Beautiful Bedrooms Are Essential for Elegant Homes

Purchasing a bedstead, mattresses and the complete set can be a major decision one makes when you furnish your new home or getting a makeover done for the home. Bedroom and kitchen are the two most important places – one nurtures our inner self and the other nurtures our physical form. But both are most important part of our homes.

Bedroom furnishing is one of the most important aspects of interior decoration projects. Getting the bedroom aesthetics just right is very very important. Not just the bedstead alone, but it is essential to get entire bedroom set just right. A comfy bed in a well appointed room adds to the good feeling you have when you come home after a stressful day.

What is the other furniture that you think you may need in your bedroom along with a beautiful and functional bed? You need a nice chest of drawers, an end table, a console table, a small size media center, a dressing table and enough shelves for your personal wardrobe. Window curtains and screens can add to the complete cool look you are attempting to achieve.

Often an area rug is most important especially when the weather turns cold. Matching curtains, pillows, cushions and bolsters can add another dimension to the bedroom. The bed’s headboard offer a lot of personal choices – like with built-in storage, built-in lights and the foot board also providing some handy nightstand space to keep a cup of coffee etc.

Built-in lights are not the only options. You can have lovely pedestal lamps and table lamps for task lighting and you can have beautiful mirrors fixed to add to the ambiance of the room. With back-lit illumination, mirrors can make the room beautiful and sparkling. You can keep some low-lying wall mounted lights with motion sensors during night time.

Bed linen is the most important while planning for renovation. With the number of choices available today, you can make the room richly furnished as well giving most sensuous kind of bed sheets and pillows and pillow covers etc. Matching draperies also contribute to make your bedrooms just perfect. Add a daybed and with the media center, your relaxation is assured!

Here are some beautiful beds from Global Furniture. All the bedroom sets look fabulous and sophisticated. Each one is color cordinated to perfection. I am sure you would fall in love some the bedroom sets featured here!

Stunning Looking White and Black Décor

Platform Bed with Cushioned Headboard Accessories

Great Looking Black And White Combo

Excellent Looking Black Gray and White

Cute Looking Crafted Headboard and Accessories

Beautiful Black on Wooden Flooring

All White Decor Gives Spacious Looks

All Pine Wooden Décor

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Attractive Looking Bedrooms Beautifully And Gorgeously Furnished


A dynamic and capable homemaker keeps thinking of ways to improve her home. She does not wait for any particular happening or period of the year to makeover any of her rooms. As and when she finds something new, something different and something better, she looks for ways to incorporate it in her home décor so her home and furniture is the best for her. Making over your bedroom can be exciting and thrilling if you are trying out new ideas. Getting new furnishings for your bedroom can be quite adventurous and fun. Summer months can be the time to get pastel and soft cool shades for your bedroom. That does not mean it has to look drab. You can bring color to the décor with vibrant bed linen.

If you have chosen white as the base color for your bedroom, with white walls and white color furniture as well, you can try to bring a contrast, a splash of color with a bright color to one wall of the room. That will bring relief to an otherwise all white bedroom décor. Also you can choose bright coloured linen that will look stunning – setting off the white. Pastel coloured walls go excellently with brown colour furniture like teak, mahogany etc. Sheer beige curtains and cream walls with teak bedroom furniture set – beds, side tables and coffee tables – can set off each other beautifully and give a rich and sophisticated look to the room. Brown colour bed can look great with white coloured sideboard and console tables also.

Warm coloured veneers like pine also look great in bedrooms especially with white wall décor and white flooring. It gives a spacious look. Even when the room dimensions are small, this combination can make the room expand and look spacious and nice. Bed linen – bed sheets, bed covers, duvets and all can be mix and match – with white bed spreads with deep shades of contrast color sheets.

Look at the storage space underneath the bed to hold books etc. and the nightstand next to the headboard looks very elegant. The matching sideboard and end table in teak finish complete the set and look very attractive and nice. The white bedstead and companion sideboards contrast nicely with the bed linen and trim over the wardrobe.

Hope your makeover resulted in such a beautiful bedroom?

