can have storage options also underneath them for your convenience but there are a lot of benches come without storage option as well. With etching, carving or scroll details and other ornamentation, a bed-end-bench can add allure to your bedroom. With an exceptionally beautiful bed-end-bench can become the focus of your bedroom.

Here are some beautiful bed-end-bench options from Sweetpea and Willow. Look at the pretty bench in gold and green which looks so sophisticated. Also the one with ends curved so elegantly and the other one in pink with quilted upholstery will really make your bedroom so beautiful. How would you like the other white bed-end -bench? All are of high-quality workmanship!

Surely you will love to have one of these at your home?

Wonderful Bed End Bench in White

With Double Ends and Crafted Details

Upholstered Bed End Bench

Pretty Looking in Pink and Quilted

Gorgeous in Gold – Bed End Bench

Bench with Elegantly Curved at Ends

Beautifully Carved Bed End Bench

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Working from Home Made Easy With These Wonderful Laptop Tray Desks


Many of us bring home work during weekends. Most Saturdays and Sundays we spend hours bending over the laptop trying to catch up with mail and other left-over work. Quite a few of us love to read in bed. Whether you are working or reading while lying in bed, laptop-tray-desks are great things to have to make life easy. It improves our posture as well keep the laptop or book conveniently positioned to make things easy for us. What are laptop tray-desks? Some call them bed-desks, some call them laptop bed-tables, others call them laptop tray tables and some even call them glorified breakfast trays! What is in a name? It is just something mighty useful and makes like comfortable and easy. It enables you to enjoy the comforts of your beautiful bed sparing you the accompanying pains and aches you may suffer from bad postures. They make working from home less a strain and more a pleasure.
Laptop tray-desks are typically short tables, wide enough to be accommodated across your legs/body, with separate spaces for holding mouse, paperwork and magazines. Made from woods like walnut and pine, they give excellent service for long years. These tray-desks are easier to maneuver like tilting forward or backwards, and raising or lowering the center desk level to suit your needs. Most of the laptop desks are light and very portable.

These desks come with slightly wider bases and knobs/screws for adjusting heights and tilting up the center portion to the desired angle. You can sit on a chair, or recline back on your bed and keep the desk across your body or legs and still can read or type, work on the laptop without cricking or straining your neck at all; no strain on the back as well. Some have proviso for holding beverages, an extra tray for some snacks and what more do you need? Here are some excellent looking adjustable laptop tray desks and laptop tray tables from Bed Tray Shoppe. Just look at those lovely designs and aesthetic finish! All of them come with knobs for adjusting heights and tilting to facilitate effortless reading. Some have companion holders. All are crafted exquisitely to a lacquered glossy satin finish. How cool that laptop tray desk looks tilted suitably for comfortable reading or that one lowered to a correct height for holding a laptop!

These are beautiful accessories to your bedroom furniture. They add to the ambiance of the bedroom and add to the comfort level greatly. Find a beautiful laptop tray-desk that will go with your bedroom decor and make your working-from-home moments the most comfortable and marvelous!

A Charming Laptop Table with Glossy Finish
laptop tray for bed

A Pretty and Very Functional Looking Tray Table
laptop tray for couch

A Beautiful Laptop Tray with Companion Stand
laptop desk stand

A Pretty-Looking Arrangement for A Relaxed Reading
portable laptop tray

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Bespoke Beds Make Your Bedroom More Beautiful

sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Sometimes we have rooms where a standard size bed may not comfortably fit in. Like a corner room with a semi circular wall or with a longish area, where not much option is available for putting up a double or twin bed. If we put up standard-size bed, then we may not have any area left to walk around or use it sensibly. Here is where we may need a bespoke bed! A bespoke bed is also a custom-made bed – more so in that it is made essentially for you and especially to fit your kind of a room. You can actually make it look simple, elegant and attractive. It is just that it enables you to use the room more sensibly and economically so that we will not waste premium space – what we may do without the exactly measure-to-order bespoke bed.

