Functional Yet Trendy Bathroom Vanities

An essential feature of any bathroom, a bathroom vanity also adds style to your bathroom. It is one of the easiest ways to makeover the bathroom, as you can use it to change the way your bathroom looks with minimal effort. The basic function of a vanity is to provide a sink along with storage space to organise your toiletries. With an enormous variety of styles available today, vanities have now become a piece of furniture that needs to be chosen carefully!

White Glass Double Sink Vanity

It is important to get the basics right while choosing a bathroom vanity so that no issues come up later. The size and height of the vanity must be in line with your bathroom dimensions. Also important is to keep in mind the heights of the different people you expect will use the bathroom.

White Brown Wall Mounted Vanities

After all you don’t want your kids not being able to reach, or a guest having to bend too much!
There a number of models available like furniture style, freestanding or wall-mounted, and the right type depends on your budget, the bathroom size and also on the decor. Cabinet style vanities are the most common type.

Classic Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

They look like normal cabinets providing lot of storage space, but occupy a large part of the bathroom. Furniture style vanities are usually installed in small bathrooms. These are freestanding and often look like tables, making them space-saving. The vessel-type bathroom vanity consists of a freestanding base, with the sink place on the top.

White Glass Double Sink Vanity

This type is said to be more expensive than the other kinds. Wall-mounted vanities, also known as floating vanities, usually are small with limited storage in form of one or two drawers. These are also very useful for small bathrooms.
Bathroom vanities also come in lot of styles – primarily split into modern and antique/Victorian styles.

White Wood Sink Vanity

They look dramatically different so choose as per what will fit in best with the décor of your house and bathroom. Modern bathroom vanities usually combine wood, metal and glass to create a clean and minimalistic look, usually in white or neutral colours like beige. Antique style bathroom vanities are usually in wood with ample carving and shelving.

Modern Style Curved Sink Vanity

The countertops are Listvanities bathroom furniture has a wide range of bathroom vanities in different styles. Glass countertops and curved/shaped vanities define the cutting edge contemporary designs while ornate wood cabinets epitomise the antique and vintage bathroom vanities. Look around and pick the one that’s best for you.

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White Glass Double Sink Vanity

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White Glass Double Sink Vanity

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A small studio apartment or a small house may be having correspondingly small bathrooms. How to make the bathroom look neat and elegant you need to have the right kind of bathroom vanities and bath vanity. A big-size vanity will be too overbearing. So it is essential to check out for small-size vanities that will look just right for your bathroom. Today uncluttered looking bathroom vanity are available in the market just right for small apartments.

Vanities come in all shapes and sizes. You can have the full length of one entire wall made to serve as a vanity for your bathroom. With twin mirrors over it and twin hand washbowls and with storage beneath the vanity counter like drawers, cabinets and shelves, you can have a comprehensive vanity to hold all your toiletry, makeup items and extra towels etc.

Whether small or big bathroom vanities it is essential to arrange of proper lighting as well. The mirror above the vanity needs task lighting so you have sufficient light when you are applying your facial makeup or hair-dos etc. There are in-built light options available for storage under the vanity. Mirrors come with back-lit options for ease of use and provide excellent options for shadow free view

With other cabinets like a floating medicine cabinets or a built in shelf with doors, even small-size vanities can be sufficient as storage accessories in your bathroom. Today organizers are available for every type of cabinet to be utilized optimally. If you manage to keep the clutter to a minimal, you can do with few cabinets better organized.

If you have a wall length vanity with mirrors taking of enough space of the walls and the other walls being utilized for shower area and washing closet and bidet, etc you may not have too much free wall space available. But the available walls and ceiling need good treatment because the bathrooms are moisture prone areas and should stay dry and fungus free.

Here are some simple and elegant looking vanities from Omvivo. With clean-cut designs, minimalistic themes these vanities look fabulous. Stone bowls or glass bowls are used on top with storage underneath. Traditional types of basins with twin shelves underneath are also available with white and wood combinations.

Do you have a small apartment? How big is your vanity counter? You can always add space for storage to have a clutter-free bathroom!

White Double Basin Bathroom Vanities

White Bowl and Counter Bathroom Vanity

White Basin on Pine Vanities

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Classic Looking Glass Bowl Over Dark Wood

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