Gorgeous in White and Pine

Elegantly Decorated Bedroom
elegantly -decorated-bedroom

Dark Brown Bedstead with White Sideboards

Cool and Comfy Bedroom

Bedstead With Underneath Storage Space</span
bedstead-with-underneath-storage space

Beautifully Done Bedroom with Overhead Storage

Attractive in White and Lavender

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Bespoke Beds Make Your Bedroom More Beautiful

sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Sometimes we have rooms where a standard size bed may not comfortably fit in. Like a corner room with a semi circular wall or with a longish area, where not much option is available for putting up a double or twin bed. If we put up standard-size bed, then we may not have any area left to walk around or use it sensibly. Here is where we may need a bespoke bed! A bespoke bed is also a custom-made bed – more so in that it is made essentially for you and especially to fit your kind of a room. You can actually make it look simple, elegant and attractive. It is just that it enables you to use the room more sensibly and economically so that we will not waste premium space – what we may do without the exactly measure-to-order bespoke bed.

You can get specially created oak beds as bespoke beds or use other solid wood as basic material for making the bespoke bed. You can get specially ordered headboard details on your bespoke bed so that you are able to get the best designed bespoke bed. Many times, all furniture the room able to hold will be just the bespoke bed only. You can actually plan to have some nice bedside table and night stands that match your bespoke bed along with a matching ottoman. You can custom-order the headboard and footer to be fitted with the exact kind of upholstery you may choose. You can have a quilted, or a buttoned down headboard that looks nice and is filled with microfiber foam for firmness.

Since bespoke beds may not adhere to strict standard sized beds, furnishing for the bespoke bed may take more search than the usual off-the-store purchase we do it with standard beds. But today there are enough choices available in getting complete ensembles for your bespoke bed. Custom-tailored bed linen, skirts, cushions, bolsters – all are available. Tere are some beautiful looking bespoke beds from Feather and Black. Look at the beautifully upholstered headboards in solid colours as well their footboards. The elegant patterns created with button studded details and quilted effects make the headboards add to the beauty of the room. The printed pattern and striped floral pattern also look very elegant.

I am sure you also may like to have a bespoke bed for your special bedroom furniture needs. Do you think you like one of the above beds?

Wonderful Looking White and Stripes

Sophisticated Looking Grey and Brown
sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Pretty Looking Pink Floral and White

Elegant Looking Pink and Beige

Cool Looking Blue and White Combo

Attractive Looking Red White and Tan

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Elegant Bedspreads Add Charm to Your Bedroom Linen Collection

Winter is gone! Warmer days are here; enjoy the sunshine, pack off the woollens, blankets and comforters. It is time to bring a splash of colour to your bedroom. Transform the decor; make it come alive with a vivid and vibrant looking bedspread. Solid colors, pastel shades, tropical prints, stripes – pick up what you like most and make a statement. Just spread it on the bed in daytime and see what a difference does it make to the entire decor. Bedspreads come as part of bed linen sets as well you can get individual pieces which can set the mood of the room by itself. Bedspreads are very visible accessories and so they need to be chosen with care. You should pay attention to the size, colour and quality of the bedspread before making a decision. You should check that the material does not pose any health hazards to you and your family like skin allergy etc.

Check the size of your bed. King-size, queen size, or whatever the size of your bed – measure it correctly and go in for a matching size of bed spread. Too big and too small – both should be avoided. When spread out on the bed, it should look like tailor-made for it – just the right amount hanging on both sides and not look too overwhelmingly big or bulky. Pick out a colour that will suit the decor of your bedroom. If you have a neutral shade, than you have a larger choice but if you have color-coordinated decor, then you ought to be careful to choose it to match the draperies, upholsteries and other furnishings. Also check what is the mood of the room, weather your home has a specific style like traditional, modern etc. A mismatched bedspread can be a disaster and spoil the entire look.

Bedspread essentially serves a decorative purpose. Since you can use it as a blanket if need be, a cotton/a cotton blend or silk/silk blend can be a good choice. You have to be sure about the quality of the fabric of the bedspread. It should be soft, supple and must have good drape. It should combine good looks with durable quality. It should not be rough or hard and cause any skin allergy or rashes. Here are some bedroom accessories from Ebony Gautier. How beautiful the mix and match bed linens, the pillows, the bedspreads and the entire decor of the bedrooms are! What gorgeous colours and great combinations! They look so breathtakingly beautiful and elegant!

Go online and check out what options are available. Talk to your interior decorator, and bring home a beautiful bedspread to celebrate spring and sunshine!