You can get specially created oak beds as bespoke beds or use other solid wood as basic material for making the bespoke bed. You can get specially ordered headboard details on your bespoke bed so that you are able to get the best designed bespoke bed. Many times, all furniture the room able to hold will be just the bespoke bed only. You can actually plan to have some nice bedside table and night stands that match your bespoke bed along with a matching ottoman. You can custom-order the headboard and footer to be fitted with the exact kind of upholstery you may choose. You can have a quilted, or a buttoned down headboard that looks nice and is filled with microfiber foam for firmness.

Since bespoke beds may not adhere to strict standard sized beds, furnishing for the bespoke bed may take more search than the usual off-the-store purchase we do it with standard beds. But today there are enough choices available in getting complete ensembles for your bespoke bed. Custom-tailored bed linen, skirts, cushions, bolsters – all are available. Tere are some beautiful looking bespoke beds from Feather and Black. Look at the beautifully upholstered headboards in solid colours as well their footboards. The elegant patterns created with button studded details and quilted effects make the headboards add to the beauty of the room. The printed pattern and striped floral pattern also look very elegant.

I am sure you also may like to have a bespoke bed for your special bedroom furniture needs. Do you think you like one of the above beds?

Wonderful Looking White and Stripes

Sophisticated Looking Grey and Brown
sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Pretty Looking Pink Floral and White

Elegant Looking Pink and Beige

Cool Looking Blue and White Combo

Attractive Looking Red White and Tan

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Bedrooms Beautiful Gorgeous For Relaxing And Rejuvenation

matching-dresser-with bedroomset

Are you thinking of redoing your bedroom? Painting is one of the easiest options for renovation. It can make your home completely new and beautiful. Getting new bed linen is another option for making over. Getting new cushion covers, and bolster covers are again easy options you can try at. Likewise window treatments are also easy and quick solutions for a beautiful and economical makeover. What colours look good in your bedroom? Bedroom is where you want to rest and relax. It is where you get your body and mind rested and recharged to face another day with the usual stress and strain that come with new days. So you want your bedroom to look cool comfy and pleasant. It should allow you to relax and sleep in peace. It should be soothing and calming.

What are the colours you would choose for your bedroom then? For bringing a sense or serenity and calmness, you can use blue, lavender and green. Do not use startling or deep shade of even these colours. Choose a light shade of blue or a light green that will be perfectly suitable. Maybe painting just one wall in contrast bright colour may make the décor livelier. Jewel tones are all the rage now. But again moderation is the keyword and playing down the colour will make the room restful and relaxing. What are the jewel colours you may choose? Maroons and reds, yellows and gold’s will look rich and nice if properly toned down and softened. Mauve will look cool and golden yellow will look rich and nice with silk drapery and bed linen.

Instead of giving a contrast shade to one wall, you can use wall paper to bring relief and freshness to the room. There are today so many types of wall papers, posters, wall decals that you will be hard-pressed to select only one. With cushions and draperies to match and contrast the wall colour or the bed linen, the bedroom can look enchantingly beautiful and elegant.

Here are some beautiful bedrooms from Style Spa Furniture. These are complete bedroom furniture with wardrobes, side tables, night stands and other shelves. The bedsteads come with headboard details and storage options. These are entire bedroom set furniture to make your home beautiful. Are you keen on any of the bedroom décor?

Matching Dresser with Bedroom Set
matching-dresser-with bedroomset

Elegant Looking Single Bed Complete Set

Bed with Storage and Nightstand

Bed with Side Drawer Storage

Beautiful Looking Bedstead with Mattress

Beautiful Headboard and Dresser

Beautiful Bedside Lamp and Sideboard

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Easy And Elegant Bedroom Decor

Elegant bedrooms do not happen just like that or by chance. You need to create the look from scratch and make it all your own. When the house is built, mostly you have four walls with an amount of space to create a warm and welcoming home which is comfortable and cozy. Likewise a bedroom also needs attention right from the design stage.

If you are building your own home, then built-in shelves, cabinets and closets need to planned right at the design stage so that when walls are constructed you can make a niche to either fill it up with a wardrobe or you can construct into the niche – slabs and doors for it to make closets and cabinets which are most essential to keep the home clutter-free and organized.

