Bring Fresh New Look to Your Home with New Furniture

Replacing old and worn out old furniture is essential part of maintenance. No furniture however good is the basic material made from or the high quality upholstery used can last forever. Wear and tear happens and renovating successfully what can be salvaged can only postpone purchase of new furniture as sometimes renovation may be more costly.

Replacing all old furniture may look daunting cost wise and effort wise also, but many a time planning for replacement of all the furniture in one room at least is essential to make the look homogenised and colour co-ordinated. Getting the same upholstery colour or wood finish will be very difficult over various periods of purchase.

If we manage to plan for similar color scheme, and style of the furniture, we can renovate the rooms separately one at a time without having too much trouble to colour coordinate the rooms. With attention to the wall décor colour scheme and furniture style and upholstery details, we can make the same colour scheme run through the entire house.

What are all the items you can add to make the house look like new? Adding an accent chair or an accent recliner to add to the seating arrangement can enhance the ambience of the living room tremendously. A beautiful coffee table or a console table also can add to the general look of the room nicely.

Bed frames of solid wood are most suitable for your bedroom. A good solid and sturdy bedstead will support the mattress very well and give long years of service without any problem. You can have relaxed and restful times that will make you ready to face another challenging day. A firm supporting bed can assure you a back-pain free sleep.

Entertaining is a great favourite activity with people who have a large circle of friends. Beautifully upholstered dining chairs can make the dining room so appealing and inviting impressing your guests and visitors and make the dining experience rich and very happy. Along with beautifully done sideboards and étagère, your dining room furniture may look beautiful.

Here are some beautiful furniture items from Councill. The beautiful dining chairs and table will add grace to any dining room. What a beautiful bed you can have for your bedroom! I am sure you will certainly like those accent chairs or sofa sets. Please check out what suits you and take it home!

Tan and Brown Sofa Set

Four-poster Bed in Solid Wood

Delightful Looking Dining Table

Comfortable Sofa Set for Living Room

Beautifully Upholstered Easy Recliner

Accent Sofa in White with Button Details

Accent Chair in Wicker

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Beautiful And Versatile Beds And Headboards


Beds can be major part of furniture purchase. If you have got your home as soon early, you may need beds for the master bedroom and possibly for one guest room. But as your family grows, your needs also grow and you will end up with minimum of three-four bedrooms and correspondingly higher number of beds.

Since beds last almost always for a minimum of 10-15 years, you ought to pay attention when you are buying your bedroom furniture. Check for good quality bed-frame, good and dependable quality springs over which you will put down your mattress. Getting the basics right is most important as a good bed is essential for good relaxing sleep.

Traditional beds are still popular and in demand since they are the most comfortable kind of beds. But they are big, need a lot more space. So today platform beds are becoming more popular as the option for small spaces. With space restrictions a reality, foldable beds, bunk beds and daybeds are also in demand depending on the space available in your home.

How can you make your bedroom look special and distinct looking? Bedroom furniture set can comprise beds, matching nightstands, dressers, vanity table and bed-end bench etc and a full set of matching furniture can make your room look nice. You can add a small working table for your computer needs along with a couple of accent chairs and a matching area rug. Drapes can be added to give a nice touch.

Headboards can add to the beauty of your bed. Headboards can be added even if your bed did not originally have headboards. Headboards and footboards can make the bed look neat. Actually designing a great looking headboard can make your bed look completely exclusive and your own.

Here are images of some beds from Living Italian – a reputed furniture designer. You can see beautiful beds with nice headboards with quilted upholstery along with matching nightstands, and dressers. Some of the headboards are upholstered and if the bed frame is metal, the headboard has ornamental details. But most of the beds do have cushioned and upholstered headboards that will look great and feel good.