Wonderful in White and Beige
wonderful-in-white-and beige-

Gorgeous Combo of Black White and Red

A Stunning Looking Orange and Red Linen Set
a-stunning-looking-orange-and red-linen-set

An Attractive Black and White Combination

A Lovely Patterned Pillow and Comforter Set

A Graceful Looking Gold and White Set

A Floral White and Brown Combination

A Beautiful Bedroom in Brown

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Lovely Silks – Drapes And Spreads

Gracious looking bedrooms with gorgeous bedspreads and drapes can be the stuff dreams are made of. Every woman just loves to have a gorgeous bedroom with silk sheets and sheer drapes. Furnishing the bedroom elegantly and sophisticatedly takes quite a bit of planning and research. Hotchpotch kind of a décor will make the entire home look shoddy.

What are the most important features of furnishing your bedroom? Once you have got a solid and comfortable bedstead, search out for the most comfortable mattress and then it is your choice to add to these basics. A couple of side tables and a built-in or a walk-in wardrobe and if you have some more space, an accent chair/sectional will complete the basic furniture of your bedroom.

The decorative and ornamental features come now. How you furnish your bed, your sectional will show your taste and character. How you do the windows can make the room airy, light and welcoming. Likewise what kind of bed linen you are using for your bed again will make a lot of difference to the way your bedroom is going to look.

Not just your bed linen but the cushions, bolsters, rugs and throws can make a splash of colour in an otherwise sober room. How you are going to decorate the wall? Wall décor – paints have a lot of influence in setting the mood of the room. Though it is essential to have soothing blues or light beiges, creams, you can add a vivid, deep contrast to one wall to make a dramatic effect.

How do you think you will use the windows to enhance the look of your bedroom? You should have double layers of curtains – one sheer or lace – so when you want to allow the light to stream in you should be able to draw back the silk or heavy drapes that otherwise you use on them. When needed you should make a cosy nest and when u like have daylight streaming in.

Here are some beautiful drapes and bed linen from La Drape. The bedspreads look stunningly beautiful in myriad colours – cool and contemporary blues and pinks – or rich traditional jacquards and silks – with quilted effect and throw-over corner details. These are fitted sheets and bordering and piping details to make your bedroom a place one dreams about.

Do you think you will like one for your home?

Top Class Looks in Pinks and Green

Rich and Traditional Brocade and Silk

Rich and Regal Looking Quilted Cover

Pretty Looking Floral in Blues and Pinks

Olive Green Silk, Candles and Mirrors

Gorgeous in Rusts, Brown and Orange

Cool and Contemporary Looking in Blue – White
cool and-contemporary-looking-in-blue-white

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Beds for Youngsters – From ‘Tween Beds to Teen Beds

Kids like to furnish their rooms elegantly and beautifully. With beds being the most important furniture of their bedroom, kids love to have a comfortable bed where they can sleep well and relax fully. Once the children are a little grown and have strong likes and dislikes, it is best to consult them before purchasing a bed for them.

The children are mostly happy with single beds – right from platform beds, canopy beds, traditional beds, four-poster beds, loft beds to modern modular bunk beds; kids just love to have any bed so long they have a say in choosing the bed and its accessories. They are not concerned about the cost or brand provided the bed is to their liking.

Once you come to know what kind of bed your kid wants, you can go online and check out the options that are available. There are such a variety of beds available that you will be really spoilt for choice! You can also check out the local furniture shops taking your child along with when you are visiting the stores in your neighbourhood.

Some of the questions you need to ask are – what is the style they may like? What material – wood, metal or a combination or whether they may like cane or bamboo bed? What is your budget? What style the rest of the home and furniture of your home are? Do their choices of bed blend harmoniously with rest of the home etc?

Also you need to decide on the size of the bed. A tall youngster can find it hard to sleep comfortably in a smaller size bed. Other aspects that can be discussed with your kid is whether he needs under bed storage, whether headboard storage is preferred or will the kid like rather to have bedside cabinets, nightstands and book cases in matching style and colour etc.

Here are some of the single beds for youth from Poundex. There are beautiful looking three-piece sets including a bed, dresser and nightstand. Some of them are done in light to medium oak finish, some in dark oak finish and some in black metal and espresso finish. Attractive looking bed linen adds to the beauty of the bedroom. These beds can be used in the spare bedroom as extra beds for overnight guests also. Don’t you think you want to buy something like this?

White Finish and Floral Bed Linen

White & Floral and White Slatted Bed

Patch Work and Pine Finish

Multi Color Triangle Motifs and Oak Finish

Black Metal with Vertical Stripes

Black, Crossbars and Stripes

Beautiful Looking in Pale Pink

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