Wall Mounted Bedroom Console
Wall Mounted Bedroom Console

Handsome Wardrobe Bedroom Furniture
Handsome Wardrobe Bedroom Furniture

Wardrobes, open floating shelves or built-in wardrobes, bedrooms need a lot of storage space. If you start planning for built-in ideas at the planning and design stage and get the architect to include in the house plan and get the construction people to build according to plan, you may have a better utilization of space available. With more built in storage shelves, you do not have to buy a lot of closets or cabinets which eat into precious floor space and budget.

Gorgeous Drapery Bedroom Décor
Gorgeous Drapery Bedroom Décor

But even if you do not have already a niche for putting in closets or cabinets, you can still build wardrobes that can be floor to ceiling size and hold all your stuff. Today there are bed-frames that are also manufactured with storage space underneath or in the headboard or tail-board of the bed frame.

Floral Bed Linen Platform Bed
Floral Bed Linen Platform Bed

Wall decoration for your bedroom can be with designer wall papers to add to the ambiance of the bedroom décor. Walls adjacent to the bed or walls against which you place your bedstead can be painted differently to create a focus. Here are some beautiful looking bedrooms from Rusuruslan which look very elegant.
Elegant Wall Painting Bedroom
Elegant Wall Painting Bedroom

These are smaller size bedrooms now found commonly in small houses or in contemporary design houses. Look at the elegant platform beds with extended headboard which support the nightstands! How conveniently placed are the floating shelves above them! I think everybody will just love the luxurious looking headboard with carved details which look very pretty against the accent wall set off by the wall pattern on both sides! Don’t you think you will like the wall supported media console unit in your bedroom for viewing TV conveniently?

Charming Wallpaper Bedroom Décor
Charming Wallpaper Bedroom Décor

Beautiful Headboard Decor Bedroom
Beautiful Headboard Decor Bedroom

Accent Wall Bedroom Decor
Accent Wall Bedroom Decor

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Simple And Elegant Furnishing Can Make Bedrooms Spacious And Stylish

The bedroom is the most important area of your home. By putting too many furniture in the bedroom you can make it too crowded for comfort. Reduce the number, but compensate by making your bed big and roomy and add complementing accessories in the same style and material and you can have a stunning looking bedroom which may look simple but very stylish.

Many a time, we load the bedroom with a huge double bed, dressers, a lounger, desks, side tables, coffee tables, end tables and even an entertainment center there. The room looks stuffed with barely any space to move about. With so much furniture, the room starts to look smaller and cramped. And instead of relaxing you, the bedroom makes you feel cramped and crowded! A more relaxing kind of furnishing your bedroom is to furnish it minimalistically. Keep the accessories to a minimum that will make the room bigger and more spacious. Just a couple of sideboards near the bed and maybe just one corner étagère in the corner should be enough. Get matching sideboards and end tables and that should be enough.

You can get customized beds with specially done headboards like with built in lights and drawers. The bed can have a nightstand board running all around for you to have your nightcap and your books etc. Make the room relaxed looking with pastel or light shaded wall color and add beige or white area rugs under the bed to give an elegant and roomy look. You can have a built in or walk in wardrobe with glass doors for your clothes. Wall decoration can be kept to a minimum with just a wall hanging and just a floating mirror with a simple looking dresser in the same style as your bed. Also keep the lighting to a simple task light and bedside lamps to accentuate the light and airy look you would be giving the room.

Here are some stunningly beautiful, simple and elegant wooden low hung platform beds from Answer Design. Look at the beige color bed with sheen of lacquer adding to the lovely look of the entire room. How pretty the black bed looks with headboard details. And all the sideboards, dressing tables all match the bed to add to the ambiance. Just talk to your interior decorator and know how to make your bedroom look simple and yet stunningly beautiful. You can make a beautiful relaxing bedroom which can be soothing and tranquil.

Stunning Looking in Black Finish
stunning looking in black finish

Pretty Looking with Reading Lamps
pretty-looking-with -reading-lamps

Low Slung Wooden Bed in Black

Elegant in Beige with Sideboards

Beautiful with Matching Side Tables

Beautiful in Mahogany Finish

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