Winged Headboard Button Details Bedroom
Winged Headboard Button Details Bedroom

Quilted Headboard Cozy Bedroom Furniture
Quilted Headboard Cozy Bedroom Furniture

Floral Headboard Turquoise Combo Bed
Floral Headboard Turquoise Combo Bed

Cream And Brown Combo Bed Furniture
Cream And Brown Combo Bed Furniture

Cool White Bed Furniture Metal Headboard
Cool White Bed Furniture Metal Headboard

Beige Floral Headboard Matching Linen
eige Floral Headboard Matching Linen

All White Bed With High Headboard
All White Bed With High Headboard

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Luxury Beds – With Special Features And Gorgeous Upholstery

Bedroom is that special place to which your reach for relaxation and rejuvenation. Traditional furniture made of good quality material and with beautiful looks are the most trusted favourites for all of us. However much the fashion changes or current trend gets funky and different, we do not compromise on quality or the comfort that can be provided.

Getting the best furniture for your bedroom will start with getting the best for your bed – the bed that looks good and feels better. A good bed will be one with a sturdy and well made frame. Most of use will go in for either a full wooden bed or a wood and metal combination. Both have their own advantages functionally as well in appearance.

Most popular and most in demand will be wooden beds made from oak. These have continued to top the list as favourites and the most desired upholstery for headboards and foot boards continues to be leather. A hand-made oak bed with leather upholstered headboard with soft and high quality cotton or line bed set can be the best bed you can buy.

With matching nightstands, side tables, a bed-end bench and an ottoman to match, your bedroom furniture can bring comfort and ambiance to your bedroom. When you are getting a custom-built bed, you can order headboards with storage, built in lights so that you can have what you need available at hand conveniently.

Now not only headboards come with storage options, lights etc, the foot board also can be customized to meet your convenience and comforts. LCD TVs are now fitted in the footboard so that you can watch your favourite programme, serials or watch a movie at your leisure from your bed. Pull of LCD screens are now built in with all necessary cords and power connections.

Leather upholstery or fabric upholstery can be your choice. But if you want simple and classic lines, you can opt for low platform beds that look spare and clean-lined and make the room look more spacious and elegant. Any shape – even a round shaped bed can make your room look unique and differently done – adding character to your bedroom décor.

Here are some beautiful Beds from Bedroom World. Look at the beautiful and elegant platform bed with cream leather upholstery and transparent Murano glass legs and the four posters. A plasma pullout LCD is built in to footboard of another! Check out which bed looks best to you?

With Padded Headboard and Murano Glass Legs
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Luxurious, Round and Covered in Leather
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered Glass Footboard with Pullout TV
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered Glass Footboard with Mounted TV
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered and Sleek Shaped Bed
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Elegant Headboard with Leather Covered Frame
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Buttoned Headboard with Glass Columns and Legs
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

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A Stunningly Beautiful Bedroom Starts with Sturdy Basics

Beds are the most important furniture in your bedroom. Just like the metal bedsteads which make a very good bed-base, wooden beds also are great – giving solid support to your mattress. Wooden beds create a look of warmth and cosy feeling. They are sturdy and long lasting. They look stylish and sophisticated. A beautifully crafted wooden bed can single-handedly elevate your bedroom from a good-looking bedroom to a great-looking bedroom. Wooden beds are very popular today, especially frames that come in classic style with clean-cut looks and aesthetically simple structure. With looks enhanced by the wood’s natural structures, grains and colours, they are breathtakingly beautiful and effortlessly become the focus of the bedroom. With no footboards, and especially if king-size, it can look so invitingly comfortable and become compulsively addictive.

Let us see why wooden bedsteads are so popular. A wooden frame is many times healthier than ensemble beds. They are dust-free and easier to maintain. Especially for people suffering from any asthma or lung-related problems, wooden beds are a healthier choice. They are easier to maintain and lend themselves easily to different kind of themes. With headboard details that can be custom made, you will be spoilt for choice. Once you have decided the decor of the bedroom, you can choose a color that will complement the decor aesthetically. Keeping the bed as the center theme, you can get other bedroom furniture – like coffee tables, easy chairs – to complement or contrast the bed. With exquisite bed-linen options that we have today, the bedroom can be made to look stunningly beautiful and at the same time relaxing and tranquil-looking – a place to relax, rest and recoup our energy.

Traditionally beds are made from oak or cherry, but you can have lighter color options like beech, or ash. Today headboards come with mind-boggling options. You may have the option of built in drawers underneath for storage or smaller drawers under the sideboards. Here are some beautiful beds from Fimes. Look at the marvellous looking and classically crafted beds which make such a strong style statement! You must take time to check out what you will really like, what will be comfortable for you and what will suit your home. Go online and check the options. Talk to your interior decorator. Browse your local furniture store. You get down to personally see, feel and check all the options, and then make an informed decision to get the best bed that will help create the most marvellous bedroom you can have.

A Wonderful Looking Rounded Edged White Bed

A Black Beauty with Separate Sideboard

A Marvellous Looking Bed with Lazy Headboard Curve
marvellous looking bedstead in white with matching side board

span class=”imageheading”>A Beautiful Bed with Sturdy Legs & Sideboards
great-looking bedstead with sideboard

A Rhapsody in White Looks Magnificent

A Glossy Beauty with Sliding Drawers

A Curved White Headboard & a Cool Cornet Fit
a curved headboard makes it special

Luxurious Looking Bedrooms – Created with Classic Looking Upholstered Headboards

A quick makeover to create a luxurious looking bedroom is to add some gorgeous looking headboards to your existing bed frames – the latest trend in enhancing the look of your bedroom. You can dramatically change the look of your bedroom by simply adding a headboard. Built on a wood frame with padded material and covered beautifully, headboards can look dressy and stylish. There are other advantages in adding a headboard. If you like to read in your bead, headboards help you lean back comfortably, relax and read. It is the best way to relax if you like to watch your favourite shows on the telly or have a long chat on your cell. A new look to your room can be achieved without any major reconstruction or cost involved! How nice indeed!!

Headboards come in all shapes and sizes. They come as bed-mounted styles, wall-hung styles as well as stand-alone types. The wall-hung style headboards are best if your bedroom is not very big. They can help keep the bed close to the wall yet make the décor classy and pretty. Free-standing headboard can make your bed the focus of bedroom creating a beautiful accent bed-frame.
Most headboards come constructed with either solid wood like pine or plywood frames cut to fancy shapes. Metal and brass headboards are also available. And over that frame comes padding with fill materials like polyurethane foam and then comes the upholstered overlay which can be in plain or printed fabric – like silk, velvet or blends, in classy leather, in pretty-looking chenille, or durable micro -suede. The choice is endless.

If you are buying a ready-made headboard check the basic wood material and what filling is used for padding. Check whether they come with detachable overlays or removable covers – easy for washing as well as changing to suit the theme, color and scheme of the bed linen/furniture upholstery. A standard rectangular-shape upholstered overlay can have covers custom made with ruffles, lace, frills etc to give a more feminine touch. Here are some beautiful looking beds with upholstered headboards from Moscow-Roma. Look at the classic beauty and superb craftsmanship of the headboards. The exquisite button-tufted upholstery adds to the luxurious look. The quilted headboard looks really stunning. Don’t you love the dramatic-looking stripes?

I am sure you are already checking out the options for a nice looking headboard to add to your bed-frame. Are you keen on a wall-hung style or a free-standing headboard? Whatever it is, go on line and browse the options available and get the best looking headboard for your bedroom!

Stunning Looking Headboard to Match Bed Linen& Furniture

Regal Looking and Pretty

Pretty Looking in Pink
pretty-looking in pink

Marvellous Looking in Mauve

Dramatic Looking Stripes

Breathtaking in Brick Red

Beautiful Looking in Beige

Austere & Awesome Looking

Aristocratic Looking with Golden Edge Details